Taming Master | Chapter 267 | Finding the Forgotten Empire | Part 1

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Chapter 267 - Finding the Forgotten Empire - Part 1


Yoohyun was completely flustered.

Not quite right, there was no other option for him but to be flustered at what he saw.

Ian—the ID name of Jinsung—was embedded at the top of the rankings for the contribution board

'What is this? He didn't have the time to participate in an urgent quest but has time for the Northern continent?'

Yoohyun scratched the back of his neck and began to read the details of Toboll battles.

'It is a bit of shame that I couldn't fight alongside him in the central continent… But it is fine. I was feeling a bit nervous about the Northern continent anyway.'

Yoohyun sighed out of relief.

Probably because, once Jinsung joined, he would do way much better and be more helpful than a few rankers around there.

If there was anyone who knew about Jinsung other than himself, then that person would be Yoohyun.

'Ah, but what is this? There isn't an overwhelming difference with the 1st? You're just above the second rank with a difference of 1.5, I thought you would do better than that…'

From Yoohyun's point of view, in the Northern continent that had no top ranker, Jinsung's power had to be overwhelming.

The reason he felt disappointed was because the difference between him and the second user wasn't that much. Their contribution was similar.

But there was a part that Yoohyun didn't check into.

It was the fact that it had been only two hours since Jinsung had checked into the Toboldae, while other users have been in there for over four hours.

"Well, there is no need for it be overwhelming just because it is Jinsung…"

Anyway, Yoohyun's concern over the Northern Continent and the Lotus Guild's manor were now gone. He turned on his computer after he was done eating.

He actually thought of taking a rest from Kailan for that day.


[Kyahahahahk-! You humans dare…. Against.... Me…!]

A monster fell down onto the floor after screaming on top of his lungs.

And that was the last boss of the Advanced Master of the 3rd Monster wave, and the users began to cheer.

"Yes! It's over!"

"Yes, it is! It is really done!"

"Ha, today's contribution wasn't a joke. I never thought that the battle would end here in Surangka plains. Moreover, with a contribution of 74%!"

"Exactly! I think we got twice the points than that of yesterday. If it's going to be like this, I can upgrade my position!"

In the Toboldae system, the users were awarded in the end after the battles were completed by calculating their contributions and the points that they had achieved.

And before the final sum was added, the points were placed in a proportional share to that of both the virtual and the human world.

Until now, the users of the Northern continent were handing over all their contributions of the Surangka plains to the other regions, and the Libelia plateaus got to keep about 50 to 60% of their contribution rewards.

But today, rather than being pushed towards the Libelia plateau, the Sunragka plains achieved a tremendous contribution share of over 70%.

And it was all thanks to the users.

"Huh, This is all thanks to Ian."

"Uhm... You can put it that way. I feel like I have no choice but to put my life on the line for the sake of Ian. I was almost gone in the battle today."

"Me too."

While the users were being cheerful and checking out their contribution results and rewards, Ian was also doing the same.

Ian was checking the results window by standing in front of the fallen monster.

Contribution Status of Toboldae –

User Name: Ian

Position: Soldier

Rank: D

Points Possessed: 28563442

Cumulative Damage: 3298749k

Damage per Sec: 220938

Cumulative Recovery: 378988k

Cumulative Kill Points: 4398

Cumulative Damage Ranking: 1st place (top 0.01%)

Damage per Sec: 1st place (top 0.01%)

Cumulative Recovery: rank 16 (top 0.04%)

Cumulative Kill Points: 1st place (top 0.01%)

Final Contribution Ranking: 1st place (top 0.01%)

The final contribution included cumulative damage, recovery and kill points excluding the DPS (Damage Per Sec) rankings.

- - - - - - - - -

Cumulative damage, DPS, Kill points… all ranked first, and this was all thanks to BBookbbook, And in terms of recovery, Ian had ranked in the top 20.

It was definite that the skill of Bbookbbook was much more efficient than that of a Priest in Toboldae, but skill alone wasn't enough to take over a higher ranked Priest, it was only the Heal.

And this kind of result was satisfactory to Ian.

'Phew, I didn't know that I would reach the top position of the rankers… but I got to see the skill Blessing of Abyss in action.'

After confirming the results of the battles, Ian had arranged his inventory and returned to the base camp of Toboldae with the other users.

Now, it was the time for the all-defeating soldier to change his nameplate from rank D to a one with more dignity.

"Khum, Keuh… So, how much contribution do you possess?"

Asked the NPC that Ian had met in the morning.

Ian, who was standing in front of him opened his mouth and told the points that he had gotten.

"A total of 28.56 million points. So, if I use up all my contribution points, what rank will I be getting?"

The NPC looked flustered.

"Wait a minute…just…."

He checked something once; he scratched the back of his neck and answered.

"If you use up all of your 28 million points, you will get an S Rank along with being presented a 'White Seal'."

Ian nodded his head immediately and answered.

"Nice. Let's use it all."

The NPC was flustered once again.

"Really, all of it?"

The reason why he was flustered was because of something else.

If the points were 28 million, and one switches it for Gold, one could get a huge amount of over 2 million. If switched with fame, then one would get fame points of over 150,000.

However, the NPC didn't realize that this user would use all of his points to raise his rank.

However, according to Ian's point of view, 200 million gold or 150,000 fame points were just a tiny amount and didn't matter to him.

According to his calculation, rather than getting that penny in the Toboldae, it seemed like the rank and position would play a more important role in the future.

