Taming Master | Chapter 253 | Searching for the Miraculous Medicine II | Part 1

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Chapter 253 - Searching for the Miraculous Medicine II - Part 1


• At 00:00, which is 10 minutes away from now, the Devildom server will close completely.

• Once the server closes, all users who are currently logged on at the time will be logged out by force, so we hope that you will log off beforehand.

• Remaining time (00:09:58)

Along with the world system message, a countdown to the shutting down of the Devildom server began.

The users that remained in the Devildom hunted with all of their strength in order to obtain even one more magic stone for those 10 minutes, and it was only when there was about 1 minute left on the countdown before they began to log out one by one.

"Whew, it's a little disappointing, but… Sure, this much is certainly enough."

"That's right, even just by selling these magic stones, we won't have to worry about gold for a while."

"I'm going to fortify everything and go around with all of my equipment having reached full transcendence! If I go running around with shiny equipment then I think I'll have more motivation to hunt."

Like that, the Devildom server finally closed…

• The Devildom server is closing.

• Effective immediately, all of the dimensional doors that are open to move to and from the Devildom will cease to exist, and for the time being, Devildom content cannot be used anymore.

• Also, 12 hours from now, as the Devildom monster wave is going to begin in the four locations that were announced beforehand, we expect you users to prepare everything you possibly can in order to face the monsters of the Devildom.

• Remaining time (11:59:59)

The time that the Devildom monster wave would open was announced.

Each of the users headed towards the locations of the monster waves that they would be participating in, and they signed up for the punitive forces that were in each of the locations as they registered their IDs.

About the time when everybody else was moving around crazily in order to participate in the monster wave like that.

Instead of registering for the monster punitive forces, Ian was heading towards the Forest of Love.

* * *

"Long time, no see, Ian."

Ian, who had arrived at the dwelling of Iriel, smiled sheepishly as he took her outheld hand.

"No kidding, I had been quite busy."

And Ian was able to discover another familiar face besides Iriel.

"Oh, Gripper, you were here, too!"

He was none other than Dimensional Enchanter Gripper, who had given a lot of quests to Ian a long time ago.

"Long time no see, Ian. It seems you have grown to the point of being unrecognizable."

Ian wore a satisfied smile as he nodded his head.

"Since a lot of time has passed since then."

Iriel spoke towards Ian.

"Let's sit down first. There is a lot to talk about."

Ian nodded his head as he sat down, and Gripper as well took a seat next to them.

"Unfortunately, Evil Dragon Khalifa ended up awakening."

At Iriel's words, Ian nodded his head as he spoke.

"Apparently so. They even said that the reason why this dimensional war is happening is because Khalifa had awoken as well…"

At Ian's words, Iriel and Gripper's eyes rounded.

"No, how do you know that fact?"

"Right? Ian, how exactly did you find that out?"

Iriel was the very person that sent Ian to the Devildom.

However, even she couldn't ever imagine that Ian would have gotten all the way into the central area of the Devildom either.

She thought that Ian would have just floated around the outskirts of the Devildom and obtained information, and so, that was why she couldn't help but be surprised of the fact that he knew about the connection with Khalifa and the dimensional war.

Ian wore a bitter smile as he opened his mouth.

"So, you see…"

Ian began to give a brief summary of the incidences that had happened in the Devildom up until now.

'If I spread some information about the Devildom like this, then I'm sure even a little bit of information will come out. Since they are definitely both Legendary-rank NPCs or higher, that is.'

And once the two NPCs heard all of Ian's active role, their reactions were beyond his imagination.

Iriel especially couldn't help but be appalled.

"So… You're saying that amongst the two Devil Summoning Stones that were destroyed recently, you were behind the destruction of one of them?"

Ian frankly nodded his head.

"That's right. I broke one, and the other Devil King Ricardo broke."

He momentarily thought about whether he should lie and say that he had accomplished breaking both of them himself, but as he felt a little guilty, he decided to be honest.

'I feel like even if I lie to an NPC, they'll know.'

Gripper spoke to Ian with a glowing expression.

"Oh, Ian, you were an individual much more outstanding than I expected! After hearing the news that two of the Devil Summoning Stones were destroyed this time, I was incredibly curious as to how that had happened…"

Iriel was also wearing a deeply moved expression.

"I didn't even know about that and instead, I just momentarily resented you Ian, as you didn't contact me until Khalifa had awoken."

A system message popped up in front of Ian's eyes.


• Your Affinity with 'Iriel' has increased by 20.

• Your Affinity with 'Gripper' has increased by 10.

• Because your Affinity with Dimensional Enchanter 'Gripper' is already at max, you have obtained an additional reward.

Ian wore a confused expression.

'What the hell is this? An additional reward? Is this even possible? But they said that they would give me an additional reward DMF, yet why isn't another message popping up?'

Just then when Ian was wondering like that, Gripper began to pull something out from his chest.

"As I've confirmed that you are a hero more exceptional than I had thought of up until now, it looks like I'll be able to leave this item with you now."

Ian held out his hand and took the small pouch that Gripper gave him.

As he did so, a message additionally rang out.


• You have obtained the 'Dimensional Bead' item.

'What the hell is this? The Dimensional Bead…?'

Out of curiosity, Ian immediately checked the information of the item.

