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Chapter 90

 With a serious face, the doctor took the pen and paper that the nurse was holding and handed it to Yeon-woo.

"Can you write? Can you move your hands?”

Yeon-woo, who received paper and pen, nodded.

"Lee Yeon-woo, do you remember how you fell down?"

Yeonwoo struggled to hold a pen and wrote on the paper.

Hwang Sang-wook kidnapped me and fell from the building. But why am I not sick? What's the date today?

Yeon-woo's answers and questions were intact, although she was scrawled because she had no strength in her arms.

"You can say it's motility aphasia...….”

The doctor opened his mouth heavily.

Motility aphasia is a symptom in which you understand what others say and know how to say it, but cannot make it sound directly.

"It could have been a loss of the frontal lobe's linguistic center, so why don't we run a test?”

At the doctor's diagnosis, Soon-jung sighed loudly and covered her mouth.

Everyone else's facial expressions also turned disastrous.

Yeon-woo's expression remained unchanged after listening to the doctor. She caressed her belly calmly.

"Are you hungry?"

Yeonwoo's younger brother, Taewoo,

Yeon-woo frowned on Tae-woo with the expression of a real sister.


This time, Seonjae asked.

"What happened to the baby?"

Yeonwoo nodded.

"I didn't do a baby test. Do you want to check on the baby first?"

When Yeon-woo was lying down, she did an MRI test.

I was careful about the filming considering that I was pregnant.

Of course, I couldn't even check the baby's condition.

I couldn't force Yeon-woo, who was unconscious, more.

Yeon-woo nodded bravely once again at Seon-jae's question.

"Yeah. Let's do it."

Seonjae took Yeonwoo's hand.

Sun-jae, who made an appointment in a hurry, took Yeon-woo to obstetrics and gynecology.

Yeonwoo got into a wheelchair.

"It was a miracle you weren't hurt.”

While moving, Seonjae explained the situation.

"It could be an illusion or an illusion, but at least it seemed like a miracle to me. When you fell, the branches of the tree on the first floor of the apartment building just stretched out and supported you."

Yeon-woo's eyes glowed as she listened to the story silently.

"Then a man with yellow hair appeared and put you safely on the floor. Remember the man in the picture I showed you before?

Her head, which was looking up at Seonjae, went down the pause.

"Was it him then?”

Seon-jae sighed lightly because he was funny when he asked his wife to answer him.

"He wasn't in the same league as the criminals. They didn't even seem to know he existed."


"What the hell. Who was that?"

Cold sweat running from her forehead, he didn't notice.

Yeon-woo and Seon-jae, who went to the obstetrician's office, were able to check the baby's home immediately.

Yeon-woo looked similar to four days ago, but the doctor said the size was bigger than before.

"The size of the baby's house is six weeks and four days."

He grew up again.

Unknowingly, Yeon-woo's body, which was nervous, relaxed comfortably. Yeon-woo sighed quietly.

Seonjae was hardened the whole time.

Of course, I was determined that the baby could have gone wrong.

If that happens, I hope Yeon-woo doesn't suffer more from surgery.

He was also preparing to comfort Yeon-woo, who would be heartbroken.

By the way, the doctor delivered an unexpected miracle.

"Shall we listen to your heart?”

The doctor clicked the mouse on the screen a few times and an electrocardiogram appeared on one side of the screen.

Squeak Squeak Squeak Squeak Squeak Squeak...

Like 'I'm doing well,' the cute throbbing sound of the heart knocks on their chests.

A sigh of relief. A sigh of sobbing.

Yeon-woo was speechless, but the sound of the baby's heart nevertheless had the power to make the maximum sound she could make.

Looking at her husband with emotion, Yeon-woo could see that his eyes were red as if he were trying to hold back tears.

"Thank you."

Holding her hand tightly, he said, forcing tears into her mouth.

After checking the ultrasound, the doctor asked the two people sitting side by side.

"There was an accident.”

Sunjae answered.

"Yes, there was a kidnapping. I collapsed from the shock and woke up in four days. He says he can't hear his voice."

The doctor nodded with a serious expression.

"I think it's a problem with my head, so I'd like to try an MRI again, would that be okay? Previously, it was filmed without contrast medium. At that time, I only wanted to check for fractures.”

"I'll use contrast medium for brain imaging, but contrast medium can affect the fetus. You know that, right?

Yeonwoo flinched at the doctor's question.

The two are at a crossroads in their choices.

