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Chapter 99

 Seven months pregnant.

My navel is sticking out.

Yeon-woo continued to care about this little thing.

The clothes are thin because it's midsummer. The clothes with buttons in the middle could hide the protruding navel, but those clothes also tickled more whenever the navel was swept.

After I was pregnant, I had skin trouble, and it was hard to endure tickling.

It would be pretty if I had a belly, but I was ashamed to go outside because my belly was sticking out on top of my belly.

Sure enough. When I went to school, a colleague recognized it like a ghost.

"Oh, Yeon-woo's belly is sticking out! So cute!"

Everyone looked down at Yeonwoo's belly by his colleague's voice.

All the friends around me were of the same sex, but it was still a shame.

Yeon-woo lowered his hand down and hid his navel.

And that night, Yeon-woo, who stands in front of the mirror after taking a shower, finds a bigger shock mark than the protruding navel.


There was a white crack in the lower abdomen, the skin that supported the baby.

The flesh of the place, which was not visible to the eyes, has burst.

Still, I thought I was applying it properly, but I was only applying it where I could see it the whole time.

Yeonwoo took out the whipped cream and applied it to her lower abdomen.

Will applying this cream make me gain weight again? The ship will get bigger.

I can't believe I already have chapped flesh when I'm 7 months pregnant. How much will he/she grow in the remaining three months?

I was so worried that I dressed up and examined my clothes.

Maybe it was after checking the stretch marks, but the ship looked more saggy.


"I'm here."

Seonjae, who returned from work, approached from behind and grabbed his shoulder.

She, who was worried, was flabbergasted.

"You scared me."

"Sorry, sorry."

Seon-jae comforted his scolding wife and kissed her on the cheek.

Yeonwoo looked in the mirror again.

I didn't look pretty in the mirror.

On the other hand, my husband is getting more handsome day by day.

If I were handsome the day before yesterday, I would be more handsome today, so I would be more handsome tomorrow.

I'm going to be even more depressed tomorrow.

"Did you have dinner?”

"Yes, honey. Did you eat?"”

"I ate."

Yeonwoo answered sullenly and went to bed.

Sun-jae, who noticed that Yeon-woo was in a low pressure, changed his clothes and talked to him.

"Honey, do you want me to tell you something funny?”


"Kijun has a baby, too."

"Oh, really?"

"The scheduled date is April next year."

It's good news, but I don't know if it's an interesting story.

Yeon-woo couldn't smile and nodded.

"It must be hard…… Second…….”

There are people who are good at raising one and preparing for the second, but I shouldn't complain.

Pregnancy is a blessing, but you shouldn't complain.

I haven't had morning sickness. My husband and parents-in-law are so nice to me. I work but I don't have any stress. The driver comes to pick me up when I commute.

I shouldn't have complaints about such a perfect pregnancy.

I'm happy. I should be happier...….

The reality that I have to inject happiness by repeating to myself that I am happy is somehow a little depressing.

Sun-jae, who recognized her expression, kindly asked.

"What happened to you?”

"No, it's not."

"Tell me—it's all right."


"Or are you disappointed?”

Yeon-woo opened his mouth to his gentle question.

"Honey, I'm upset that you're so pretty."

I'm not jealous, but I'm upset that it's being compared.

He responded mildly and earnestly to her shallow grumbling.

"No, it's not pretty at all. It's only pretty in your eyes."

"No, you think I'm stupid?"

Yeon-woo was a little more annoyed by his answer, which felt a good heart.

"I have a weird figure, a fat chin, and a fattening chin, and honey is getting more handsome by herself day by the day.”

"What are you talking about? You're the prettiest. You and I can't compare. I'm totally old and I have a nasty face."

"No, Saul did! Honey said she's not old.”

Saul never said that.

I just said that Seon-jae's time had not passed until I met Yeon-woo, but now it has been flowing properly.

Yeon-woo twisted it.

"……yes, 31 is not old. You're younger than that."

"But I...….”

Yeon-woo tried to refute more, but she stuck her lips together. I couldn't say more in a tearful voice.

Honey, I don't understand. Honey will never understand.

Yeon-woo, lying back in bed, muttered in a small voice.

"Life is lonely. Life is all alone...….”


The next day, Sunjae went to work and kept thinking about Yeonwoo.

Even in the morning, Yeon-woo's depression didn't seem to recover.

Even if I bought you something delicious, it was useless to ask you to go to a nice place.

When I searched for "depression of a pregnant wife" through a portal site search system, I found various solution ideas.

Buy me something delicious, send me on a trip, give me a present...….

These were the methods suggested by Seonjae last night and this morning.

Another idea was seen in Sun-jae's eyes, who was clicking his mouse thinking that it was a way to travel together and refresh himself.

- Let me meet a pregnant friend, someone I can relate to.

