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Must be a Happy Ending Manhwa Novel

Chapter 88


"Help me!"

Seon-jae shouted to Yeon-woo, who sighed deeply after finding the young Seon-jae.

"My friend! My friend is trapped in the house!"

Keep your arms out of the drunkard's attack.

"Save me!"

Yeon-woo, distracted by young Seon-jae's shouting, moved in a hurry.

Sigh. I'll report it first.

I finally came to think of it. It was regrettable.

It was a house where a drunk poured gasoline. The flames hadn't spread yet.

But it was on the verge of spreading.

Yeon-woo looked at the house with stinging eyes as he recalled what Seon-jae had said before.

There was also a window. That's probably the bathroom.

What a strange shack.

There was a window high enough to be hard to reach.

That was exactly what Seonjae said a long time ago.

I jumped high and barely grabbed the window sill with my hands.

Holding out was another problem.

Yeon-woo, who barely dangling from the window, raised his body up and put his armpit on the window sill. It was a superhuman force.

In the blazing, murky air, young Saul was seen stuck to the wall, covering his mouth.


Yeon-woo urgently called Saul.

Saul raised his head slowly. My eyes were a little loose.

I drank too much harmful gas.

"Hold hands. Hand."

Yeonwoo said anxiously.

"Hold me. I'll drag you.”


"Wake up, get out of here!"

Yeonwoo's sound got higher and higher.

"Please hold my hand! Pseudowool!"

Saul staggered to his feet.

And reached out for her.

I got it. You can buy it.

The warmth of Saul alive reached her heart.

Yeonwoo pulled the hand.



A drunk who strode up from behind grabbed her by the hair.

Yeonwoo slipped on the wall.

Crash. The bottles of soju under her feet broke and scratched her ankle.

The hand that held Saul was also released.


Yeon-woo climbed onto a broken soju bottle to climb back up, but the irrational drinker grabbed her by the shoulder and threw her on the other side.

Young Seon-jae, who had been down for a while after being attacked by a drunkard, got up again and hit the drunkard on the head with a drunkard's hold.

Blood burst from the drunkard's head. Young Sunjae was also bleeding.

After checking the blood on my body, the more insane drinker grabbed the young Seonjae's neck.

Young Sunjae missed the angle he was holding.

The drunk who knocked down Seonjae fell on top of it and applied grip to his hands.

When I was strangled, young Seon-jae's face turned blue.

This time, Yeonwoo picked up the tree.

She hit the man in the back of the head.

The hand of the drunkard who was strangling Seonjae was released.

The drinker fell over Seonjae's chest.

It wasn't much of a force, but the already tired drinker fainted.


"Are you okay?"

Yeon-woo, who took the drinker away from Seon-jae, breathed and asked.

"To save Saul...….”

Yeon-woo held the young Sun-jae's hand for a moment and tried to get up from his seat, but he couldn't.

The young Seonjae didn't budge.

Yeon-woo touched the young Seon-jae's left chest with trembling heart.


Tears fell off without preparation.

My heart didn't beat.

Yeon-woo put his hands together over the young Sun-jae's chest and pressed his chest.

I was educated in CPR a long time ago.

After the practice, there was never a situation where I could use what I was educated in the field, so I was worried that I would fail.

"Please, please...….”

Yeon-woo, who pressed young Seon-jae's chest 30 times by remembering, lifted the unconscious Seon-jae's jaw, opened his airway, and breathed in his breath.

It didn't come back to consciousness at once.

I still couldn't hear my heart beating.

"Take a breath. Please...."

Yeon-woo repeated as he learned.

The reality was that it was the only thing I could do.

When you do the same thing four times like that way.


His breath broke.

I came to my senses like a miracle. The stopped heart started beating again.


Only then was her heart beating properly.

Sigh. Thank you.

Yeon-woo thanked the invisible god.

Yeon-woo, who laid Sun-jae down at an angle so that he could breathe properly, wiped away his tears and got back up from his seat.

In the meantime, the shack was completely engulfed in flames.

Yellow, which had not been seen before, barked around the house.

People came up from under the mountain. It was a firefighter.

"There are two people down outside."

I heard the firefighters sharing the radio.

"There's a man inside, too!"

Yeonwoo raised his voice and shouted.

But no one listened to her.

Come to think of it, two people said they were down.

Now I'm invisible to these people?

I made eye contact with the yellowworm in the confusion.

Yellow worms with their eyes closed could be seen pulling up the tip of their mouths.

...a dog laughs?

How can a dog laugh? It's a real laughing matter for a dog.

Yeonwoo thought I was looking at something wrong.

It was a sad scene that I wanted to laugh with, but I couldn't.

I lost all my strength. Yeon-woo lost his mind as it was.

Yeonwoo didn't wake up until night in the damp dirt.

The surroundings were completely tidy.

Outside the small shack, where only the black skeleton was left, there were several layers of safety tape.

It's still the world 21 years ago.

I heard people coming up. There were two men. I felt like I was a local resident.

Yeon-woo hid himself in a hurry, but in fact, she didn't have to.

Yeonwoo's appearance became invisible to the people.

