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Must be a Happy Ending Manhwa Novel

Chapter 87

 The hand that I used to hold warmly in my pocket.

The voice that used to call your name.

The food you cooked for me.

Arm pillow.

It means pretty.

Saying I love you.

A lot of promises I made out of love.

Many days when we stared at each other until we fell asleep and closed our eyes as if we would meet again in each other's dreams.

Many mornings when I opened my eyes to check your breath.

Those precious moments say goodbye.

But don't let me bring you down.

If only I had brought you happiness.



Yeon-woo, who jumped up from his seat while causing the game, looked around, forgetting to breathe in the unfamiliar background surrounding me.

"Where am I?"

In some room, even wearing shoes.

It's just what it looks like at the apartment construction site.

I'm sure it crashed at the apartment construction site.

It was meant to die, but it opened its eyes in a completely unfamiliar place.

Yeon-woo quietly rolled her eyes, clearing her deep breath.

I remembered my husband's words.

"You know what I'm talking about? Some people say that God gives us a chance to go back to the past for a while at the last minute of our lives."

That's what Seonjae said. I heard this once from my friend Suzy.

And the husband really timed himself to the past just before he died.

Did she become a similar fate?

"But where the hell am I. It's back in time."

But I had no idea where I was.

It was absurd.

It wasn't the house he used to live in, and I didn't remember it.

However, next to her was her mother's old bag.

Was it when Yeonwoo was in the 2nd grade?

A red bag that my mom used to use until there was a hole in the floor.

The bag was placed next to me in good health.

So it means you're back in the past even before you were a sophomore.

'No way.'

When I looked around again, I felt like I was vaguely reminded.

Yeonwoo stood up, opened the door, and went out.

Yeonwoo's guess was right as expected.

The owner's house. It was the house of Ma Jin-tae and Ok Seung-hye.

'Why am I here. You're going to be a thief.’

There was no one in the living room, but I was nervous that the owners of this house might catch me.

Yeon-woo crept along, careful not to breathe.

But the house, it's not like I know it. It's very different.’

I haven't been to this house a lot, but I could remember Yeonwoo with a good memory to some extent.

Phones, TVs and furniture were pretty old fashioned.

In other words, he has fallen into the past a long time ago.

What year and day is it today? How am I supposed to know that?

Yeon-woo, who was thinking again, picked up the phone nearby.

When there was no smartphone, Yeon-woo's father asked Yeon-woo every morning.

Find out the weather for the day by calling the weather forecast automatically.

Yeon-woo courageously picked up the phone and pressed 131. Weather security is my phone number.

[Hello, weather security. This is my phone service]

An automatic voice came out.

Yeon-woo quickly dialed the information number according to the voice guide. And

[??Let me tell you about today's weather in Seoul, June 25, 2019]

"What? What?"

Yeon-woo almost missed the phone because of the voice heard before guiding the weather.

?? It was June 25, 21 years ago from the year she was living.

'……I'm back when I was five?’

Unable to believe it, Yeon-woo dialed the counselor's connection number, forgetting the current situation.

[Yes. May I help you?]]

Yeon-woo asked the counselor who greeted her.

"What year, what month and date is it today?"

Yeon-woo's absurd question was answered without embarrassment.

Counselor's response was the same as the announcement that was heard earlier.

It really came back 21 years ago when he was 5 years old.

Just the way you look when you're 26.

But June 25th? What do you think happened on June 25th?

I know it was the day of the Korean War. And I think there's something else going on personally.

Why did I come back to this day, Mr. Nureung?


It didn't take too long to come up with.

Yeon-woo remembered a piece of newspaper article he recently looked up.

June 25 is the day when a fire broke out at an unauthorized shack in Gangnam, Seoul.

The day my husband experienced a fire accident.

The day my husband sent Saul away.


Yeon-woo's eyes were wet as she recalled her memories.

So this is the problem Saul, Mr. Nureung was going to deal with?

Was all this Mr. Nureung's big picture?

Was it a sign to save yourself?

Yeonwoo hung up the phone and moved straight away. I looked at the clock and it was past 3:40.

The time of the fire is 4:10. There are only half an hour left.

Yeon-woo went back to the previous room and opened her mother's old bag.

Where the hell is my mom? Do you think he's in the yard?

Thinking for a moment that she also missed her younger mother, she searched her mother's bag and took out her wallet.

The money I spent in my wallet is 15,000 won.

"Mom, I'm sorry. I'll take 10,000 won.’

Yeonwoo put the money in his pocket and went straight outside.

I didn't know where Gangnam Mountain was, but I had to go there quickly. One o'clock was urgent.

When I was about to take a quick step, thinking I'm lucky I didn't bump into anyone.

"Who are you?"

Eventually, I ran into Ok Seung-hye, the owner of this house.

Ok Seung-hye was out in the yard.

"Why are you here!"

Ok Seung-hye argued with a voice full of fear.

Ok Seung-hye, who was young, was much more docile than Yeon-woo's future appearance, although she was making an impression because the situation was a situation.

"……I'm an employee of Mr. Ma's company. I came here on Mr. Ma's errand...….”

By the way, Ok Seung-hye's expression was really unusual.

Ok Seung-hye was not surprised to find Yeon-woo.

Seung-hye was holding onto her stomach, distorting her face as if in pain.

Her stomach was bulging out. She was pregnant. It seemed like seven or eight months at the most likely.

"Are you all right?"

"Hospital, hospital...….”

Ok Seung-hye said, holding Yeon-woo's shoulder with a face that was hard to breathe.

Yeon-woo remembered what her mother said a long time ago.