It was just an 'instinct' that he had after spending so much time in Kailan.

'If my position is high, there will surely be a lot of opportunities to deal with bosses and named monsters.'

And Ian who had decided on it answered firmly.

"Yes, I've no intention of changing my opinion. So, do it quickly."

"Ye... Yes."

The NPC briefly went to a small room behind the barracks and brought out a silver title card.

This was definitely better than the one Ian was given in the beginning.

"Here you are, Mr. Ian. From now on Mr. Ian is an S ranked 'White Seal'."

Ian was handed the status card, and the NPC's tone of responding had also changed.

'HuHu, even with the same title, it looks like lower and upper-rank users are being differentiated.'

The NPC's title was also a White Seal. But he was ranked B, and Ian was S.

Ian had a satisfying look in his face and immediately asked the NPC.

"Right. Thank you. But can I ask you a question?"

"Please ask whatever you wish."

And Ian continued his query.

"How many more positions are there above the White Seal?"

There were two more positions other than a soldier of White Seal.

One was an upper-level S ranked soldier, and the other was the highest level S ranker which would be the 'White Leader'.

Ian was curious as to how high he went in the ranks.

"Well…there are four positions in total. First would be one of the thousands of players, on top of them would be the captain (Ian's position), above the captain will be the commander. And on top of the commander will be the commander general."

Ian nodded his head

"Then how many points should one get to be a commander general?"

The NPC answered.

"That would be about 300 million."

"Hmm… It isn't much than what I had imagined….?"

If it was 300 million points, then it could be collected in 10 to 12 days, if today's pace was carried on.

Considering the difficulty level from today's battle, it would be easy for Ian to get them.

But the NPC wasn't done talking.

"However, it isn't just plain points that the Commander General needs."

"Well? then what else is needed?"

"One would need an object that represents the authority of an Emperor. It doesn't matter if it is the Luspel Empire or the Kaimon Empire. It just needs to be a thing that contains the power of an Emperor. To be a Commander General for this dimensional war, that much of authoritative power is needed."

"An artifact with the Emperor's powers…"

But then, a thought went through the mind of Ian, and he instinctively rubbed his hands.

"Ah, There is another way too."


"The forgotten Emperor the King of Rings[1], his artifacts can be utilized too."

Upon hearing this word, Ian's eyes began to shine.


Ian participated in the Toboldae battles for three consecutive days.

He was able to collect around 100 million points and raised his rank to a higher level S rank.

It was the highest rank in the Northern continent, and even in the central, this would be a high enough rank to rule.

It could be considered as a huge achievement considering the fact that he joined the battle a few days late.

And during his three days in the battlefield, Ian thought this through.

'If this… goes on for 20 days, I don't know what to do.'

Ian who had been in the battle, now knew how difficult it was going to be for the normal users to reach the higher ranks.

The level of difficulty that was being presented was different from what was announced at the official homepage.

It has just been the 6th day, and there were master level monsters that were entering the battle, but if this pace continued then it was likely for a Balrog to make its appearance before the 20th day.

'I did well by coming here right after the quest.'

Gripper and Iriel said that they would find the item that could stop the dimensional war.

But Ian didn't know what the exact abilities of the item were, but in terms of how the situation was going on, it seemed very much necessary.

Ian glanced around him and saw the approximate amount of abilities the other users had.

'If I go out of here right now. They will be able to manage for at least one week, the monsters won't reach the users' manor during that time.'

Before Ian had joined the Toboll trope, the northern continent was on the verge of getting caught.

Ian provided the users with the abilities and the skills of all the monster; they could now understand the pattern much better.

Moreover, many named rankers had joined, and their combat ability had improved a lot.

'I won't be raising my contribution points in here anymore, but I'll be back after finishing the quest of Wheel-Turning King. That contribution will be enough to raise my rank.'

It was clear that if he got the other needed things for making Bbookbbook into a full-fledged Abyss Dragon, he would be able to sweep out the monsters more effectively.

Ian made his decision and sent a message to Soohee, the captain of the Toboll group.

[Ian: Miss.Soohee]

[Soohee: Yes. Mr.Ian, What is it?]

[Ian: I don't think I'll be able to participate in Toboll tomorrow. I think the Toboll field is back in your hands for now,]

[Soohee: What?]

[Ian: I have an immediate quest to attend… and I will come back as soon as possible… just hold this field for a week.]

[Soohee: Uhm… is that even possible…?]

[Ian: the users are stronger than when I first came here…. Even if they just try to block them rather than attacking them. Just don't overdo it.]

[Soohee: Hmm… I understand... I'm sure that you have thought this through.]

Ian who had just completed instructing Soohee began to prepare for his move to the Eastern continent.

"The quest shouldn't take away much time…."

In the quest content, it was mentioned that the quest needed to be completed before the monster wave was done.

The main objective of the quest was the prevention of the dimensional war.

So Ian had figured out that this quest was needed to be completed quickly.

'But the question is, how fast can I do this quest?'

Ian went back to the Lotus manor and was preparing to go.

He gathered all the needed necessities and checked the conditions of all his familiars.

Since this was a difficult quest to do, he needed to be thoroughly prepared for everything.

'Nice. Should we start now?'

The Eastern continent wasn't that far so he could go there very quickly by using the portal in the dimensional tower.

Without wasting time, Ian started to move towards the tower, and he arrived in less than an hour.

However, as soon as he arrived at the tower, an unforeseen hurdle was awaiting Ian.

[1] King of Rings : was previously translated as the Wheel-turning King.


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