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Chapter 98

 Sarah recalled a brief moment with Woo-hyun.

I had a lot of fun at the time, but this happened.

Is that why you're nicknamed "the son of a bitch"?

Good face, good face, and then hit the back of your head?

It's his fault for telling secrets to someone he doesn't know well.

I'm a person who has to live alone without relying on anyone.

Lamenting inside, Sarah called Hee-dong.

[Yes. Sister]

"Hee Dong, can I cancel all of today's schedules. I don't think there was a mandatory position."

[Should I?]]

"Yeah. I'd rather just be quiet today.”

[Yes, I'll deal with it like that]]

And can you tell me the contact information for Cha Woo-hyun?”

[Oh, it's about tutoring today, right?] Are you going to say it yourself?]

Hee-dong made a misunderstanding appropriate for the situation. Sarah also answered without further explanation.


[Yes, I'll text you.]]

Shortly after the call, Hee-dong sent Woo-hyun's contact information.

Just press the button and the call will connect, but Sarah couldn't make it right away.

"It's too early in the morning."

It bothered me to wake him up, which hasn't even happened yet.

He sniffed loosely because he was speechless.

It was funny that he was being polite even though he was determined to argue.

About three hours later, it was appropriate time to call Woo-hyun.

Sarah's fingertips trembled as she pressed the call button.

[I'm Cha Woo Hyun]

Woohyun answered the phone right away. Sarah swallowed her dry saliva secretly and opened her mouth.

"It's me, it's me."


The answers from the other side were dull. I thought I couldn't talk about anything serious or argue over the phone.

"Let's meet."

She asked me to meet her blindly. The back and forth story had to be told face to face.

Will you be able to meet me?]

"We should meet, no matter what."

[Okay, where should I go?]]

The other party willingly cooperated. I wanted him to come this way, but it wasn't right to meet at home.

"I'll go over there. Come to the studio."

Sarah ordered to be on a high horse.

Sarah came outside, wearing dark clothes and a hat, covering her mouth with a big mask.

Even if you hide your face tightly like this, people sometimes appear to recognize you with hawk eyes.

Sarah called a call taxi and moved quickly.

You son of a bitch. Son of a bitch. I'll punch you when I see you.

I gritted my teeth while I was moving in a taxi.

The car went cool and reached Woo-hyun's studio without getting caught in the signal.

"Stop here, please."

Sarah changed her voice and spoke to the driver.

The knight didn't seem to be particularly curious about the guest covering his face.

Sarah got out of the taxi and opened the studio door and went inside.

I could see the silhouette of a slim man like a model.

Woo-hyun, who was hanging around in the distance, immediately turned his foot to her when he heard a sign of popularity was heard.

I wanted to scream and get angry, but Sarah stopped thinking the moment she saw his expression.

It should have looked guilty or pretentious, because it wasn't.

A quick glance seemed to say, 'Are you okay?'

And a straightforward hug.



Sarah was dragged into his arms with no idea what was wrong with this man.

On the surface, he was just a slim man, but after being wrapped around him, I realized that his shoulders were quite wide. And this warm warmth.

No, what are you thinking because I'm here to pick a fightin' about?

Sarah came to her senses late and pushed his chest away.

"What? What's wrong with you?”

I tried to speak in a fierce voice, but rather, I expressed my embarrassment.

His response to her is straight and serious.

"Wasn't that heartbreaking?”


"I want to cry comfortably."

I wasn't teasing you, I was asking you how you really felt.

Sarah really nearly burst into tears at the answer.

There are times when expressions contain more language than words like Yoo Soo.

It's not him. This person is not like that.

This guy didn't tell anyone about my past.

After face to face, I became convinced.

"No, I'm here for tutoring."

Sarah answered deftly, hiding her desire to shed tears on his shoulder.

"It's a tutoring day."

His expression, which contained a feeling of comfort, changed fiercely.

"You didn't bring a camera.”

"There are so many cameras here. Let's borrow one."

Later voices came out bright.

There was nothing to be comforted by him.

Just because he didn't do it has already calmed me down enough.

Woo Hyun was quite dazed until he adapted to the unexpected response.

"Then use anything."

"Really? Can I really use anything?”


"Then the most expensive one here."

Despite Sarah's brilliant demands, he never crumpled his face.

Woo-hyun moved straight and came back with a big camera from the table over there.

"It'll be 40 million won to the lens.”

"……it's not that expensive.”

Her eyes widened for a moment, but Sarah answered naturally and received the camera. It was heavier than her camera.

