Taming Master | Chapter 254 | Searching for the Miraculous Medicine II | Part 2

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Chapter 254 - Searching for the Miraculous Medicine II - Part 2


Ian, who had immediately headed for the Pyro Domain, entered his room, which was in the Lord's castle.

'I still have roughly about 45 minutes left until the time that I'm supposed to meet Lilson at.'

There was one thing that Ian had to do until then.

'Keu-heu-heut, it's time for me to blow all of the magic stones I've gathered ever since.'

Ian was literally rich with magic stones.

He had so many low-grade magic stones to the point it was truly impossible to count all of them, and he had also gathered close to a thousand intermediate-grade magic stones.

On top of that, it was a situation where he had even obtained thirty high-grade magic stones through the last quest.

As the high-grade magic stone was an item that he even had yet to see with his own eyes while hunting all of those magical beasts up until now, Ian's face was glowing.

Ian took a seat and began the operation after he pulled out every piece of his equipment.

"Let's go! I'm going to hit at least +15 fortification today. I'm going to get through the 2nd transcendence and go straight to the 3rd transcendence!"

Amongst Ian's equipment, the one with the highest fortification level was his Judgment of the Spirit King, which was currently at +9 fortification.

On top of that, because the other items were also a 7-8 fortification, he was planning on making all of his equipment reach +10 fortification at the least.

To be honest, it was alright to see up to this point as an established fact.

This was because +10 fortification was a value that was possible with low-grade magic stones, and he had enough low-grade magic stones to the point that they were endless no matter how many he used.

It was a situation to the point that no matter how atrocious the percentage was, it would be difficult to fail.

'And with the roughly 800 intermediate-grade magic stones that I have in total, I should be able to make at least 2-3 equipment reach +15 fortification.'

It was Ian's goal to use a couple of the high-grade magic stones on the equipment that would have reached +15 fortification afterwards.


After taking a deep breath, Ian began to dump his magic stones onto his equipment diligently.

And like that, 40 minutes, which could be a short amount of time, or a long amount of time, passed by in an instant.

* * *


There was a deep sigh that rang out from some corner of the Pyro Lord's Castle.

With a sunken expression, Ian scanned the equipment that was on the table.

'No, how could there not even be one equipment that has reached 3rd transcendence when I've used up all 800 of my intermediate-grade magic stones?'

Ian wore an expression filled with sadness.

The magic stones, which looked as if there was an endless amount of them, evaporated much quicker than what he first expected, and the result was much worse than what Ian expected.

"I have four that are at +13 fortification, and one that is at +12 fortification. The one that jumped up the best is my Judgment of the Spirit King at +14 fortification…"

Ian inwardly was hoping for 3rd transcendence of all of his equipment.

As not even one equipment did not reach 3rd transcendence when he was thinking that his expectations were quite possible, he couldn't help but become dispirited.

'This is troublesome if this continues…'

To be honest, there was nothing troublesome about the situation he was in.

Since currently, there was only a handful of equipment that had reached 2nd transcendence.

Considering the fact that the equipment with the highest fortification that has been uploaded in the official community is a +11 fortification equipment, Ian's items could be considered ultra-luxury items.

However, Ian couldn't be satisfied.

And his gaze slightly turned towards the corner of the room.

There were the 30 high-grade magic stones that he was not planning on using if he didn't have to.

They filled Ian's pupil.

'Since it's like this already… Should I just do it?'

High-grade magic stones were used for +16 fortification to +20 fortification.

They were fortification stones that were supposed to be used in order to make items reach 4th transcendence.

However, it wasn't like you couldn't use those on items just because they hadn't reached 3rd transcendence.

It was just that the fortification rate wasn't good.

At this point, where there was a hundred-fold difference in the price every time the grade of the magic stone went up, Ian's thoughts were incredibly dangerous.

However, Ian was already focused on this dangerous gamble.

'That's right, what is there to life, anyways? Let's just go all the way.'

With trembling hands, Ian held up a magic stone.

"Let's go!"

Ian shut his eyes tightly.

Ian, who stood in front of the Judgment of the Spirit King that was on top of the table, dumped all of his high-grade magic stones onto it at once.

• You have failed at fortifying the 'Judgment of the Spirit King' item!

