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Chapter 97

 The presence of a top star is not a word.

The conversation between the two continued while Sarah stood like a shadow.

"By the way, Palgae, can you donate your talent because we don't have much money?”

The woman in front of me said to starboard.

If the situation was different from now, it is a clear voice that forced people to smile.

It's a pretty voice that you can hear when a newly debuted actor comes running and bows and says, "It's an honor to work with you!"

Woo-hyun replied jokingly to the voice.

"Ogong, I'm an expensive person."

Sarah got crumpled forehead. The woman's name is extraordinary.

What? Goku?

So, this is Goku and this is Palgye?

They're the kids from the Western World. Son Goku, that eight.

He's the Monkey King. Did he become that eight?

Sarah's mind was getting complicated when the woman's head slid back toward Sarah.


She was as shocked as a ghost.

And then it became ice.

She had round eyes and a blank mouth, but her pretty impression remained the same.

Cha Woo Hyun, this kind of girl is your type. Cute and lovely.

"He's my friend."

Sarah greeted Woo-hyun's introduction first.

"It's similar."

"Oh, hello! I'm Oh Ga-eun."

It was a fierce and naive greeting. After greeting, the woman's mouth opened blankly again.

In that state, he looked up at the starboard and blinked.

It seemed to mean how Yusara stood next to you.

Woo Hyun answered lightly.

"I met you for work.”

"Five, you've made it!"

She cheered with emotion. Yes, this is the right response.

"Somehow, it was shining beside me!"

It doesn't shine. I feel like I've been treated like a shadow the whole time I've been standing here.

Sarah smiled, concealing her perverse mind.

"I'm a fan! I'll make sure to watch the new movie.”

"Yes, thank you."

Sarah greeted calmly and turned to Woo-hyun and asked.

"You must have had an appointment with a friend."


Woo-hyun simply answered without an explanation.

Sarah's pride is finely cracked. As I hit myself with an iron wall and saw that my eyes changed toward my friend, I got angry.

Sarah took a detour out of the bitterness.

"I asked him to join me for dinner, and he stood me up for an important appointment."

As Gaeun said, Gaeun jumped as expected.

"Wow, isn't she crazy? Why am I an important appointment? No, take him with you. He's been rude because of something as trivial as me. Hurry up and go. Go."

Finally, Ga-eun slaps the starboard and pushes it to Sarah's side.

Manager Hee-dong, who was sitting in the driver's seat, came out.

"Hey, come on. We're already done talking.”

Woo Hyun once again said clearly.

Anyway, this guy ignores Yousara and goes to an appointment with his friends.

Sarah made a different suggestion because of the scuffle between the two.

"Can I just join you two?”

Hee-dong's face, which doesn't know the whole story, showed his anxiety.

What's wrong with you? Heedong seemed to hear what he was saying in his heart.

Woo-hyun and Ga-eun also blinked.

"If I could accompany my manager. This is my manager Choi Hee Dong. I think we're the same age."

Sarah even skillfully finished introducing her manager.

Thus, Sarah, Woohyun, and Gaeun moved to a snack bar together in a car led by Hee-dong. It is a popular tteokbokki restaurant nearby, and it is run by two friends.

The people I met today seemed to be local friends.

It's not easy to translate like this even if you're a local friend. Besides, it's not easy to meet the same age.

Sarah thought their relationship was amazing.

While Sarah was shutting her mouth, Woo-hyun called somewhere.

"Oh, it's me, I'm on my way to your store, but I'm taking a customer."

It was to let a friend who runs a snack bar know that she was moving with Sarah.

"Oh, I'm an actor. I'm going with him and my manager."”

Woo-hyun took his cell phone off his ear for a moment. I heard a man's voice. There was swearing coming out over the phone.

"Really, you son of a bitch. Just put the store away."

He apparently cursed because he didn't believe that Yousara was going with him.

Gaeun smirked as she heard the faint voice.

"Yes, you're really good at cursing.”

"Yes, this is the true face of Yes."

