Taming Master | Chapter 268 | Finding the Forgotten Empire | Part 2

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The Taming Master - Manhwa Novel

Chapter 268 - Finding the Forgotten Empire - Part 2


Kakang! Kang!

A sharp voice resonated in the air.


A man's red sword penetrated through the chest of a monster.



The monster which got its chest the pierced fell onto the floor in front of the man, and the man put up a satisfactory smile.

"Phew, This wasn't such a strong one."

To his amazement, just like his muttering, the monster that fell down in front of the man by a single strike was none other than Haimon.

It was a monster that was weaker than the legendary Devil Dragon or the Balrog, but even so, it was still way stronger for a user to capture.

A system message arose in front of the man's eyes.


- [You have acquired an amount of 850 Magic.]

- [Current magic capacity: 39580.]

- [In order to upgrade to Noblesse, you need an additional 10420 magic points.]

The man who raised the system message was 'Irahan'.

He was one of the users who had received a special quest.

"If I continue at this pace, I can turn into a noblesse in 2 weeks."

The magic points needed to become a Noblesse was 50,000.

But that wasn't all.

After getting 50,000 magic points, one couldn't upgrade and become a Noblesse just yet.

Before the upgrade, the Noblesse had been considered to be way stronger than the Asmodians in the system.

However, this wasn't the only way for upgrading into a Noblesse; there was another way.

And that was to receive the power from a devil or a demon that was within the top 10 ranks.

In layman's term, it was a form of being recognized.

'HuHu, was it 500 users who have died in the dimensional war of Devildom?'

And Irahan received a quest from the Devil King of Destruction, who was in the 10th rank.

If one participates in the Dimensional war and manages to kill 500 human users, then that user would be offered the power to be upgraded into a Noblesse.

And Irahan immediately accepted the offer.

'I'm sure that all the users would be gathering in the grounds like clusters of stars… Not just 500 users, even 1000 users wouldn't be much of a problem.'

Surely, he didn't intend to fight 500 user on his own.

It wasn't the style of fight that Irahan did, as it would be tough to know who had entered the fight and who had left the fight if it was just him.

But it was easy for him to kill 500 users who were in a fight with other monsters and Asmodians.

'Haha… wait a little bit more… wait until I meet the 50,000 magic points needed, then the dimensional war will go down immediately.'

Irahan was in a hurry to fight the users, but before that, he had to hunt the monsters around him.

He didn't take a single break to fill the 50,000 magic points that were needed.


Ian immediately moved towards the magic tower of their dimension to find Gripper.

However, nowhere near the tower could the shadow of Gripper be seen.

'What, where the hell did that so-called gentleman go?'

Ian picked up the connector he had got from Iriel and immediately contacted her.

'This was the item I didn't want to put in the inventory and waste the space, and now it is being used.'

Ian pulled out the crystal ball and activated it, and a very beautiful face of an elf had appeared inside of it.

And that was none other than Iriel.

[Hello, Miss. Iriel.]

[Oh! Mr. Ian, What is it?]

[I have arrived at the magic tower of this dimension, but Gripper isn't here. Is he on your side?]

[It looks like you're all prepared.]

[Yes, I am.]

[Gripper will be right there. Just wait a moment.]

Ian closed his eyes.

[Mr. Gripper, you're still here?]

[Ah… um… the...]

He heard the voice of Gripper in the background.

[I'm leaving right away!]


He sounded like a friend who was late for an appointment. The kind of talk a friend would do when he wakes up and walks out of the door.

[Hurry up please…]

Ian turned off the crystal ball and was looking at the scenario while grunting.

"Uh! That was a waste of time. If I knew that this would happen, I would've just taken down a few more monsters at Toboll instead."

The experience would be immense if he did that. Ian felt like he could raise one more rank if he had gathered more contribution points in the field. Ian went into Grippers room near the tower and sat down in the seat of Gripper.

The table in the front of Gripper's seat was very wide and on the top of it were many miscellaneous items.

Ian being the curious cat that he was, started to look at them.

"Could there be some stunning items here? It is a bit messy, and I don't seem to know any of it."

Ian picked up a cube in the size of a soccer ball that was just in front of him.

[Hall of Dreams Cube]

'Huh… Hall of Dreams… seeing this after a long time. If this has such a name, then the grade will be pretty high, right?'

Ian opened the item information.


