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Chapter 266 - The Master Slayer - Part 3


Khya- yah- ooo!

A huge commotion rose in the air as the bloody red colored flames flashed into the sky above the battlefield.

"What is that?"

"It is the first time seeing something like that."

"Considering the pressure it is giving out, it could be an advanced class monster!"

All of the users were curious about what was happening. It could be an advanced one because of the majestic pressure that it released and Sekaros was nothing compared to it.

But, Ian was pretty relaxed compared to the other users who were worried and confused.

'Has the time come for me to use the 'Blessing of Abyss'?' Ian already knew the identity of those red flames that terrorized most of them.

'Advanced Master class, Kaifa. In this terrain, Kaifa could be considered as the bird of death.'

The Kaifa was a superior monster that threw its flames at a wide area. Its attack power didn't exceed the level of 250 in battle, but the real problem lied in its wide attack range.

'If a user is at the level of 190, winning this would be a good enough deal, but those who are below the level of 150 are all bound to be burned to ashes excluding the tankers.'

On top of that, most of the users, unlike Ian, had no idea about the skills that it possessed. They were completely helpless.


Ian who was on Pin, flew into the sky and shouted his orders towards the others.

"All gather around!" Ian didn't care as to who the captain of the field was and the user SooHee, who was the designated as captain for today followed Ian's order without even a slight hesitation.

As soon as Ian dropped the command, all the users went in the direction that Ian had asked.

"What? Why are we gathering?"

"I don't know! Let's just move for now! I'm sure Mr. Ian would have thought of something."

After a while, the Kaifa flew over their heads.


And the Kaifa, flying high in the air, began to flap its huge wings.

Hwak- Hwak-!

They knew that the flame that was around the body of the Kaifa would fall down into the ground and all the users in there had gathered into a narrow area thanks to Ian's orders.

"What is this!"

"Shit! It's a wide-range magic!"

"It'll cause some serious damage!!"

"No, what the hell is this? Why did Ian ask us to come here?"

"Kyaah! Ian is going to kill us all!"

The users started to shudder with the flames covering the air but at the very next moment, Bbookbbook sat down on the center of the floor and closed its eyes.


[Familiar Bbookbbook's unique ability 'Blessing of Abyss' has been activated.]

A blue colored tint covered the users and the people that had their life down to a dot due to the flames opened their eyes wide as they watched their vitality gauge.

"No way, what? Something's happening!"

"What is this? I'm a priest class and I have never seen such a Healing technique!"

Bbookbbook's skill 'Blessing of Abyss' was an excellent wide-ranged healing skill that couldn't be or shouldn't be compared to the healing skill of a ranked priest.

Compared to the ranked priest's wide range healing spell, 'Holy Field' this one was had better effects.

'Holy Field' was a spell that needed the caster to prepare but Bbookbbook's heal could be used instantly. And now, in this particular situation, this second case had been a drastic help.

The Kaifa's flame magic had a wide range and their vitality dots could be revived all because of it.

[Suffered damage of 21984 due to the 'Hellfire' of Advanced Master Kaifa.]

[The effect of 'Blessing of Abyss' restored vitality of 13750.]

[The effect of 'Blessing of Abyss' restored vitality of 13750.]

The Hellfire used by Kaifa has typically had a damage range of 10,000 to 20,000 damage points per hit.

There may be a difference depending on the magic and the flame resistance that a user possessed, but the damage wouldn't be much less, especially when that damage would be incurred in a span of 1.2 seconds.

On the other hand, the recovery from Bbookbbook's 'Blessing of Abyss' was fixed to the vitality of 13750. Instinctively, one might think that the amount of vitality healed was much less when compared to the damage one takes, but in reality, it was different.

Because in reality, 'The Blessing of Abyss' could do a full heal in just about 3 seconds.

"I… there's no damage…?"

"If this a long lasting Heal, I will never die unless I die out of boredom!"

"What are the archers doing? Get the flames out of your bodies and use your fire skills!"

With that, all the archer classed and the wizard classed users, even with the lowest ranking abilities prepared themselves to attack.

"Magic Arrow!"

"Destroy Beam!"

More than a dozen of users began to attack the air above them.



After all the hard work that they did, they managed to hit it and eventually, its vitality eventually began to melt away.


All the users cheered as they saw the Kaifa screaming as it turned into dust in the air.

"Yeehaa..! Are you all ready to protect Surangka today?"

"This won't do, we shouldn't fall behind the other players!"

"Keuh, Mr. Ian was just one person but he managed to do all this…! A ranker is a ranker, right?"