Do you take a brain shot with the risk of fetuses or give up filming and watch more?

Yeonwoo came out of the clinic and shook his head straight away. He said he would not shoot.

"You don't want to, do you not want to?”

Sunjae asked again. Yeonwoo wrote a message on his cell phone and showed it.

- Don't do that.


Seon-jae was worried that Yeon-woo's brain had a big problem.

"You are more important than a baby.”

Despite the confession, Yeon-woo raised his index finger and made an X-shaped one.

And I pointed a finger at him.

No, how can a baby not be important. Babies are important.

It was a saying like this.

"Aren't you?"

Yeonwoo shouted, "No, no" in her mouth.

It's amazing that you can understand all the meanings with the shape of your mouth and expression.

"Don't say that?"


"Is he listening?"

Yeon-woo nodded coolly after chattering only with the shape of his mouth.

Seonjae smirked at her lively appearance.

But it didn't cheer me up that much.

There's another reason why you can't hear your voice even though you're willing to communicate.

I was afraid it was a brain problem.

If there's something wrong with your brain, so if it spreads.

Then you will regret this moment.

"I know. I like babies. That's what I wanted. Thank you for protecting me.”

At eye level with Yeon-woo, he patted her head and said.

"But aren't you afraid? Your voice might not come back.”

Yeon-woo looked shrugged.

"Aren't you scared?"

Seonjae was at a loss, so he sighed.

"Yes, as long as you don't worry."

For a moment, I decided to trust her relaxed mind. For now, I wanted to relieve her stress.

Seon-jae and Yeon-woo went back to the hospital room and talked more about what had happened.

Those who committed the crime were arrested on the spot, and the driver recovered his health.

It also added that 60 billion coins urgently prepared by Seonjae have evaporated somewhere and are being tracked by police.

After hearing Seonjae's story, Yeonwoo tilted his head and took a text message and showed it to him.

- It must have been taken by CEO Mar Jin-tae. I heard them say "President Ma."

"Really? But I haven't said that since I was arrested. Did you have any other deals?"

Seonjae tilted his head.

"But never mind that. It doesn't hurt the company. It's my money that disappeared. When stocks falter, they go back and forth hundreds of billions a day, so it doesn't bother me."

Seon-jae, who confirmed her sullen expression, asked her not to worry.

"And I've made a lot of money in the last two months. The stock I invested in was a hit."

It was true. Seon-jae made a good use of his experience in the 'different future'.

Even if he blew away tens of billions of dollars, no one could blame him.

While Seon-jae was talking to himself, the two reached the hospital room again.

Soon-jung, Myeong-sik, and Tae-woo, who had been waiting in the hospital room, stood up at the same time like baby penguins waiting for their mother as soon as the door opened.

"The baby is safe. I've checked your heart rate."

Taewoo and Myeongsik breathed a sigh of relief, but the sorrow of pure love deepened.

"And a brain test?"

"I've decided not to do it for now, but to see how it goes."

"And what if it goes wrong?"

It was about pure love. Myungsik noticed from the side.

"You two must have an idea."

"There's nothing to think about. Let's check it out. He could have developed a tumor somewhere.”

"Oh, my God. Even if I say so."

"What, what, what, what."

A scuffle between Myeongsik and pure love began. Taewoo immediately mediated.

"Mom and Dad, we'll see. It's because you two couldn't see it, it was amazing then. There's no one who's this fine after falling off the fourth floor of the apartment. My sister is being taken care of by God. It's because I can't open my mouth right now, and after I warm up, I'll be bored again, so please wait."

"What's the way you talk about your sister?"

"It's ridiculous that this guy knows his sister.”

The arrows of pure love and Myeongsik went straight to Taewoo.

As the hospital room became noisy, Yeon-woo realized that she was alive.

It was a blissful welcome to her.


A quiet and peaceful day by day.

Yeonwoo and Seonjae are already adjusting to hospital life.

As for Lee Yeon-woo, I couldn't be so easygoing.

I wasn't even trying to talk.

Sometimes, Seon-jae suspects that Yeon-woo can actually speak but pretends not to.

If he were in Yeon-woo's shoes, he would be nervous and worried and think of a way to get tested somehow, but Yeon-woo had no such thing at all.

Although he could not express himself from the point of view, Seon-jae was getting nervous.

"Honey. I love you."

When anxiety builds up, I comforted myself by confessing.

