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Chapter 94

 Yeon-woo woke up to the pressure of her big chin-up hand by pressing over her chest.

It was almost nine o'clock in the morning.

Seonjae still hasn't opened his eyes.

Two people overslept side by side.

The reason I overslept is, well.

Seon-jae, who said he would cherish her, quickly became a jerk when she seduced him.

There was no such thing as temptation, but I just undressed him, and that's what happened. As if you've been waiting.

Still, the two, who are novice mothers and fathers, have not forgotten their true duty even at the moment of full of love.

Worried about mugwort, the two men's time passed by cautiously.

I was so careful that I fell asleep at dawn.

And late in the morning.

Yeon-woo, who opened her eyes first, sneaked her hand to take out the mean hand that grabbed her.

I was quite careful because I knew what would happen if I woke him up.


I'm stuck again.

"What are you doing?"

A chic voice that has calmed down makes my heart flutter from the morning.

"Oh, are you awake?"

"No, I'm in a dream.”

Even though he couldn't open his eyes properly, he knew his goal properly and prevented Yeon-woo from getting up.

Whoops. The breath of a man who seized the throne in a heartbeat, seething with conflict.

It's coming. It's coming.

I touched him who needed loading time in the morning, so it's a penalty.

Faced with the coming sexy eyes, I feel excited again.

But I don't think we should do this.

Won't our mugwort be upset, honey?

Perhaps she had read her mind, but Sun-jae, who was approaching, slipped to the side.

His sigh ran darkly down her shoulder.

I was satisfied last night, but I resent the need to reset with loading in the morning.

"Love is so."


"Love is so great."

Seon-jae is experiencing a lovely time to turn this resentment into excitement as well.

Instead of summoning Eo-heung, he kissed Muk-suk.

Yeon-woo's body, which had been nervous for a while, was released with a laugh.

Did you sleep well? Bye. I can't wait to see you in many ways.

The two had a nice late breakfast outside and took a walk around the house.

It was still a world of cherry blossoms.

Last year, it was a time when the preciousness of everything that I didn't know was beautiful, or the scenery of spring, filled Seon-jae's mind.

Sun-jae put down all his work for a week when he spent time with Yeon-woo. I'm off work for more than 15 days again.

Yeon-woo was quite worried about it, but Sun-jae neglected to check his cell phone whether it was on purpose or not.

It was unusual to miss a few calls and receive them.

"You've got a call.

Again this time, Yeon-woo first checked the vibration of his cell phone and called him.

"They say it's a police station cyber investigation.”

The words that came to mind on the phone screen were significant. Seon-jae also took over the cell phone handed over by Yeon-woo with a serious look.

After a while, Sun-jae, who came out of the other room after the phone call, said.

"Honey, I think I need to go out.”

"Where are you going? What's going on?"

"Police, I think we could find out where the missing money is.”

"Oh, how?”

Yeon-woo's voice popped up in his welcome answer.

"Some of the coins I opened and then crossed into another wallet were found. The police were monitoring the distribution of the coins, and some guy was cashing them out of the market."

"Oh, my God! I hope you find it!"

"I'd rather catch the criminal than the whereabouts of the money. I'm glad the police are talking about Margin-tae."

"Yeah! You'll be able to catch it. Hurry up and go."

Excited Yeon-woo pushed Sun-jae's back. But at one point, Seon-jae stopped his foot.


"Shall we go together? I don't want to leave you alone. For some reason, I don't feel comfortable."

Yeon-woo grinned at Sun-jae's question.

"Do you know I used to feel that way?"

Around her birthday, I remembered that I was afraid that my husband would disappear and was scolded for following him all along.

"That's why I chased her to the bathroom. I don't want to leave you alone."

"Yes, that's why I asked you to wash up with me to respond to that heart.”

Yeon-woo grinned.

"Now let's trust each other's safety. Hurry up and go."

Yeon-woo, who has a strong heart, waved his hand.


Seonjae, who went to the police station, checked a coin wallet worth just over 50 billion won.

"I think he was trying to sell it slowly over time. It was caught in our monitoring, so we tracked it back and found it. It was much simpler than other cases because the amount was large and their management was poor. And behind the scenes was Marjintae as you said.”

