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Chapter 92

 Just before returning to the present from the past 21 years ago, Nureung confessed his feelings to Yeonwoo.

"I want to show you something."

"What's that?"

"Now I am."


"I want to show you how I look when I grow up, Sunjae."

Mr. Nureung's fond voice melted into the night air.

"Yes, I'll help you."

Yeon-woo nodded with a determined will. However, Nureung's face showed concern.

"Seonjae should show up when he's alone."

"I'll let my husband know. One day, a friend will show up, so wait. If you're alone, your friend will come to you."

"I can't do that."


"We have to show up unannounced, unexpected."

Here, "us" was the story of the world to which Mr. Nureung belonged.

People who only have souls.

Yeon-woo became disheartened by Mr. Nureung's answer.

I really wanted to let her meet Mr. Nureung and her husband, but she said she had to show up without notice, so there was nothing she could do and I was worried that she might mislead her mouth.

I just have to stay still without saying anything...….

"There's a problem...… I don't know about Mr. Nureung, but I make a lot of slip of the tongue.”

Inevitably, Yeon-woo confessed his weakness honestly.

Saul smiled weakly at the words, "I don't know Mr. Nureung."

"If my husband interrogates me, I can blow it out without even realizing it...….”

"I should just go to my dream."

"No! I don't have to tell you!"

Yeon-woo desperately held on to Mr. Nureung, who was trying to hand it over coolly.

"You don't have to let my voice come out. Then I don't have to lie."

Yeon-woo's magic bullet was this.

"You just need to take my voice for a second and return it."

Yeon-woo glistened his eyes as if he liked the idea he had come up with.


Seonjae who is going to buy tteokbokki was getting later than I thought.

So Yeonwoo looked forward to it.

Do you think I met Saul? I hope we can meet safely.

It's okay to stay here for a long time, so I hope you can see your friend as much as you want.

After a while, the inside of my neck became cool as soon as I heard the knock.

It felt like my airway was narrowed and my jaw was blocked.

The voice was coming back.

The door opened and Seonjae came into the hospital room.

I could tell from his wet eyes that he had been seeing his friend well.

This guy, he's.

She also felt like she was choking up again.

So, when the voice tries to replace the first greeting with tears.

"Here, take it. Here's your voice."

What he said was a spectator. The expression is also very serious.

I imagined what Saul had said to his husband and clenched his fist.

And I don't doubt that I heard my wife's voice in my fist, and my husband, who would have held his fist preciously, was clearly portrayed in my eyes.


I ended up laughing at the seriousness.

Oh, my. Mr. Yellow.

Maybe you're this witty to the last minute.

My husband still has a blank face. He was so gentle that he felt so cute.

Soon-jung came into the hospital room when she tried to comfort her husband, who was caught in a friend's prank.


Yeon-woo smiled and called her mom.

"Oh, my God!"

Soon-jung rushed to hear Yeon-woo's voice.

"Kang Seo-seo, our Yeon-woo speaks! Yeonwoo, mom, do it."

Soon-jung asked Yeon-woo with a tearful face.

Yeonwoo called her mom again.


"Oh, my God!"

Soonjung hugged Yeonwoo tightly.

I can't believe there's a day when you say 'mom' and get such compliments.

It was like going back to the baby days I couldn't even remember. Yeon-woo smiled in her mother's arms.

"Doesn't your throat hurt? Are you sick anywhere else?”

Soon-jung finally touched Yeon-woo's face for a long time and asked.

"No, I don't. I'm fine."

"Do you know how anxious she was?"

"I'm sorry."

"No, why are you sorry. Thank you for your voice now."

Pure love hugged again and again in a wet voice.

Seon-jae, who was taking a step back and pretending to be dignified for his emotional purity, went out of the hospital room and took care of his doctor.

Yeon-woo had no abnormalities found and his voice returned, so there was no reason to stay in the hospital anymore. I can't wait to go back home.

Discharge procedures were easily carried out.

Yeon-woo went back home in 10 days.

While Soon-jung and Tae-woo went down first to take their luggage, Yeon-woo carefully asked Seon-jae when they were left alone.



"Are you upset?"

I was worried that he, who used to talk to himself before she spoke, was closing his mouth.


"Did you cry earlier?"”


"I think you cried?"

"Why am I crying?”

As he became embarrassed, Seon-jae changed the subject and glanced at Yeon-woo with his eyes wide open.

"Did you really know Saul?”

There are still tears in the name Saul.

Yeonwoo could not speak easily.

Where to start and how to talk.

Whether it's from treating yellow worms in "Another Future" or from a fire incident 21 years ago.

Anyway, the story will be as long a journey as a pile of emotions.

His expression piqued when she couldn't answer.

"Do you know how worried I was?"

"I'm sorry, but I didn't mean to interrupt your voice.”