• The fortification rank of the 'Judgment of the Spirit King' item has dropped to +13 fortification.

• You have succeeded at fortifying the 'Judgment of the Spirit King' item!

• The fortification rank of the 'Judgment of the Spirit King' item has increased from +13 fortification to +14 fortification.

• You have succeeded at fortifying the 'Judgment of the Spirit King' item!

• The fortification rank of the 'Judgment of the Spirit King' item has increased from +14 fortification to +15 fortification.

• As user 'Ian' has succeeded in +15 fortification, you have obtained a 3rd transcendence-rank equipment.

After Ian checked the message that he had succeeded in reaching the 3rd transcendence that had popped up with the system messages, he closed his eyes with a little calmer heart.

'Still, if it's this much, I've at least gotten my money's worth!'

Firstly, if successful in getting to at least transcendence, it was quite difficult to drop to the fortification level below it.

As that was the case, Ian was able to relax a little.

While he still had his eyes closed, he continued to grab the high-grade magic stones and dump it onto his Judgment of the Spirit King without even checking the results.

Just then, shortly after, Ian felt that something was off.

'Huh? Why aren't the magic stones being used? Have I miscounted? I should have about three or four left still…'

Ian opened his tightly closed eyes little by little.

And just then, when he had carefully checked the system message.

He almost collapsed onto the ground out of shock.

• As user 'Ian' has succeeded in +20 fortification, you have obtained a 4th transcendence-rank equipment.

• You can no longer use high-grade magic stones on weapons that are at +20 fortification or higher.

• You are the first to have produced a 4th transcendence weapon!

• Your Fame has increased by 300 thousand.

The system message shone a golden light.

And the Judgment of the Spirit King floated in front of him while letting out a brilliant sparkle…

Even though he saw it with his own two eyes, he couldn't believe the current reality.

'What, what the hell? Did I really reach +20 fortification with just 30 stones?'

Ian read through the system messages that had passed by.

And he was able to find out what had happened.

'At the end, I hit the jackpot! In one go, it was fortified up by 3 levels!'

Ian felt like he could fly.

'Should I check the fortification result at least?'

• Fortification Result

Offensive Power: 5278-5815 ? 5460-6015

All combat abilities +435 ? All combat abilities +450

Leadership +580 ? +600

Affinity +435 ? Affinity +450


After checking the performance of the fortified Judgment of the Spirit King, Ian froze on the spot.

This was because this was indeed a nonsensical numerical figure.

'This crazy, before I first fortified the Judgment of the Spirit King, its Offensive Power was for sure just slightly above 2 thousand, yet…'

The Offensive Power of the non-fortified Judgment of the Spirit King was exactly 2005.

However, right now, when it was at +20 fortification, a monstrous value of over 6 thousand was born.

'This is a planet destructing weapon!'

Ian grasped the Judgment of the Spirit King which was floating in the air.

If Ian's guess was right, this weapon that was currently in front of his eyes was an item that would be sold at a much higher price than a decent house in Gangnam[1] if it weren't bound to his account.

'Keu, with my current mood, I feel like I could even hunt Balrogs one-on-one!'

Of course, there was no way that could be possible, but there was no mistake that Ian's current Judgment of the Spirit King was the best weapon in the whole server.

Based on the fact that the Offensive Powers of the weapons that were currently up in the hall of fame of the official community were not even at 4 thousand, let alone 6 thousand, that was almost certain.

On top of that, this Judgment of the Spirit King was an evolutionary, legendary weapon that could be evolved to a higher-level item once the additional quest of the Selamus Warrior was also completed.

Ian carefully placed the three remaining high-grade magic stones back into his inventory before he left his room while humming.

"Alright, shall I go visit Lilson now?"

Ian had become full of happiness more than ever before.

It could be considered the same feeling as when you for sure ordered one full chicken, but three or more drumsticks came out.

Meanwhile, Ian had absolutely no idea, but because of the world message that popped up just a moment ago, all of the users in the central continent of Kailan were in a frenzy.

This was because the fact that a 4th transcendence item had appeared had popped up as a world message.

* * *

Manager Lee, who was currently on duty at the customer service centre of the Kailan head office, was to the point he was almost delirious because of the sudden overflow of the hundreds of phone calls.

