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Chapter 86

 Seon-jae picked flowers from a flower shop in the company's underground shopping mall.

I was so happy that Yeon-woo asked me to give a bouquet of flowers first after it rang on Christmas.

But if you teach me one thing, one thing was a man I knew right.

I didn't even look at the pink rose.

This and that are pretty, so my wife's face will bloom if my beloved wife holds it, so I chose this and that, and there is a crisis that the bouquet will become uncontrollably rich.

Seonjae gave up a few at the advice of the florist.

I said I'd pick up the bouquet when I get off work.

I hope my wife will continue to beg me more.

Looking forward to the upcoming evening, Seon-jae stepped on schedule.

I felt good because I could organize all my work on time.

If you finish work on time, you will be able to get home 30 minutes earlier than you told Yeonwoo.

As I was getting more and more excited, I unexpectedly got a call from the driver's waiting room.

"Yes, I'm Kang Seonjae."

[Vice President, I'm Ko Seung-gyu, the head of the driver's office.] Have you heard from your wife?]

"A call to buy a bouquet?"

[Oh, no, that's not it...]Have you heard from the driver Kim Sang-ki?]

Kim Sang-ki is the name of Yeon-woo and his driver.

Anxiety suddenly came over me.

Seonjae asked in a stiff voice.

"Why would you ask that.”

[No other way, Kim Sang-ki has not returned yet. He didn't say he was going back home. Just in case, I tracked it with the GPS in the car...….]


[Caught towards Namyangju]….]

"I'm going down to the waiting room now.”

Seon-jae cut off the chief engineer's voice and said straight away.

After hanging up, he left the office busily and called Yeonwoo.

A message came out that the phone was off.


It was night when Yeonwoo opened his eyes.

It was a construction site with an exposed concrete skeleton, and the lights were dim, so I couldn't really see who was responsible for this.

Her arms and legs were tied and her mouth was taped.

There was a driver next to me for a long time.

The driver seemed to be in the same situation as Yeonwoo. The driver didn't seem to have come to his senses yet.

I heard a sound of words nearby.

The lights were on Yeonwoo and the driver's side, but there were no lights on the criminals' side.

"How much should I call you? Since I have to hand over 10 billion won to Ma, about 20 billion won?"

"20 billion? That's 3.3 billion each. Are you kidding me? Their husband's group has billions of assets."

"Yeah, well, 40 billion won?"

"Yeah, so we'll be full even if we share it' If we call it 50 billion won, they'll make a deal there. Let's at least try not to go below 40 billion. We need 10 billion hands per personally."

"Did you make a coin purse?”

"President Ma said he would create and send me something that is not tracked, but he hasn't heard from me yet. I want things to be this slow."

"If you want to get paid, tell them to do it right."

There seemed to be three people talking.

Let's get our act together. They don't have a system.

You must be excited to improvise.

That's how stupid they must be.

"I've been grinding my teeth for years and it's gotten a little cooler. I don't even know if I'm lucky enough."

Yeon-woo, who listened to her voice with bated breath, noticed that the main character of her voice was Hwang Sang-wook.

Is this also the work of Ok Seung-hye?

Did Ok Seung-hye lie to Hwang Sang-wook by selling her name?

I felt sad, but I couldn't say anything because my mouth was blocked.

"That's how it got prettier. Well, she used to be pretty."

I could feel Hwang Sang-wook's fishy smile in the dark.

Yeonwoo got goose bumps all over his body.

"Huh. Don't touch the merchandise."

Said the man, who doesn't know what he is, said.

Yeon-woo was a little relieved inside.

Those people can't get rid of me.

That's fine, we can make it back alive.

Let's not think about anything. Let's not even think about money.

I'm the only one who needs to go back unharmed.

But the will-filled heart didn't stay in the chest for a few minutes.

"We have to respect the money until we have it in our hands."

Yeon-woo became creepy again.


Using every possible means of tracking the location, police found the abandoned car at the foot of a mountain in Namyangju.

Yeon-woo's cell phone and the driver's cell phone were discarded in the car.

The black box went out shortly after the criminal was on board and did not illuminate the inside of the car, making it impossible to identify the criminal.

However, the police were able to move by weighing that the driver and Yeon-woo had been kidnapped.

Seonjae went to Namyangju with the police and returned to Seoul immediately to visit Mar Jin-tae's house.

I couldn't forget what Ma Jin-tae said in today's trial.

I tried to call Ma Jin-tae or Ma Sang-hee in front of the house, but I came across Ma Sang-hee on her way home.

Seon-jae grabbed Ma Sang-hee by the collar.

I couldn't afford to think rationally.

"What, what, you!"

The frightened Ma Sang-hee asked.

"Who the hell are you?"

Ma Sang-hee's expression was simple. He really looked like he didn't know anything about what was wrong with him.

Seon-jae desperately told the truth.

"Yeonwoo is gone. Do you know anything?”

"You ran away from home?”

"It's not like running away from home. Kidnap."