"Ok Seung-hye once lost a child. Sanghee had a younger brother, but he couldn't be born. That's why I felt sorry for him. That's why I wanted to be nice to you.”

This is the kid.

Yeonwoo's heart throbbed. I wanted my child to be safe.

I'm in a hurry. I have to save Saul, too.

"Will you be able to move?”

Yeon-woo helped Ok Seung-hye into the house. And laid myself comfortably on the sofa.

"Hold on a second. Take a deep breath. I'll call 119.”

Yeon-woo, who went to the front of the phone again, saw Mar Jin-tae's face through the wide open front door.

Marjintae was trying to come into the house.

"The boss...."

It's a great thing.

If it is not revealed that Yeonwoo did not come here on an errand for CEO Ma Jin-tae.

Yeonwoo put down the phone. I had to run to Marjintae quickly.

Ok Seung-hye grabbed Yeon-woo's hurriedly moving clothes.

"Where are you going?"

Ok Seung-hye asked grudgingly as if she was in pain.

"The boss is out there. I'll tell them to come in right away.”

Ok Seung-hye, who was lying in the opposite direction of the front door, could not see Mar Jin-tae.

Ok Seung-hye shook her head.

"Don't go—call me here."

Yeon-woo seemed to run away, and if she let go of Yeon-woo, she would go wrong.

"You're really out there.”

The veins on Ok Seung-hye's eyes burst out.

The white was all red and the eyes hanging from her eyes looked like tears of blood.

If you leave me now, I'll curse you.

I felt like I could hear a voice that stayed in Ok Seung-hye's mind.

"I'm sorry. I have to go."

Yeon-woo shook off Ok Seung-hye's hand and said it again.

"The boss is on his way. I'll tell him to take you to the hospital right away."

Ok Seung-hye's breathing was getting worse.

"I'll pray that your baby and your wife are healthy, too. Everything's going to be fine.”

Yeonwoo quickly left the house.

Margin-tae was walking around the yard and met Yeon-woo, who ran to me.

"Boss, your wife has a terrible stomachache!"

Yeon-woo spoke to Ma Jin-tae in a hurry.

There was a slight smell of alcohol.

It seemed like Marjintae had a drink during the day.

I understand, his company would have been sitting on its knees by this time.

run around trying to save the company If you look, you can drink during the day.

I didn't seem to drink that much though. It was a relief.

Marjintae asked her, bending her eyebrows.

"Who's the lady?"

"Make sure you go to the hospital. The baby could go wrong. Make sure you go. Make sure!"

Yeon-woo did not answer Ma Jin-tae's question, but strongly urged him.

And went straight out of the gate. Solving the task given to him was the first priority.

Left in the yard, Ma Jin-tae glared at the front door.

"I've made a fuss about my son being pregnant once or twice. Pregnancy isn't even a government post.….”

Ma Jin-tae shook his head as if he was tired of it.

He didn't go into the house and just turned around.

Yeonwoo took a taxi on the main road.

3:50. My stomach is burning.

"Where should I go?"

She was holding her breath without saying where she was going, so the taxi driver asked first.

Where should I go?

A newspaper article I saw a long time ago only stated that a fire broke out at the "Yasan Mountain in Gangnam."

"The hills of Gangnam…"….”

Yeonwoo replied with a voice that he was not confident in.

The taxi driver turned his head and looked at the crazy woman as if he were seeing her.

Yeonwoo was lost in thought again.

Seonjae said his house and Saul's house were opposite directions at ?? Elementary School.

"Driver. ?? Where is the nursery near Gaepo-dong from Elementary School? Is there a mountain near there?"

"There's a lot of mountains. Should I go to the mountain behind the nursery?”

The skillfully answered driver started the car.

The car arrived at the foot of the mountain in 10 minutes.

Yeon-woo, who paid for the car with the money he took from his mother's bag and got out of the taxi, became blind again.

"Is it really here?"

The mountain was too high and big.

It's a shack, so you can find it from afar, but it means you have to wander all over this recorded mountain, and I don't know if you can solve the task by 4:10.

I might ask a passerby where the shack is, but there was no passerby.

While hesitating like that, an unexpected savior appeared.

Blank! Blank!


Tears welled up.

Yellow fur like autumn fields, deep, fine eyes.

The yellow worm appeared in front of her as it was in the distant future.

Yeon-woo approached the yellowworm in tears.

"Who are you. It's a lie, Mr. Lieutenant!"

The yellow beetle made a sad breathing sound as if it wasn't important, and climbed the mountain straight away.

"I just have to follow you, right? I'll only trust you, you."

Yeon-woo diligently chased after the yellow one.

"If you caught me, I'd be in trouble."

She added in a tearful voice.

The mountain was quite steep. I was out of breath after going up hard for about five minutes.

It's amazing that I'm out of breath.

The pain now makes me realize that I'm alive.

Yeonwoo thought for a second.

Maybe I'm still alive? Maybe he didn't die in his present life?

They say I'm going back to the past just before I die, but I still wish I was alive.

Is that too much greed?

But the thought of a moment quickly fizzled out of course.

How long has it been? I began to see acrid smoke.

At some point, the yellow-bellied man who was rushing ahead became invisible.

However, Yeonwoo was able to continue following the smell of smoke.

It wasn't hard to spot a house that was just starting to burn.

And, in front of it. I saw two people.

A man who shows off his black madness and wields a club and a boy who confronts him naked.

The fierce eyes gripping anger.

A tanned but still indescribable fine face.

A sleek body trying to attack while avoiding the club.

It was recognizable at once.

He was a young Kang Seon-jae.


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