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Chapter 83

 The world darkened and mood lights lit up like a full moon.

Yeon-woo somehow looked like a star in his moist eyes.

Looking at it, I wanted to put my dreams on it and make a wish.

It felt like some sublime ceremony was being held.

Seon-jae grabbed her hand before coming up to the bed.

His big hand seemed to support her.

No matter how sweet his body was, he was thorough with contraception as if he were taking care of the last remaining string of reason.

Although she said she had a dream of playing in the pool with her children and swimming, Yeon-woo thought she didn't want a baby yet because she had been so meticulous.

I just found out that he had a loving situation, too.

Today's husband was different from before. He showed his overwhelming heart with his expression.

His desire was conveyed to her at hot body temperatures.

Frankly, it's only a few days later that it's the right time to get pregnant, but Yeon-woo didn't bother telling him that.

I wanted to share exactly how he felt.

Also, I liked him who wanted me first.

Yeon-woo swept his healthy abs with his fingertips. His bizarre sighs suddenly became sacred.

It was heaven on earth that the two reached.

He whispered that an angel would be born in heaven.

Not yet. Yeon-woo giggled secretly with tears in his eyes.

Yeonwoo's meal today was only a few spoons for lunch and a few spoons for dinner. He had no appetite at all.

I couldn't concentrate on anything or eat properly because my husband was worried all the time about when my husband would come.

It was not until Yeon-woo was relieved that her husband's return date was completed safely that her appetite returned.

What she picked up was ice cream in the freezer.

I wanted a cool body that was engulfed in the heat.

"I heard something funny happened."

Yeon-woo asked, scooping ice cream big and putting a drink in his mouth first.

"I did some babysitter work.”

"Baby sitter?"

"Yes, Kyun-gi has been having a hard time because of me, and my father told me to take care of Kyun-gi's daughter. Kyun-Ji and Kyun-Ji should get some fresh air."


Yeonwoo thought it was good to feed him ice cream first. It would have spewed out if it was in my mouth.

"Oh, I've played rock-paper-scissors with my feet 50 times.”

Seon-jae sighed as he recalled the past years of passion.

But there is a faint smile around his mouth.

That's why. That time was so good that he wanted to make a family plan.

Yeonwoo nodded belatedly.

"The baby was so cute."

"And I did. I envied him."


"I'm looking forward to the future.”

Now I am not afraid of the future.

Yeon-woo liked his voice of confidence in a healthy future.

I wanted to take care of him for saying things he didn't say and didn't say.

She smiled for a moment and then let it out frankly.

"By the way, honey."


"Samshin Grandmother is here today. I'm not leaving.”

"If I tell you to come every day, you'll come one day."

He replied deftly as if he knew everything.

Yeon-woo expected the days ahead.

This heart that somehow makes me nervous.

However, he looked serious, contrary to his innermost thoughts. It was out of concern for him.

"You can't be too greedy because you're tired. You had a hard time today because you were run over by work."


Seon-jae stroked Yeon-woo's head, who was worried that he didn't have to.

"You're the only one who needs to be healthy. I usually save a lot of energy."

Besides, you cheer me up.

There was another sense of disquiet in his eyes.

Yeon-woo secretly swallowed the saliva that was stuck in her mouth.

There must be a separate pouch somewhere.

The mindset that I thought sublimely was disturbed. I think this guy is just excited.

No, it wasn't all about being excited. Somehow his body temperature seemed to be rising.

How could a man who was so angry without any countermeasures live in peace?


"No. I remember saying that it's scarier to learn late."

"A needle thief who learned late becomes a cow thief, so be it."

Yeon-woo rolled her eyes foolishly at his point.

It's weird. My expression is right. I think that's right.

That's when he smiled, coolly.

"You were nervous, weren't you? I thought you were wrong again."

I was making fun of her.

"Huh. No, it's not. I was laughing at her.”

She became grinning as her lips twitch. What a happy night.

"Playing with you is the most fun."

"I enjoy playing with you the most, too."

Yeonwoo happily retorted his words.

At that moment, hmm. His eyes changed in a short silence.

Suddenly, the heat of the eyes gathered again with the energy of quietness, which had been briefly released.

My wife was so cute and lovely that I was moved without any countermeasures.

Waiting for the baby may be an excuse, this healthy man took all the ice cream she had in her mouth.

