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Chapter 280 - Party Hunting and The Gateway - Part 2


"Marked Explosion!"

The darkness filled the air that was surrounding the hands of Hoonie flooded towards the boss 'Chiles', and it looked like the boss was getting sucked.

To be more precise, the hits that were done by Ian were the places where the darkness was moving to.

Bang- Babang-!

The three markings of the darkness were left behind after the critical hit done by Ian.

The named boss monster Chiles exploded with a huge kaboom.

[Due to the Mark of Darkness, Chiles vitality has been reduced by 157989.]

[Due to the Mark of Darkness, Chiles vitality has been reduced by 157989.]

Not just the damage that was done by the explosion, but the damage left by Ian was over 150,000 times, and the damage of the explosion was over ten times more than a tremendous destructive attack.

Even if the named monster was over the level of 400, there was no way that it could still hold its ground after withstanding such huge damage.

But surprisingly, Chiles didn't fall.

Although the vitality of the monster was less than 10%, but it still didn't die.

"What? Won't die?"

It was an obvious question, after all the combos that were expected to kill it in a strike, Hoonie was embarrassed.

But Ian was still lost in his own thoughts.

"Bbookbbook-ah! Do it 'Greedy Predator'."

"Bbook- sure- bbook!"

Following the command from Ian, Bbookbbook immediately went over towards Chiles. And his mouth wide in the direction of the named monster.

[The familiar 'BBookbbook' has activated the ability 'Greedy Predator'.]

[The targets vitality is less than 20% of its total vitality, so 'Greedy Predator' has been activated.]


Chiles was screaming and struggling to avoid being sucked into the mouth, and all that wriggling was just clearly useless.

The 'Greedy Predator' skill was a definite attack technique that would be impossible to avoid once it was put into play.

The reason for it was that, if this skill was interfered after being activated, then another passive skill will come into play.

Due to the struggle of Chiles, another ability of Bbookbbook 'Do not interfere when eating' had been activated.

[The familiar 'Bbookbbook' and the ability, 'Do not Interfere when eating' has been triggered.]

[Created a shield with a durability of 343762.]


With the sound of a single gulp, all the vitality of the named monster was sucked out of its body and went into Bbookbbook's mouth.


The body of the named monster had fallen onto the floor and its body turned grey in an instant.

"Awesome! One down!"

Ian and Hoonie showed an awesome play in 10 seconds.

And all the other team members were shocked at what they had just witnessed.

They have all been hunting for plenty of time, but the battle that they had just witnessed in front of their eyes was plain picturesque.

Not being aware, Herz spoke out.

"Keu, this is art!"

Just a time play was not enough for the players to understand what had just happened unless the gamers had a good sense of fighting like this party members did.

And only if you could see it, this was a kind of play that couldn't be helped but admired.

"Wow, there were words that Seal of Darkness of the Black wizard was a worthless skill… I guess it isn't all true, huh?"

At these words from Remir, Hoonie scratched the back of his head and replied,

"Well actually… it is a bit… worthless."


"If Ian hyung hadn't attacked it in the 5 sec, who can pull it off in that time? If it wasn't Ian hyung, then it wouldn't have been possible… its hard to find compatible party members."


As the two were talking, the Seal of Darkness of the Black wizard which was supposed to be a useless skill was finally put into use.

Since Hoonie wasn't able to use this spell much profusely, the level of the skill hadn't reached the third level yet.

Whatever was it, the two had succeeded in a partly coordinated play and went back to fight the other named monsters and the boss monster.


"Keuhhh… Daeri. Can I go and change my panties?"

The user play was being monitored in the LB room.

On the biggest monitor in the room, Ian and his party were being monitored by Kim Yee-hwan, and right next to him was the Na Ji-chan who got hit and honey like harsh words were being spewed at.


"You want to move from this seat and go where? This sh*thead, what have you been doing till now?"

Na Ji-chan sighed and spoke.

"Ah, why are you hitting me~ this is office violence, you know."

Kim Yee-hwan frowned at these words and Daeri responded to the two.

"Yah! Are you asking me because you both can't comprehend? The better he gets, the more night shifts we'll have to do. And you have time to play around like this?"

Kim Yee-hwan was appointed as a substitute by Daeri, he was a talented person who was in charge of the planning works team leader with excellent work abilities.

And even though Naji-chan seems out of place, he was still the ace of the planning team who had a lot of expectations on his shoulders.

It was because Naji-chan's head was full of ideas and curiosities.

