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Chapter 96

 Saul came out in the dream. It's been a long time.

As a grown-up man, his voice changed and he smiled happily.

It was very funny that he wanted to show that he was living very well in heaven and dyed his hair yellow.

But Sarah couldn't laugh together.

When I woke up crying, my pillowcase was wet.

I looked in the mirror and my face was a mess. His eyes were swollen as if he had been hit somewhere.

Sarah took an ice mask out of the freezer and put it on the snow.

We have a magazine shoot scheduled. I couldn't show anything unprofessional.

After an hour of cold packs, my back bone was sore. But the swelling in the eyes has subsided to some extent. It was a relief.

Filming took place at a studio in Pyeongchang-dong.

"Hello, I'm Cha Woo-hyun and I'm in charge of photography today."

The photographer talked to me while I was grooming myself for the concept.

He was not a photographer, but a slim, tall, and beautiful man with a small face. He looked young, too.

I haven't been paying much attention to handsome men since I've seen them full of them.

I thought a little bit about whether I succeeded at a young age by becoming a photographer with that face.

Wherever you go, good-looking people are treated better than good-looking people.

After greeting the photographer, filming began soon.

The concept of the shoot was "small but certain happiness." It was rather a tricky condition to demand from a top star living this luxurious life.

"We only need a smiley face for photos. You don't have to laugh out loud, you just have to smile to make me look happy."

The photographer said.

But Sarah was strangely told to smile, which made it even harder.

I kept having a dream last night.

What's bothering you so much?

Unprofessionally, I couldn't concentrate on filming.

Being conscious, it was hard to put pressure on the tip of the lips.

The photographer's face was hidden behind the camera and repeatedly came out.

He also seemed to be bothered.

Sarah pretended to be innocent and kept changing poses and smiled.

"Shall we call it a day?”

However, the photographer, who was quietly pressing the shutter, suddenly lowered the camera down.

The faces of the 10 or so staff members who were guarding the studio all became blank.

The photographer said with a smile with his eyes relaxed.

"The model is perfect, but the lens can't hold it."

Sarah also crumpled her face.

The photographer blamed my lens, but Sarah was able to see through it. It was amazing.

You don't want to make money?

"Let's just do it, shall we? We'll only have time today."

Sarah said in a sharp voice. The man went in front of the monitor and moved the mouse.

"No, that's enough. That's a lot of good pictures."

It was so ridiculous that Sarah sighed. I wonder if I took about 10 pictures.

It only sounded sarcastic to say that there were many good pictures in it.

"Would you like to come and see?”

Sarah went to the monitor at the man's request.

The expression seemed a little stiff, but those were the pictures that showed the look.

"I can't say it's a perfect A-cut, but B-cut is like A plus cut compared to others, so that's enough."

The man's eyes looking at the picture were quite serious.

"And it's hard to laugh when you don't want to."

With eyes fixed on the monitor, the photographer said. It was a voice so small as to be heard only by Sarah.

It was such a small voice that Sarah thought she might have misheard him.

The man who had been looking at the picture for a long time looked up and stared at Sarah.

Sarah was suddenly ashamed of herself, just looking at her without saying a word.

His eyes seemed to tear open all of her inner self.

I felt like I was naked because I felt like I was being read all my thoughts.

His lips grew long, as if enjoying her bewildered expression.

"Thank you for today's shoot. Thanks to you, we finished quickly. I hope we can have another chance together someday.”

The photographer said hello and organized the studio.

Manager Hee-dong, relieved that the cold atmosphere of a while ago had cleared up, said he bought time and settled down excitedly.

Sarah and her manager left the studio five minutes later.

The filming, which had been scheduled for four hours, ended in 40 minutes.

Time is money, so she feels comfortable, but Sarah keeps feeling uncomfortable.

"Sister, since we have time, shall we go home?"

Hee-dong, who was behind the wheel, asked. Sarah didn't answer the question but asked something else.

"How old is the photographer?”


"How old are you to be that arrogant?”

"……Let's find out?"


If Hee-dong showed action, he would say, "That's enough," but it wasn't. The look on Sarah's face through the room mirror was completely hardened, so Hee-dong became wary.

