Taming Master | Chapter 276 | Rise in the Status | Part 1

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Chapter 276 - Rise in the Status - Part 1



Ian was blankly staring at the thing that he was holding in his hand.

'What could this be…?'

It had a weirdly captivating effect that couldn't be felt when touching any other items for the first time!

The box which was placed onto the table started to levitate a bit higher with an intense shade of gold light around it.

As the box was moving higher, the outer shade that it had was sucked into the box, and the previously yellow stained box was now beginning to appear in a gold shade.

Kaka who was still next to Ian smiled and chuckled to himself.

"Well, I was half-skeptical about this… but it looks like I'm right."

Ian looked over at Kaka but turned his gaze back towards the wooden box.

The golden light shining from the box was done; the box came back and placed itself into the hands of Ian.

'Is the feeling process done?'

But Ian was a bit uncertain as he didn't see the system message come up, so he began to inspect the item a bit more.

That moment.

The box that was in Ian's hands began opening slowly.


[You have succeeded in evaluating the 'Myth' class relic.]

[You have succeeded in feeling the Mythical class relic]

['Discerning' ability has increased by 5 points.]

['Luck' has increased by 12 points.]

[Obtained the item 'Seal of The King of Rings'.]

[One of the ten conditions required for 'founding the kingdom' has been attained.]

[The current established rate for completion of the kingdom - 30% (3/10).]

[The basic affinity with the NPC's of the Mauryan Empire has increased by 5 points.]

[You have obtained the item 'Seal', fame has increased by 500,000.]

The more he reads the message, the wider and wider Ian's mouth spread.

And it was because he was amazed and surprised at what he had just seen.

'Seal? Seal huh…? The thing I couldn't find in the Central Continent even though I tried searching for it…!'

The kind of play that 90% of the users in the Pyro domain in the Kailan game used was defense.

Till the initiation of the magical dimension war content being introduced, Ian wasn't just trying to level up his familiar Karceus.

On the contrary, Ian was looking for an ancient Seal while clearing out the dungeons in the Central Continent.

If it existed in the hands of a person, one could immediately become a King.

There was a time when two or three users from a community who had said that they had found a Seal in the Central Continent.

There were users who had acquired it from an important point near a magic tower, and there were some users who had acquired it after defeating a Boss Monster from a dungeon.

And Ian too gave it a shot.

Since the Seal is basically an item that belongs to the user account, he couldn't buy it from another user.

'This, this is so huge…!'

In fact, it isn't entirely essential for a king to possess a Seal to establish a kingdom.

There were a total of twenty different kinds of conditions that were needed to be fulfilled for founding a nation/kingdom.

And each condition had different reasons for it to be fulfilled.

And this was because a kingdom could be build up in a night if the Seal was possessed.

Ian looked into the information of the wooden box with a lot of curiosity.

- - - - - - - -

-The Seal of the King of Rings –

Classification -Artifacts

Rank – Myth

Durability - 350/350

* In the past, the King of Rings ruled over Su-Mi-Sa-Zhou for over tens of thousands of years with the Seal.

* The King of Rings with the Seal was a monarch, he was considered as a very powerful king with excellent leadership qualities and achieved the Taipyong Sungdae.

* The leadership qualities of the users who have the Seal will increase by 35%.

* The combat abilities of the users who have the Seal will increase by 3.5%.

* The fame of the users who have the Seal will increase by 1 million ( The increased fame from the Seal cannot be used, and the fame is lost when the Seal is destroyed.)

* Increases the growth rates of the user-controlled country by 30% over a month, following the foundation of the nation.

* Increases the base rank of the citizen to 5 points in the nation of the user with the Seal. (This also applies to the basic levels in the nation.)

Ian who was done checking the information of the item couldn't recover from the shock.

'Well, I guess a Myth class is different…?'

Firstly, all the clauses that were attached to the item were much higher than the legendary ranks, and each of the clauses were like honey.

The fourth clause was like a blessing, it was the option for the nation to shine brightly after the nation has been founded, this was still an option whose effect was still unknown. And Ian was very satisfied with the other three options at the top.

'Increase of leadership by 35%, this so sweet.'

Ian, who had familiars with legendary rankings was always suffering from the lack of leadership.

Moreover, Bbookbbook was the only familiar which didn't need much leadership, but after evolution, it required a lot of leadership.

And with the increase of 35% of leadership, with the total leadership that Ian had, it would be enough to fulfill the role of a leader with two or three of his highest ranked familiars.

Ian patted Kaka's head.

"Kaka, you're the best."

With an arrogant expression, Kaka folded his arms.

"What did I say, master. Told you, you could believe me."

The most honored option for Ian in these was the leadership increase, well the other two options were just as good too.

The second option was to raise the combat skills by 3.5% excluding the equipment worn by the user, and the other option to maintain the fame of 100,000 stably.

'The fame I have is surely overwhelming but… this 100,000 can't be considered as a small amount either.'

No matter how much fame Ian had possessed, there was no doubt that there will be a need for fame to fill up the requirements of the nation.

And if that situation does arise, then the stable fame that Ian now possessed would be of a very solid help.

Ian who was glad with this scenario was curious about a certain thing.

'Umm… But does this Seal of the King of Rings really possess such power?'

And the reason for this question was simple.

