Taming Master | Chapter 252 | Searching for the Miraculous Medicine | Part 3

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Chapter 252 - Searching for the Miraculous Medicine - Part 3


Ian's two eyes rounded.

'Fi, finally! This good-for-nothing is evolving!'

Aside from being deeply moved, Ian almost let out a tear.

'Keu, nobody has any idea how much I've suffered up until now raising this punk! Is this the heart of an adult watching their kid finally grow up?'

While having thoughts that Bbookbbook would have extremely denied if he had heard them, Ian continuously stared at Bbookbbook, who was shining.


The blue light that glowed from his shell grew stronger and stronger, and as it did so, Ian's anticipation grew more and more.

'Is he becoming an Abyss Dragon? No. As they said that he needed a cintamani to become an Abyss Dragon, he must be becoming a Turtle Dragon, which is the phase just before that one.'

However, just then, Ian discovered a strange point.

'Huh? But why is only this kid's shell glowing and not his whole body?'

Ian's gaze began to investigate Bbookbbook thoroughly.

'What the hell? This uneasy feeling, that is…'

Generally, when a familiar evolved, their whole body didn't shine from the beginning.

Starting from one place on a part of their body, the light spread and in the end, it was normally the case where their whole body became a white light.

However, the light that spread up to all of Bbookbbook's shell didn't expand any more from there.

Ian stealthily approached Bbookbbook's side as he whispered.

As he felt he might be disturbing Bbookbbook's evolution, he couldn't even speak loudly.

"Bbookbbook, are you in the middle of evolving?"

Ian, had evolved tons of familiars up until now, however this was his first time initiating a conversation with a familiar that was in the middle of evolving.

With an anxious expression, Ian waited for Bbookbbook's answer.

However, just then, from Bbookbbook, who was heavily tensed up throughout his whole body, a very quiet sound that could only be heard if you really listened carefully flowed out.

Bbook- Bbook- Bboo-bbook-.

Ian wore a flustered expression.

"Yo, are you even going 'bbookbbook' while you're evolving?"

As Bbookbbook gave no response, Ian, who was relieved, turned his head.

However, shortly after, Ian couldn't help but frown.

"Bbook, owner. What are you talking about bbook? I didn't evolve bbook."

At the indescribable despondency that crashed into Ian along with Bbookbbook's response, he just fell to the ground on the spot.

It felt as though the exhaustion that was piling up due to hunting without rest for a couple days was crashing into him in an instant.

"Whew, what the hell, Bbookbbook. You weren't evolving?"

At that, Bbookbbook munched on the remaining Devil Spirit Grass that was in his mouth and swallowed before he responded.

"Not yet bbook. However, I feel as though I can finally evolve now bbook."

At that moment, the expression of Ian, who had become depressed from the despondency, brightened up like a lie, as if he was questioning when he ever was depressed.

"Keu, is that so? That's right, right? You can evolve, right?"

Bbookbbook nodded his head.

"That's right bbook. I can evolve bbook."

Ian's words followed through right after.

"Then what are you doing, not evolving right now? Hurry up and evolve, Bbookbbook."

And Bbookbbook vigorously nodded his head.

"Understood bbook! Just believe in me bbook!"

However, there was no way that Bbookbbook, the biggest rising star(?) in Ian's summoner life, would evolve that easily.

A system message popped up unexpectedly in front of Ian's gaze-.


• You have satisfied all conditions in order for Familiar 'Bbookbbook' to evolve.

Up until now, it was good, however…

• The Evolution Quest of the 'Abyss Turtle' has been invoked.

A quest window formed in front of Ian's eyes.


• The Descendant of the Water Dragon (Hidden)

After trying for a long-suffering time, your familiar 'Bbookbbook' has finally met all evolution conditions.

Bbookbbook, who has completed his 'Turtle Spirit' after gathering hundreds of years of the energy of the nature, is finally trying to evolve from an 'Abyss Turtle' to a 'Turtle Dragon'.