She lowered her head with a sullen look. Seonjae couldn't be more angry.

"Let's leave the hospital."


"Let's see how many cherry blossoms are in the world."

He was also grateful that her voice returned before the cherry blossoms fell.

Yeonwoo and Seonjae decided to stop by the cherry blossom road first before going home.

The famous road with cherry trees lined up on both sides with India in the middle was quite crowded even though it was a weekday.

"I wish I could watch it with you."

Yeon-woo's father Myeong-sik was busy farming, so he went down to the countryside first, and only Soon-jung remained with Yeon-woo.

Tomorrow, Soonjung will leave for the country again.

"Your dad doesn't even know how to watch this.”

Soon-jung smirked at Yeon-woo's disappointing remarks.

At first, Seon-jae, Yeon-woo, Soon-jung and Tae-woo walked side by side, but as Soon-jeong stepped back, Yeon-woo and Seon-jae took the lead.

Every time the wind blew, the cherry tree shook its branches and poured out petals.

It was like walking on a snowy landscape, filled with white hair and feet.

When she returned to the past from "Another Future," Yeon-woo thought of a game of breaking the beat while planning to change Seon-jae's future.

It was a time when I had to believe that if I kept throwing my pocket at the basket, it would burst one day.

The hard gourds of that time burst and the petals seem to pour down.

"I thought we'd walk together, but we're three."

Seon-jae told her that she was walking with excitement. It was about mugwort.

"Will I wear a baby's belt next year?"

"You may not be able to come. It's only going to be about 100 days."

"100 days. It's already cute just to think about it."

Only then did he show his true feelings about mugwort.

I was worried about my wife's voice, so I didn't reveal it recklessly.

Yeon-woo also expressed his apologies.

"You haven't even been able to go to work because of me. I'm sorry."

"No, I haven't had much work to do lately because Ki-joon is doing well for me.”

"I'm going to work from tomorrow. I'll try to move slowly.”

"Let's stay together for another week.”

Seonjae was stubborn.

"I'll be your bodyguard. I'll follow you around quietly so you don't get in the way."

"Honey, I think you should be guarded, too."

But I didn't hate to hear that I would be a bodyguard, so Yeon-woo smiled pleasantly.

"Is there anywhere else you want to go? Anything else, besides cherry blossoms, do you want to see?”

Sun-jae asked, looking at Yeon-woo's smiling face with affectionate eyes.

"Oh, I have a place to go."

When Seonjae asked, I remembered. Yeon-woo nodded and answered with a snap.

I have to do it when my voice comes back, something I decided to do.

"Where? Just name it."

"I'm going to have a face-to-face meeting with Ok Seung-hye. I have something to say.”

Seon-jae's forehead was briefly crushed by her answer.

"Since Ok Seung-hye is locked up, it won't be too dangerous, but will she really try to meet me?"

"Can you ask Ok Seung-hye's lawyer for a favor?" I think I should meet Lee Yeon-woo."

"Yes, I understand. Come with me instead."

The frowned-up Seonjae nodded.

I was worried, but I couldn't help it.

Now he's a husband who has no choice but to support whatever she does.


Yeon-woo, who was looking up, somewhat called him.


"I love you."


"I was sorry that I couldn't answer because I couldn't speak."

Seonjae accepted her confession with satisfaction.



"Keep talking. I want to hear your voice.”

"I love you."

"Yeah. More."

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

Sun-jae, who smiled satisfactorily, held Yeon-woo's hand tightly.

Taewoo, who happened to approach the two at the moment of the chicken hair flying, was fed up and returned to Soonjung.

"Mom, I can't get close to that couple. There's a crazy line around there. The space and time are cringe-worthy.

Soonjung laughed and teased Taewoo.

"Don't you have a girlfriend to walk along this flowery path with?”

"Huh. I'm going to make it in law school."

"Yes. Taewoo should make a pretty and lovely lover like Yeonwoo."

"Mom, you want me to meet someone like you? How could you say such a bad word to your son?"

"Hey, why is that a bad word. What's wrong with your sister? I met someone like your sister-in-law because she's so pretty.”

Burning raised his lips cruelly and sarcastically.

"Chi, what did you say to me last night? Your brother-in-law doesn't have a voice. What if something goes wrong with my daughter's hair? What's wrong with her? I'm disappointed. Honestly, I didn't really like her since I first came into the house to marry her. She said I liked her, so much.….”

Surprised, Soon-jung grabbed his grown son's head.

"Hey, you better go and study."

Wherever he went, Tae-woo, a rough-ass, covered his head and grumbled.

"Whoa, I have nowhere to breathe.”

The couple, who were walking earlier, had no idea what was going on behind their backs because they were exchanging words of love.


Ok Seung-hye heard about Yeon-woo's kidnapping in prison.

