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Chapter 84

 Cherry blossoms still have to wait, but it gets warmer day by day.

It is the happiest spring for Seonjae.

Besides, today is the day I'm supposed to meet my wife at lunch.

The fact that I can meet my wife on duty, which I can only see after work, gave me some energy.

Sunjae finished his morning schedule earlier than planned.

On the way back to the office, he ran into his secretary.

The secretary, who was driving back from the pantry next to the annex, gave good news to Seonjae.

"Vice president, your wife is here."


Seonjae asked in a surprised voice.


"You're in the office?”

"Yes, he's in the office."

I finished work early and thought of picking him up, but my wife came to see her earlier.

I'm so happy.

Seon-jae took the tray that the secretary was holding with a meaningful smile.

"Take a break outside and have lunch with your colleagues."


The secretary's eyes widened at Sunjae's instruction.

It was 11 o'clock now. There is an hour left until lunchtime.

"Didn't you say my wife was here?"

"Oh, yes."

"I know."

Please stay away from your seat.


The secretary's face, which had been absent-minded about what he imagined, turned red.

"Yes, I'll be out then. Enjoy your lunch, vice president."

The secretary scurried away and ran back to the annex, took her wallet and ran away.

Oh, be happy.

Seon-jae's heart fluttered as he was heading to the office with a tray.

Around the end of November last year, my wife visited here.

It was shortly after she returned to the past from "Another Future".

There was a blade on her face at the time. So I couldn't welcome her who came suddenly and was grumpy.

Memories I'd like to fix if I could turn back time.

But those conflicts would have made us understand and love each other more.

Memories have been accumulated that can't be thrown away.

When I opened the door carefully, Yeon-woo, who was sitting upright on the sofa, woke up.

"Oh, you're early.”

Yeon-woo, who approached Seon-jae straight away, took the tray he was holding and put it down on the table.

"I thought I'd be outside, but my secretary told me to come in, so I was here. But I heard you won't be back at the office until midnight.”

"I guess I finished work early because I wanted to play with you."

The replied Seon-jae smiled with remorse.

Oh, well, why do you take off your tie?

Lee Yeon-woo, a black-hearted woman who gets excited whenever she unties her tie, was of course heartbroken this time, but she had no choice but to crack down on her mind. A place is a place.

"I'll go home if you try to do something here."

Sneaking her saliva, she spoke in a voice possessed by B.

Undeterred by the coldness, Seon-jae pushed her to the end of the sofa and sat her down and held her tightly at the waist.

"No, don't go."

"Then let go—I won't go."

"No, I don't want to."

"If you don't let me go, I'll go home?"

"If you don't let go, you won't get anywhere. How can you get home?"

Sunjae teased and swept her hair with his long fingers.

Whenever her fingertips touched her scalp, Yeon-woo seemed to be stimulating her heart.

Before I knew it, he knew her body better than she knew herself.

Where you tickle, where you relax, where you kiss, how you moan, and how she hugs her neck.

It is also possible to use that to seduce her.

He skillfully took the lips to her exposed skin.

But her lips stuck to her forehead without being able to taste her delicate skin.

Yeonwoo pushed his head vigorously.

The narrowed eyes growled.

"I've got my secretary out. No one's coming."

"But there can be people like me who visit all of a sudden. Like me."

"You're the only one who does that."


Yeon-woo once again pushed the approaching Seon-jae with strength.

Sunjae's lips, which he wanted to endure but had no choice, pouted like a duck.

"It was my dream to do it in the office."

"It's an immoral dream."

"It's a healthy dream, fool.”

Yeon-woo stood up after patting her healthy husband straight.

"If you're done, get out early.”

I can't believe I'm done. It was just the beginning.

Seon-jae sighed for a long time at his wife's harsh appearance.

The two people from the company arrived at Jewelry Shop.

This is where Seonjae and Yeonwoo matched their wedding rings.

Today was the day to find the ring I ordered two weeks ago.

It took quite a long time to receive the ring because it was ordered from the most famous goldsmith in Korea.

Finally, Yeon-woo's finger was inserted with a ring of the same design as Seon-jae.

"Wow. Pretty!"

Yeon-woo raised her ringed hand up and exclaimed.

"You always said you didn't want me to wear a ring."

"You were nervous back then."

"Aren't you nervous now?”

"Yes, honey?"

"Me, too."