My friend who runs a snack bar called 'yes'.

In fact, just hearing the nickname from the side is distracting. Nickname is their slang Sarah was bound to feel left out.

It was also thought that he/she had become a disruptor to these people's social gatherings.

It would be hard to get along with them properly.

However, the present difficulty is nothing compared to the efforts of hanging out with Seon-jae'

Despite his busy career as an actor, he did not want to move away from his best friend, Kang Sun-jae, so he hung out with Sun-jae's friends and developed his presence in an unfamiliar group trying to understand what they were saying.

Some of Seonjae's friends at that time openly despised Sarah.

At least the people in front of her right now are acknowledging her.

"Change it."

Ga-eun took over Woo-hyun's phone call.

"Yes, I'm Gaeun, but what Palgae said is true. I'm going with you right now.”

[Hey, hey, hey, hey]

Each note of rising voice spread vividly out of the cell phone.

Sarah, whose situation became interesting, reached out to Ga-eun. Ga-eun handed Sarah her cell phone.

The opponent on the other side is still talking.

"Hello, I'm Yusara."

Sarah greeted politely.

This time I heard a seething sigh.

Goku, I really don't want to curse at you.]


Sarah couldn't hide her smile.

The young man, who is defending himself well, is unlikely to believe anything until he shows himself.

"You're an interesting person."

Sarah shook her head and returned the cell phone to Woo-hyun.

"This is what the general response would be like."

Woo Hyun answered.

The car hit the snack bar in a few minutes.

It was a store with a unique name called "Yes Tteokbokki," and I vaguely heard the story of a snack bar with this name from a staff I worked with.

Sarah entered the snack bar with excitement.

"Are you here?"

The yellow-haired man didn't even look outside the door, but only heard the door open and said hello. The man was tidying up the store.

The man's hair was yellow, so I remembered Saul once again.

Sarah stopped at the spot without even realizing it.

The yellow-haired man turned his head toward Sarah in a calm mood.


It was also an interesting response this time.

Sarah said hello first because the man seemed speechless.

"Hello, would you excuse me?”

"Uh…… this shabby place, Aaaah, this shabby place…"….”

The man was a young face of idol beauty.

Come to think of it, is Cha Woo Hyun dating someone by his looks?

"Sit down for now."

The yellow-haired man recommended a seat in front of the table.

Then he scurried from place to place, grabbed a credit card and opened the door.

"Where are you going?"

Woo-hyun, who came in ahead of Sarah, asked the yellow-haired man.

"Uh, to the early restaurant. I'm going to wrap up the meal and bring it."


"We can't have Yusara eat tteokbokki. Just wait a little bit. It's a really good restaurant over there.”

Sarah, who was about to sit down, went to the entrance and said to the yellow hair.

"I like tteokbokki. I'm here to eat tteokbokki."

"Wow, silky at heart."

The yellow hair spoke to itself with the eyes of an angel.

"Sister, just one thing you like about tteokbokki made my heart silky."

Manager Hee-dong laughed as if the situation was funny.

"Hello, I'm Palgae. I'm Palgae. What's your name? Oh, I'm Cha Woo-hyun's friend, Kang Ji-hoo."

When I returned to the store, my yellow hair introduced me in a noisy way.

"It's Yusara. Please be comfortable."

"Yes, but why...….”

Ji-hoo looked at the starboard, dragging his words to the end.

Why, how did you end up bringing Usara, what kind of relationship do you have with you? He seemed to be asking Woo-hyun this.

"I met him for work and joined him. What about the others?

Woo Hyun answered quickly and changed the subject.

"Uh…… Oba will be here at the latest, and I guess Scrapper is working overtime."

Jihoo replied.

"Oba? Scratches?"

Sarah, who was moving her eyes quickly, couldn't resist her curiosity and asked. I wanted to be part of their story.

"It's my friends' nickname."

Gaeun answered.

"Everyone has a nickname. "I think Cha Woo-hyun is called Palgye and Oh Ga-eun is called Okong."