A short time later, Hee-dong, who couldn't even start the car, reported to Sara the results of the investigation.

"He's 29 years old in Korean age. We're the same age."

29 years younger than Sarah.

Sarah was even more astonished to hear Hee-dong.

"Is that all you've got?"”


"Where's your precious son?”

"I don't think so. I asked another staff and they said they live with their grandmother.”

"Isn't your grandmother a big hand in real estate in Korea?"

"They say your hands are big. If you do something to eat, you do that a lot. They have a local feast once a week.”

Hee-dong, who was answering with a smile, closed her mouth when Sarah stared and sent a text message to the staff again.

"He runs a studio villa in Pyeongchang-dong."

"There are about 500 studio apartments, right?”

"Well, shall we look into that, too.

"No, thanks."

Only then did Sarah free her manager from the morass of inquiry.

"Oh, I feel bad.”

But the jubilation was stuck in Sarah's words to herself.


June 25th. The anniversary of Saul's death.

One day, as Saul told me in his dream, Sarah moved Saul's remains to a memorial tree.

Seonjae and Yeonwoo accompanied the meeting.

Yeon-woo, who entered her fifth month of pregnancy, could not be seen at all. The baby was on the small side, but the two didn't seem to worry much.

Saul will take care of you. I also said something unknown.

Sarah always feels strange when she meets Yeonwoo. It feels like my mind's impurities are being washed away.

A long time ago, he did something bad to Yeon-woo due to his misunderstanding, but this friend shakes it off at once, whether he is a good or a fool, and smiles uniformly whenever he meets him.

So even at the depressing moment of identifying Saul's remains, I could not shed tears.

After building the tree, she greeted the two and left first, and Sarah expressed her sorrow to Hee-dong.

"As expected, people shouldn't look as strong as I am. You have to be soft and gentle.”

"Sister, that's why."

Hee-dong snapped at her whining and opened her mouth.

"There's a great opportunity to change your image. It's the reality show!"


"On-air TV reality show. I get a lot of suggestions from my sister.”

Sarah snorted at the absurd suggestion.

"Does the CEO want you to do it?”

"Well…… he told me to talk to him.”

Sarah sighed long and leaned against the seat.

If the representative of Sarah's agency made such a suggestion, it would mean that Sarah's ransom is not the same as before.

It means it's hard to focus only on movies.

"I don't do mating programs."

Sarah gave a step back, and the jubilation fluttered excitedly.

"It's not like that, it's a parenting program. It's called Yousara's parenting diary."

"I won't, I won't!"

"Well, how about that? Faced."

"I told you I wouldn't mate."

"Well, how about this? He's learning archery with the goal of winning an amateur archery gold medal."

"Infinite Challenge?"

Hee-dong, who had been rejected a few times, became sullen. Weakened Sarah corrected her words.

"Keep it, though. It's the best among them. It would be hard if the goal was to win a gold medal."

"Originally, reality shows are more of a process than a goal."


Reality programs are a strange world for Sarah, who has always been the "result" of movies. I'd do it if I had to, but I'd actually avoid it if I could.

Unaware of Sarah's feelings, Hee-dong continued.

"There's something like that. I become a photographer and open a photo exhibition."

Sarah's eyes sparkled open.

"But you can't, can you?" You take selfies weirdly, too.”

It was Hee Dong's diss. Among the actors, Yoo Si-ra was the most famous person for taking bad selfies.

"Are you ignoring me?”

"But it's true."

"It's a picture. You can learn it.”

"Where is that easy?"

"Where is the gold medal easy?"

"I'd rather have an archery gold medal in my sister's image...….”

"It's an opportunity for reality programs to change their image."

Hee Dong closed his mouth. Sarah smiled.

"Photographer Reality, let's go with that."

Hee-dong lowered her shoulders weakly with an expression disapproving of Sarah's choice.

Sarah, who has already made the decision, presented a blueprint.

"I need to learn photography skills. I want you to schedule the photographer then."


"You know that young, arrogant kid.”

Her eyes glowed at Sarah's smile.


