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Chapter 89

 The reason why she was able to find Yeon-woo who was kidnapped was because of the help of Ok Seung-hye's daughter Sang-hee.

Thanks to Sang-hee telling a story that she overheard a long time ago, Sun-jae was able to look up Ok Seung-hye's phone call records.

The police, who looked at the phone records, looked at the possessors of suspicious numbers and checked their identities.

Thus, Hwang Sang-wook was able to check the number of his friend he used to hang out with when he was in Korea.

As a result of tracking the location with the mobile phone number, there was a signal near an apartment construction site in Yangpyeong.

But it was difficult to find the exact location.

Since then, a photo of a map capture that Yeon-woo secretly sent has arrived.

In fact, it was not known who the caller was and what purpose he sent the map photo because no text was written, but Seonjae was sure that it would be the place where Yeonwoo was.

Seonjae and the police secretly went to the apartment construction site.

The map showed exactly which line of the construction site was located, so Seonjae was able to reach the site quickly.

Yeon-woo's younger brother, Ta-woo, and the police accompanied him, but they could not all go up to the scene together.

Sun-jae moved quietly alone because the excited criminals could have harmed Yeon-woo.

So I met Yeonwoo again.

However, Yeonwoo falls down from the fourth floor of the apartment construction site.

In that brief moment, Seon-jae lost his head.

Tae-woo and the police caught up with Seon-jae trying to chase Yeon-woo.

Seon-jae tasted the despair of the darkening light of life.

But something incredible happened down there.

Next to the concrete building of the apartment, the branches of the dry tree, which I didn't even know existed, absorbed Yeonwoo's impact.

It was obviously a miracle.

As soon as Yeonwoo fell, the branches of the little tree grew longer and the leaves became thick, lowering the branches in the direction of Yeonwoo.

Like that, the tree hugged Yeonwoo and put him down.

To be exact, Yeonwoo hung between the branches, which caused it to fall more slowly.

Anyway, Yeonwoo crashed.

Then a man appeared from somewhere.

At dawn, a blindingly yellow-haired man.

The man reached out his arm to get Yeonwoo before his head touched the floor.

Yeonwoo fell safely on the man's arm.

Then people busily went downstairs to rescue Yeon-woo.

However, there was no yellow-haired man, only Yeon-woo, who was unconscious, was left lying upright.

All three criminals who planned the kidnapping were caught and Yeonwoo's driver was rescued safely.

The driver quickly recovered his health.

Hwang Sang-wook was arrested, and the investigation into the assault seven years ago was conducted again.

Yeonwoo was the only one who couldn't wake up from a deep sleep.

I found out that she was pregnant, but the filming was inevitable because I was worried.

MRI and leg X-rays were taken while she was still awake.

Yeon-woo had so many wounds that her legs were bleeding, but she was not hurt anywhere else.

Nevertheless, he was bound to be nervous all the time because he couldn't get up.

"Yeonwoo, they say you're okay. Get up quickly."

I kept talking to her without answering, but Yeon-woo didn't move.

Soonjung and Myeongsik came up from the countryside, and Taewoo frequently came in and out of the hospital room.

"My brother-in-law, did you get some sleep? Get some sleep. Leave this place to your mom and dad for a while."

"Yes, we'll protect you. Go home and sleep for a few hours. If the west side of the river gets stronger, Yeon-woo will recover quickly."

Tae-woo and Soon-jung said they felt sorry for Sun-jae who couldn't leave Yeon-woo.

Seonjae returned home in three days.

"Have you seen your brother-in-law?"

In the taxi on the way back, Seon-jae said blankly.

"The man who rescued Yeonwoo by hugging him on the first floor of the apartment. Who was the man?"

Yellow hair.

Seon-jae recalled a mysterious photo that came to him in the mail a long time ago.

The man who comforted Yeonwoo who was crying in the picture.

It was a man with the same hair color as the man.

Yeon-woo seemed to have survived by the miracle he caused.

"A wood fairy?"

Seonjae laughed weakly as he joked.

Yeonwoo, a miracle happened because you have to live.

Upon returning home, Seon-jae immediately washed up and laid his tired body on the bed.

The house seemed to be meaningless without my wife who always lay next to me.

There is a mixture of thoughts that I am glad that my wife is alive and sadness that she is not awake yet.

Don't tell me Yeonwoo won't wake up like this.

There was a mother's notebook in her bag, which was found. There was also a pregnancy certificate.

That's why you asked me to bring flowers. I wanted to be congratulated.