Yeon-woo smiled, looking just like her husband's comfortable smile.

Yeon-woo, who learned the secret of the ring after hearing about her husband's last day in "Another Future," said she would order my ring immediately.

It was determined that that would be the key.

The voice that my husband heard in 'Another Future'.

That word I told you not to let go of the ring.

I'm sure that's Mr. Nureung's voice.

It is still not known exactly what the problem was caused by Mr. Nureung.

But one thing has become firmly credible.

Mr. Nureung is not the Grim Reaper.

He's protecting his husband.

There's definitely a direction of fate that he wants.

Suddenly, it occurred to me that Ms. Nureong and herself might be colleagues who are going through difficulties together for her husband's life.

This overwhelming camaraderie.

Wearing a ring on his hand gave him a sense of fullness as if he had acquired the badge of the "Guardian Corps of Gangseonjae."

"I love the ring I got when I got married, but it's too big to wear. I think it looks good on you at a party.”


"I was envious of her wearing it. Honey wears it well, but I'm sorry I can't."

Yeon-woo smiled with satisfaction, making excuses that he didn't have to make.

"You look like a real couple when you're coupling."

"We're obviously a couple."

The retorted Seon-jae paused and called her.



"No matter how pretty it is, don't run to pick it up if you drop it on the street and roll it to the driveway."

It was a must-have request.

Yeonwoo smiled and nodded.

After finding the ring, the two had lunch at a famous restaurant.

We were together for nearly two hours, and it seemed like time flew by.

"I feel like time flies when I'm with you."

The way to take Yeonwoo to school. Seon-jae confessed his feelings.

"Good. I hope a year goes by so quickly.”

Yeonwoo smiled pleasantly.

I hope time will go a long way so that even the remaining anxiety will disappear.


Yeon-woo, who suddenly remembered what he had forgotten, told Seon-jae even before he reached the entrance to the school.

"You can drop me off here.”

"I'll walk you to school.”

"No, I'm fine. I have a place to go."

"Where are you going? I'll take you.”

"It's okay."

He did not budge from his claim to walk him out of the window, and Yeon-woo, who was rolling his eyes out of the window, pointed to a coffee shop as he could.

"There's that house. My coffee is delicious, so I'm going to have a drink."

"Did you want to drink it alone?”


"Let's stay together a little longer. I can come in a little late.”

"No, the weather was nice, so I thought I'd take a walk alone and meditate."

A crease has been formed between Seonjae's eyebrows. It was strange that my wife refused to be with me.

"Are you...."


"Are you going to see Choi Taek without me knowing?"”

"What are you talking about?”

"Then why can't you break up with me. You don't like me?"

"Phew. No."

While sighing frustratingly, Yeon-woo could not tell the truth.

Seonjae was disappointed, but he had no choice but to do as his wife wanted.

"Okay, I'll drop you off.”

It's sometimes hard to be a cool, cool guy who isn't obsessed.

"Be careful of the car, and call me later when you get off work. I'll be there as soon as possible today."

Sunjae left his regret behind and dropped Yeonwoo off at the shopping mall in front of the subway station.


After standing close to one place and watching Seon-jae leave, Yeon-woo breathed a long sigh.

There was a separate reason why Yeon-woo refused to accompany her. I have something to go to the pharmacy.

"I'd like two pregnancy test machines, please. A different kind."

If you test this at home and throw it away and your husband finds it, he'll make a fuss.

Yeon-woo, who read about how to use the items he bought for the first time in his life, went to the bathroom with trembling.

And I tried the test as I read it.

She said she had to wait 10 minutes for the indicator to appear, but the 10 minutes felt longer than the two hours she spent with her husband.

After just 10 minutes.

"What's this? Does this mean yes or no."

Yeon-woo's forehead was crushed after checking the results of the test machine.

Two test machines from different companies had the same results as the same product.

The control lines are both dark and the test lines are visible.

If you open your eyes wide, you can see the line. Because you've seen the control line for too long, it looks like a line.

Frustrated, Yeon-woo used an Internet search chance.

On the portal search box, the line of the pregnancy test machine was blurred.

Many people seemed to have similar curiosity as Yeonwoo.

There were quite a few pictures of the test machine.

This phenomenon seems to be called 'super magic'. Ultra-magic if the test line is blurry.

In the case of "ultra-magic," it is said to be seen with the eyes of the mind.