The cyber investigation team inspector told Sunjae.

"How did you know that Margintae was behind it?"

Sunjae asked. Even if I found the coin, it would have been difficult to find the coin wallet and its owner, but it was amazing and amazing to have done it in a short time.

"Ok Seung-hye contacted Ma Sang-hee to search her family's overseas account."

But the inspector gave an unexpected answer.

"As requested by Ok Seung-hye, Ma Sang-hee went through all the account records and brought them. I found an overseas coin market access account. It matches the consumption of coins.”

Seon-jae paused in response to an unexpected answer.

"I came to the police station and cried for a while. It must be hard for you because your mother and father will serve time in prison.”

The chief inspector kicked his tongue pitifully.

However, Seon-jae did not feel sorry for Sang-hee.

"I would have done that. If you knew your family had committed a crime, of course you should report it. So what's going on with Margin-tae now?"

Inspector Kang Sun-jae, who lamented inside, said.

"We've been searching both at home and at the same time, and we'll probably have an arrest warrant issued within tonight."

Only then did Seonjae smile a little.


At that time, Ok Seung-hye was meeting with her lawyer.

Today will be the last meeting with a lawyer.

The lawyer let Ok Seung-hye talk to Sang-hee on her cell phone.

Beyond the receiver, Sang-hee was sobbing. The reality that I had to accuse my father with my own hands was painful.

I did everything my mom told me to do. Black and white.

"Well done—it's good for you, too.

[Mom, is this really the right way?] How am I supposed to live if my mom and dad go to prison?]

"Why can't you live when you're an adult?"

Ok Seung-hye spoke stingingly. Her tone was so dry that it was harsh.

In fact, however, she is hiding her bitter feelings for her daughter.

"If your dad stays with you, you'll be forced to marry you that you don't want."

Try to find ordinary happiness, too.

Ok Seung-hye thought it was a good thing for her daughter.

She was a daughter who couldn't teach how to catch fish.

It just so happens that I can't do anything without confidence.

I hope my daughter grows up to be an independent person. May it not be too late.

By the time I finished the call with Sang-hee, I got a call from Mar Jin-tae.

Ok Seung-hye said after finishing the phone call with Sang-hee.

"There's a call from your husband, lawyer."

"Maybe it's a phone call looking for your wife. I told the boss about my schedule."

The lawyer pushed the cell phone in front of Seung-hye again.

Seung-hye pressed the call button with a trembling heart.

As soon as the call was connected, all kinds of abusive language poured out.

Ok Seung-hye frowned because her ears sting.

How dare you accuse me of Sang-hee? Are you out of your mind?]

My stomach kept tingling.

How dare you.

To her husband, she was only treated this much.

I mean, was he human?

[Are you going to kill me?]

"It's just...."

Ok Seung-hye, who didn't want to hear her husband's shouting, said coldly.

"Why don't you die?"

The end of 26 years as a couple.

The panorama of life passed by. Tears fell quietly.

Ok Seung-hye, who unilaterally hung up on Mar Jin-tae, held her cell phone tightly and told her lawyer.

"Lawyer, let me make another phone call."


next day

Yeon-woo is back in prison.

Yesterday, Ok Seung-hye called and was asked to stop by again.

Ok Seung-hye appeared worse than two days ago.

Yeon-woo, who seemed pitiful, said the first word quite coldly.

"Did you hear the truth from Ma?”

Ok Seung-hye opened her mouth while looking at Yeon-woo with aging eyes as if she had aged all at once.

"You win, I lose."

I think I'll end it all by showing my defeated self.

"I dropped the appeal."

Yeon-woo looked at Seung-hye with a surprised look.

"I don't want to apologize. Because I still resent you back then."

Seung-hye's dry voice pierced Yeon-woo's chest.

"If you had moved a little faster, our lives would have been different if you had called 119 first."

Yeon-woo said that the comment hurt a little.

However, it is difficult to regret the past.

She did her best that day.

At that time, when Ma Jin-tae came into the house after procrastinating a little more in Ok Seung-hye's family, it was revealed that he was not an employee of Ma Jin-tae's company.

