Taming Master | Chapter 261 | The Dragon of Abyss, Bbookbbook | Part 3

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Chapter 261 - The Dragon of Abyss, Bbookbbook - Part 3


Bbookbbook stood in front of the shining jewel as if it was paralyzed.

"Bbook… Bbookbbook…"

Ian took a step back and observed what was going on.

'Come on, Bbookbbook-ah!.... lets do it now, please.'

Did the desire of Ian find its way to Bbookbbook?

The shell on the back of Bbookbbook began to shine—it was a bright blue light.

Whoong— Wowooong!

From the corpse that was lying in the back, a light had come out of its body and made its way to the Abyss Seal.

And that blue light's shape became more and more similar to that of a human, and the light filled human opened its mouth.

[Incredible. It still hasn't been more than 30 years since the previous Abyss dragon had left this world…. and yet a new Abyss turtle has met all the necessary conditions…]

The light spoke in a language that Ian couldn't comprehend. After which, the light turned toward Ian and spoke a little more.

[This is the first time for someone to be able to do this task alone…. This surely is a surprise.]

Ian wasn't sure what he was supposed to say. With a questioning look, he looked to the back and spoke, "Yah! Kaka. What is this thing saying?"

Kaka, being the living encyclopedia for Ian, came rushing towards him.

But Kaka, the kind of one who like to show off his knowledge, frowned and spoke, "The Abyss dragon is known to ascend from the heaven only after a thousand years."


"It seems like it has only been 30 years since the last Abyss dragon has passed away. And an Abyss Dragon being a god-like creature can't exist inmore than one dimension, so the new turtle will be born if the Abyss dragon has died for over the period of time."


"And, it is all thanks to Bbookbbook that I got to know this. It takes a minimum of a hundred years for a new abyss creature to form. But in the case of Bbookbbook, it hasn't been more than 30 years, this truly is astonishing."

"Is it so…."

As Kaka had explained it perfectly, Ian rewarded it by stroking its head, which made Kaka very pleased.

'Kaka, I knew that you were always smart, but it seems like you're reaching the master level.'

As far as the third party was concerned, it looked like Kaka was a true slave who gave Ian all the knowledge that he possessed.

On the other hand, the blue soul didn't care about the conversation between Ian and Kaka. It slowly reached its hand towards Bbookbbook.

[I could never think of it… maybe this is truly the act of God for an Abyss Dragon to come this quickly.]


From the palm of the soul, a pure white light flowed out and began to wrap around the Seal of Abyss.

Soon, it started to get brighter with each passing minute, and in no time, it engulfed the whole room.

[As the Monarch of Abyss who protects it… let the new Abyss Dragon be born!]

At the moment the Monarch stopped speaking, the seal that was floating in the air began to come down.

The droplet-shaped jewel began to break, and the cracks that were formed also emitted a strong light.


Bbookbbook looked at the light with its mouth wide open.

And the fragments of the jewel that were in the air were sucked into BBookbbook's mouth.


Ian was looking at this very intently with his fists tight.

'At last!'

In front of Ian's eyes, the system message that he had long since waited for had finally popped up.


[You have cleared the ' Secret Dungeon of Abyss'.]

[You have been recognized by the Monarch of Abyss.]

[You have obtained the title 'Abyss Warrior'.]

[Fame has been increased by 300,000.]

[Familiar Bbookbbook has satisfied all the conditions necessary for 'Seal of Abyss'.]

The whole body of Bbookbbook began to shine with a pure white light.

And Ian was quick to confirm this scenario.


How long had he waited for this?

'After Ly's evolution, isn't this the first after a long time?'

It had indeed been a long time. It was when Ian reached level 20 as a summoner that Ly had managed to evolve.

The shining body of Bbookbbook began to grow larger and larger.

And all the solid light particles started to surround themselves around Bbookbbook.

Ian wasn't able to let go of his fists—probably because he had put a lot of concentration on the evolution happening in front of his eyes.

'Yes, Bbookbbook. Ah, even you will be able to make a meal for yourself from now.'

He remembered about the meatballs that he had bought for Bbookbbook.

Honestly, Bbookbbook was the only familiar of Ian with a unique grade.

Ian knew that, no matter what he would evolve into, Bbookbbook will still have the innate features of his powers.

As such, Ian had expected it to get lesser stats than that of Karceus.

No matter how strong Bbookbbook would get, there was still no way that it would be able to surpass Karceus.

'Surely, you will do better once loyalty is formed.'

But apart from Ly, Ian hadn't been able to spend much time with the others, which made him a little concerned.


At the time when Ian was thinking about his and that…

Bbookbbook had finally evolved.

Bbook was roaring.


[Familiar Bbookbbook has evolved from 'Abyss Turtle' to 'Abyss Dragon'.]

[The familiar has successfully evolved, and skill 'Advanced training' has increased.]

['Advanced Training' skill has increased to LV.9 (87.7% to reach next level.).]

[You summoned 'Abyss Dragon' for the first time. Your fame has increased by 100,000.]

Upon the evolution process being complete, the Monarch of Abyss disappeared into thin air but left a few words before going.

[You will have to meet me again on the day you become a full Abyss Dragon after receiving the Feast of Wisdom.]