Find the 'Seal of the Abyss', which is the last key that is required in order to evolve into a Turtle Dragon, and give it to 'Bbookbbook'.

Quest Difficulty Level: Unknown

Quest Requirement: A user that possesses an 'Abyss Turtle'/Maximum 'Turtle Spirit' level of the 'Abyss Turtle'

Time Limit: None

Reward: The evolution of the Abyss Turtle

*If you reject, Bbookbbook will be disappointed.


Aside from being flustered, not one word came out of Ian.

'No, what the hell is this exactly? This Bbookbbook punk even gives me quests now? No. Is it not that this punk gave me a quest, but rather normally a process that you just need to go through in order to evolve an Abyss Turtle?'

On top of that, the last sentence that came attached at the end of the quest window was easily the highlight.

'For it to say that Bbookbbook will be disappointed if I reject…'

As Ian turned his head around, Bbookbbook was staring at him with sparkling eyes.

"Owner, I need the Seal of the Abyss bbook."

A low sigh escaped from Ian's mouth.

"Whew, alright. This hyung can't disappoint you again, right?"

"That's right bbook. My owner will not disappoint me bbook."

Ian narrowed both of his eyes.

'As expected, this feeling that this punk is the one that gave me the quest…'

Ian slowly nodded his head as he responded.

"Sure, that Seal of the Abyss or whatever, well, I'll get it one way or another. Who knows? Whether it might even be up in the auction house."

Bbookbbook gave a cheeky response.

"You probably won't be able to obtain it that easily bbook."


Anyways, as there was a saying that fair is fair, Ian decided to think positively.

'That's right, at the least, since it is even written in the reward section of this quest of Bbookbbook's evolution, if I just find that seal or whatever, he'll for sure evolve this time.'

Ian, whose despondency settled down a little, mumbled to himself.

"Speaking of which, where exactly should I go to find the Seal of the Abyss?"

As he said so, Kaka, who was floating next to Ian, opened his mouth with a clear voice.



"What do you think about looking for that explorer from back then?"

"What do you mean an explorer?"

Kaka nodded his head as he continued his words.

"You know, that explorer. The one that allowed you to dream of a dream that occurred a thousand years ago… The explorer that is supposed to be the most excelling amongst humans."

Ian, who momentarily thought about Kaka's words, soon clapped his hands as he stood up.

"Oh, that's right! Was it Lilson? If it is that person, then it is possible that person knows something about the Seal of the Abyss."

If it was in order to raise their class proficiency, most of the people with the 'Explorer' class had a case of wanderlust where they would rummage thoroughly through every corner of the continent.

And if it was Lilson, the 1st place ranker who was the most prominent figure amongst them, Ian felt as though he would even have information on the Seal of Water as well.

Kaka opened his mouth.

"You need to meet him no matter what even at least once in order get that 'relic' I brought home before back then, owner."

Ian nodded his head.

"No kidding. He was someone that I needed to go looking for anyways."

Ian began to organize his complicated mind.

'In the end, the user named Lilson will probably become a hidden card that'll carry Bbookbbook's evolution.'

The relic that Kaka carried out from Ian's dream as well, it was an ancient map that held the location of the 'cintamani' anyways.

By finding Lilson and appraising the ancient map, and if he could also find out information about the Seal of the Abyss from him, it was possible that he could evolve Bbookbbook into an 'Abyss Dragon' in one stretch.

"If even that just happened, then I wouldn't hope for any more…"

In front of Ian, who was mumbling, Bbookbbook tilted his head.

"What are you saying bbook?"

Ian shook his head.

"Ah, it's nothing much. I was thinking about how I should find the Seal of the Abyss that I am to give you."

Bbookbbook's words continued.

"As expected, I only have you, owner! Let's quickly go and find the seal bbook. I quickly want to evolve bbook!"