When I found the mother's notebook, I felt like my heart was breaking in two.

"You told me to bring flowers."

In her absence, she confessed her grievances in the air.

"We're supposed to go see cherry blossoms.”

The world is a glorious spring, and it feels like it's stuck in winter again.

"Cherry blossoms are falling."


Yeon-woo, trapped in the past, said goodbye to young Seon-jae and walked aimlessly out of the hospital room.

Now his body is quite transparent, like a glass figure.

"Are you sure you're dead now?’

I've imagined the world of death a few times.

Death was nothing to her.

A world with nothing.

In fact, it was her guess that there was no consciousness, but this world was also quite a death world in its own way.

Did I just become a free-spirited soul?

A fairy tale came to mind that the Little Mermaid went up in smoke.

I thought for a moment whether this is what the Little Mermaid felt like.

So I left the hallway of the hospital room and came out of the hospital.

Thank you for still being able to feel the cool night air.

Yeon-woo closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

The act of breathing in was amazing.

As I was making my first effort to adapt to the world of death, I heard a voice somewhere.

"See you again."

Recognizing her voice, her transparent face was sharply distorted.

It was Mr. Yellow.

The tears that had been made fell without waiting.

He was smiling, but Yeon-woo had a hard time holding back his sadness. My heart tightened.

I didn't know this man's smile would hurt so much.

"Why are you crying?"


When asked why he cried, he cried even more.

"Why do you cry as soon as you see me. I'm smiling."

He asked soothingly.

"I'm sorry I didn't save you."


I didn't solve the problem you gave me in the end. I couldn't save you.

The guilt that Seonjae should have was actually hers.

"I really wanted to save you, but I couldn't. I'm so sorry I couldn't do anything after all."

"It's okay."

But Mr. Nureung did not change his look.

He smiled so sweetly like when we first met.

"Good job."

And praised her.

Yeon-woo shook his head, refusing to praise him.

After crying for a long time, she wiped away her tears and asked hesitantly.

"What happens to my husband now? Are you taking your husband?”

Didn't solve the problem, so he'll take the husband.

It is no shame to say this to Ms. Nureung, but even in such circumstances, Yeon-woo wanted to protect her husband.

"Can I not hate my husband? He desperately...…they really desperately wanted to save you. I'm the one who couldn't save you."


"I'm dead. Can't you replace it with that?"

"Who said that? You're dead."

Yeon-woo was dazed by his answer.

"……I'm not dead?"

Anxiety hit again.

"By any chance, my husband died instead of me...It's not like that, is it?

Mr. Nureung just smirks.

"And where the hell are we? Why am I in this place? You said it's time for a man to die before he goes back to the past."

"Is that how you want me to die?”


Mr. Nureung provoked her teasingly and she screamed.

"Of course I want to live. I miss my husband, I miss my mom and dad, I want to have a baby."

She spoke frankly of the desperation of life.

Mr. Nureung still seems to be holding the key, and her life seems to be moving in the direction he has set, but Mr. Nureung didn't say anything cool about the mysterious secret and shut up.

"A man named Hwang Sang-wook pushed me away."

Yeon-woo expressed more concern as if he filled the silence.

Before and now, Mr. Nureung has the ability to let others speak their minds.

"I'm afraid he's hurt my husband since I left. He had a gun.”

Mr. Nureung smiled, crisscrossing one of his lips.

"Are you still curious about that? You don't know if you're dead or alive?"

I was teasing you.

Yeon-woo was also briefly offended.

This guy is confusing.

That's why I'm dead, I'm alive.

"Of course I'm curious. Whether the man I desperately guarded lived or died. Whether my efforts to change his fate paid off or went up in smoke. Of course I'm curious."


"If he's alive, I'm proud of my life. Even if I end my life."

Ms. Nureung is just listening to her words as if they were interesting.

His reaction is lukewarm, so I don't know what to do.

Yeon-woo gave up talking more and lowered his shoulders.

Nothing has been achieved, but it's been a tough day.

It wasn't until a long time before her voice continued.

"I didn't expect my luggage to be this heavy."


"I came back to the past to change just one person's life, and so many things got tangled up."

"I thought it wasn't going to be easy."

He snapped his answer chicly.

The moonlight was projecting him. He is also becoming transparent.

Yeon-woo's heart skipped a beat again.

I was nervous that he would disappear.

He is laid back as always.

"Changing a person's life."


"It's changing the world."


"Good job."

He said once again that he did a good job well.

Smiling prettier than ever, as if to convince her properly.