Perhaps Yeon-woo went to the police station, not a hill in Gangnam.

I remembered what Mr. Nureong once said.

"There's no happy future for everyone."

Did that mean something like this?

Yeon-woo, who briefly closed his eyes thinking about Mr. Nureung, heard a voice.

"Can you go over time?”

I opened my eyes again and stared straight ahead. Ok Seung-hye's eyes looking at her were desperately wet.

It reminded me of that look 21 years ago.

"Send me 21 years ago.”

In a voice full of tears, Ok Seung-hye said.

"No, send it back 27 years. Before you get married, give me back to who I was...….”

Ok Seung-hye's face is all distorted. It was obvious that the emotion was softening.

Yeon-woo came to think, "Was Ok Seung-hye such a pitiful person?"

It was amazing that he could bear such a heart to someone who has been bothering him so much.

Yeon-woo spoke calmly, in a voice that suppressed sympathy.

"Do you regret your marriage?"


"Do you regret giving birth to Sang-hee? It's not."


"You're the prettiest. In the world."

You love your daughter. It reminded me of an easy fact.

Ok Seung-hye's tears intensified.

You can't make a child alone.

Ok Seung-hye and Ma Jin-tae, there must have been a point where the two people also looked at each other.

Those conflicting relationships will hurt.

Ok Seung-hye, who was crying, appealed and asked.

"No matter what happens, I will stop my husband and Hwang Sang-wook from bothering you anymore..."… just look into Sang-hee once in a while."

It was the truth of Ok Seung-hye.

"Let me hang in there. You can hit me if you want to do something wrong. Please correct me even if I hit you...….”

"How can you hit someone else's precious daughter? Who's allowed to hit me.

In that sincerity, Yeon-woo responded sternly and stingingly.

A long time ago, I wish I was someone who could argue with you like this.

"I'll call her from time to time and ask her to visit her.”

At the end of the visit, Yeon-woo became a person who could smile for a while.


After visiting, on the way from prison to the parking lot.

Seonjae looked nervously at Yeonwoo, who was silently shutting his mouth.

Sunjae, who couldn't stand the silence, asked quietly.

"Do you keep asking me to forgive you?"

I didn't like Ok Seung-hye, who kept calling out pregnant people, so I didn't have a nice voice.

Yeonwoo smiled a little only then.

"No. They told me not to come anymore."

"What, that's what he called, and that's all he had to say?"

"They said they dropped the appeal."

"Hmm. Are you trying to appeal to sympathy?"

Since Yeon-woo entered the visiting room alone, Seon-jae did not know how desperate Ok Seung-hye's expression was.

"No, it's not...….”

Yeon-woo, who was dragging the horse, cleared his throat.

So far, she has not told her husband the story of falling from the fourth floor of her apartment and becoming a time-leaf.

Maybe it's time to tell the story.

"Honey, did you say that? There are people who go back to the past at the last minute of their lives."

She opened her mouth with an old story.

"Honey, you said you went back to that day in another future, right? Fifteen days after filing for divorce."

"Yes, I did."

Sunjae answered. He didn't know why Yeon-woo brought this up.

"I've actually experienced the past. It's a good and painful past."


"My body is like this, I'm 26 years old, and time changes. In the past, I couldn't save Ok Seung-hye's child. Because I couldn't call 119, Mrs. Ok Seung-hye lost a child in her stomach.”

There was a crease in his brow was wrinkled. It was a story that made me think a million things.

I felt sorry for Ok Seung-hye to hear that, but that doesn't justify the 17 years of violence she wielded against Yeon-woo.

But many thoughts fly away at her next word.

"It was June 25th, 21 years ago."

His steps to find the parked car stopped sharply.

A transparent membrane formed in the eyes that looked at her.

The already subdued voice echoed in my ears a few times and held my heart stiffly. Like getting CPR.

"……was it you?"

The memory of burying it comes to life.

The face of a woman who found it far back in time overlaps on the face of a precious person.

"The one who saved my life?"

The end was crushed when the emotional feeling was buried in the question.


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