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Chapter 95

 That day 21 years ago.

Seon-jae, who was fighting with a drinker, briefly lost his mind. Maybe his heart didn't beat either.

"Take a breath. Please...."

A woman pressed her chest repeatedly and said to herself anxiously.


The sound of a cough coming back to her senses made her sigh with relief.

Afterwards, the young Seonjae was taken to a hospital and the woman disappeared for a while.

After waking up, the young Seon-jae asked Mi-hyun, who looked at him pitifully, how Saul was doing.

Mihyun did not easily say hello to Saul.

After a while, the school teacher came and Mihyun went out of the hospital room, and Seonjae could hear the sound coming from outside the hospital room.

It was about Saul's funeral.

It felt like all the happiness in the world was evaporating.

I couldn't believe that a friend who would say hello to me when I go to school tomorrow was no longer there.

He struggled and cried. The needle stuck in the body fell out with a tear on the skin.

Mi-hyun ran and hospital staff chased her to calm down the young Seon-jae.

The night came and my eyes were blank. The inside of my chest is empty, too.

Mi-hyun and Un-ho left to prepare for Saul's funeral and thought about dying for a while.

If Saul had left the house first, Saul could have lived.

I kept kicking myself.

Then I saw a woman in front of me.

She was crying sadly in the dark, showing her dark clothes, dirty wounds.

"Why are you crying?"

The woman looking at her answered after a brief look of surprise.

"You're hurt.”


"If you get hurt, I'll be sad.”

The thought of dying gradually subsided.

It was a strange comfort to have someone sad when they were hurt.

Young Seon-jae realized that the woman was the one who saved his life during the day.

But it was confusing. This is because the woman was blurry as if she would disappear any minute.

I wondered if something was wrong with his eyes.

The woman approached her, hugged her, and comforted her.

"You have to be happy. All right?

And I said it as if I were asking.

Now he knew well that he was unhappy. I knew everything like an angel.

"Who's your wife?”

Sun-jae, who became curious about the woman's identity, asked.

"For now, forget me.”

She whispered sobbingly.


Forget me now, according to the soul's wishes in the words, Seonjae has forgotten Lee Yeon-woo 21 years ago.

Six years ago, it was just a strange attraction to approach Yeon-woo when I first saw her on the day of filming the university's ambassador.

I don't even know why I asked that question.

It seemed to resemble someone I knew, and it was a question with a puzzled mind.

Fate may have cast a spell on him to ask her that question when he meets her, and to remember her name with interest.

It's been a strange time since I don't know why.

And now in front of you, the story of the person you love the most in the world is heartbreaking.

It was you.

The person I missed so much.

I felt like I found a bluebird while wandering all over the universe.

I want to cry, but the woman in front of me is smiling brightly.

Yeon-woo told me everything that happened on that day 21 years ago.

He also said everything about his relationship with Saul.

Sun-jae's nose turned red as he was listening to Yeon-woo's story on a bench under a cherry tree in the prison parking lot.

Finally, at the end of Yeonwoo's story, Seonjae turned his head to the side.

"Honey, are you crying?"


"But why are you rubbing your eyes?”

"It's just itchy."

"I think you're crying."

"I'm not crying."

Seon-jae, who said he would not cry, turned his head after a long time.

Yeon-woo was so lovely that he turned red.

She hugged Sunjae and patted him like she hugged him 21 years ago.

Seonjae, who remembered the warmth he had forgotten, sighed deeply in it.

Yeon-woo, who confessed everything, also became lighter.

"I love you, Yeonwoo."

He confessed.

"Yes, I love you, too. Sunjae."

She responded willingly with a faint smile. He hugged harder.

I won't lose it anymore. I will love you forever.


Spring, when cherry blossom petals scattered around the world, has passed, and the sprouts on the cherry trees have already made a deep recording.

Another beginning that must come after leaving.

The summer of the heat wave warns of its existence.

People who are hotter that summer, Kang Seonjae and Lee Yeonwoo.

Sun-jae tries to give his wife an excuse for the heat today.

"Honey, it's hot. Take it off, take it off. Let's take it off and lie down a little longer."

My hands are quite quick in the morning.

That's weird.

