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Chapter 91

 While Seonjae went to buy tteokbokki, Yeonwoo was alone with his mother Soonjung.


Yeon-woo immediately talked to her when she was left alone with her mother.

Of course, I didn't speak out.


Soon-jung, who confirmed her daughter's scent, replied.

Yeon-woo printed out what she wanted to ask on her phone. There was something I desperately wanted to confirm.

How did Ok Seung-hye lose her baby?

Was it June 25th by any chance?

I hope it's not June 25th, and Yeon-woo showed me a text message.

"How do you know that?”

Soon-jung, who checked the message, asked in surprise.

Water formed in Yeonwoo's eyes, which grew bigger.

"I did, that day. It was more than 20 years ago. It was June 25th.”

Soon-jung sighed and began talking slowly.

"I let you meet Sang-hee one day, and Sang-hee liked you. That's why I took you to work at Mrs. Ok Seung-hye's house.”

Soon-jung's face darkened.

"You and Sang-hee played all day and fell asleep, and Sang-hee suddenly had a fever. So I took Sang-hee to the hospital in a hurry. You left it behind. I couldn't even wake you up from sleeping. That's how you and Ok Seung-hye are left in Mrs. Ok Seung-hye's house. That's what happened in the meantime.”

Yeon-woo closed his eyes.

My heart ached. In the end, Ok Seung-hye left the baby that day.

"And the baby left for no particular reason. According to CEO Ma Jin-tae, Mrs. Ok Seung-hye became quite sensitive after getting pregnant. The baby couldn't stand it either. And I went to the hospital too late."

Yeon-woo blinked at the story of pure love.

Ma Jin-tae must have been next to Ok Seung-hye.

Yeon-woo's message shook his head, saying, "I'm not pure."

"It happened during the day. I'm CEO Margin-tae. I was working. How can I get there?"

It was amazing. It was ridiculous. While Yeon-woo frowned, Soon-jung continued.

"At that time, you were sleeping pretty deep, and I guess Mrs. Ok didn't think of asking for your help."

Yeon-woo vaguely understood why she opened her eyes at Ok Seung-hye's house.

Twenty-one years ago, he fell to the place because he was asleep there.

Soon-jung, who was continuing her story at that time, also confessed her upset feelings.

"When I found out that you had been hit by Ok Seung-hye, I remembered my mom late. I thought Ok Seung-hye took it out on you about that time. You'd rather argue with me. What does a five-year-old know?"

Mom, I don't think so.

Ok Seung-hye probably remembers me from that time.

Yeon-woo shook her head comforting her mother's guilt.

"But Yeonwoo."

Soon-jung, who had been talking about her pain for a long time, changed her face and called Yeon-woo.

"Don't you want to talk?"

Seon-jae asked Yeon-woo to be comfortable, but Soon-jung was frustrated.

The health of the daughter was the most important thing for the mother.

If my daughter goes wrong because I can't take action on time, I think I'll have no choice but to blame my beautiful son-in-law.

But the daughter still looks carefree and easygoing.

"Yes, you're not worried and you're just laughing, so you should laugh."

Soon-jung sighed with a resigned expression and smiled bitterly.

Then I heard a knock, knock.

Two people turned their heads. Sarah stood in front of the hospital room door.

Sarah recognized herself and took a picture with Soon-jung, who was excited, and signed a sign to the nurse who visited just in time before she could sit alone with Yeon-woo.

"I bought flowers because I heard she was pregnant. Pink, really pretty rose."

Sarah knew Yeon-woo had lost her voice, but she didn't feel sorry for her.

"But Sunjae told me not to come near you if you're going to bring roses, so I left them in the car. You don't like roses that much? Why? Because you're as pretty as me?"

Yeon-woo quickly wrote three letters on her phone.

- Give it to me.

After checking the text, Sarah, who snorted, jumped up and left.

Sarah, who returned after about 10 minutes, had a large bouquet of pink roses in her hand.

"Congratulations on your pregnancy.”

Yeonwoo smiled happily.

Sarah, who has no idea what this gift means to Yeon-woo, became solemn with her pretty appearance.

"I'm sorry."

Now I'm apologizing for what I should have done a long time ago.

After a huge incident happened to Yeon-woo, he lamented again about what happened in the past.

"I don't know why I contacted someone like Ok Seung-hye. I guess there was something on it back then."

My eyes were wet while I confessed my true feelings.

Sarah gave an enviable voice to drive away tears to fill up.

"Let's not get sick and get into trouble and live long. In the end, you don't need money or fame, and living a long life is the best thing to do. The one who lives long wins.”

Yeon-woo smiled pleasantly, nodded, and asked.

How did you get here? Aren't you busy?

"Oh, you're frustrated, aren't you?" I'm just gonna text you in the face of what I can say.”

Sarah made fun of Yeonwoo.

However, because Yeon-woo's expression was good, Sarah decided not to worry about anything else.

You know your voice well. I'll be back someday.

"But it's a little cute. If I bother Yeonwoo now, no one will know, right?”

Sarah, who joked once more, said, twirling up the tip of her lips and drawing a line.

"I just suddenly wanted to come to Korea."


"I felt like someone was calling me."

Yeon-woo's nose was irritated by Sarah's confession that there was no particular reason.

Your brother was here. One day, you said you'd go to your dream again.

I guess she hasn't met her brother yet.

“Yeonu, came from, to surprised that there was such a thing so there are like that, then.”


"So, thank you for being safe. If Yeonwoo was wrong, I would have committed suicide.”