"I touched this camera and it's supposed to be ecstatic."

"I touch him a lot. I'll sell it with a premium.”

Woo Hyun also hit the ball well.

"Let's shoot anything today. I'll watch you adjust the aperture and shutter speed."

So, out of the blue, photography tutoring started again. Woo-hyun, who had been staring at her with serious eyes until just now, returned to his teacher's posture.

Sarah, who was clicking the shutter really anywhere, asked.

"But don't you have a schedule today?”

Come to think of it, it was a little weird. After pretending to be so busy, no one comes to the studio.

"I barged in like this, and there were no people. Are you actually not busy at all?"

"I put it off."


"Because he's coming."

With the camera off her shoulder, she stared at him with her bare eyes.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

Woo-hyun repeatedly asked about her condition.

Sarah's heart became more secure as her opponent worried first. Now it's enough to smile.

"The film company will love it because it broke out before the movie was released. I'll tell you the story of Yoo Sa-ra's acting skills and emotional expression. I'm going to add a few words to the movie critics."

Sarah shrugged her shoulders and delivered what was expected tactfully expected.

"I don't know if I'm going to the Cannes Film Festival."

I felt awkward after talking.

I could see a doorknob over his shoulder.

I've explored everywhere in the studio, but you're the only one who hasn't been there.

I had a general curiosity about what was behind the door.

Sarah pointed her finger at it.

"What room is it in the back?"

"It's a darkroom, where you print pictures using analog methods."

Darkroom. It was a room with a name.


"You don't have to learn that. It's a job that printers do these days."

"Can't you still try it?"

"…...are you going to be greedy for that?”

"Can't I pay for it?"

Smiling at Sarah's whining, Woo-hyun walked straight and opened the darkroom door.

"Chi. Don't tell me to follow you."

Sarah, who murmured to herself as if she could not hear it, belatedly followed.

It was a dark space filled with the smell of sour drugs.

Unnamed machines and drugs reminded me of science labs.

The rugged appearance of the machines gave a strange impression of going back in time.

"It takes time to get the film done, so just print the picture."

Woo Hyun picked out the developed film in the light and called Sarah to the machine.

"It's a magnifying glass. You can put a film on it and put a light on the paper."

After a brief explanation, Woo-hyun reached over Sarah's shoulder and turned on the cancer lamp.

Sarah's shoulders were tense when only the color of the light changed.

Why did I say I'd go into this narrow darkroom? It felt strange to be alone with a man in a secret room with red lights.

No, I'm with a man who feels a little different from other men.

"If you put the paper here and adjust the magnifier position, the size of the picture will change. Give it a try it.

Uhm, Sarah, who cleared her throat for no reason, adjusted the magnifier to match the table and uploaded the paper.

He said before turning on the exposure machine.

"A couple of seconds of exposure would be appropriate.”

The prize on the paper was not clear because it was a negative image, but an old lady was holding something.

When I turned off the machine, the image disappeared as if I had dreamed for a while.

"Now if you dip the paper in the medicine, the image will reappear."

Sarah put flammable paper in the drug that Woo Hyun pointed to.

Within seconds, the statue appeared on white paper. It was like magic.

"Oh, oh, oh!"

Sarah came to cheer without realizing it. The sinking air was awkward, so I hid the sound soon.

It was not long before the image was clearly embedded in the paper.

It was a black-and-white picture of an old woman with a white head smiling with a bouquet of flowers.

"Now you settle it with a fixer, wash it off and dry it."


The excited Sarah answered with gallantry.

The subsequent process could be completed without difficulty under the guidance of Woo Hyun.

It was not long before a black-and-white photograph came into Sarah's hands.

I made a picture that could be printed out in seconds and received in 10 minutes.

"Good job."

He smiled and praised for the first time.


I just did what I was told to do, and I was praised. But I felt good.

"It's my grandmother's birthday picture.”

"Grandmother, you're beautiful."

It was a rough process, but a magical time.

My mouth was numb even though I was smiling with emotion. Tears crept in.

Sarah smiled awkwardly and rubbed her eyes when she felt signs of tears falling.

"I envy you. There's a pretty old lady."

Looking at the figure, he came a step closer.

The heart thumped inside.

Sarah, who filmed quite a few melodrama films, was fully aware of the situation. Nevertheless, the reality is tense.

Heart tickling.

His trembling eyelids crept down as he felt closer and closer.


……to reach.

It has to be touched.

"……let's get out of here.”