In the morning, you need loading time, but the result is always the same whether it is loaded or not.

Yeon-woo, who managed to defend himself, said in a stern tone.

"No, get up, get up."

"No, I don't want to."

Sunjae pulled the elastic band of her pajamas.

"It's the day you're going to see it!"

Yeon-woo pressed her neck and bruised it. Only then did the blind-eyed Seonjae raise himself.

"Yes, what time is the reservation?"

"Ten o'clock."

"Then I have time."

"Oh, I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm hungry."

"Okay, okay."

Sun-jae, who gave up when Yeon-woo complained, left the bed smiling.

Nowadays, weekend breakfast is being prepared by Seonjae.

Yeon-woo was grateful and happy just by the fact that he prepared the side dishes prepared by the newly hired housekeeper.

After breakfast, Yeonwoo and Seonjae prepared thoroughly and left the house.

Seon-jae and Yeon-woo went to the hospital with a lot of excitement because they could tell the gender of the baby from the 16th week of pregnancy.

I was excited to prepare baby supplies in earnest.

The doctor turned on the ultrasound and I could see it.

Mugwort was crouching in a small space.

She grew up a lot and is now about 10cm tall.

The doctor checked the number of fingers and toes and let me hear the sound of the heart.

The beating sound of the heart changed to a stronger sound.

"Head, leg length, belly circumference, they're all growing up for drinking water. Is there a birthplace?"


"You'll feel the birth soon. Is there anything uncomfortable?"

"Except for gaining weight...…oh, I think my gums have weakened.

"My gums can multiply. Change to a toothbrush with a soft toothbrush. Does your husband have any questions?"


Yeon-woo noticed when Sun-jae answered blankly while looking at the monitor.

Honey, we haven't checked the gender yet.

Only then did Seonjae, who came to his senses, ask.

"Sir, you know...… Should I prepare pink or blue shoes?”

It was a shy question unlike Kang Seon-jae.

To that delicate question, Dr. Chick, natural, frowned at me with a look on his forehead, asking why he asked me.

"Whatever you like."

What a sense.

Smiling at the disappointed faces of the two, the doctor moved the ultrasound scan head down the umbilical cord of the mugwort.


Hmm. I see.

Seonjae's lips got longer.

Now he can have a happy time thinking about the baby's name.


A few more days later, June 25th.

It's Saul's anniversary. Yeon-woo followed Seon-jae, who said he would go to Saul's Bongandang.

"Are you sure you want to follow me?”

"Yes, I'm meant to be."

I understand Yeonwoo's mind, but Seonjae was worried.

"It's gonna take a while. Are you gonna be okay? We originally have a memorial hall, but we decided to move it to a memorial tree."

"Oh, it's okay."

Yeonwoo said cheerfully.

In my head, I remembered a man who became a tree in a different future.

Unlike that sad funeral day, the weather was clear today.

Bongandang was a large site near Seoul. Originally, only Bongandang was built, but this time it was expanded to serve as an arboretum.

Sarah was at the Bongandang earlier than two people. Yeonwoo said hi to fans.

"How are you, sister?"

"Yeonwoo, it's been a while. Thank you for coming."

Likewise, Sarah, who welcomed Yeon-woo, looked down at her stomach and asked.

"Have you got a little belly?" How are you feeling? How are you feeling?"

"It's okay. It's great."

"Now we know the gender of the baby, don't we?" Is that a daughter or a son?”


"Oh, then Sunjae, how about 'instructor' after me?"

"Oh, no, no, no. I don't even want to think about it.”

Sunjae shook his head at Sarah's much-anticipated suggestion.

"Oh, my God. I don't even know if it's an honor for the family."

Sarah twitched her lips discontentedly, too.

It was not long before the three settled down in the Bongandang Hall named Saul.

Yeonwoo took over a photo of Saul.

The faces of young Saul and Mr. Nureung, who looked smiling, overlapped.

Yeon-woo, who became fond of her, swept the face of the picture and smiled along.

"Why did you make it a memorial tree?”

Seonjae, who took over the remains jar, asked Sara.

"I put a memorial tablet in the Bongandang and left a picture, so it was nice to see Saul say hello every time I visited. It's like a home for the mind now.”