Breathing softer than ice cream melted away in it.

Their hearts beat as if they were running toward each other.


After three days in peace.

That day was the day of Ok Seung-hye's trial.

Many reporters also gathered at the court because Yeon-woo's interview had previously interested many people.

Yeonwoo and Seonjae went to court together.

Yeonwoo's younger brother Taewoo and Yeonwoo's mother-in-law Mihyun also took the time to watch the trial.

Ok Seung-hye appeared at the court with a confident look.

"I heard there were a couple of changes in lawyers. Every time the lawyer changes, the argument changes, so it's hard for the prosecutor to prosecute. Anyway, that's why Ok Seung-hye's sincerity is all volatility, so the trial will be in our favor."

Seon-jae said, holding Yeon-woo's hand, who was nervous.

The key to today's trial is whether Ok Seung-hye's assault is recognized as habitual.

Ok did not acknowledge her habitual assault until the end of the prosecution investigation.

It admitted only two cases with video evidence.

If Ok Seung-hye's assault is recognized as a simple assault, not a habitual assault, the statute of limitations could only result in her being guilty of assault three years ago, ending in a fine.

Ok Seung-hye, too, made no different claim than the formal apology sent to her earlier in the courtroom.

"There was absolutely no habitual assault. I don't know what the video evidence is made of, but I only accept the contents of the video. But even then, I was mentally and physically weak. I was taking depression medication steadily, and sometimes I had anger control disorder symptoms, perhaps because of the side effects of the medication. And I don't have much strength in my arms and legs because I'm not feeling well. It's impossible to hit a person. So it wouldn't have hurt from the damaged point of view.”

The audience was buzzing.

The prosecutor stood up from his seat.

"You can see that the defendant's remarks are false in a video clip taken three years ago in front of an elevator in a department store. The defendant hit the victim Lee Yeon-woo once and took away the book the victim was holding and threw it away. If the book has the power to throw it against the wall, it's hard to say that you don't have strength in your arms. Of course, the word powerless is relative, but if the defendant claims to be powerless himself, he underestimates his power. The defendant had a dangerous thought that this level of assault was not an assault."

This time, Ok Seung-hye's lawyer defended.

"The defendant fully regrets and regrets the actions taken in the video. However, this assault case is weak compared to many cases in the world, so it is a pity. There has never been such a big trial for grabbing the hair 12 years ago or hitting the cheek three years ago. I can't help but suspect that there was external pressure on the victim's in-laws. There is also no evidence to suggest that the victim has been assaulted for 17 years. The video is nothing more than a fragment. Using those two video clues as an excuse, the victim appears to be making false claims."

Yeon-woo sighed at the lawyer's argument.

Prosecutors also called for witnesses to the pathetic remarks.

She was the lady who filmed Yeonwoo's video 12 years ago.

"I'm Sun Myung-ae. I worked at Ok Seung-hye's house for 10 years from 20 years."

Yeonwoo could recognize the lady. Myeong-ae did not even look at Yeon-woo.

"It was a long time ago that I first witnessed Ok Seung-hye's assault. Probably from the time I worked at the house."

"By the time you started working, it would have been 20 years ago. When the victim was six years old.”

The prosecutor asked Myeongae.

"Yes. I think Yeonwoo...… I think the victim was hit by Mrs. Ok Seung-hye for saying "ma'am." I should have called you Ma'am, not Ma'am, but I called you wrong.”

Yeon-woo kept her mouth shut due to Myeong-ae's statement. Water drops quickly hung thick under the eyes.

Myeongae is something I've been watching for a long time.

"Then was it your first time, and have you witnessed the assault since?"


"How often have you been assaulted?”

"I've witnessed at least twice a year. I saw it when I quit my job at the house.”

"Why was it only you who witnessed the assault so often? Something the victim's parents didn't know about."

"I'm in charge of cleaning the yard, so I've seen it a lot. The lady usually grabbed Yeon-woo who was about to run into the house and hit him.”

Myung-ae calmly confessed about the assault she witnessed, but there was tears in it.

Myeong-ae looked up at Yeon-woo for a moment and turned around quickly.

It was a short time, but the dark heart of Myeong-ae was conveyed to Yeon-woo.

"At that time, I couldn't report it because I was in a hurry to make ends meet. That still remains a guilty feeling."

Myeongae rose from the witness stand after the confession.

