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Chapter 82

 Yeon-woo, who tried to call twice, put down his cell phone.

Maybe he won't answer. It's been a while since you went to work, so how busy you must be.'

Let's be a little more relaxed. I'm sure he'll contact me.

Yeonwoo grabbed the vacuum cleaner again.

But not long after, I finally picked up my cell phone again. I couldn't wait.

Instead, she tried to contact someone other than her husband, his office secretary. The call was quickly connected.

[Yes, ma'am]

The secretary, who knew Yeonwoo's contact information, gladly answered the phone.

Alas, I was a little relieved.

The bright voice of the secretary would mean that nothing happened to her husband.

"Hello, Eunjung. I'm sorry to call you when you must be busy."

[No, what's the matter?]]

"No, it's nothing but...… where is my husband now?"

[He's in the middle of a board meeting.]

"Oh…… at the headquarters?"

[Yes, in the boardroom]

Yeon-woo sighed and gently closed his eyes.

I may have been seen as an obsessed woman by my secretary, but I'm finally relieved.

"Yes, thank you for letting me know."

Is there anything you want to say?]

"No, I'll see you later."

Yeonwoo hung up the phone with a bright voice.


Sunjae's first day back was hectic.

Sunjae, who returned to his office after a two-hour executive meeting, asked his secretary.

"Did everything all right?"”

"Yes, everything was fine, and the vice president's wife contacted us."

The secretary replied.


"About an hour ago."

"Did you ask what's going on?"

"No…… I couldn't, but he asked me where the vice president is now."


"But I thought it was just a hello call."


Seonjae pointed at the pockets of my clothes. There was no cell phone on hand.

Probably left it in the office.

I didn't even know I left my cell phone behind because I was on a schedule.

"Vice President Kang Sun-jae."

As I moved to enter the office, I heard a sarcastic call from behind me. Friend the current standard.

When Seon-jae turned around, Ki-joon twitched his lips nervously and said.

"I'm meeting with Heaven in the lobby now. Get ready."


Seonjae crumpled his face.

"It's not today. You said next week."

"That's when you meet Vice Chairman Heaven."

"How can there be no time to rest?"

"You're the vice president of the company, and of course you don't have time to rest. Does the company give you free money?"

The standard was rebuked.

The criticism of standards hides the feelings of the past.

For the 20 days when Sun-jae was away, he moved from J-Home Shopping to J-Group headquarters to replace Sun-jae's work.

Seonjae took over properly and left, but the standards were busy every day because there were a lot of things that came in addition to being sorted out.

Seon-jae laughed as if he were trying to relax his mind because he was both interested and sorry in the complaining of standards.

Ki-joon glared at such a scholar and turned around and took a step first.

Sunjae chased after the standard.

"You're almost a member of Jay Group. As expected, you are the heir to the chairman."


Seon-jae praised himself, but it couldn't sound good to Ki-joon.

It was a good standard, but it's really upsetting.

However, I have no choice but to cheer for my friend's dream.

The standard of entering the elevator with Seonjae was seriously stated.

"Anyway, if your real dream is to open a business, I respect you as a friend."

He also said a word for his group.

"But the next two years can't be without you."

J-Group still needs Kang Sun-jae.

The standard was to compromise with the surroundings, while Seon-jae was a driven person.

Companies that need to continue to grow need driven talent such as Seonjae.

Ki-joon, Seon-jae's father, Un-ho, still wanted to lean on Seon-jae.

"Mr. Chairman, I fell for your rotten cuteness, but do you think I'm gonna be like you? I don't think you're cute at all. And do something like that in front of me."

Gi-joon was fed up with the nightmare.

Seon-jae smiled at such standards.

During the conversation, the two arrived in the lobby.

News was streaming from the big TV in the lobby.

Sunjae stopped, and he stopped.

The TV screen showed a large coverage of the traffic accident scene.

"What's that news? What are you talking about?"

Sunjae asked blankly. Ki-joon answered after looking into the news.

"Oh, I heard there was an accident in front of the family court this morning. I thought it was a simple collision, but it was quite a big accident.”

Seonjae's heart beat hard. Yeon-woo's face, which must be worried, grew mature.

Phone, phone...

Seon-jae pointed back to the seat of his pants pocket as if he had a habit.

Where did I put my cell phone?

"Kijun, can I have a phone call..."….”

"Hey, it's here. We're here. Come on."

However, the busy standard did not hear Seon-jae's voice.

Ki-joon, who found out that an executive from Heaven's side had arrived, grabbed Seon-jae's arm and pulled him to the entrance.

Seonjae was taken absentmindedly.

The meeting with Heaven officials lasted more than an hour.

Seon-jae was left sitting next to the standard until the meeting was over.

I can't neglect my work, but on the other hand, I continued to worry about Yeon-woo.

After the establishment of a joint venture with global shopping company Heaven was completed, it is understood that it is busy because it is about to launch a shopping brand in June this year.