Ma Sang-hee's eyes shook around.

"Didn't your dad do that?"

Ma Sang-hee, who had hesitated, confessed in tears.

"……I heard my mom talking on the phone before she was sentenced. ……my mom said congratulations to someone for being released from prison.”


"I think it was Hwang Sang-wook."

Hwang Sang-wook was the one who assaulted Yeon-woo seven years ago.

"My mom talked about you and Yeonwoo on the phone. To the person on the phone. You went there because of Yeonwoo Lee's husband. How could Lee Yeon-woo's husband leave you alone, it was just like that...….”

After speaking, Ma finally burst into tears.

Seon-jae's eyes went blank.

If a man named Hwang Sang-wook took Yeon-woo in retaliation, Yeon-woo's life could be in danger.

Meanwhile, an email arrived at Sunjae's personal email address.

Few people know this address, and it was surprising that he contacted it.

- Lee Yeonwoo is safe and well. You'd better not tell the police. If you send 50 million dollars of coins to the address I just told you, I will return Yeonwoo Lee.


Hwang Sang-wook was very surprised by the reply mail that arrived a few minutes after he sent it.

- We can send coins only when Yeonwoo and Kim Sanggi's safety is confirmed. Please send me the front picture of Yeonwoo and Kim Sanggi.

Hwang Sang-wook smirked at the concise sentence.

"You seem to have checked your e-mail very quickly. I guess I can always send the money. The distribution of chaebols is great."

"I'd say $100 million, not $50 million."

"Yeah, that's too bad."

"You can get 50 million dollars and ask for more. Let's see how far we can get."

Hwang Sang-wook removed the tape from Yeon-woo's mouth and released his hand to comply with Seon-jae's request.

"Hi, it's been a while since I've been here, right?”

Yeon-woo, who faced Hwang Sang-wook for the first time in seven years, was not showing his hair.

"Your husband told me to send you a picture. Smile well."

Hwang Sang-wook, who took the photo roughly, shook the driver who was drooping on the floor to wake him up. But the knight did not happen.

"He just roughly takes a picture and sends it. Kang Seonjae would send money just like that. If you don't send me the money, he'll feel like his wife is going to be like him."

"Will it?"

Hwang Sang-wook took a picture of the driver with his eyes closed.

"Hey, where's the tape. I need to cover my mouth again."

"Leave it alone—if you're bored, just let him sing."

The other one giggled and said it playfully.

Yeonwoo quickly looked around.

I saw a large bottle with the name of the drug and a small sprayer.

That was it.

Her drug seemed to be a sleeping anesthetic that can be sprayed on her.

I've seen a movie several times in which I cover my mouth and nose with a handkerchief soaked with medicine to knock people out. It seemed to be that kind of thing, too.

Now that the night has come, they'll have to sleep one way or the other, and they'll take turns guarding the hostages.

There will be a time when one of the guards will doze off at night.

I'll be able to use those tools then.

Yeonwoo calmly organized his plan in his mind.

Baby, I'm sorry.

Baby, do you think you're alive?

I hope my heart keeps beating.

I'll be sure to get back safely.

It's been a long time.

Yeon-woo, who has endured for a long time, finally has a chance.

The other, including Hwang Sang-wook, fell far away and fell asleep under a blanket, leaving only one to stand guard for the hostages.

The medicine was not far from Yeonwoo.

The guard had it because he had to faint Yeon-woo.

After hours of struggle, Yeon-woo, who secretly released the rope that tied his hands, sprayed drugs on the guard.

Yeon-woo, who gained confidence in not waking up, soaked toilet paper with medicine and put it in front of the collapsed man's respiratory system as in the movie.

There was a cell phone in his pocket.

Yeon-woo turned on the GPS and sent the current location to Sun-jae's mobile phone number.

Yeonwoo was at the construction site of the apartment, which was said to have been suspended due to bankruptcy.

When I finished the work there, I heard a rustle over there.

It's difficult when someone wakes up.

Yeon-woo took a breathless look at the movements again.

I shook the driver, but he didn't respond. I was worried about the driver's condition.

I'm not the only one who can get out.

I can't even carry the driver on my back.

You have to wait until your husband comes.

How long will it take for my husband to come?

An hour? Two hours? I don't think it's that far from Seoul.

I thought two people who were asleep would have to fix it.

Strongly determined, Yeon-woo stood up with the expression of a warrior.

The man lying next to Hwang was severely knocked down.

Yeon-woo pressed the man's nose with a lot of medicine on the tissue just like before.

Now it's Hwang Sangwook's turn. If only Hwang passes out, he can return home.

I turned around bravely with such expectations.

It's shaking.

The gun pressed her forehead.

"You know what, don't think about it."

Hwang Sang-wook said in a creepy voice.

While fixing the fallen man, Hwang stood up quietly.

"Result your husband. Because I woke up refreshed thanks to your husband. You sent me the money neatly.

Hwang Sang-wook giggled.

"They're all losing their minds. What did you do?