Yeon-woo didn't know the faces of the people who posted the pictures, but she felt like she shared her heart with everyone.

I think it will be too much to distinguish with the current super magic, and it will take a few more days to know properly.

Yeonwoo came out of the building and strolled down the street.

The wind flowed gently in the direction of her walk.

"It's got to be more time.’

The thing that flows even if you stay still. time

Time goes by.

I feel great as time goes by.

Yeon-woo raised his left hand toward the air as if to touch the grain of the wind. The ring reflected in the sun glistened.

"You're a guardian angel."

Suddenly, Mr. Nureung remembered and said to himself. I want you to hold it.

"I can only think that you're asking me to be careful all the time."

Would you like me to show up if I wear this ring?

"What's the problem? Did I solve the problem?”

You told me you'd give me a problem, you told me to solve it, so I'd show up once.

I hope to see you again soon.

"What do you want from me? I'll do it for you, Mr. Nureong."

Being happy by oneself made me think about Mr. Nureung's happiness.

Saul went to heaven at a young age. Is he happy now?

"I'm happy, so I want you to be happy.”

I don't even want to be happier.

Just this much happiness is enough, so I want to give all the rest to Mr. Nureung.


I was walking on the street with a happy heart, and the students came running calling Yeonwoo.

They were girls and boys I saw in the class where Yeon-woo was an assistant teacher.

The two were holding hands as they ran.

"Hello, assistant. Are you going to school?"

"Yes, two people?"


"You two are a couple. We're a campus couple."

"Didn't you ever do CC? I'm sure you were very popular."

"Hey, my assistant is married.”

The girl gave the boy a hint.

"Oh, right. I'm sorry."

"Pooh. What are you sorry about?"

Yeon-woo smiled at the polite young couple's apology.

"Hey, do you want to take a taxi with me? We're late for class, so we're going to take a taxi. The school is too far away."

Well, it's too far to walk.

If this is the case, I don't know why they made a subway station with the name of the school.

Yeonwoo said he knew because he was worried about the students' urgent mind and pocket situation.

There happened to be a taxi passing by.

When Yeon-woo stopped the taxi, the male student opened the door in the back seat.

The male student seems to have had to ride in the passenger seat with his girlfriend and Yeon-woo in the back seat.

By the way, Yeon-woo's left hand, which was stretched out together, and the male student's hand bumped bluntly.


It was Yeonwoo's hand that was pushed out.

"Oh, my assistant, are you okay? I'm sorry. I was going to open the door for you.….”

"It's okay. Get on it."

Yeonwoo said it was okay and got in the car.

I smoothed my left hand behind their back. My left hand felt stiff because of the shock a while ago.

Yeon-woo somehow felt heavy, but he didn't show his feelings.

Yeon-woo's phone rang around the time the three-person car passed through the main gate of the school. It was Sunjae's call.


[Yes, Yeonwoo]

My husband's voice, which was brighter until a while ago, sounded dark.


[Did you hear that?] The guy who assaulted you a long time ago. A guy named Hwang Sang-wook]

Sunjae's voice quickly brought back memories of that day seven years ago.

Muscles all over the body are atrophied.

[He was in an American prison] But he recently got out of prison.]


[Let me know if you get a strange call just in case.]

My mind went blank quickly.

[Call me immediately if anything happens] Okay?]

The call was cut off quickly. My husband seemed busy.

"What's wrong, assistant?"

The girl sitting next to me asked Yeon-woo who hung up the phone.

Yeon-woo smiled as if nothing had happened.

The taxi just reached the front of the Humanities center.

On the way to the lab after saying good luck to the couple.

Yeon-woo sat on the bench because the hand he hit earlier was getting more and more sore.

The middle finger of the bird was swollen. It is the finger that was bandaged on the day of the divorce in "Another Future.

The ring on the fourth finger of the left hand.

Pain in the middle finger.

I looked down at my hand and remembered Mr. Nureong again.

I also remembered the story of Mobius' band.

I came back twice and repeatedly said that I would be in place.

Come to think of it, my husband has gone back to the past twice.

In 'Another Future', I held a ring in my hand just before I died and went back to the past.

'But I'm....’

It got creepy. My mouth quickly dried up.

I didn't want to admit it.

That fate is not over yet.

It got hot under my eyes.

Mr. Nureung, by any chance.

"The person you're trying to take...….”

It's not my husband. It's me?


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