Because now, the NPC that Ian needed to meet was the King of Ring himself.

In order for Ian to be able to cross paths with the King of Rings; it was needed for the both to be present in the same dimension, and there would be a need for the artifacts from the existing NPC's antique shops.

But that was just a momentary thought.

Ian didn't think of it as such a huge problem and chuckled to himself by looking at the information tab.

"Kue, great, this is great!"

Ian who had obtained the Seal was screaming out of joy.

Kaka who was on the shoulder of Ian flew to his front, touched the next item and said.

"Master, stop being so engulfed in it and let's move onto the next item."

And Ian who was very pleased with this item, carefully put the Seal into his inventory and picked up the amulet from the table.

It looked like a trinket but with signs of splendid craftsmanship.

"Now it is time to check how good the item my master picked would turn out to be."

At these words from Kaka, Ian couldn't help but feel a bit nervous.

Out of the two items that were picked up from the artifact section, the oak wooden box was picked out by Kaka, and this amulet was picked out by Ian himself.

'Huh… it will be so embarrassing if this turns out to be something strange.'

But it all came down to this… would it make up for the gold that was spent?

In all honesty, it was completely alright even if a worthless item came out of it, but the only problem would be Kaka, who would be very grim about it.

Ian snapped out of his thoughts and began to feel the amulet.


[You have succeeded in evaluating the 'legendary' equipment.]

[You have succeeded in feeling the legendary equipment.]

[The 'discerning' ability has increased by 10 points.]

['Luck' has also increased by 3 points.]

Ian had confirmed about the item through the messages that came from the information window because of his feeling.

And after checking out all the options, Ian sighed out of relief.

"Phew, I'm just glad that it is a good item."

Fortunately, there would be no need for Ian to be humiliated in front of Kaka.

The items purchased from the third floor were guaranteed to be of hero rank, and if this item was anything less than legendary Kaka wouldn't stop making fun of Ian.

Kaka nodded his head in agreement that the item was indeed good.

"It does look good Master. It seems like a good item."

"You think so too? Even if this item is of no use to me, I can put it up for auction and we'll easily get 50 million for this one."

Ian's necklace was a legendary class equipment of the highest grade with options set exclusively for an Ice Mage.

But the best part was that it wasn't an account assigned item.

No matter how extraordinary the other sets of options were—if the item was account assigned, then it would have been a complete waste.

This was because this mage only necklace was useless to Ian.

'I guess I'll just give this to Fiolan at a cheap price.'

And Ian who was done gambling in the antique store came out of it with a proud expression.

Now the place that Ian was heading to was the 'Gate of Test' to meet the King of Rings.


"Huh…? To challenge the entrance exam I must become a Kshatriya class?"

"Yes. A lowly Sudra class can't step into the gate. You guards! Get rid of him!"

"Yes! Leader!"

"Ah, I get it. I can go by myself. Now, Wait…!"

Ian who had arrived at the gate was detained from taking the exam by the guards.

And the reason for it was Ian's rank.

Ian was afraid of going against the guards who were leveled as 400, so he just walked out of there and took a breath.

"Ahhh, What is this Kshatriya? The name itself sounds very ridiculous!"

There was a lot of muttering beside Ian, who was muttering to himself.

It was because Ian had brought out all the familiars on the plain before arriving at the gate.

And this was a possible task because Ian was a citizen of the Mauryan Empire.

Kaizer who was next to Ian spoke.

"Kshatriya is a knight of the empire of Maurya. My lord."

At the words from Kaizer, Ian tilted his head and opened his eyes wide.

"Oh, yeah…? It is a higher class…?"

Kaizer nodded his head.

"Yes. Sudra is the last class followed by the Vaisya, and top of that comes Kshatriya."


Exclaimed Ian.

'Wait a sec, not one but I'll have to go up two ranks to be qualified to enter the gate challenge?'

Ian looked over at Kaizer once again.

"By the way, how is it that you know this information Kaizer?"

Kaizer thought for a moment and shook his head.

"I'm not sure, I just know."

At those words, Ian's heart started to beat fast.

'Oh, then maybe Kaizer would know about how a class is supposed to be upgraded?'

Ian immediately asked Kaizer.

"So Kaizer, do you know what I'm supposed to do to become a Kshatriya?"

And surprisingly, words started to come out of Kaizer's mouth.

"By accumulating the citizen value in the Mauryan Empire."

"Citizen Value?"

Kaizer nodded his head.

"You can enter the Mauryan Empire's military office and register your name and hunt down the monsters that lurk around the outskirts of the Southern Island and raise your Citizen Value."

Ian was nothing less than astonished at hearing all these unexpected words from Kaizers' mouth, even Kaka was very intrigued at the way Kaizer was speaking.

Even Kaka knew about the class system in the Mauryan Empire, but this was the first time that he heard about rising the class level by increasing the Citizen Value.

Listening to all this Ian began to calculate the days he had.

'If I include the time that I have left here… which was not a complete day, I'll have around 10 days to clear the quests here and go back to the Toboldae.'

Ian asked Kaizer.

"Kaizer, do you happen to know where that military office is?"

Kaizer shook his head.

"I don't know that."

Ian immediately took out his map to confirm the location and then moved in the direction he was supposed to move.

With the unforeseen challenges that came on, the time left to complete the quest had become really tight.


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