Ian, on the other hand, had no interest on what the Monarch of Abyss had to say. Ian was feeling uncomfortable because of the shape and the unusual screams from Bbookbbook.

'Hmm..? What's this? Why does Bbookbbook seem so different?'

The changing appearance of Bbookbbook made a strange sense of incongruity.

BBookbbook did seem like himself, but now it was standing with two feet unlike before. It also had a hard skin on the back, that didn't seem to go well with it.

And small wings that made their way from its skin, the wings were similar to that of Kaka.

'Why did the stomach have to come out like that?'

The appearance of Bbookbbook, in simple words, could be described as a 'fat baby dragon'.

It was bit bigger than that of a baby dragon, but the definite thing was that, this wasn't the appearance that Ian had been expecting.

'Let's stay calm for minute… is this how a familiar is supposed to look?'

Ian, who believed that it was abilities that mattered and not the appearance of a familiar, decided to check the stats.

In less than a second, Ian had opened the stats window of Bbookbbook. He looked at it with unknown sense of anxiety and excitement.


_ _ _ _ _

Bbookbbook –

Level: 196

Classification: Dragon

Rank: Legendary

Category: Lazy


Attack power: 4150

Defense power: 6643

Agility: 1025

Intellect: 825

Vitality: 687525/687525

Unique abilities

-Lazy Dragon ( Passive )-

The lazy dragon that can't fly because of its weight.

As flesh grows the defense and vitality of the dragon also increases. (Each time a soul or spirit is eaten the vitality grows permanently.)

Currently added defense: 2768

Currently added vitality: 258798

-Greedy Eater/ Predator-

The lazy dragon inflicts 1500% damage on enemies and restores self vitality in equal proportion in the battle.

20% of life can taken by swallowing any other dead creatures (Not applicable in the case of Boss monsters and players.)

Once used, it can't be used again until the eaten thing is completely digested.

Cooldown time -3 minutes

-Don't interfere when eating–

It is a dragon that doesn't like to be disturbed during its meal.

When blocking Bbookbbook from having something, a shield will form that will deplete life to 50%.

It also applies when using the ability 'Greedy Eater.'

Once the skill is used, it can't be used for 5 minutes.

-The Blessing of Abyss-

The Belssing of Abyss is a unique ability.

Using the Blessing of Abyss, it can heal any of its allies within a 30 meter radius, anda fixed value of 2%(13750) of health is recovered every 0.33 sec.

While Blessing of Abyss is in use, the castor cant perform other actions, if he does it or is confused, the skill wont work.

Duration 3 min

Cooldown time: 15 minutes.

A dragon with a lot of appetite and laziness.

Likes to eat and hates working.

Favorite meal is 'meatballs'.

- - - - - -

Ian read through the long stats window in a very concentrated and serious manner.

The moment he read the last parts, he couldn't help but feel how ridiculous it was, and Bbookbbook couldn't see his expression as it was behind Ian.

'What is this? Is it possible for an evolution to be this way….?'

The unique abilities of Bbookbbook were unusual characteristics, and even the description of the pet was different.

Ian was embarrassed and flustered at what he saw.

'No matter what, it looks like the original skills of an Abyss Dragon don't seem to be here…'

Bbookbbook walked over to Ian who had a confused expression.

"Bbook! Master! I'm awesome, Bbook!"

Bbookbbook was looking down at its own body in admiration.

Ian fixed up his confused expression and answered, "Ye, yeah, you look awesome, Bbookbbook."

At the praises from Ian, Bbookbbook was so pleased that it was wiggling its butt.

"Bbook but, why am I so hungry?"

"Didn't you have lots of meatballs during the day?"

"Doesn't evolving call for congratulatory meal, Bbook?"

In the end, Bbookbbook was able to win over Ian. It sat down right there while munching into the food with its eyes closed.

Ian, during this time, was looking over at the skills of Bbookbbook once again, and was in concern as to how to put them to use.

'The skills are pretty unique but…. But the stats are definitely more than what I had imagined.'

And if one looked at it, it did look pretty cute.

'And the last ability… The Blessing of Abyss… it seems like the most effective skill of all the ones.'

The most vulnerable aspect of Ian and his party was healing. Priestly classes like Celia could do a good job in healing themselves, but for the others it was a bit lacking.

'Now… if it regenerates 10000 in 0.33 seconds, then in ten minutes doesn't it complete the full health?'

30,000 vitality, the vitality of Bbookbbook was so astonishing.

Because of the skills like 'Lazy Dragon',

Bbookbbook was able to have such a huge amount of vitality.

'Thank god. It is a great thing that this isn't like the form that it had before the evolution… if it is going to be like this, then I wouldn't mind looking after three of these.'

Ian looked at Bbookbbook and smiled.

Though its size is much bigger and it is eating a lot more than before, but it wasn't much different in its character.

Ian felt glad about that,

'Ohmm, Bbookbbook-ah. Seems like your hyung has raised you good all this time!'

But suddenly, Ian naturally moved his gaze towards the things hanging on the back of Bbookbbook.

'The hard shell like skin on the back… no matter how one sees it, it wasn't that good… Couldn't it be just either of it, the wings or the hard skin?'

But at that moment!

The shell on the back of Bbookbbook which was hanging fell down onto the floor with a thud.


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