Still, I'll give you time to contact your spouse.

"Please give me the phone."

After the meeting, Sun-jae reached out to Ki-joon.


"Lend me some."

"Huh. What's wrong with the way he asks for a loan. It's like you're looking for my cell phone."

"It's because I didn't bring it. I need to make a quick call. Lend me some.”


The standards were murmuring, but they immediately accepted Sunjae's request.

Seonjae hurriedly dialed Yeonwoo's phone number.


Yeon-woo's voice, which answered the phone a second after calling, sounded frightened and dangerous.

"It's me."

Said Seonjae.

[You were worried!]

This time, I heard a moan full of water.

"Sorry. I've been dragged around a lot.”

[Whose phone is this?] Did you really drop your phone and buy it because it's broken?]

Listening to her hastily followed words, I could realize how much she had imagined and worried she had been.

"The standard is cell phones. I left it in the office and borrowed it for a while.”


Yeon-woo's sigh, which cleared up her nervous mind, tickled his ears.

[As long as nothing happened] Hurry up and work.]

"Yes, I'll see you later. I'm going to be a little late today.”

Sun-jae, who wrapped up the call with a friendly voice, handed over his cell phone to Ki-joon, who had a vague look on his face.

"……you, were you talking to Yeonwoo on the phone?"”

"Yes, it's a good use. Thank you."

Seon-jae patted the standard on the shoulder, answering deftly.

In this busy time, I couldn't understand a friend who borrowed a cell phone to say hello to his wife, so the standard blew his nose.

Before he knew it, he was a greater lover than he was.

After 4 p.m., Sun-jae, tired of the minute-by-minute schedule, asked Ki-joon in a weak voice.

"Master, what's your next schedule now?"

Before I knew it, the standard came to be called Master by Seonjae.

"Well done. I'm going to my house now.”

"Huh? Why?"

"You're going to take care of my daughter."


Seon-jae blinked at the meaningless words of the standard.

Criterion answered in a booklike tone.

"It's what the president ordered. "Ki-joon has been suffering from Seon-jae, so leave your daughter to Seon-jae for a while and get some fresh air."

"Is this what you told me you had a schedule until 8 o'clock today?”

"Come back around 7:30. I'm just going to watch a movie with Sehee's mom.”


"The art teacher is coming, so you just have to watch from the side. I just feed them on time."

"Hey, I've never taken care of a child...….”

Seonjae said in a trembling voice. An unexpected fear was brewing.

"I'm nervous about leaving you with my daughter. But what can I do with the president's instructions?"

Ki-joon sighed as he stepped into the parking lot.

"Sehee is so sociable that she will talk to you well and make you comfortable. I showed you a lot of pictures, too. And it's the first floor, so you can run around as much as you want."


"Make sure you take care of yourself. Don't call Yeonwoo and let him take over."

The standards were asked harshly.


Sun-jae, who suddenly took care of Ki-joon's daughter, looks as if he could not be more stupid.

The trusted art teacher left 30 minutes after Seon-jae came, saying he started the class early, and taking care of the child completely became Seon-jae's responsibility.

I couldn't even let him watch TV alone. CC cameras were watching him.

I can understand the criteria because they have suffered a lot because of themselves, but I thought it was too much.

I'd rather pass on the company job.

Se-hee, a 5-year-old child who said she was sociable, looked as if she were looking into a mirror.

Is there anything you want to do?”

Sunjae asked carefully.

"Please draw a bear."

Se-hee said, pushing the sketchbook in front of Seon-jae.

What does a bear look like?

When I see a bear, I can say, "This is a bear," but when I tried to draw a bear, I couldn't think of anything.

Seon-jae secretly rolled his eyes and saw the teddy bear on the sofa and drew as if cheating.

I drew it for the first time, but it looked pretty.

"Come on, it's a gift."

Seon-jae said happily.

Se-hee pushed the sketchbook again without any response.

"Draw a puppy, please.

What does the dog look like?

Frustrated, Seon-jae painted an imaginary puppy.

"It's just like a bear."

"No, look closely. It's totally different.”

"Please draw a cat."

"Sehee, stop drawing, and go to sleep. Let's learn the letters. Is this it, this is me, this is all...….”

As Se-hee's demand became more and more difficult, Seon-jae changed his direction.

"It's no fun."

Se-hee was as cynical as today's current standard.

"Tell me something interesting.Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Seon-jae stole a fairy tale book from a bookshelf from Se-hee's pet peeve.

"Do you know the Little Mermaid? In the deep blue sea...….”

Se-hee sniffed at Seon-jae's unheated voice. Seonjae sighed secretly.

"That's how we learn to write. If you know the letters, you can read the book yourself. You'll be able to read more interestingly than me.”

"No, not this one. Make a funny story and tell me.”

Why does this kid even ask me for creativity?

Seonjae, who had already taken a seat in the company when interviewing other friends for a job, experienced pressure interview for the first time. I'm sweating.

