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Chapter 80

 Returning to Korea, Yeonwoo and Seonjae returned to their homes.

Before living a perfect life, Yeonwoo and Seonjae bought a lot of food at the mart.

Despite the fact that they can buy what they need at any time because it is an apartment with a supermarket downstairs, the two packed a cart with groceries and daily necessities as if they were preparing for war.

Shoppers looked at the two as if they were from another world, but they didn't care about other people's eyes.

For the time being, I decided to stay at home alone without seeing anyone.

The honeymoon was over, but it was just like a honeymoon.

And another day later it was D-Day.

The day he passed away in 'Another Future'.

I tried to stay resolute, but I couldn't calm down just that day.

Yeon-woo chased Seon-jae all day long. He was followed by a jolt without a break, with a margin of 30 centimeters.

I even tried to chase him into the bathroom.

"……Will you follow me when I go to the bathroom?"

The impatient Seon-jae asked with his eyes squinted.

"Can't you go after me?"

Yeonwoo was serious. She was a person with a clear will and goal.

"I won't touch you, I'll just watch.”

………I feel humiliated just by talking.

Seonjae managed to soothe Yeonwoo and take him off and went to the bathroom.

Yeon-woo guarded the door terribly until Seon-jae came out of the bathroom.

Seon-jae came up with a magic bullet to quell stubborn Yeon-woo's worries.

He snapped at Yeonwoo and took off his coat.

"Why are you taking off your clothes? Is your house hot?”

"I'm going to take a bath."

He trudged to the bathroom and whipped off his pants.

His smooth back, like a sculptor's work, caught the eye.

Yeon-woo looked at Seon-jae with his eyes shaking.

"Follow me."

He said as he entered the bathroom.

Yeon-woo, who was staring blankly at his bare body for a while, took a late step.

"Take off your clothes."

"……I'm just going to see if my honey washes well.”

"Take it off."

He asked in a terrifying voice.

Yeonwoo's forehead is crushed.

I felt like I was caught by him for some reasonably.

There have been many times when he rushed to wash up, but never together.

This is because Yeon-woo, who is shy, ran away well.

But today was the day I couldn't escape him.

The day she had to hold on to him if he ran away.

Yeon-woo entered the bathroom feeling uncomfortable.

I didn't take off my clothes because I was purely determined to take care of him.

But as soon as I stepped into the bathroom, the water baptism fell.

A strong stream of water poured from the shower hanging from the wall.

"Ouch! Turn off the water!"

"How can I take a bath when I turn off the water?"

Although the water was cut off late, Yeon-woo's clothes have already been soaked.

"You're all wet."

"That's what I told you to take off.”

Seon-jae took off Yeon-woo's clothes without hesitation.

Yeon-woo's face quickly became bright as hot eyes penetrated throughout his body.

His lips, which had been closed in a straight line, could be seen stretching.

"Are you doing this on purpose?”

"Isn't that obvious?”


"Why am I curious about the sound of your business in the bathroom? Why are you touching your ears? Are you a pervert?"

He complained.

"……it's purely to look after her."

"A pure pervert."


"It's okay. I'm a pervert, too."

Sunjae, who glistened his thin eyes, picked Yeonwoo up and put her down in the bathtub.

The tightly raised sleep stimulated my hips.

Without Yeon-woo moving any more, Seon-jae also came into the flying bathtub.

The cold water came up higher.

"What are you doing?”

Yeon-woo asked, looking down at his hand moving sticky over her skin.

"To wash up."

"I don't think it's purely washing."

"I'm not a pure pervert."


"I'm just a pervert."

The overtly moving fingertips touched her senses sensitively.

Her voice was small, but there was no shortage to make the bathroom cry.

Seon-jae was satisfied with his cute voice like a cat's moaning.

Yeon-woo, who couldn't hold on to his hand, apologized with tears in his eyes.

"Okay. You can avoid it when you're doing business."

"Who said that? It's ticklish to please my dear."

Sun-jae said deftly kissing her shoulder.

Before I knew it, the bathtub was filled with hot water.

As he didn't bother, the bathtub became a hot healing place.

Yeon-woo felt good about his strong abs that touched his back.

"Come to think of it, you're not hurt."

He said behind his back.

"You hurt your finger. Today in 'Another Future'."