Seonjae sighed for a long time.

None of Yeonwoo's friends are pregnant. I don't have many friends who are married.

Yesterday, Yeon-woo's sadness, saying that life is lonely, stuck in my mind.


It is time to start a social life, develop aspirations, study what you want to do, and develop yourself, and spread your wings solely by investing in yourself.

At that time, you will feel lonely because you got married and became pregnant.

"Would it be better to make friends? There's a slight age difference, but do you want me to introduce you to Mrs. Ki You're pregnant too...….’

Seonjae continued to search the sea of information with anxiety.

"Should I take a leave of absence and stay with you?’

Something sparkled in Sun-jae's eyes, who had been struggling

What's this?

Seon-jae kept an eye on the object that came to mind on the screen.


Sunjae, who called the standard by saying that he had something to ask for, moved with the driver.

Seonjae's car stopped in front of a building in Mapo-gu.

The first floor was a coffee shop and pharmacy, the second floor was a taekwondo academy, the third floor was a pediatrician, and the fourth floor was a building specializing in health and education products, but Seonjae in the elevator pressed the button on the fourth floor.

Why are you going to the health care store? The criteria that followed the Seonjae asked with wonder.

"Why the fourth floor?"

To that standard, Seonjae asked a random question.

"How many years have we known, my friend?"

"We've known each other since high school, so it's been 15 years."

"Yes, and since the moment we first met, you've been my best friend, so we've been best friends for 15 years."

The standard of Seonjae's sly hearing was frowned upon.

"Hey, are you scared? You're quitting your job again, I'll leave everything to you, aren't you saying that? I won't fall for it. If you quit, I'll quit too.”

"Yes, that's what friendship is about. I go to Gangnam with my friend and come to Mapo like this."

"……what scary things is my vice president trying to say?"

While the two talked, the elevator reached the fourth floor.

The glass wall in the hallway, which enters the entrance to the office on the fourth floor, displayed products sold by the company.

Seonjae, who stopped standing in front of one of the products, said.

"Let's wear this.”

The face of the standard of recognizing the identity of what Seonjae pointed to turned white.

"If you put this on and take it off a week later, your life will be happy."

It is a belt that looks like a baby belt, but it is not a baby belt, but instead of a baby pouch on the front panel, you can see a breast model and a large belly.

It was a pregnancy suit.

"I'm embarrassed to do it alone."

"I'm embarrassed if you two do it!"

At Sunjae's amazing request, Ki-joon screamed in astonishment.

He was an unrivaled lover, Hyun Ki-joon, but he was also the head of a company.

I never thought about wearing a maternity suit for a week.

Seons and standards that entered the office learned how to wear them with the help of experts.

"Do I have to dress up?"

Ki-joon asked the expert in a sad voice.

In this hot weather, I was suffocated to wear a robe under my maternity suit.

"If you just wear a suit, you may get back pain. I have to carry a 7kg pouch, so it'll be hard without a lap top."

"That's seven kilograms.”

"It weighs 8kg up to your chest."

Meanwhile, Seon-jae and Ki-joon laughed at each other.

It was funny for each other to have pregnant women's breasts.

"If I wear this, people will look at me.”

"That's part of the experience."

At the lament of the standard, experts began to explain.

"When you get pregnant, you lose your organs. I'm full outside and I start to feel uncomfortable. My stomach is uncomfortable, but my eyes get uncomfortable. That's how you have to endure people's attention until you give birth. If you keep that in mind, the experience of experience clothes is about half the time. It's uncomfortable to look at and weigh, but it doesn't reposition the organs."

Seonjae asked the expert's explanation.

"……you're losing your organs?”

"Yes, women are smaller than men, and even babies are inside, so if you want to make that space, you'll have to lose your organs. When it's full, your rectum will be pressed and you'll have reflux esophagitis."

"Are you losing your esophagus?”

"It's not that the esophagus is pushed out, but that's because the organs are pushed out a little bit by bit.

Seonjae and Ki-joon's mouth opened at the same time as one body.

Both of them were shocked.

On my way back to work wearing a pregnancy suit.

Seon-jae sent a photo of him wearing an experience suit to Yeon-woo.

I was proud because I felt very proud of myself.

As expected, his wife's response was quick. Yeonwoo called me right away.

[What's this?] What is this?]

Yeonwoo's excited voice was nice to see. I felt a little better when I was drooping.

Seonjae explained steadily.

"It's a maternity suit. Kyun and I are going to wear it for a week."


"I thought I'd understand her better if I did this."

[Hahaha] What's that?]

I finally recovered my wife's laughter.

[Will it be okay?] Isn't it uncomfortable? You don't have to suffer from buying it.]

"No, it's okay. We've both been praised by experts for being very healthy."