A few months later, Sarah met Cha Woo-hyun again.

Cha Woo-hyun pretended to be busier than Sarah.

I didn't pretend to be busy, but it was real. Three months' worth of schedules were tightly scheduled.

However, the reality program was more burdensome than the schedule.

It took a long time for the two to meet again because Cha Woo-hyun insisted that he didn't want his face to appear on the show.

Eventually, the technology tutoring was closed to the public. It was a time for only two people, without any staff following from the production company. Of course, manager Hee-dong accompanied.

The studio I visited after three months was neatly organized.

Sarah, who felt awkward because only three people were in a simple space, opened her mouth first.

Of course, I'm saying something else in my heart.

"I heard you had a day off. You managed to make time."

You're a blather who pretends to be busier than I am.

"I'm paying you a lot of money, so I'll save you some time."

"The writer was very expensive.”

You slave of capitalism.

"And, surprisingly, you were young?"

He's arrogant, too.

However, despite Sarah's question of age, Woo-hyun does not look scared.

"Let's respect each other here. I think it'll be comfortable for each other."

Look at this old man, I'm not doing anything, and he offers respect first?

Hee-dong, who was pressed by the two men's fight, coughed in vain as he noticed.

"Yes, of course."

Sarah accepted Woo-hyun's offer, pretending to be cool but bitter.

"Let's take a look at the camera you brought."

At Woo-hyun's words, Hee-dong took the camera out of his bag.

"That's a good camera."

Woohyun said while touching the camera.

"Let me explain the most basic thing about the camera."

He was a man of no means. I didn't say unnecessary things and I didn't joke. Only the eyes were focused on the camera.

Long, thin fingers that match the slim figure groped everywhere in the camera.

Sarah seemed to be sucked into the deft handwork.

It was amazing that there was someone so good at penetrating what I owned and bought.

"That's all I'm going to say, and let's just press the shutter today.”

"Just pressing the shutter? Are you telling me to just shoot it?”

"It's a sense of how to put an object in a rectangular frame. If you take a picture and show it to me, I'll give you advice."


"It would be very helpful to go out and film an outdoor space, but I'm sorry that you're so famous."

Those were words that were quite considerate of her.

Adherence tutoring was also done while taking pictures.

"If it's hard to level the camera, you can check the scale.”

He ghostly captured her awkward pose and gave her the right advice at the time.

"The camera is sensitive, so I need to hold my breath when I press the shutter. Sometimes the screen shakes because of breathing. Of course, there will be automatic hand tremor prevention for beginners, but...….”

"I'll keep my breath in check.”

Cut off starboard advice, Sarah said.

The word "never-before" stimulated Sarah's desire to win. I thought it would be better to use the best camera, so I bought an expensive camera, but it was quite heavy and I was exhausted.

However, Sarah clenched her teeth and pressed the shutter several times.

When I took about 100 pictures, my arms were shaking and my shoulders were stiff.

Still, the results I checked through his monitor were quite plausible. Woo Hyun also praised some pictures.

I felt good to be praised by an expert.

It was a strange man.

It's handsome, but it's so relaxed that it looks like a piece of cake, but when it's in front of the camera and in front of the monitor, the eyes sparkled.

It's been a long time since I found a man in love with work.

After tutoring, Hee-dong, who arranged his seat, suggested.

"Writer, thank you for today's tutoring. We're going to do it a few more times, so would you like to have dinner with us to get along?”

"I'm sorry. I have an appointment."

Woo-hyun refused at once.

"Oh, yeah...."

"Where's your appointment?"

As Hee-dong, embarrassed, dragged the horse, Sarah asked Woo-hyun back.

"Well, it's just a private appointment."

Woo-hyun didn't give a cool answer to the promise.

"Are you going to see your girlfriend?’

He's a smart guy when he hits an iron wall with a top star like me, but what kind of person is his lover?

Sarah became curious.

Sarah, who went out of the studio first, looked at the parking lot.

There was only Sarah's car in the parking lot.

It was not long before Woo-hyun and Hee-dong organized the studio and came out.

"See you later, then."

Woo Hyun greeted us in a businesslike way.

"Do you walk?"