"Well, that's fine. I like making money by myself. And the Koreans are none of my business."

Hwang Sang-wook revealed his dark inner self.

"But you're not ready yet. Shouldn't you be a shield until I get out of Korea?”

Hwang Sang-wook grabbed Yeon-woo by the arm, continuing to point a gun at her.

"Now that the money's in, let's get out. Get up."

It's duskily dawning.

I told my husband where I am now, and if I move from here again, everything goes wrong.

Yeon-woo plucked up the courage to argue. I thought let's at least clear up the misunderstanding.

"I don't know why you hold a grudge against me. Do you happen to think I locked you in an American prison?”

"No? But if it wasn't for you, it would be your husband."

"My husband didn't realize that had happened to me until he got married. You'd be serving time then.”

"How do you believe that?"

Hwang Sang-wook snorted.

"And it doesn't matter who reported it. It's meaningless now."


"As long as we bring you here, our future is set. Isn't it?"


"Get up. Let's go."

Yeon-woo had no choice but to follow Hwang Sang-wook.

On the way down from the second floor of the apartment construction site where I stayed all night to the first floor.

"Gosh, come back up.”

However, Hwang could not go down a few steps and pulled him back up.

A sign of popularity was heard from downstairs.

Yeon-woo was pushed up to the fourth floor by Hwang Sang-wook.

And I recognized the person who followed me like a dog.

I could tell by the faint sound of breathing.

Yeonwoo shed tears.

Soon, Seonjae, who chased Hwang Sang-wook, who was about to hide on the fourth floor, showed his face.

Hwang Sang-wook looked astonished.

"What happened. How did you get here?"

Yeon-woo was also surprised.

It must have been only about 10 minutes since I sent him a location text, but it was surprising and fortunate that he came so soon.

But I couldn't be more relieved.

Hwang Sang-wook had a weapon.

"I sent the money, I just picked it up myself. Put the gun down and leave."

Sunjae, who recognized the weapon in his hand, carefully said.

Hwang Sang-wook pointed a gun at Yeon-woo.

Like I'm gonna kill her when I get close.

"I sent a coin to the wallet you created. You can live comfortably until you die because you've added extra money to the requested amount.”

With Seonjae's benevolent voice, Hwang Sang-wook took out his cell phone to check the amount again.

But he gets embarrassed when he logs on to check his coin wallet.

"My, my wallet? Where is he?"

The wallet I created a few hours ago disappeared like a bat.

I've checked with my own eyes that the coin came in that wallet.

"Why do you ask me that. I'm sure you've checked the coin in."

Sunjae asked toughly. Hwang shook his head in a bewildered voice.

"No, I don't have it's not there. Nothing."

The end of the gun aimed at her shook as the emotion shook.

Sunjae said as he approached more.

"Then your chief would have taken it. Go ahead and ask for some money."

"What have you done to my wallet?"

"I definitely sent what you told me to do. You know I can't do anything about your wallet.”

"Don't talk bullshit!"

"Okay, I'll send you more, so just tell me another address. Put the gun down."

Sunjae, who had no idea whether Hwang Sang-wook was really swindled or acted, sighed and said.

Anyway, it was important to bring Yeonwoo safely.

Then, thumping, footsteps coming up the stairs sounded loud.

Hwang Sang-wook, in a state of excitement, quickly changed the direction of the gun he was aiming at Yeon-woo toward the stairs.

Seonjae was there, too.


Surprised by Hwang Sang-wook's significant move, Yeon-woo grabbed Hwang Sang-wook and hit him up in the arm.


Gunfire went off in the air.

It was a bullet with only one shot.


Hwang Sang-wook, who lost his weapon, rushed toward Yeon-woo with an angry look.

The back was a hollow veranda.

Yeon-woo's body, which lost its balance, was pushed back.

It happened in the blink of an eye.

Sun-jae's face, which was desperately keeping a poker face, collapsed.

Although it was still dark dawn, Yeon-woo could clearly see her husband's eyes.

I can't.



Why should I?

Why do I have to be like this?

I'm finally starting to feel really happy.

Yeonwoo resented his fate.

But there was no sound coming out.

In the meantime, it seemed vague for her husband to come running by calling her name.

I can't.

He shouldn't jump after me.

I don't want you to even come this way.

I don't want you to see me die.

It was my mistake to contact you.

In a slow fall, someone was dimly seen holding onto her losing husband's body.

It seemed like a cop.

Still, I thought it was a relief.

That's a relief. That's a relief.

My heart just started beating, sorry.

I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you. It's my fault.

I pray to God.

Since I've been in my life twice, wouldn't there be many ways for life in my stomach?

May this life be born healthy in some world.

I hope you grow up healthy, be loved, love you pretty, and live happily.


You're so pretty.

Don't cry too much.

Even if your whole life is full of sadness.

The page will be over soon.

Don't collapse like the world is over.

Never, don't even think it's your fault.

I love you. My love.

I won't be able to let go of it.


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