"What nonsense is this, are you saying that it was possible just because of Ian. Even a regular ranker can do it."

"What did you say? Are you saying that Ian is the top ranker in the Korean server?"

"I never thought of it this way, but now that I have witnessed it, it seems to be true."

The users were all in their own world, and there was one user who was watching all of them.

'Kuek! Surely, Ian didn't let my hopes down…!'

It was a level 160 user, a top-ranked summoner of the upper class, Ryu Hansu. He was the user who had a misunderstanding with another user regarding the summoner class before the match even started.

Hansu was thinking about what that idiot would have to say now after he had witnessed Ian in battle.

"Excuse me, Sage."


"Did you see the Toboll's contribution ranking for today?"


"Now, Ian had entered into the battle late, and has been here for only two hours, did you see that he's already sitting at the third place?"

At the end of the conversation, the man who bad-mouthed Ian a few hours back scratched the back of his neck.

"Yes, it seems like that."

"What did you say earlier? Didn't you say that he wouldn't even make it into the top 10?


Hansu smiled and asked, "Did you change your mind?"

"I'm sorry, I haven't seen it before, and I was so ridiculous."

Still, today's monster wave had so much time left, and Ian gave an overwhelming contribution to their current pace.

Hansu looked at Ian's contribution and muttered to himself, 'After this battle is over, I should get his autograph. If I go to the weekend party with it, everyone would get jealous of me.'

Hansu was smiling to himself as he moved his foot. No matter how impressed he was of Ian, he couldn't neglect to raise his own contribution.


Yoohyun who was having a leisurely lunch at home took out his tablet and accessed the internet.

"Should I see the official community? It has been a long time since I saw anything."

Yoohyun didn't participate in today's monster wave and since he had plans to eat out with his family, today was his day off.

He was much lazier than Ian could ever imagine!

Yoohyun didn't participate in the Toboldae, yet he was curious about the news related to it, that's why he went to the official community and opened the board.

"Let's see… by now it would have turned into a full-on fighting game."

The Toboldea boards were divided into 4 bulletin boards and the magazine gave one bulletin board for each nation.

And of course, Yoohyun went into the board of the Central regions.

There was a list of the information about the low-level users who couldn't participate in the Toboldae and they were also posting the real-time feed of their battlefield.

[We had a hard time. We are being pushed back even though the most exclusive rankers are on our side.]

[Kue, by the way, when did the Lotus guild become so strong? I thought that there was no one there except for Ian, they seem like they can't be compared to the guilds inside the top 10.]

[Of course, the Lotus Guild is now sitting at the 11th place, but the difference between them and the other 10 can be seen clearly…]

[It was originally a strong guild, and besides, it was fighting alongside Remir and Liviya, it would be weird to call such a guild weak.]

Yoohyun read a lot of posts and had a proud smile. "Huh, Nice. Even if I'm not there, everyone seems to be doing well."

The mystery monster wave, the contents of the Kailan, the whole nation of Korea was intently observing it.

In addition to it, the contributors in the Toboldae and the other real-time participating rankers had their guild's name written right beside theirs, this could bring a little promotion to their guild.

Herz now checked the rankings in the central Toboldae. "Oho, as expected from Fiolan, but are you sure that you would be fine having a similar ranking with Krowan?"

The ranking table that Herz was looking into had up to the 25th rank and it was a good thing because it had two users from the Lotus Guild.

Now, the place that the Lotus Guild was most noted for was the Toboldae, 4 users from it were in the board.

That being said, if Remir and Liviya were included as mercenaries for the Lotus Guild, this would include 4 users at the top 25 rankings.

Especially for the overwhelming presence of Remir, it could boost their fame and put them into 1st or 3rd place.

"Huh, I'll get anxious if I see this again. I need to participate tomorrow and get into the top 50 somehow." Yoohyun who was browsing the board paused for a moment without turning off the tablet. "Should I check out the Sharangka today?"

The Sharangka plains weren't much far from the Lotus Guild, it was the place of their first manor. Hence, Yoohyun was interested in seeing the northern central continent.

'No matter how many points we get, it will still be less, if it wasn't so far, our guild hall would have been there.'

The monster wave in the Central was twice as difficult as when compared to the one in the North, hence, they were able to get more Toboll points.

In fact, the guild had to move because of the most rankers were in the central.

The Toboll point was a cash worthy item that could be exchanged for gold or fame.

But if the monster wave in the North left, it would be dangerous for the Lotus Guild as well.

That had to be stopped.

"Let's see… The situation of Toboll…" Yoohyun entered the bulletin board and clicked on the post of the top-ranked board.


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