Yeonwoo nodded when he heard Seonjae's voice.

Today in 'Another Future', Yeon-woo went to court with a bandage on her middle finger.

I got hurt while playing pranks with my friend.

"Yes, I was hurt here."

Yeon-woo said, showing his middle finger of his left hand.

"Oh, this isn't a curse."

"Didn't you show up on purpose? I just wanted to curse at me with my fingers."

Seon-jae squinted and smirked. The tickling started again.

"Oh, stop it!"

Yeon-woo dodged around at Seon-jae's hand gesture.

The sound of water slapping rang strangely in the bathroom.

The two, who played in the bathroom for a long time and had glossy skin, sat side by side in front of the TV this time.

There's nothing like watching movies in a healthy life.

Yeon-woo quickly handed over the list of movies on the IPTV menu and asked.

"What's your favorite genre?”


"What's your favorite genre?”


"What's your favorite genre?”

"I told you so.”

Yeon-woo once again asked, as if ignoring Seon-jae's words.

"What's your favorite genre?”

"Whoa, yeah. Let's watch Melo. Melo."

Yeon-woo grinned and handed over the menu to the list of melodramatic movies.

She chose a melodrama that tells the story of a time-traveling man joyfully and warmly.

During the title, Yeon-woo spoke softly.

"My favorite genre is history and mystery."

Seonjae, who became deaf to Yeonwoo's voice, fixed his seat.

"There are times when your mind becomes poor. I'm curious about this thing about this person, and I think he'll be curious about anything if he loves me, but why doesn't he wonder about me that much?"


Only then did Seonjae realize why she asked the same question several times.

While asking Yeon-woo four times what's her favorite genre, I never asked her back.

She was waiting inwardly to ask the same question.

"There are times when I'm disappointed about it, like a nerd. I knew I shouldn't do that. I don't want to set my own mold. We're having fun because we're different.”

But her story shifted with a focus on the other side.

"I didn't say anything upsetting. I'm just saying, I'm glad to hear that. If I hadn't loved, if I hadn't married, I wouldn't have known how to understand others."

Seon-jae drew Yeon-woo's body closely and sat in front of me and hugged her shoulder.

I get to know people through love, through marriage.

I love you so much, but this is a different person from me.

So sometimes I feel frustrated and sometimes upset, but I learn that I am happy and happy at many moments.

"Tell me right away if you're disappointed. I don't know."

He asked, the couple's rules are being made.

"But I'll try to remember it at once. If you learn one, you won't know ten, but you will know one properly."

The title passed while the two were talking.

The movie was playing, but the eyes of the two wanted something different.

Deep kisses, not to mention who first, quickly warmed each other's bodies.

March 2nd

Yeon-woo cried a little bit because he felt overwhelmed by coming to me beyond his destiny.


The day of fate has passed, but for Yeon-woo, this was nothing but a relief.

Watching three movies until late last night and one movie today made me want to stop watching movies.

"Let's play a cart game."

Yeon-woo took out a video game console and suggested a racing game.

The foreman asked in response to the proposal.

"What's the bet?"

"Well, dishwashing?"

"All right."

It was significant that Seonjae's eyes were shining.

As expected, victory or defeat was clear.

Seonjae won first place among the eight players and Yeonwoo won fourth place.

Yeon-woo quickly lowered his tail and suggested another game.

"Let's do this."

Out of my room, she said, carrying a hwatu.

"I'm right and I'm a bit of a hit."

"Yeonwoo, I'm sorry."


"I'm the Tazza."

"Huh. I haven't seen anyone pretending to be a tazza."

Yeonwoo pushed ahead with the right answer.

At first, I thought it was going well, but the last minute didn't work out.

In the end, he shouted "choose first" and took the board to a sweep.

Yeon-woo, who stood up with his lips pouting, came out with a blue marble game box this time.

"Let's play Blue Marble. The loser vacuumed."

"Yes, I'm pretty confident about buying land.”

Oh, this guy's a businessman, I can't do this either.

Yeonwoo rushed back to the room and brought a wooden block game.

I was really confident about this.

"Let's play Jenga. The loser folds the laundry."

Do you want to win so badly?

Seon-jae thought he should lose this time because his wife, who is eager to win, was cute.

Yeon-woo glanced and said.

"I felt sorry for him, so I thought I'd let him win."