• Dimensional Bead

Classification: Miscellaneous goods

Rank: Legendary

*The owner of this bead will be able to frequent dimensions.

*A particular condition must be satisfied in order to use the bead.

*This is an item belonging to user 'Ian'.


Ian, who checked the explanation of the item, wore a flustered expression as he asked Gripper.

"Gripper, how should I use this item?"

"That, you will probably… Figure out when the time is right."


As it seemed like he wouldn't tell him any more even if he asked, Ian nodded his head for now.

"Anyways, thank you, Gripper."

And while the two people conversed, Iriel, who was momentarily silent, slowly opened her mouth.

"So, I'm wondering, Ian."

Ian's gaze turned towards Iriel.

"What is it?."

"In order to stop Khalifa, there's something that we were hoping you would do…"

The second that Ian nodded his head, a quest window popped up.

Because of the information window that sequentially popped up as soon as he closed his item window, Ian felt like he was losing his mind.


• 'The Shadow of the Evil Dragon Khalifa II (Hidden)(Connected)'

For some reason, Evil Dragon Khalifa was released from his seal much quicker than expected.

Thanks to that, just like a thousand years ago, a dimensional war has begun, and soon, tons of destructive devils including Khalifa will overcome the dimension and come to attack.

However, humans have become weaker compared to a thousand years ago, and the destructive devils have become even stronger than then.

In order to stop them, you need the 'Chief Soldier Treasure', one of the 'Seven Treasures' of the 'Wheel-Turning King', which is filled with ancient wisdom.

Enter the capital of the Wheel-Turning King through the dimensional door that Gripper opens, and borrow the Chief Soldier Treasure, which is one of his seven treasures.

Quest Difficulty Level: SSS

Quest Condition: Unknown

Time Limit: None

Reward: Unknown

*This is a quest that cannot be rejected.

The head of Ian, who read through the whole quest, began to hurt.

'What the hell is this? As a matter of fact, I have to evolve Bbookbbook and do a lot of other things as well, but… I feel like I've somewhat obtained an incredibly large-scale quest.'

The only fortunate thing was the fact that there was no time limit.

'Even the quest difficulty level is a Triple-S rank… For now, I should do this quest after I've evolved Bbookbbook.'

There was no way of knowing if the quest would fail on its own again and come to smack him in the back of his head, but right now, the most urgent thing for Ian was to evolve Bbookbbook.

"Understood. I will try to do it."

At Ian's response, Gripper and Iriel's expressions brightened.

"Oh, as expected. We knew that if it was you, you would respond like that."

Ian smirked as he asked back.

"Even I said I wouldn't do it, you would have made me, though."

Gripper wore a flustered expression.

"No, how did you…!"

Ian shook his head.

'How do you think I knew? It says blatantly that it is a quest that cannot be turned down…'

Either way, Ian, who received another large-scale quest, left the Forest of Love with a heavier heart.

"Then, come to the magic tower as soon as you're done preparing."

It seemed like Gripper was talking about his Dimensional Magic Tower that is at the east end of the continent.

Ian nodded his head as he responded.

"Understood, Gripper. Then, I will see you soon."

"Got it."

The next thing that Ian, who left the Forest of Love, did was head towards the central continent.

'Let's see here, from what I saw in the official community, Lilson or whatever that Explorer's name was is in the central continent, right?'

As Ian searched the user's name without hesitancy, he was able to find Lilson.

'Fortunately, he didn't leave his messages on private like I did.'

Ian smirked as he sent a message to Lilson.

• Ian: Hello, Lilson. I contacted you because I had something that I needed to ask, so by any chance, do you have some time right now?

And before not even 5 minutes passed since Ian sent that message, Lilson's response returned.

• Lilson: Ian…? By any chance, are you that famous Summoner user Ian?

Ian, who became embarrassed at the word 'famous', scratched the back of his head as he sent a response message.

• Ian: Yes, well… I don't know if I'm famous, but I am the Summoner named Ian. Since there cannot be duplicate IDs in Kailan, I believe there isn't an Ian besides myself.

• Lilson: Oh, Ian! I always wanted to meet you once! If it is you, then I must make time even if I don't have any and see you!

Lilson's strong reaction was a little burdensome for Ian, but he wasn't in a bad mood.

'It looks like I've become a little famous for sure. Well… Would it be weirder that I wasn't famous after achieving several first achievements?'

Either way, Ian, who became pleased, sent a message to Lilson and set up a meeting place for them to meet.

• Ian: From what I saw on the official community, it looked like you were currently in the centre continent right now, so are you still there?

• Lilson: Oh my god, Ian, did you go into my personal channel and see?

• Ian: Y, yes?

• Lilson: Keu, it's an honour! Of course I'm still in the central continent! No, even if I was in the northern continent or in some frontier of the eastern continent somewhere, I would run to the central continent!

• Ian: Ah… Tha, thank you. Either way, if you are currently in the central continent, do you think you could come to the Lord's Manor of the Pyro Domain?

• Lilson: Of course! I will head over there right away!

• Ian: Yes, then I will see you at the Lord's Manor of the Pyro Domain 1 hour from now.

• Lilson: Yes!

He couldn't tell why, but following his spine, cold sweat poured down.


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