Before I knew it, he passed her and was holding the doorknob.

Her lips, which had been somewhat closed, opened in vain.


What, what, what!

What are you doing?

That's ridiculous. What kind of guy is this? Is this why you're a son of a bitch?

I couldn't see the look on his back.

Are you laughing at me?

I felt like I'd been robbed, as if I'd only seen my cards.


The day's tutoring ended blandly.

A few minutes after leaving the darkroom, Hee-dong came to the studio and other guests came in after eating together.

It's been three days since we broke up like that. There was no contact from the son of a bitch, and Sarah's heart was left with bitterness.

Were you impressed by my cute words that day that you called your grandmother pretty?

Did you like me for a moment because you thought I would be good to your grandmother?

Or was it because I looked so depressed that day that you were trying to soothe me?

Sarah, who came to work to do an interview to promote the movie, thought about the son of a bitch all the time.

"Sister, the CEO says, The article the day before yesterday said the nursery colleague tipped off the reporter. If there's anything in the article that's upsetting, they say we can sue for defamation, what should we do?”

There's no way such a word of humor can be heard properly by such Sarah.

"All right, let it go."

"But the new director wants to talk about it. That way, the movie will sell better."

"If you want to do it, do it."


"Do as you please—do as you please."

That is not the point now.

Sarah couldn't wait to finish the interview and go home. Everything was annoying and depressing.

"And I've got a quickie in front of you. It's a paper bag."

"You take care of all the details."

"But this is from writer Cha Woo-hyun."


Sarah's eyes, which were annoying, opened wide.

Sarah snapped away the envelope Hee-dong was holding and opened it.

There were three sheets of paper in it. On the top of the paper, a small note is glued together.

If you're embarrassed, you can just tear it apart.

The handwriting on the memo was questionable. Sarah ripped off the memo and went through the contents.

But the words written on the paper that I turned over...….

"Love contract?"

A sigh came out between the lips.

In short, if you are going to date, keep it a secret.

It seemed to be a contract sent for fear of breaking up while dating.

If you say you have a celebrity girlfriend, you will be worried about your grandmother, and everyone around you will make a fuss, so there was an excuse to keep it a secret for Yousara.

"What? You'll have to go crazy if I date you. You're not playing hard to get!

Nevertheless, I laughed because the content was cute.

A tingling heart sank in my heart.

I haven't heard from you before, so this is the result of a long time of thinking.

At that time, there was no kiss in the darkroom because it was not clear.

But I couldn't accept this content.

Sarah wrote another document and sent it to Woohyun.

The response was quick to return.

After the interview, before moving on to another schedule, he encountered Woo-hyun, who came to work.

"Oh, my gosh. How did you get here?"

To expect a little, Sarah asked deftly, pretending to be surprised. Woo-hyun's expression, which is seriously hardened, was so funny.

But I was also very nervous for three days when I didn't hear from you.

"I'm here because Hee-dong told me."

He answered. Sarah kept pretending and asked.

"Why are you here? Do you have work?"

"I'm here to see Mr. Yusara."

"You pretended to be very busy, but you must be very free. You have time to come and see me like this."

"I put off my schedule."


"I sent you a love contract to date, and I couldn't understand what it meant to send you a marriage registration."

Sarah coolly printed out the marriage registration form, wrote all her shares, signed them and sent them to Woohyun.

Her lips grew very long. It was a little hard to hold back a laugh.

"That's enough to sign a contract, where do you want to haggle with me over a love contract?

"It's not a bargain, it's serious."

"That's why I gave you my stamp, not a bargain. If you stamp it and report it to the district office, we're a couple."


"You can date comfortably without noticing others. I'm sure there's no separation.

When he saw Sarah's face answering leisurely, his expression was a little relieved.

"That's not why."

"Then what is it?"

"I've never met such a beautiful person."


"It's because I'm nervous."

I hear it all the time and all the time, but it made me emotional to say that he was pretty.

"Are you serious?"

This guy can get nervous, too. It was nice to see the human side.

But top stars don't smile in a heartbeat.

"There's someone else this pretty. Oh Ga-eun."


His face blushed at her wild comment.

"Why are you talking about him here?"

"Why are you so excited? Or you can laugh it off. Are you poking me?”

"If you keep teasing me, I can really file a marriage registration."

"I hope so."

Sarah smiled archaeologically.

Woo Hyun smiled as if he couldn't stand it. I've never started like this before.

The other story, "The Dignity of a Top Star," just in time.

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