I suddenly thought of a mermaid who would go up in smoke if I didn't get the prince's love, so I said I love her a lot.

Please don't go up in smoke. Don't disappear because I love you.

The wife, who did not know the speed of the affectionate Seon-jae, just ate a lot of love, rose to the top of her lungs for a few days.

Apart from worrying, there are occasional times when desire fills up.

That was another concern.

"Stop looking."

Seon-jae, who was watching Yeon-woo, who was enjoying watching TV while chewing on a stick chocolate snack, suddenly turned off the TV.

Once upon a time, Yeon-woo used to shout out loud about changing the TV channel at will, but now Yeon-woo is very quiet.

With a grip on the mat, she snapped up and squeezed her lips out of course.

The sound of wet and squirming fills my head.

I wanted to erase my sound and leave only her sound.

He just snuck up on the bed.

Her flushed cheeks were terribly cute.

"May I?"

It was his provocation.

"Hit me if you don't like it."

She smiled as petulant as she did, reaching into her waist and tickling her flesh.

"Hit me."

But the momentum didn't last long.


I couldn't get her opinion without a voice.

I felt like I was doing something bad because I didn't know the opinion.

"We'll see when your voice returns."

His tearful eyes shone transparently.

"You're looking forward to it, too, aren't you?"


"I feel weird talking to myself."

Seonjae confessed his lamentation.

"I want to talk."

Seon-jae spoke fondly. Even with that mournful look, the wife is never swept away.

I think I'm a cool girl.

"I'll do anything if your voice comes back."

But also the thirsty dig the well. Seon-jae spoke mournfully again.

Yeon-woo smiled and sent a message without missing the opportunity.

Then honey, please buy me some tteokbokki in front of the school. Mugwort wants to eat it.

"Okay, I get it. I'll be back when my mother comes. I don't want to leave you alone.”

He answered me obediently. I thought it was a very interesting way of talking, even if mugwort didn't want to eat it.


After Soon-jung arrived at the hospital room, Seon-jae went on an errand for Yeon-woo.

The spring sun was quite dazzling.

When I went to the snack bar that Yeon-woo talked about, the owner of the snack bar said I had to make a new tteokbokki and asked me to wait for 20 minutes.

Seonjae sat on the bench next to the snack bar, waiting for the tteokbokki, and looked around.

Cherry blossoms were flying all over the world.

I thought I might die before the cherry blossoms bloomed.

It's amazing to be away from that worry.

Now his head was full of Yeonwoo.

Suddenly I came to think about the right line of greed.

Wouldn't this be enough for me to be happy?

My pretty wife survived the crisis, and she smiled lively.

I have a baby and I'm growing up well.

What a perfect life besides the disappearance of his wife's voice.

Yeah, that's about it. Happy enough.

If my wife has no other disease than that, I can live a healthy life acknowledging my current life.

There are many reasons to live happily in life.

Seon-jae smiled lightly and got up from his seat and stepped back toward the snack bar.


Then I heard a voice behind my back.

Strangely enough, my heart was seething even though I didn't know the owner of the voice.

Seonjae turned his head slowly.

"Do you remember me?"

The owner of the voice asked.

I could see hair as dazzling as the spring sun.

It was my first time looking straight ahead.

The scenery in front of me was all over the place.

I've never cried.

The days when tears filled up were overflowing, but they didn't end up flowing.

Even when Yeon-woo fell from the veranda of her apartment, even when she lost her breath in "Another Future."

Even when he was pressed after learning that his wife had been assaulted by Ok Seung-hye.

I pressed her to tell me how sick she was and how hard she was, but he couldn't cry with me.

"Do you recognize me?"

How can I forget you.

Your last expression has been on my head for 20 years.

If I'm tall, you'll be this tall.

If my face changes, you'll change this much.

Now that my voice has changed, you must have changed like this.

I can't recognize you who secretly grew up with me in my heart without telling anyone.

Seon-jae's step toward a friend he hadn't met for a long time became faster.

I'm sorry.

You'll still be there 21 years ago, but I'm sorry I'm the only one who's old.

I wanted to grow up with you.

Growing up with you was my wish when I was young.

Every time Sunjae moved his feet one step at a time, Nureung's appearance changed.

His face was getting younger back in time, as if to confirm to Seonjae one more time that he was the Saul of that time.

Soon, the man Sun-jae caught was a 10-year-old boy with a very short height.

The big man, leaning on the boy as if he were falling apart, cried as if he had let all his anger out.


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