Sarah asked the starboard who was about to turn around.


"Where are we going?”


We're going home.

"You must be close to home."


"I'll give you a ride. Get on."

"No, it's really close."

"But isn't it a ten-minute walk? It's hot. It's burning."

Sarah made a series of suggestions and looked at Hee-dong.

"Mr. Writer, I'll give you a nice ride. Get on."

Hee-dong, who was quick-witted, opened the car door and dragged Woo-hyun's arm.

After repeated requests, Woo-hyun eventually got into Sarah's car.

Sarah, who got into the car with Woo-hyun, sneaked through him with a side look.

He's a good-looking guy, but there's a lot of guys around like this...… I don't know why I keep being attracted.

Maybe it's because he has eyes similar to Saul's in his dreams as an adult.

Maybe it's because he read his mind the day he met Saul.

Maybe it's because you look cool focusing on your work.

Sarah, who was staring at me, asked.

"Why aren't you on TV? It's a popular look."

"My friends told me not to."

Friend? That was an unexpected answer.

"Do your friends interfere with that, too?"

"Well…… he's got some personality problems. Even if I don't do broadcasting, I'm already full."

Problem? I don't think the nature of keeping the line is going to be a problem. I was a little curious.

"And when a lot of people recognize me, the frame I can take pictures of becomes narrower.”

I could relate to his answer. Sarah made a series of hits in Korea and even made inroads into Hollywood, gaining fame.

But the more people recognized her, the narrower her space became. I'm enjoying the fame but sometimes I want to run away from everything.

I've already arrived at his house after not even a few words.

Where he pointed was a five-story villa, which was not much of a thing. The name of the villa 'Eagle Villa' was funny.

"Thank you."

"Goodbye and see you next week."

Sarah also got out of the car and said hello.

Perhaps because of the friendly name of "Eagle Villa," Sarah kept smiling. I swallowed a big smile and gave only a small smile.

Then a luscious woman's voice was heard in the background.

"Oh, oh, oh, eight!"

It wasn't the name of Cha Woo-hyun.

By the way, the man who was trying to smile at himself turned his head.

A pretty and innocent looking woman rushed in and stood in front of Woohyun.

Standing in front of him, the woman casually told Woo-hyun.

"I heard you're very busy these days."

"Where is Yammi going and going alone? Without any discipline."

Followed by your eights. Sarah's eyebrows, which were not adapted to their slang, were bent in reverse.

"Yes, I went on a men's trip.”

"A men's trip?"

"Yes, your father, husband, and Jiyul. "I've been having a hard time watching Jiyul, so I told her to take a rest for a few days."

Apparently this woman is married. I think I have children.

"Oh, that's why you brought the kids together."

"Yes, I'm going to drink beer in a bowl.”

"Yummi is crying."

Woo-hyun shook his head like he was pathetic.

Sarah was standing tall all the time. Before I know it, I feel like I'm blind.

Wow, I've been living. I've been treated like this.

I'm the top star.

The woman, who still didn't realize who was standing next to me, called the starboard in a clear voice this time.

"Oh, yeah, eight. Ah.”


Woo-hyun responded with a stern voice to her voice. The woman kept smiling, not disappointed.

"What's wrong with you?"

"No, no, no, no."

The woman's expression turned sour after two unexpected refusal.

"What do you think I'm going to say, but I can't."

"I don't know you. Just by the sound of his voice, oh, he's asking for something great, I know."

"Chi, you're a jerk.”

The woman pouted her lips.

Only then did Woo-hyun smile and ask what happened.

"What is it?"

The woman looked up at the starboard with a bright face again.

"We're having an exhibition this time, so please take a concept picture."

"Oh, is the exhibition set? What's the lineup?

"Hang on. I'll show you the list.”

The woman took out her cell phone and touched the screen from place to place.

Following the woman's gaze, the starboard also lowered its head.

Suddenly, I could see his eyes twinkling. It was the affectionate gaze that was seen only when looking at the object through the camera and when looking at the monitor.

No, a deeper look than that.

A bitter sigh escaped through Sarah's lips.

Is that so?

You idiot.

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