- - - - - - -

- Hall of Dreams Cube –

Classification – Miscellaneous

Rank – Legendary

* It is a mysterious cube, an artifact that was used by the Ancient Monarch in the Hall of Dreams.

* By placing a few certain ingredients in this cube, one can create rare and powerful potions.

* Items that have been successfully created by this cube are.

Complete Recovery Potion

Power-up Potion

Strengthening Potion

* The Hall of Dreams Cube is a mysterious cube filled with power.

- - - - - - - - -

Ian touched the Hall of Dreams Cube with a face that was filled with interest.

'This looks like a really good item, right? This item is tempting…'

A full recovery potion in the item description was a potion that filled up the vitality of the user to the MAX.

The best form of potion that could be used at least once or twice in any combat situation.

But the potion Complete Recovery was a little expensive, and it was available at the auction house. On top of that, there was another potion in the item list that was much more eye-catching.

'Strengthening Potion… I know that it is a potion that increases your attack power by three times, but what is that power-up potion?'

The potions in the item list all looked great, so Ian looked at the cube for a while and carefully put it down on the table.

'I need to look at all the things that are here before Gripper comes. And if I like it, I will ask him for one. I'm not sure if I can decide on one though.'

Ian, who was feeling grateful on the thought of taking away one of the NPC's goods, began to open up one after the other.

Ian looked through everything that was in front of his eyes and saw two useless wooden sticks.

"Umm… this looks like an item that should be discarded right away. Gripper keeps things like this too?"

Was it about twenty minutes or so?

Ian's eyes came across an item that was so miraculous.

'What is this? A jewel that changes shape..?'

Ian picked up the big jewel that lay next to the table.

The jewel was gleaming with a purple light, and its shape was constantly changing.

To be precise, shouldn't it be said that the light in the jewel was constantly changing rather than its shape?

The overall silhouette was a jewel close to the round sphere, but the patter on the surface was constantly changing.

Ian opened the information window of the item with an expectant expression.

- - - - - - - - -

- Dimensional Magic Power Charger -

Classification: Miscellaneous

Rank: ??

* A Dimensional Magic Power Charger that was developed after a hundred years of research by Gripper.

* Using this Magic Power Charger, it is possible to operate objects that work with the power of dimensions even if the user is not a mage.

* If one has this item, the cooldown of all their skills will decrease by 5%.

(This doesn't apply to the unique abilities of a familiar or a traitor.)

list of items that can be operated with this Dimensional Magic Power Charger are:

-Dimensional Beads

-Dimensional Magic Wand.

-Dimensional Magic Shield.

* This is one of the most cherished artifacts of Gripper.

- - - - - - - - - -

The more information Ian read about the item, the more his eyes began to shine.

'Oh? This is a thing?'

As soon as Ian had reached the point where it was written, 'Operated with' in the Dimensional Magic Charger, his eyes got stuck in there.

At the top of the very list, Ian had found a very familiar item.

"Dimension Beads?"

Ian had opened his own inventory as soon as he saw the name of the item.

About ten days ago, he remembered the ball that Gripper had given to him.

The moment he had pulled it out of his inventory, he checked if it was information, Ian had realized that this bead was the same thing as the Dimensional Bead that was written in the Dimensional Magic Power Charger.

'This is… This is it!'

Ian grabbed the Dimensional Magic Charger in his right hand and the Dimensional bead in his left hand.

At that very moment, a system message came in front of Ian's eyes.


* [You have met the necessary conditions for using the 'Dimensional Bead' item.]

* [The seal of the item 'Dimensional Bead' is released.]

* [Please check the item information window.]


Ian immediately opened the item information window of the Dimensional Bead.

When he had first got that bead, it was said that the bead could be used only when certain conditions were met.

But now the information window was double the original length.

- - - - - - -

- Dimensional Beads –

Classification: Miscellaneous

Rank: Legend

Dimensional Magic Power Charger: 0/1000

* You can move up to 1000M per 1 hp. When one fixes the desired coordinates on a map, the portal opens to that location and the portal will last for 2 minutes.

* If the magic power is 1000, then another instance of the portal to another dimension can be used.

(Cooldown time: 1200 minutes)

* Users can create portals to the location that they have seen before.

* Users cannot create a portal during a battle.

* Users of the class 'Dimensional' can charge their item using their own dimensional power, and those users of the different class can use their magic power to charge their item.

* This item belongs to user 'Ian'.


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