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Chapter 85

 Yeon-woo, who was depressed because he hurt his middle finger in his left hand, quickly calmed down.

The husband's expression was always bright and he recovered quickly.

As the weather got warmer, I slept a lot because I slept a lot, and it was a good reason that long sleep relieved stress.

Also, touching the ring seemed to stabilize my mind.

Like Mr. Nureung is protecting us.

My husband talked about Hwang Sang-wook, so I felt uneasy for a while, but the anxiety was quickly relieved.

Yeon-woo was a victim of Hwang Sang-wook's assault and was trying to correct it.

If Hwang Sang-wook appears in Korea, he will be held immediately and questioned by police.

So I can't come to Korea.

The flow of time dulls the sensitive mind.

It's already been a month since I left the 'other future'.

And the trial date for Ok Seung-hye's habitual assault has come.

"I'll pick you up at school at one o'clock. Let's go to court together."

During breakfast, Seonjae told Yeonwoo. Today's sentencing hearing begins at 2 p.m.

Yeonwoo, who answered yes, put the spoon without emptying the half-air.

"Don't you like it?"

Seon-jae asked for concern about such Yeon-woo.

Today's ruling was heartening and she thought she couldn't eat.

"Don't worry too much. Everything's gonna be fine."

It's not because I'm nervous.

I feel like I'm getting fat these days, so I'm just trying to reduce the amount.


However, Yeon-woo just nodded because she was afraid of nagging if she told the truth.

She gained 3kg more than she did in the new year.

It means that I gained 1kg a month, but I didn't care when I gained 1kg or 2kg, but I realized it only after the weight difference of 3kg.

Above all, I felt uncomfortable with the pretty clothes.

After winter, my clothes became lighter, so my body was more concerned.

We're eating the same thing. I'm going to eat a lot less. Why am I going to go to the flesh and become a muscle?’

After breakfast, Yeon-woo glanced away at her husband's nice muscles after washing up.

"Why are you looking at me insidiously? Don't I go to work?"

Recognizing her eyes, Sun-jae smiled and asked.

"I didn't mean to stare. I was staring at him."

"Why. What's the matter?"

"Did you pinch my side this morning?”

Yeonwoo asked coyly.

Immediately after waking up, I remembered that Seon-jae, who woke up first, looked at her face and grabbed the flesh on her side.

At that time, I was blank and couldn't think about anything, but now I'm hurt.

Sunjae's hand, which was buttoning up his shirt, paused for a moment.

"Oh, that."

Seon-jae replied with a smile as if it were nothing.

"I was so happy about the weight. Because it's shaking."

Yeon-woo's face trembled at her husband's shocking reply.


"You're saying I gained weight. Fluffy."

"When did I ever say squishy?"

"Anyway, you're saying you've gained weight."

"I didn't gain weight."

Seon-jae hugged Yeon-woo's angry neck tightly and asked for it.

"I'm sorry I pinched you. But I like the feeling of touching it."

Yeon-woo twisted her body out of his arm.

Yeon-woo didn't seem to have warmed up, so Sun-jae looked up at the hem of his shirt.

His slender waistline was revealed.

Not to mention the bumpy, smooth abs, the dizzying alveolar muscles suffocate.

Yeonwoo hid her breath.

"Come on, pinch yourself. You can pinch it and twist it.”

Chee, you think you're gonna say it's enough? I'm going to pinch you, too.

Motivated by his provocation, Yeon-woo made tongs with his right hand and approached them.

Oh, but the scene she wanted wasn't made.

"Huh. Let's not push.”

"I didn't give you strength."

Is it just bones in the skin? The flesh was as hard as ironclad.

Yeon-woo continued to point out his exposed skin in search of a mushy flesh that could feel the grip.

"Well, Yeonwoo. I need to stop.”

He stopped when he was so engrossed.

Yeon-woo also stopped moving because she felt the heat from his lower body.

Looking up, he looks down fatally at himself, turning into a look somewhere on the border between reason and instinct.

"……how can you do this in the middle of a punishment?"

"I didn't mean it."

He also spoke with difficulty.

'Oh, as long as it's not for work,' his voice, which was talking to himself while tidying up his clothes, sank complainingly as if he were crushing the air.