"It's not eight, it's eight. What an arm-in-cheek...….”

"I'm just calling him Palgae because he's an arm."

When Ji-hoo tried to reveal the secret of her nickname, Ga-eun covered Ji-hoo's mouth. Even after Sarah had already noticed.

Eight. That means you're an eight-year-old son of a bitch.

It's not a pretty nickname, but it's a nickname that you can guess how close they are to each other.

"What about Goku?"

Sarah asked again.

"She's a little bit of a princess."

Woo Hyun said with a smile. Next to her, Ga-eun slapped Woo-hyun on the arm.

"Then what does yes mean?"

"Pretty garbage."

"Pretty garbage."

Without giving Ji-hoo a chance to say anything, Woo-hyun and Ga-eun snapped back.

Jihoo, who sighed heavily, begged Sara.

"Don't spread rumors. The name of the snack bar is Yes Tteokbokki, but you can't reveal the secret of the nickname."

"Yes, I'll keep that in mind.”

Sarah, who was amused, replied gladly.

In addition, the meaning of the nicknames "Oba" and "Scrackbok" could be heard. "Oba" refers to a friend named "Obada" and "Scratchbok" means "unscratch lottery."

"They're all funny nicknames. How did you come up with that nickname?”

"It's almost a yes. He's good at making things."

Gaeun answered.

Sarah asked Jihoo to do so.

"Then can you make me a nickname?"


Jihoo groped his chin with a pretty serious look.

"Godsara? God Sarah?"

Sarah smiled lightly, and Ga-eun and Woo-hyun smirked as if they were the same.

"When I got older, my creativity died out."

"No, you like Sarah. Can't you see it?"

Ji-hoo skillfully responded to Woo-hyun's point.

Listening to all sorts of jokes, Sarah got dinner. Jihoo has served every dish he can.

They also communicated well with their manager Hee-dong. Hee-dong looked at Sarah and drank beer when Sarah allowed him to. Beer, food, atmosphere, everything was a good place.

But the time allowed was not long.

The next film director has been calling to see it together, saying he met an investor. Sarah had to get up first.

"I'll drive you to Yes. 'Cause I didn't drink."

Woo Hyun claimed to see him off. Hee-dong drank beer and couldn't drive.

It's a good thing for Sarah, so I took it gladly.

Everyone came out of the store when Sarah left the snack bar.

"Thank you for treating me today. All the food was delicious. Heedong, please take good care of us.”

At the last minute, Gaeun talked to me kindly.

"Sister, I'm sorry."


"May I hold your hand?”

What a lovely woman.

Yes. That's why I can look at arrogant Cha Woo Hyun with that kind of eyes.

When Sarah smiled and held Ga-eun's hand first, Ga-eun's sunny face became brighter.

"I'm so happy, sister."

Sarah didn't want to let go of the warmth either.

As the separation time grew longer, Woo-hyun mediated.

"Stop touching me. He's a precious man.”

"I know, but when am I going to hold this hand again?"

Sarah responded to Ga-eun's cute comment.

"I'll be back later. Thank you for welcoming me."

Sarah, who said hello, went out with Woo-hyun.

Woo-hyun, who was behind the wheel, opened his mouth. The voice has become rather sweet.

"You were out of your mind. My friends are so mischievous."

"No, it's not."

Everything is really good, and if it weren't for work, we would have been together for a few more hours, but it's a shame that we can't.

"I envy you. You have a lot of good friends."

"I think there are more top actors."

"There was, I thought there was."

Sarah sighed at Woo-hyun's guess. Thinking of Kang Seon-jae, I have so much to say.

"He's married. After I had a partner in my life, I treated myself with cold food. He said something to his wife and he'd break up with me.”

"Huh, that's a terrible guy."

Woo Hyun responded.

By the way, it wasn't such a pleasant thing to be called a "dumb" by others.

He should have been the only one who could tell Kang Sun-jae that he was a bad guy.