"Yeonwoo didn't do anything for me, but he's still a great person to me."

Sarah smiled coyly. Every word I said felt the aura of a top star.


Meeting and breaking up were together. The boundary between this world and the underworld was clear.

Already Saul was getting blurry.

Holding onto a precarious figure that seemed to disappear at any moment, Seon-jae sobbed and asked.

"Why are you here now? I'll be back sooner."

I missed you so much.

???? ??? ?????, ??? ??? ??? ????, ?????? ???? ?????, ?? ???? ??? ????? ??? ??? ???? ??? ??? ????.

Saul smiled at his question and told him what was going on.

"If you had come earlier.”


"You wanted to follow me."

I didn't know you had this heart.

Without knowing love, without dreams, you would have followed me.

So the road to you was rough.

It took me too long to say this.

"Are you okay now? This is heaven, right? I have someone I love here.”

At Saul's point, Seonjae could not answer anything.

Before I knew it, Seon-jae became a person who could think more about the future than in the past.

The joy of living day by day, the sparkles of daily life erased the bitter wounds of the past.

Now he lives in the present.

"Let me tell you a secret.”

Saul continued with a proud face facing his dashing friend.

"Some people say, It's said that at the moment of death, you go back to the desperate past that your heart brings you."

It was a story about a time-leaf that both experienced.

"I chose my brother on the last day I was given. I didn't know you were guilty of letting me go.”


"But under the same circumstances, you chose your wife, who just divorced. That heart wouldn't have been love, but you were."

Saul's expression, which became much more transparent, was distorted faintly.

"You must have been worried. I'm afraid your wife will live with guilt about you. Because you knew exactly what guilt was like.”

I'm proud of you for that.

I think of you like that, dear.

"Don't give up your chance to be happy."

This is Saul's final request.

"You're not bad enough to live your whole life to reflect on yourself.”

The time given was not enough.

Saul said for a friend who still couldn't wipe away his tears.

"Stretch out your right hand."

At Saul's request, Seonjae opened his right hand like a obedient puppy.

Saul put his hand on it. Like you're handing it's like handing something over.

"Clench your fist.”

And let me grab that hand tight.

"Hold on tight. Go get it to your wife. To Lee Yeon-woo."

Sunjae's tears went in at the sudden instruction.

"I heard your wife's voice in your hand.”


The forefather asked whimpering.

"Go ahead and tell your wife. Tell Saul I got it back. Then you'll know."


"That's my real gift. Have a good life."


You imagined me all the time, you reminded me of me, so I could grow up.

I'm a part of your life now.

So don't be sick if I leave.

Thank you for cherishing the childhood memories with me, the memories of nothing.

Thank you for letting me breathe the whole time.

Saul's last smile looked very mischievous.

And without saying goodbye, the figure disappeared.

Sunjae couldn't hold on to it again.

The last one was so cool that Seon-jae was left blankly blinking.

The figure disappeared into thin air.

After a long time, Seon-jae lowered his head and looked at his fist.

That was all my friend left.

You heard a voice in this fist?’

It's heartbreaking that a friend left, but it's exciting to have his wife's voice back, so Seon-jae has become an expression that he can't laugh or cry. I was embarrassed.

The reality that a friend came straight in upon leaving.

I can't open my fist because you said you heard this voice.

I can't even drive. I'll call a chauffeur.

Seon-jae called a chauffeur and found the tteokbokki he ordered and left for the hospital again.

The question remains.

I can't feel anything in my fist. Did you really hear Yeonwoo's voice in here?

"No way, the voice has no form.’

Yeah, let's believe it, we have to believe it.

I'm just asking you to do it.

Before I knew it, Sunjae's car reached the hospital.

My heart kept pounding while I was going up to the hospital room.

I couldn't help but be sad at the thought that I would never see Saul's face again.

Still, bravely, he stepped for his wife who was waiting for him.

When I opened the hospital room door, there were Soon-jung and Yeon-woo.

"Oh, you're here now? Yousara is here and gone! You said you were a friend of Kang Seo-seo! If you had come earlier, you could have seen her.”

Soon-jung met a top star and was greeted with a pleasant face.

"Good job on your way back."

"No, it's not.

Soonjung, who received tteokbokki from Seonjae, moved diligently.

"Yeonwoo, you're going to eat tteokbokki, right? I need to wash my forks and dishes."

After Soon-jung went out of the hospital room, Seon-jae put his fist in front of Yeon-woo.

Yeon-woo opened his eyes round and was far away, so Seon-jae held her hand, opened her hand, and put his fist on it.

I'm glad it's just the two of you in the hospital room.

"Here. Take it."

I didn't hear anything in my fist, but I wonder what this is doing.

Will Yeonwoo call me a fool?

But my good friend told me, so I'm sure he has a good sense of humor.

"Here, it's your voice."


"I got it back from Saul.”


The effect was very quick.


The laughter of his wife, who had been waiting all along, rang the hospital room.

"What's that? You've been completely fooled.

Tears welled up again. I couldn't say anything welcome and burst into lamentation.

His empty hand was clasped tightly by her little hand and waved.

A childhood friend who showed up beyond 21 years left with such a mischievous prank on him.

Like it's not a breakup. As if I'll talk to you again tomorrow.

Your last day in Another Future.

The day I left without holding her hand because I was clenching my fist.

I hope I forget you of the day now.

Now, I'm going to straighten my clenched fist.

Put down the burden, forget the painful memories,

May you be happy as much as you want.

It's my precious friend, Seonjae.


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