Yeon-woo and Seon-jae arrived at the court 10 minutes before the trial began.

There were still many reporters in the court. Ma Jin-tae and Ma Sang-hee, who were not seen during the trial, were also there.

Ok Seung-hye looked worse than ever. He seemed to have lost weight.

The judge entered on time.

Ok Seung-hye, who was in the suspect's seat, stood in front of the judge.

It was the first time that Ok Seung-hye's shoulders felt so small.

There was no major incident, and the judge sentenced Ok Seung-hye to two and a half years in prison for her assault.

Ma Sang-hee covered her face and sobbed on the spot.

Ok Seung-hye shook her shoulders and bowed her head.

Yeon-woo didn't make any facial expressions.

In fact, I felt more vain than cool inside.

The fact that the 17-year-old boy's assault, which lasted until adulthood, was replaced by a two-and-a-half-year prison term was not well understood.

Will he ever reflect on himself after two and a half years in prison? Wouldn't that make you more angry?

Won't you try to retaliate against me somehow?

The fact that she will never receive an apology from her heart left her heart bitter.

Two years and six months may not be a time when Ok Seung-hye's sins are cleared, but a time when Yeon-woo has to forgive Ok Seung-hye.

Ok Seung-hye, who was sentenced to prison, headed to the defendant's waiting room under the guidance of a court inspector.

Sang-hee and Ma Jin-tae followed to where they were allowed to accompany.

"Don't worry, honey. Leave this to me."

Ma Jin-tae said goodbye to Ok Seung-hye.

Strangely, during the greeting, Ma Jin-tae's gaze was directed at Seon-jae and Yeon-woo.

He looked sharp as if he were going to get revenge on the two.

"Margin tae is a bit meaningful.”

Yeon-woo stood behind Seon-jae and whispered.

After leaving her mother, Sang-hee passed Yeon-woo and shed her eyes.

However, there was no other way to frame or harm Yeon-woo.

"Ok Seung-hye will continue to appeal. I'll probably go all the way to the Supreme Court."

Sunjae said bitterly.

Yeon-woo also nodded in agreement.


After breaking up with Seonjae, Yeonwoo went to the hospital, not the school.

There has been one suspicion since some time ago.

After using a pregnancy test machine last week and failing, I put up with it and tried again yesterday.

My heart beat hard in two clear lines, but I went to the obstetrician's office alone without revealing it to anyone because I was afraid it would seem like I was drinking kimchi soup for no reason.

It was familiar to go to the hospital or anywhere alone, but Yeon-woo felt empty for a moment.

It was midday on weekdays, but there were so many couples in the hospital.

More than half of the dozens of women were with their spouses, estimated from the pregnant woman, who seemed to have only a few months left, to the little mother-to-be who wrote the initial questionnaire like Yeon-woo.

'I'm coming with my husband next time.’

Perhaps a husband would raise his voice to accompany him even if he was busy.

No, I might be looking forward to the day I go to the hospital, putting aside everything else.

I wished I could get a pregnancy confirmation stamp today so that I could come with my husband next time, visit him happily.

"Lee Yeonwoo, come on in."

The guide called Yeonwoo's name.

Yeon-woo answered bravely and went into the doctor's

"Lee Yeon-woo?"

"Yes, hello."

The doctor, who confirmed Yeon-woo's name, read the questionnaire and went straight to the main point.

"You've checked the pharmacy tester. It's a little early to calculate it as my last menstrual day, but should I take a look at the ultrasound?


When Yeon-woo answered, the lights in the clinic became dim.

My body kept getting nervous because it was the first time I had received medical treatment that I had heard only about.

It wasn't much, but I was a little scared.

I absolutely needed a husband to hold my hand.

Yeon-woo quickly understood why there were so many men in the waiting room.

After meeting with a doctor, Yeonwoo's nursery was soon discovered.

On the fan-shaped screen, I saw a kidney bean pouch.

There seemed to be a wedding ring in the black pocket.

The knotted end of the wedding ring sparkled.

The doctor who moved the mouse to measure the size of the nursery said.

"My period is five weeks and one day, but it's six weeks and one day."