[But if it gets too hard, stop right away]]

"Okay, don't worry."

Seonjae hung up the phone triumphantly. Ki-joon glared from the side.

Until then, Seonjae was confident.

Rumors spread throughout the company in half a day that Seonjae and Ki-jun wore pregnancy experience clothes.

Reporters have also contacted the secretary's office because they were the first people in Korea to wear pregnancy experience clothes as executives.

Executives, who had frowning at first after seeing the two, also encouraged the company's image.

"That's cool, vice president!"

Some of the female employees who felt comfortable with Seonjae also cheered and cheered.

Ki-joon standing next to him whispered in his ear.

"I'm going to tell Yeon-woo. You're wearing a suit and you're popular with female employees at the company."

"When did I manage my popularity?"

Seonjae smiled back pleasantly.

But pride couldn't beat the discomfort.

Once you sit in front of the desk, the ship touches the edge of the desk.

It shouldn't have been the case from the perspective of a pregnant woman.

I also had to pay attention to my posture so that the desk wouldn't make the baby uncomfortable.

Another problem was that the experience clothes pressed the bladder and often wanted to go to the bathroom.

Organizing clothes in the bathroom was also hard work.

Even if something fell on the floor, I couldn't bend.

I want someone to pick it up, but everyone is staring blankly.

Seonjae had to squat on the spot and pick up things.

It was natural to stand, to walk around, and to sit still in one seat. My back and shoulders are stiff.

I couldn't wait to go home and lie down.

But I had to eat at work because it was the day I was supposed to work overtime.


I couldn't eat!

My appetite ran out as if my pregnancy suit had repositioned my organs.

If you drink a lot of water, you have to go to the bathroom.

It was just two hours after wearing the pregnancy suit, and the rest was a sad day.

On my way home from work. As I reached the entrance of the apartment, I felt a lot of eyes.

It was different from what I received in the company.

What is he wearing right now? Are you a pervert? Everyone glanced at Seonjae.

I thought I'd write 'I'm experiencing pregnancy' on my back.

When I returned home with a heavy body, my wife laughed again.

"Awesome! It looks so good on you! It's the best!"

Seon-jae wanted to smile after Yeon-woo, but his eyes kept getting wet.

"Yeonwoo, I'm going to wash up first."

Yeon-woo, who followed me to the front of the bathroom, asked.

"Do I have to wear it in the shower?”

"No, I can take it off then. I don't want my clothes to get wet."

"Yeah. Do you want me to take it off for you?”

"Will you? Please."

Yeon-woo unfastened the belts according to Seon-jae's guidance.

His bent back was straightened. Seonjae experienced a thrilling sense of freedom.

"Sigh. Yeonwoo."

When the experience suit came off, Seon-jae hugged Yeon-woo's shoulder and leaned in.

Her comfort made me forget my sorrow for a moment.

But soon again I came up with expert advice.

"It can be an excuse to take off your experience clothes during shower time. Limit your shower time to five minutes and wash up quickly and put it back on."

Seon-jae set the time steadily and went into the bathroom.

Five minutes in the bathroom was as sweet as heaven.

But the time in heaven was not long.

After a while, the alarm went off five minutes later, and Seon-jae, who came out of the bathroom quickly, put on her pregnancy suit again.

I felt like I was wearing a depression with my experience suit.

Oh, I want to drink beer. But I can't drink it. I'm pregnant!

And I have to do this when I sleep...….

Before I knew it, Seon-jae was lying on the bed with the same pose as yesterday's Yeon-woo.

The reality of not being able to lie face-to-face was sad again and again.

"Oh, honey. I have good news."

Yeon-woo approached and talked to the sad Seon-jae. It was a bright voice.

"What news?"

"Sara has a boyfriend!"


"My boyfriend is a photographer! They met while working. They say you're tall and slim. You look like a model. And he says he's younger."

"I see."

Seonjae responded in an empty voice.

"Aren't you happy?"

"No, I'm glad."

"Oh, is it because you're tired?"

"No, it's okay."

He had no choice but to cheat and tell his wife to take it off immediately if it was hard.

Everything I've said to her out of the blue has turned into guilt.

"Honey, I'm sorry."


"I'm not saying we should have another baby."

"But if you raise them, you'll get greedy."

"No, it's not.


"I think I know how you feel.”

Yeonwoo held back his laughter and patted him on the back.

It was sad to see him lying down with his back rolled.

He must have whined yesterday, so he must have gotten this trouble. Now her mind is all set free.

It seems that the daily life of this hard-nosed pregnant woman has been half consoled just by his recognition of her heart.

"I've experienced it today, so it's fine. I'm going to work naked from tomorrow."

Yeonwoo whispered with thanks.


However, Seonjae is a sobbing voice.

"I've spread the word to the company. I'm going to wear it for a week...….”


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