Just a little bit.

"Just let me win. Just play the game roughly."

She was glaring and obsessed with the game.

With this appearance, Sunjae had no choice but to play the game diligently.

Eventually, 54 pieces of wood climbed nearly 40 stories.

At this point, it's okay not to lose, but this guy is working too hard...….

Yeon-woo stared at him with his eyes wide open and made an unexpected mistake.


Yeon-woo was stiff looking at the pouring pieces of wood, and her husband laughed coolly.

"Oh! That's too much. How can we win everything?"

"Because you keep telling me not to let it slide."

"Of course I don't want to let it slide. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I win with my own ability."

"If you're going to win, I'm going to have to lose.”

I hate you. I hate you so much.

"Wow. I really want to hit you."

"Then hit me. I'll gladly welcome you.”

"That's a petulant thing to say."

"What's so mean about being beaten at the expense of this one body.”

Yeon-woo really had a desire to hit him once when he provoked him.

"Then let's hit each other one by one. Just one flick at a time."

"Your finger flick hurts."

He complained. I was wickedly excited to see him weak.

The devil inside Yeonwoo whispered to him to give him a hard flick.

"Then I'll hit you first. I'll hit you first, and honey will hit you with the same intensity."


With a smile of remorse, she approached and slapped a flick on his forehead with all her might.


The sound of the night falling on the bare ground rang clean.

He rubbed his forehead and glanced.

"……I thought I was going to heaven.”

"Oh, don't say that."

Yeon-woo couldn't hide a pleasant smile, even though she looked serious at the word "heaven."

I feel relieved.

Although he had to get a finger flick, Yeon-woo believed in her forehead.

I've never been hit by a sore flick.

She confidently raised her head up and closed her eyes.

"Now hit me."



Instead of a finger flick, it was a kiss out of the blue.

"How can you hit something so pretty?"

……then what do I become when I hit him?

I heard something really pretty, but I'm embarrassed.

"I'll wash the dishes, so take a rest.”

And a man who even volunteers to wash the dishes.

Yeon-woo gave him a cool flick and became bitter.

After washing the dishes, Seon-jae went to Yeon-woo, who was looking into the flowerpot in the living room.

It's already a dark night.

"The pretties have grown a lot, so I might have to move them soon."

"I'll have to buy a new pot.”

"Pretty didn't die during their honeymoon."

"Yes, I'm proud of you."

"Thank you for growing up so well even if I don't worry. To them."

Yeonwoo got up and went to the bedroom with Seonjae.

From March 2nd, I hope time goes by quickly.

If time had passed so far that you don't have to worry about fate anymore.

"Honey, that's what's going to happen now, right? I'll get along well without worrying, right?”

Sun-jae, who understands Yeon-woo's worries, said, covering his wife in bed with a blanket.

"If you worry too much, I'll be worried, but if you don't, I'll be fine.”

He went right under the covers himself.

As expected, it's better to sleep under a blanket. People are often warmer than blankets.

"I've always been grateful for your concern. I still love it."

You're following me around. You who care about my safety.

Who doesn't like the passionate attention of a loved one.

If it weren't for you who approached me, touched me, and desperate to protect my health, I would be different even if I were in the world.

The moment my eyes got wet looking at her, I broke the cozy silence and the phone rang loudly.

"Huh, did you leave your phone on?”

Her cell phone was off, so it was a prelude to the call.

It is Sunjae's cell phone.

"It's an urgent transition. Hurry up and take it."

Since his phone had never rang before, Yeon-woo thought his phone would be off, too. So I wondered.

Sun-jae, who woke up for a while and checked his cell phone in the drawer, immediately turned off the power and climbed back on the bed.

"Huh, aren't you picking up the phone?"

Yeon-woo, who became curious to see Seon-jae lying next to me again, asked.



"It's March 4th."

He spoke quietly, gently sweeping her hair behind her ears.

Yeonwoo's eyes are wet.

March 4th. Your funeral day.

Another future day you don't know.

"Lee Yeon-woo."


"Happy birthday.”

My birthday

Now I am fully congratulated.

The 100 days, which were rough at first and desperate and affectionate, pass by like a flashlight.

My birthday is completed because of you.

He said with a grin.

"Because you were born."


"I'm married."

It was the biggest gift.


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