My husband said a few days ago that time seemed to go fast, but his body seems to be fast. The baby was smiling without even knowing Yeonwoo.


I think my husband should hear about this. You succeeded after persistent and persistent efforts.

"Shining is the heart."

The doctor said, moving the mouse more.

"Shall we listen to your heart?”

Soon after, there was a sizzling, fast heart sound coming through the speakers.

It sounded healthy as if I was letting you know that I was growing up well.

I felt strange.

Unprepared and overwhelmed, my heart choked.

Oh, I should have come with my husband. I can't believe I'm hearing this alone.

"The medical records can be checked through the hospital application."

The doctor said as if he had read her mind.

"Can I check my heart again?”

"Yes, it's all saved. Are you feeling any discomfort?”

"Nothing's uncomfortable. But I'm sleepy now. I've gained some weight."

"Weigh gain isn't very common yet, and it's probably because you've eaten a lot."

Oh, yes...

Yeon-woo became solemn thanks to the doctor who blew up the truth with a friendly smile.

"Are you drinking folic acid? Vitamin D is important, so take care of the sunlight."

The doctor gave Yeon-woo a firm request regardless of his facial expression and concluded the treatment.

"The scheduled date will be more accurate for the next appointment. I want you to do a prenatal exam before you go, and I'll see you in two weeks."

After leaving the clinic, Yeon-woo underwent a prenatal examination as guided by the guide, booked the next medical treatment, and received a mother's notebook and pregnancy confirmation.

In the early stages of pregnancy, I said I should be especially careful, but I was excited to see the ultrasound picture I received from the doctor.

Hi, baby.

I wonder how much my husband would like it.

But my stupid husband wouldn't know what this is even if he looked at the ultrasound or the mother's notebook. You may not have any idea after looking at the pregnancy confirmation.

Yeon-woo was giggling and picked up her cell phone and called Seon-jae.


Seonjae answered the phone right away. Yeon-woo asked, hiding her excited voice.

"When are you coming today?"

[About 7 o'clock?] I don't think I'll be late.]

I want to tell you right away, but it was a waste not to see his expression now.

Instead of telling the truth, Yeon-woo gave a assignment.

"Buy some flowers, flowers, flowers."

I wanted to be congratulated by my husband. But it will also be a flower for him.

[Flower? Basket? Bouquet?]]

"Bundle of flowers. Honey, don't order them. Not as big as a wreath, just a proper bunch."

[OK. What flower do you like?]

"Honey, get yourself a pretty one."

[Do you believe in my sense?]]

I decided to say something because I thought I might buy bean sprouts just because I cared about my vitality.

I wanted to believe his sense.

"I'll just look forward to it."

Okay, I'm going to buy it right now.]

"See you in the evening."

[Yes. See you later]]

Her husband doesn't ask her what's going on with him, asking for flowers all of a sudden.

Such a blunt guy. Hoot.

But that's all right. It's fun to raise them.

Yeon-woo, who only looks beautiful in the world, came out of the hospital and breathed in warm air.

Let's absorb vitamin D while the driver's car arrives.

Sitting on a bench in front of the hospital, Yeon-woo looked at the people passing by and enjoyed happiness.

"There will be cherry blossoms on the weekend."

Should I name my baby cherry blossom or mugwort?

A man sat on the same bench while spreading his imagination with excitement.

There are many other seats, but Yeon-woo moved her hips to the side because she was bothered to sit next to her.

The man did not sit long.

By the way, as soon as the man woke up, something was sprayed on her head.

There was a strong smell of alcohol poking my nose and disappeared in an instant.

I had a headache for a second.

I thought my body must be sensitive to the smell of alcohol because I can't drink alcohol.

Yeon-woo raised his body because it bothered him to sit more.

I'm going home now. You should go home and rest.

After a short wait, the car arrived.

Maybe it's because of the sunlight. The green, blue and purple dots became afterimage and kept messing around.

"Shall we go to your house?"

The driver behind the wheel asked.

"Yes, please.”

Yeonwoo answered briefly and immediately closed his eyes.

Spring fatigue was added to the sleepiness that was poured out due to pregnancy, so I quickly felt drowsy.

The car started quietly.


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