"No, I didn't mean it. Two, three, no, ten. I did something terrible to his wife first."

Sarah picked up my horse.

"I'm doing fine now. He's got a wife."


"What now…… I may not be the first friend, but I may be the second or third."

Now, the desire to be someone's first has faded. I just want the people I value to be happy.

I learned from what happened last year and early this year. What mattered was not 'owning', but 'being'.

Sarah hurriedly turned around because she seemed to be crying in her throat.

"Are you staying with your grandmother? What about your parents?

"He died when he was a child.”

However, the words that were hastily brought up were not delicate.

Fortunately, Woo-hyun said first before Sarah was embarrassed.

"You don't have to be sorry for asking. I don't care anymore. "I grew up being loved by my grandmother instead of my parents, and my friends are strong."

"……I see."

Sarah couldn't stand still after he responded so sincerely.

"I grew up in a nursery. I had a twin brother who lost him in a fire accident when he was 10.”

Sarah brought up a very old story.

In fact, he confessed as if he were possessed. It's a story I've never said easily to others, but strangely, I came up with a deep-seated story as if I were attracted by an unknown force.

"If it's known that she's an orphan actress, she can be ignored. So from the beginning, I had to pretend that I had parents, that I was happy, that I grew up with a lot of love.”


"Privacy is acting, too."

Woo-hyun listened to the story silently.

"When we first met, the writer asked me to stop filming, and after a few hours, I was a little relieved. That day, my twin brother appeared in my dream for the first time in a long time. That's why I couldn't focus on the shoot.”


"I wanted to cry all day. I cried for a long time when I got home. Until I feel lighthearted."


"Thank you for that."

After talking, Sarah turned her head and smiled looking at Woo Hyun.

I didn't know what Woo-hyun was thinking.

But Sarah was relieved just to confide in someone.

"I really want to film with a smile next time."

"I know. I'd like to take a picture of you, too."

Woo Hyun responded.

The car just got to the appointed place.

"Is an investor a human being?”

Woo Hyun asked. It was a question of concern that Sarah might go against her will.

"I don't know about investors, but the director is good at playing hard to get. If an investor makes unreasonable demands, they will block it. And now I'm a veteran."

"It's hard to learn."

"There's nothing that's not hard."

Sarah smiled lightly and opened the car door. Woo-hyun, who opened the door of the driver's seat and quickly came out, held Sarah's hand so that she could get out of the car well.

The warmth was as warm as the silver.

"Thank you for today."

Sarah greeted with all her heart.

"See you next week."

Woo Hyun also greeted politely.


Sarah's manager Hee-dong seemed to be exchanging numbers and keeping in touch with Woo-hyun's friends separately, but Sarah was keeping up with her schedule while maintaining the dignity of a top star.

I didn't contact Woo-hyun separately, but Sarah felt good all the time while waiting for a week.

The fact that I could meet him once a week gave me fresh excitement.

I'm not in a relationship, I'm not in a middle school with a crush on my tutor, but it's a strange feeling.

A week later, on the morning of the photo shoot tutoring, Sarah woke up to a phone call from Hee-dong.

"What, do you know what time it is?"

Sarah, half awake, answered the phone complainingly.

[Sister, check out the internet article now!]

Hee-dong spoke in an urgent voice.

I hung up and logged on to the portal site. His name was in the real-time surge search word.

Sarah searched for the word "similar to the past" among the search words on the list. The article just appeared.

"Actor Yousara's past is known and is a hot topic." Yoo Si-ra, who lost her parents when she was young, lived in a nursery in Gangnam with her twin brother Yoo, but at the age of 10, she left her last family and became a bloodlust after a fire in the Gangnam hills in Gangnam.…?

After reading the whole article, her eyes were filled with tears.

I felt different from when I read the scandalous article.

This is real, it's a story of a painful past that I didn't want to tell the world.

A person's face flashed through her mind, which became complicated.

Cha Woo Hyun.

I told this story to him.

I only told him about it.

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