Leaving the Bongandang, Seonjae voiced regret.

"It's a picture. I can send it to you. I can save it on my phone and watch it every day."

Sarah answered. Sarah had a cool voice as usual.

After a moment of silence Sarah spoke out again.

"Someday Saul appeared in a dream. Like an adult. You know the one with the hair dyed yellow hair. Because it's funny."

Sarah smirked and said, but Seon-jae and Yeon-woo's eyes were wet.

"Do you know what he said to me in his dream?"


"Marry me. Aren't you jealous that Sunjae is doing well?"


"So I said I wasn't jealous."

It was a bright voice all along, but I could feel the water gathering at the end of Sarah's words.

"But Saul asked me to plant a tree. Now that the baby is going to be born, they say they'd be happy if they moved the remains and planted trees. You'll feel like you're growing up together."


"I wondered why he said he was going to have a baby. I'm a non-maritalist, I don't have a lover, I don't do nonsense."


"So come to think of it, there's a baby to be born."

Sarah glanced down at Yeonwoo's belly. Then he turned his head straight to Seonjae and said happily.

"Saul must have really liked you.”

What appeared in Sarah's dream was also a gift to Seonjae. Did Saul want to give a tree that grows together to his daughter?

I've already received a lot, so what else can I give you?

Seonjae was both heartbroken and overwhelmed.

While we were talking, the seedling spot was arranged.

Sarah opened the jar, poured the remains, and erected a seedling on it, following the staff's guidance.

Seonjae and Yeonwoo carried the soil to strengthen the ground.

The young tree stood upright on the ground.

After finishing the work, Sunjae asked.

"It's going to rain and snow, wouldn't it be sad if the trees were wet and snowy?”

"It's all right and it grows a little bit. It's going to be as big as it gets rained on and snowed on."

Sarah cried from time to time, but she didn't cry.

"When the baby becomes an adult, the trees will grow a lot, right? I'm looking forward to it."

Sarah also had a big heart.

Some people grow up unprepared and others grow up after they grow up.

"Let's go now."

Sarah, who even built a small monument in front of the seedling, said.

Yeonwoo whispered to the little tree.

'Bye, we're gonna meet again.’

Sarah's car is standing when I come down from the memorial hall.

Sarah was in a position to move on schedule today as well. We broke up here.

"Sister, it was nice to see you today. I'll be back next year. I'm looking forward to how much trees will grow in a year."

"Yeonwoo, will you be able to come next year?”

"Sure. By then, the baby would have been more than 200 days old.”

Sarah grinned at Yeon-woo's brave answer.

"I'll call you when the baby is born. It's going to be hard, but cheer up."

"Yes. Take care, too."

"I'll go first. Thank you every year, Seonjae.”

Sarah waved at the two and left first.

After seeing Sarah off for a long time, Yeon-woo walked with Seon-jae to the opposite parking lot.

Sarah was so resentful in "The Other Future", but now I rely on her deeply. I'm just so proud of it.

On the day of Seonjae's funeral in "Another Future," Yu Sa-ra, who cried so sadly in a rainy memorial, can now erase Yeon-woo.

Yeon-woo, who had an idea, said to Seon-jae.

"I have a thought when I came back from another future."

"Huh? What's on your mind?"

"Honey, I promise to have a happy ending to this life."

"Happy ending……do you have my last in mind?”

Sunjae pointed out.

"Don't end it, just be happy."

"Yes, my goal was too great."

Reflected Yeon-woo showed a different idea.

"Then let's think of a happy ending for today. Live with a happy ending every day by day. It'll be a good life together.”

"Today's happy ending. That's great."

"Yeah. People have to finish well."

Yeon-woo grinned at Sun-jae's warm eyes.

Then he lowered his head in front of her.

My lips fell and fell.

His eyes changed quickly. It's a secret look that I didn't show in front of Sarah.

A long time ago, a man who used to kiss like a play to show others has changed this much in half a year.

The energy of happiness in his eyes makes her feel comfortable and flutter.

The world surrounded by yellowish golden sunset. Mr. Nureung's hair seemed to sparkle.

The trees that absorbed the last sunlight of the day shook silently.

I hope the tree grows well.

The main part of "Happily Ending" just in time.


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