"Because you're different, the world is different."

Yeonwoo couldn't say anything.

"It wasn't about saving me. It was a problem to find a young Seonjae and come all the way here.”

"……so your husband won't die anymore, right?”

Nevertheless, Yeon-woo, who cannot be suspicious, asked again.

"Are you still talking about it?"

I made fun of her persistence.

"Your husband went beyond his means a long time ago. I told you. I'm nothing compared to your ability."

Yeon-woo's eyes widened at his unfamiliar answer.

"What do you think caused your husband's wounds to heal quickly?"


"You moved my husband's time. It must have made the wound time go by quickly. You."

Mr. Nureung explained everything kindly step by step.

"The time of destiny passed quickly. Your husband was beyond fate a long time ago. When the two of them were anxious, they were already."

That's what you wanted so much.

Yeon-woo asked another strange question to the serious explanation.

"My husband's time flew by because of me? Does my husband age quickly then?”

Pooh. He burst into laughter, with a chic smile all the face all the time.

It was the biggest laugh I've ever seen.

It's a serious situation. It's not that funny. Yeon-woo, who was watching, became rather sullen.

"Sigh. He's still a funny guy.”

Mr. Nureung, who barely had a cool laugh, said to himself and answered again.

"Let's just say your husband's time has been stopped or slow, so he's finally found his time."

Yeonwoo asked with excitement.

"Am I that capable?"

"People are all capable. The loved one, the loved one, is all capable. All the desperate are capable."


"A lot of things actually move like that."

It is said that the universe moves for one person.

As spring comes because you are warm.

As autumn comes because your heart is red.

He smiled lovingly like the Creator of All Things.

His eyes were as deep and dark as the universe, which harbored many lives.

"Seonjae is also a talented man. It's gonna wake you up soon.”

For the first time, he affectionately called my husband's name. Yeonwoo's heart warmed up.

"You two can hear the baby's heart together."

The tears that I put into my eyes fell again.

"You're a guardian angel."

Yeonwoo rubbed his eyes not to cry.

"Why did you keep pretending to be a bad guy. Do you have a dream for a bad man?"

But grumbling doesn't last long.

"Thank you."


"I actually thought I might not be dead. I couldn't tell you because I was sorry.”

Because I couldn't save you.

I'll be sorry for that for the rest of my life.

But still, I want to live even if the guilt lasts forever.

"Thank you, really. I will live a good life from now on. You only love Kang Sun-jae."

She promised bravely.

"But you don't use my powers? Are you happy, Nureung? I don't need to meet my friend... or younger brother?”

And I asked him again a few times.

I would miss him a lot, but I didn't understand why he wouldn't meet his friend and brother.

"Don't you want to see it?”

Only then did he show his greed that he had kept hidden.

"Do you really want to help me?"

Yeon-woo nodded vigorously at his answer.

"I'll help you with anything. I'll."

Tears formed in Mr. Nureung's eyes.



The darkness that penetrated her body lifted and a warm voice wrapped around her, calling her my name.

Light poured out.

Yeon-woo woke up with a blink of an eye.

It's been four days since I collapsed.

I could see her husband, mom and dad, and her younger brother, Tae-woo, who were alive at a glance.

There were doctors and nurses behind it.

Looking at her eyes, her mother Sun-jung wiped away her tears, and Tae-woo and Myung-sik sighed with relief.

Only my husband didn't change his expression.

"Do you know who I am?”

Yeonwoo nodded his head still.

"Are you feeling any pain?”


"Are you sure you're okay?”


His expression distorted as if he were moved.

Sun-jae wrapped his hands around her head and said as he flipped over.

"I love you, Yeonwoo."

Yeon-woo's face also showed a small smile.

"Hang on. Let me check your condition right away."

But the moment of emotion didn't last long.

The doctor who squeezed between Myeongsik and Taewoo and came forward told Yeonwoo.

"Lee Yeon-woo, this is the hospital. Do you understand?"


"Do you see who I am?"

All eyes were on Yeonwoo.

People waited for Yeonwoo's answer with bated breath.

Yeonwoo's lips widened little by little.

However, the word 'yes' was not voiced.

She opened her mouth again, but nothing came out.

"Lee Yeon-woo, please make your voice heard your voice. Say anything."

Yeon-woo pressed her neck and moved her lips again.

Sun-jae's relieved expression hardened again.

Pouting. She just moved her lips and couldn't make any noise. It was like becoming a fish.

"Can't you hear my voice?"


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