Ok Seung-hye was neither happy nor bad at the news that Yeon-woo barely saved her life.

He was offended by the prosecution's concern that he might think he was involved in the case.

The lawyer in charge also said that when he came in for an interview.

"There was a kidnapping of Lee Yeon-woo. You know that, right?”

"You only know as much as the inmates here."

"Yes, you have to stick to that position."

The lawyer has already deftly advised that she is involved in the case.

"You never know."

"Yes. Anyway, Lee Yeon-woo wants to meet you. You just have to tell me exactly where you're going."

The lawyer smiled back at Ok Seung-hye.

Ok Seung-hye was amazing.

It is true that Hwang Sang-wook, who came to Korea after being released from prison, contacted Ok Seung-hye.

But Ok did not respond to the call properly.

When her husband Ma Jin-tae asked her about it, she also asked her not to get involved.

My daughter Sang-hee's plea kept on getting on my mind. She was determined not to let her daughter worry when she was destined to be arrested anyway.

I think that's enough because I've already provided Hwang with bait once.

I heard at first glance that 60 billion won evaporated in the process of transferring money by exchanging it into coins by demanding the ransom of Yeon-woo and the driver, but Ok Seung-hye did not know at all.

There was a sign that something unfair was about to happen.

While continuing his prison life with such frustration, Lee Yeon-woo came as the lawyer predicted.

Although she was reluctant to face-to-face, Ok Seung-hye went to meet Lee Yeon-woo.

"You must be relieved. Now that I've seen myself like this way.”

Ok Seung-hye, facing Yeon-woo, opened her mouth sarcastically.

Yeon-woo's expression of acceptance was calm.

"What's good about it's good. I died because of you, ma'am. He was kidnapped, fell off the building, and woke up four days later. I've had a lot of horrible experiences."

"You're mistaken. It's not because of me. I don't know."

Ok Seung-hye said with a bitter expression.

"Didn't you have Hwang get rid of me?"

"Why would I?"

"Because you hated me.”

"I hated you, but not Hwang Sang-wook. I didn't expect him to do such a thing."

Ok Seung-hye said coldly. Yeon-woo also responded with a cold expression.

After a long silence, Yeon-woo spoke out again when Ok Seung-hye was about to wake up.

"I want to know why you hated me so much."

Ok Seung-hye didn't want to talk any more. Ok Seung-hye, who finished what she had to say whether Lee Yeon-woo was curious or not, got up from her seat and turned around.


"Because I think I killed your child?"

Yeonwoo said. Ok Seung-hye's feet stopped. She turned her head slowly.

"21 years ago, she left you with a stomachache and ran away?”


"Because the boss lied about being outside the door and walked away without calling 119?”

Ok Seung-hye's hands trembled at her question.

"You remember her face. So, did you hate me for taking after her as time went by?"

"……what are you. Who the hell are you?"

I asked, unable to hide my trembling voice.

"It's her then."

Ok Seung-hye slammed the wall without realizing it.

The guard warned me from behind, but I couldn't hear the words.

He couldn't say anything and puffed his lips.

I remembered the pain of the time, when a rock in my stomach was as terrible as a tear in my stomach, as if it were crushing on my uterus.

That girl.

I've got the answer to the question that I've been doubting all along. Directly to Lee Yeonwoo.

The day I sent my baby away. June 25th.

Even after the woman left, her husband didn't come, and Ok Seung-hye fainted once and barely got up and crawled to her phone and called 119.

The husband was not contacted until shortly after the baby was diagnosed that his heart was not beating.

I blamed my angry husband for killing the baby and asked him why he didn't come home when "the woman at that time" said you were coming.

My husband argued who the hell was "the woman at the time." Ok Seung-hye replied that she is an employee of your company.

But there was no such woman in her husband's company. I was completely beaten by a woman.

I thought it was a thief, but nothing was missing in the house.

Just because no one had ever seen her, Ok Seung-hye suspected that she was crazy.

Lee Yeon-woo, a 5-year-old boy who had remained at home, also had a face that he didn't know anything about.

That's how the initial resentment began.

And as time went by, it seemed like the little boy Lee Yeon-woo looked like the girl from then, so Ok Seung-hye became even more depressed.

I wondered if I was getting crazier and crazier.

By the way, my memory back then wasn't wrong.

Lee Yeon-woo was also over time.

I was out of breath like that day 21 years ago.

You killed my child! I wanted to scream.

"But there's something you've got wrong."

With Ok Seung-hye, whose eyes turned red due to anger, Yeon-woo calmly continued.

"Madam, listen carefully. At that time, I'm not the one who abandoned you."

However, after a while, Yeonwoo's voice became watery.

As if Ok Seung-hye was pitiful, Yeon-woo told the truth with a sad expression.

"Madam, it's your husband. Mr. Margin-tae."


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