"The Little Mermaid, who lived in the sea, wanted to go to the ground, so she asked the sea witch."

"That's the Little Mermaid."

"No, listen."

"So the little mermaid has a leg instead of a long tail, so she can finally go up to the ground. But this little mermaid got her legs but her voice was taken away. That's why I couldn't speak."

"It's the same!"

Se-hee complained again.

Maybe five-year-olds are this smart these days. There is no way to let it slide.

"Yes, but that's not the point. What happened to the Little Mermaid afterwards?"


"Yes, the little mermaid loved the prince, but she couldn't tell him that she liked him and ended up going up in smoke."


"Do you know why?"


"Because the Little Mermaid didn't know the letters. If I knew the letters, I would have written a letter even if I couldn't speak. A letter wouldn't go up in smoke."

Se-hee's expression was crushed.

"That's how important it is to learn to write. Now, let's learn the letters again. Is this it, this is me, this is all...….”


Eventually, Se-hee burst into tears.

There's nothing like playing with a child.

Seonjae and Sehee agreed to play after arguing with each other.

Hide-and-seek and run were fine, but when I played elephant-nosed, spinning, and standing on confetti, my soul seemed to escape.

Excited, Se-hee begged to skip meals and play, and Seon-jae comforted her and fed her.

When Se-hee, who became tired, dozed off while throwing the ball, Ki-joon's wife returned.

"Mom, you!"

Se-hee, who thought she was going to dreamland for a while, jumped up at the sound of the door opening and hugged her mother.

Sehee was a mother's lover.

"Mom, you missed me."

Seon-jae burst into laughter at Se-hee's aegyo.

He was not a cynical child, but simply shy to Seonjae.

"Yes, I missed you, too. Did my baby have fun?”

Ki-joon's wife responded with a soft voice to Se-hee's aegyo.

"Seonjae, thank you. It was nice to see a movie thanks to you."

"No, Ki-joon has been suffering because of me."

Seon-jae answered politely. Only then did Gi-joon smile as comfortably as before.

Sun-jae, who got out of Ki-jun's house and got into the car, immediately called Yeon-woo.

Yeonwoo answered the phone quickly again this time.


"Sigh. I'm going home now."

[Good job. You sound exhausted.]]

"Don't even tell me, something great has happened.”

[Tremendous?] What is it?]

"Oh, no, nothing to worry about, it was hilarious.

Yeon-woo's voice became heavy, so Seon-jae immediately recovered what he said.

"I'll tell you when I get home. I'll be there in half an hour.”

[Yeah. Come on]

Yeonwoo's voice became calm again.

[No, slowly] Be careful on your way home.

However, a voice was heard again a little later. It's still something you can't let go of course.

[No, hurry.]

Yeonwoo changed his words again.

"I'll be there slowly and quickly."

Seon-jae responded affectionately to Yeon-woo, who couldn't tell him to come quickly or take his time.

Oh, I'm dying to see you.

After hanging up, Sunjae muttered quietly.

We've been together for 20 days and it's a shame when we're still apart.

That's all the time I spend with you.

I'm always so happy and sad at the same time.

I realized one thing.

No matter what day we met and what hot love we had, we will think of a sad feeling on the last day.

I wanted to comb your hair. I wanted to rub your shoulder.

I wanted to shave my nails and wash my feet.

I wanted to see the sunset on the other side of the world with you.

I have to tell you that you look like this flower.

I should have told you I love you all over the world.

There are so many things I couldn't say, so many things I couldn't say.

I'll think of a love confession that I couldn't say.

It'll always be a shame. I love you so much.

I can't help feeling sorry. I'll do that for the rest of my life. Lifetime

But on the contrary, everything should be appreciated.

It's a miracle to meet someone you can love so much.

Now that I know that I am blessed by you.

The car driven by the driver quickly reached home.

Seonjae was more nervous the moment he waited for the elevator. I couldn't wait to go to Yeonwoo.

Ding-dong. The elevator door opened and Seon-jae pressed the button on the highest floor.

Why did you end up living so high? It's too far.

I thought I wanted to move out.

Elevator to reach the top floor quickly.

Sun-jae stepped forward and pressed the front door number key to open the door.

As expected, the wife ran to the door by the sound of the door opening.

Today's fatigue seemed to be washing away with clear and transparent eyes that seemed to reflect everything in his mind.

Her small shoulders, which had been so tense, went down comfortably.

"Good job."


I pulled her shoulder like that.

The least fear was relieved and a cozy warmth was delivered.

There's something I didn't want.

Because of the anxiety that I might leave you one day.

There was something I was thorough in case there was something I'em.

There was a heart that was firmly restrained in the time of the fall that led to fantasy.

Now I think I can tell you that greed.

"I wish I had a baby."

It's not another future, it's the real future. Our real future.

My love for you grew, and I wanted a bigger house.


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