"Oh, you crazy guy. I knew I'd get to work one day. I'm glad it's been torn down like this."

"I heard someone died inside. She's a little girl."

"My wife works at S hospital. Apparently, he's the son of the Jay Department Store family."

"So the son's mother is dead?”

"I don't think so. I heard his son lives and another child died.”

Yeon-woo became despondent after hearing the conversation between the two.

In the end, Saul was not saved.

Maybe Saul could have been saved.

If he had run to Saul right away without CPR on Seonjae.

However, Yeon-woo had no judgment at the moment of choice.

Yeon-woo moved to save Seon-jae according to his instincts.

Perhaps Yeon-woo repeated CPR until Sun-jae's breath came back.

At least 10 times. At least 100 times.

A lot of regrets have passed by.

If only I had come a little earlier.

If only I had been a little more nimble.

If Saul hadn't let go of his hand.

Yeonwoo cried for a long time and came down the mountain.

Walking along a deserted road, passing through shops, and across the road, Yeon-woo continued to take a slow walk.

Strangely enough, I never go back to the future.

"You're just trapped in this world?’

My appearance was not even seen on the glass in front of the store.

In this world, he is a perfect ghost.

Yeon-woo thought it was fortunate that I was not seen in people's eyes because I looked like a beggar.

After a long walk, I reached S hospital.

In the meantime, her body was becoming transparent to herself.

Thinking it would be a good last time for her to disappear so neatly, Yeon-woo kept walking.

No one cared about me, so it was soon until the hospital room.

There was a bodyguard standing in front of the hospital room, so Yeon-woo immediately noticed that it was Seon-jae's hospital room.

It just so happened that the door was half open that Yeon-woo could enter it.

Seonjae was alone. Father, mother seems to have gone somewhere.

Young Sun-jae, wearing a bandage on his head, was sitting on the bed and looking out of the dark window.

The eyes of a loser who seems to have lost everything. Sunjae looked at himself with those empty eyes.

When Yeon-woo faced the face, she remembered seven years ago in reality.

The question he asked himself on the day of the university ambassador shoot. Their conversation.

"I need to ask you something."


"Do you look like your mother?”

"What? Oh, no. You look like your dad.”

"So, by any chance, do you have an aunt or an aunt?”

"No, I only have an uncle.”

Yeon-woo smirked when she recalled her memory.

That's why you asked me that.

My face was somewhere in your unconscious.

I thought you were meant to be someone who looked like me, so you asked me that question.

Come to think of it, he said that at the campsite.

"There's someone I can't remember either. I miss it all of a sudden, but I can't think of a face anymore."

"Suddenly, the memory of the person I missed was erased, so I could come to a place like this. With your wife like this. I mean, I could start a fire.”

At first she thought it was Saul who her husband missed.

One day, however, my husband replied that he remembered Saul properly.

Yeon-woo no longer has any information about the person she missed.

Was it... was it me?

Yeonwoo smiled beautifully with tears in his eyes.

Tears quickly swelled and flowed down my cheeks.

At that time, a young Seon-jae, who was just looking at me, talked to me.

"Why are you crying?"

Can you see me?

I wonder if it's Mr. Nureung's gift again.

It was amazing that he could see himself in the eyes of young Sun-jae.

"You're hurt.”

Yeon-woo approached slowly, trying not to show off as a ghost.

I don't know what it'll look like to him, but she's becoming more and more transparent.

"If you get hurt, I'll be sad.”


Young Seon-jae asked again and again. There was no feeling in the expression.

It was another pain to see a look of disconnected emotion.

This man is going to lose his emotion by today's shock.

Quickly, I need to tell you before I disappear. I should ask you to live happily ever after.

"You really did your best. You know that, right?

I approached him and hugged him warmly and said.

"Don't be sick. Don't bother your mind."


"Don't live a heavy life. Sleep well, eat well, laugh a lot, make a lot of friends."

I took off my tight embrace and looked at him and said.

It was my first time to face it properly.

"You have to be happy. All right?

I had to show my smile, but tears kept covering my eyes.

"You're going to be a great adult. Keep your promise well and cherish your friends...….”

And I will have a wonderful love.

The woman you love will be the happiest person.

"Your destiny is yours to make. All right?

Tears and smiles were together.

Now I understand Ok Seung Hye's anger.

Lee Yeon-woo of the future will endure her harassment.

If I can meet you in the future, it's a pain that I can endure.

I hope nothing goes wrong and I reach you.

There was nothing wrong with our lives.

"Who's your wife?”

asked the fierce Seonjae.

"For now, forget me.”

Yeonwoo replied.

He asked for himself in the distant future.

In the distant future, Lee Yeon-woo turns to depend on him.

You know how to love yourself and the happiness of the loved one.

It wasn't a grab from the start.

It was only achieved in the process of reconciliation and reconciliation between the two.

"If it's meant to be, it's meant to be.”

More and more appearances were disappearing, and voices were also getting smaller.

I was happy to meet you. It was so nice to meet you.

I almost went without knowing that.

Now I'm leaving, but Lee Yeonwoo, who you'll meet again, is just starting.

"We'll see each other again.”

We'll meet again like that, so wait.

I'll come to you in the future.


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