After that, he did not look at Yeon-woo even when he left. He just testified and left unexpectedly.

Yeon-woo thanked Myeong-ae with his heart.

What followed was the testimony of Yeon-woo's classmate in her school days.

Yeon-woo was quite surprised because she didn't hear that her friend came out as a witness.

Friend calmly confessed the scene he had seen.

"Ok's daughter, Ma Sang-hee, was also in our school. Ma Sanghee got into a lot of trouble, so Mrs. Ok was often called to school. What I saw was when I first started high school, so it was 7 years ago. Mrs. Ok squeezed Yeonwoo's head and went about 2 meters? Eventually, Yeonwoo, who was being pushed back, hit the back of the head against the wall of the school building. Mrs. Ok squeezed Yeonwoo's head again."

Yeon-woo smirked because her friend's way of calling Ok Seung-hye Mrs. Ok was funny.

Even the audience seats were mixed with a small laugh and sigh.

With my friend's cheerful voice, the heavy atmosphere just before was washed away a little.

The trial was conducted in good health.

Based on all the evidence and witnesses' testimony, the prosecutor considered Ok Seung-hye's assault a comprehensive crime and charged her with 17 years of habitual assault.

He also sentenced Ok to three years in prison for aggravating child abuse.


Two people who returned home after the trial.

"Good job, sweetheart."

Seon-jae patted Yeon-woo, who leaned on me while sitting on the sofa.

Yeon-woo, who had been sitting on the witness stand for the first time, answering the prosecutor's and lawyer's questions as they were, and remained resolute throughout the trial, soon lost his expression when only Sun-jae and the two remained.

"I'll take a breather when I see the sentence, but I think I'm over the hump again."

I was exhausted, but Yeon-woo was able to smile.

"I've sorted out what would have been a scar for the rest of my life. I wouldn't have thought if it weren't for honey. I'm sure you've been timid the whole time.”

Without you.

A love for one person became an attachment to life.

I've learned to be proud of myself, to love properly.

Seon-jae was briefly disappointed when he was told that he would have been hurt.

Through her, Seonjae is also learning to clean up the past.

He recalled his last experience in a 'different future'.

Now that I feel comfortable thinking about a "different future," I thought it would be okay to tell her this.



"There's one thing I couldn't tell you.”

Before talking about the miraculous experience, Seon-jae first brought up the story that Saul had told a long time ago.

"You know what I'm talking about? Some people say that God gives us a chance to go back to the past for a while at the last minute of our lives."

Yeonwoo has heard of it. It was what my friend Suzy once said.

At that time, Yeon-woo couldn't listen to Su-ji because she was a person who experienced the future and returned to the past.

What he said was the same as what Susie said.

Yeon-woo nodded because she thought there was such a saying.

"Do you really know what I'm saying?"

"I've heard of it."

Yeonwoo replied leisurely. However, after Seon-jae's subsequent remarks, Yeon-woo forgot to breathe.

"Right before I lost my breath in another future, I went back in time again.”


"Maybe about 15 days after filing for divorce. I went to my brother-in-law's studio and you were so brave. That's why I'm free to leave."


Yeon-woo's heart ached at Sun-jae's calm voice.

I know you back then. Remember.

"I was holding a ring in my hand at the time. I felt like there was some kind of law in the world, but if I let go of the ring, my destiny would have come to an end. I heard a sound somewhere. Don't let go of the ring."

He went back to another future, once in the past.

"……so you were clenching your fist?”

Yeonwoo asked in a trembling voice.

"You know what, remember?”

He also asked in a voice of palpable emotion.

"How can you forget that when you suddenly come to me in the middle of the day and tell me to live well. How strange you were that day...….”

By the way, stay still.

Yeon-woo, who paused, asked again.

"Did you hear him telling you not to let go of the ring? Is it like God's message?”

"It's a big deal to say that, but everything was a miracle of its own.”

Yeon-woo stared at his relaxed smile and lowered his eyes.

My heart pounded hard.

He approached his left hand, unable to hide his trembling fingertips.

His fourth finger. A gold band that makes the long fingers more attractive.

A ring that always stuck in my husband's hand like skin.

The shape was so familiar that I didn't even care.

This wedding ring was of the same design as the band that Mr. Nureung handed over a long time ago.

The Year of Mobius.

This is it.

It was this.


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