At the cute form of Bbookbbook, who pressed him urgently as he approached Ian's feet and rubbed his head against Ian's calf, Ian burst into laughter.

"Just wait a minute, man. There's a place that we need to go to first before then."

Bbookbbook responded brightly.

"Bbook, got it bbook!"

Ian rubbed Bbookbbook's head once before he opened his quest information window.

'Let's see here, where was the Evil Dragon Khalifa quest again?'

Ian was planning on visiting the Forest of Love where Iriel was first before he went looking for Lilson.

'There's no way that I can lose a hidden quest twice.'

There was no way that he could know the reason as to why this happened, but despite there not being a separate time limit, he failed the Evil Dragon Khalifa quest.

However, fortunately, that quest didn't cease to exist, and instead turned into another quest, and a time limit of ten days was attached.

'Let's see here… Now I have about three days left.'

Ian, who had a lot to do, began to hurriedly move his feet.

* * *

"Euh… This dungeon, why is it this creepy?"

Just a couple days ago.

Ropley, the top-ranking user of the Warrior-class who hit lv 180, was running an ancient dungeon that was in the corner of the central continent.

And, of course, he was not alone.

As it was a dungeon that was known for being infested with the strongest monsters of even the middle area of the central continent, even if he was a lv 180, playing solo for this dungeon was too much.

"No kidding. Our party, I feel like we're already trying for the fifth time, but it's somewhat of a different feeling from the other runs up until now."

At the words of Heria, who was the only Priest-class of their group, the party members all nodded their heads.

"Hmm, it's an atmosphere that's bleak enough that it feels like a portal that leads to the Devildom will open…"

"The Devildom? I feel like it's more like a graveyard instead. This feeling like even a zombie might pop up…"

There was an illusion that seemed like, for some reason, a spooky energy was hanging in the air, and it even felt like the general hue of the dungeon, which originally was a yellowish colour, had turned reddish, but the party continued to hunt.

This was because there was absolutely nothing different from the monsters that appeared.

Bang- Ba-bang-!

"Heria, please send some heals over here!"

"Got it, one moment!"

"Rample, please take care of the mummies that are in the back!"


And as they hunted like that, had about 1 hour passed by crazily?

The party, who stood in the secret room that was in the latter half of the dungeon, wore flustered expressions.

"Huh? Where exactly has the boss that is supposed to be here gone?"

"Hmm? This is the first time that this has happened… Didn't we for sure reset the dungeon?"

"That's what I'm saying."

"By any chance, couldn't it be that the party that ran the dungeon before us just left after taking the boss?"

"That's impossible. If that was the case, then there's no way that the normal monsters that we faced on our way here would have been fine, right?"

However, just then, when the party was at a loss at the unexpected situation.

From the centre of the secret room, where the boss was supposed to form, a bright red current began to form out of nowhere.

Ropley mumbled with a flustered expression.

"What the hell? a portal to the Devildom seriously opening just like I had said?"

Either way, as they didn't know what was going to happen, the party all began to stare at the red current while grasping onto each of their weapons as they stood anxiously. Shortly after, that red current began to make the form of a giant devil.

"What, what the hell…?"

An incredible greatness began to fill the whole boss room.

However, just then, the devil that appeared right in the middle of the secret room began to slowly open its mouth with a low voice.

• Weak humans.

The party stealthily exchanged glances with each other.

"Just saying… But wouldn't it be best to get out of here quickly?"

"No, no kidding. I can barely take down even a Low-rank magical beast, but that thing looks like some sort of Devil King. Our party will probably get annihilated."

And the words of the devil continued.

• If you trust your soul with me, I will give you a powerful strength.

Following that, one system message popped up in front of the eyes of the party.


• The 'Promise of the Devil' Quest has been invoked.

• If you succeed in completing the quest, you may become a 'True Devil', which is a full devil, and once you accept the quest, you cannot give it up.

• Will you accept the quest? (Y/N)


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