"Sorry? What did you say? What was a bug?"

• I'm asking you to check and see if the 4th transcendence weapon that Ian had apparently made wasn't a bugged weapon.

"Sorry? There's no way that would be the case. Our Kailan system is…"

• No, this person, this is seriously frustrating. I'm telling you, that weapon is definitely a weapon that he obtained through a bugged play. The fact that a 4th transcendence weapon has appeared at this point in time does not make sense. Others are barely even making 1st transcendence weapons, and right now, if it's a 2nd transcendence weapon, it's being considered top-rank equipment, but for him to have not even a 3rd transcendence, but a 4th transcendence weapon, that doesn't make sense.

However, there was not much of a response that Manager Lee, who was just a consultant in the customer service centre, could give.

'Ah, damn it! What do you exactly expect me to do? I'm telling you, I don't know, either!'

Manager Lee ground his teeth.

'This Ian or whatever, last time, this punk sucked the soul out of the planning team, now this time, he's setting the customer service centre on fire, argh!'

Still, as he needed to give some sort of response, Manager Lee spoke while almost at the verge of tears.

"It, it seems he's just lucky."

• What do you mean lucky, this person! Just leaving this kind of bugged play is playing with the users! You know that?

Helplessly, Manager Lee had no choice but to bite the bullet as he cried.

"Un, understood, sir. We will check it as soon as possible."

• Whew, these LB corp. punks aren't doing their jobs properly!

The user, who raged, ended the call with a snap, and Manager Lee suddenly felt drained.

"Damn it, that Ian punk, exactly what does he do?"

However, Ian was just a good user that just gamed diligently.

* * *

Ian, who wasn't properly aware of what kind of situation he created just a moment ago, was meeting with Lilson at this point where chaos had erupted.

"Hello, are you Lilson?"

Ian, who discovered Lilson, greeted him warmly. And Lilson, who snapped his head around towards him, approached Ian hectically with an expression as if he was possessed by something and grasped his hand.

"Nice, nice to meet you, Ian. I am Lilson."

"Ha, haha, nice to meet you. Thank you for making time for me like this."

Ian offered a seat to Lilson.

"Alright, shall we go sit over here."

However, instead of sitting in his spot, Lilson asked Ian a question as if he was diving in on him.

"But, but, Ian, I just saw the world message that popped up just a moment ago…"


"Have you seriously created a weapon that has reached 4th transcendence just a moment ago?"

At those words, Ian wore a sheepish expression.

'Oh, right. A world message saying that I was the first to have succeeded in that fortification popped up, right?'

Ian nodded his head as he responded.

"Yes, why?"

Wearing an expression that looked as if he was deeply moved, Lilson hurriedly asked.

"By, by any chance, could I see that weapon?"

Lilson was an Explorer.

Explorers were not just interested in ancient relics, history or special items, but they also had a much higher interest in exceptional equipment compared to other users.

As that was the case, Lilson, wanted to check the planet destructing weapon that was the first to be made with his own two eyes.

Without reserve, Ian held out the Judgment of the Spirit King, which had successfully reached 4th transcendence, and held it out towards Lilson.

"This is it here."

At the sparkle of the planet destroying weapon that shone brilliantly, Lilson wore an ecstatic expression.

"Oh… This is exactly that…!"

As Lilson held out his hand, Ian smirked as he shook his head.

"You cannot take the item from me. As this is an account-bound item."

"Oh, I see…"

Ian, who momentarily suffered Lilson's annoyance even after that, was only able to get to the main point after almost 20 minutes or so passed.

"Excuse me, Lilson. There's something that I want to ask a favour from you for…"

"Oh, whatever it is, tell me! If it is something that I can uphold, I will help you no matter what!"

Ian didn't seem to hate that exaggerated expression of Lilson, as he held back his laughter while responding.

"Thank you, then, just one moment…"

And Ian opened his inventory and pulled out worn-out parchment piece that he had left in the corner.

That was none other than the map that held the location of the 'cintamani' that would turn Bbookbbook into an Abyss Dragon.

[1] Gangnam = A wealthy district is Seoul, South Korea. Basically the equivalent to the Beverly Hills of America.


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