"Ah, Mr. Daeri. Doesn't it look like the two of them are using the Seal of Darkness."

"Yeah, seems like it. It was a perfect execution."

"You know that it was the skill that I had planned?"

"I know."

"Do you have any idea to know why I feel so bad that my skill is being used?"

"I know the reason too."

Na Ji-chan was a kind of an awesome game planner.

Since the gameplay was so interesting they couldn't help, but get to think about how efficiently the game was played.

Usually in such a play even if the skills were combined, it would've been hard for the users to show a good play or to execute them.

And that was why he was the only fan that Ian had from the planning team of the Kailan game.

And he didn't mind if it was a night shift, or something else.

For Na Ji-chan, night shift meant that something interesting was going to happen.

He was the only one who usually plans to stay even when there was no work to do, so there was no way that he could not feel glad for meeting Ian.

But his direct superior Kim Yee-hwan was different from Na Ji-chan.

He was a person, who liked his job of being the game planner very much, and game planning is sure as hell interesting, but the only thing he didn't want to do was the night shift.

"By the way, Ji-chan, do you know why I brought you to the monitoring room?"

Na Ji-chan nodded his head.

"Ye, well… regarding the balance of the rankers on the Asmodians side?"

Kim nodded his head.

"Well, I guess I don't have to explain much, good."

"Whatever it may, I feel like this party will be the best way to check the strength of the current rankers. It isn't so easy for the topmost players to be gathered like this."

"This is true."

With that Kim Yee-hwan turned his head to the screen that was right next to him.

In that screen, appeared a user who was performing a quest to become a Noblesse.

And Kim Yee-hwan spoke.

"For three days from this moment, cancel your entire work schedule. You will be in the monitoring room from tomorrow."

Na Ji-chan was watching the Iarahan's battle with an interested look and listened to Kim's words.

"And I'm sure you know what you are supposed to do… analyze the combat power of the Asmodian rankers and the Party of Ian's of the coming three days, and make sure to bring in a briefing on Monday's meeting, got it?"

Once Kim Yee-hwan was done speaking, Na Ji-chan nodded his head.

"Yes, there is a new skill planning too… it gets very clear, this sounds so interesting."

Kim Yee-hwan smiled and responded.

"If you want to, bring a few monitors into the seminar room on the side, and look into the rankings in Shakuran or Ceilon."

Na Ji-chan smiled and nodded.

"Okay! I get it!"

After conversing a few more things, Kim Yee-hwan went back to the planning team, and Na Ji-chan sat down at his table and started to watch videos one after the other.

The eyes of Na Ji-chan went wide at something as he was watching the videos of the users who were performing the quests for the Asmodian.

"What is this? This guy seems familiar…"

After a moment, he took out the tablet and clicked on the user's data.

It looked like a child who had found an interesting toy.

"This… is this going to be much more fun than I had imagined…?"


This was the place that the Asmodians were mostly feared of, a place that even the Devil is wary to walk.

There were two people facing each other on top of the cliff, the place where the very first generation of the magic system was created. But the feelings that their eyes portrayed wasn't the same.

One man was looking down with a stretched out arm, and the other was the opponent who was on his knees, looking up.

"You did good, Irahan."

"Thank you, Devil King."

"You have all the qualifications needed for a true Noblesse. Except for one thing."

"Yes, Devil King. The mission that I was given by you. I will complete and come back soon."

At the words from the man, Irahan—the Devil King nodded his head and answered.

"I trust your words, Irahan. If you complete the last thing, then you'll become a true Noblesse lord in the Devildom. I hope you won't let down my expectations."

Irahan bowed his head and replied.

"I will not let you down."

The tail of the Devil King went up in a swift motion.

"Well, that you should do."

And once he was done speaking, the red winds that had been moved around like twisters started to move around.

And those twisters swirled around Irahan and then dug at his heart.


Irahan was in so much pain.

But in fact, Irahan wasn't really in pain.

The part of taking the quest to become a True Asmodian, the start of the conversation with the Devil King, and all the other series of the development wasn't directly led by Irahan, but these were all automatically spoken and acted by the AI.

The user Irahan was contemplating on how the quest had progressed till now.

'Like this… can I exercise more power than my previous ability?'

The current ability of the Asmodian Irahan was much stronger than the others of the same Asmodian class.

However, there was another problem, the proficiency of the skills was lacking much more than before.

But even then, Irahan certainly felt much stronger than before...

Irahan was waiting for the ceremony to be completed, and his whole body was starting to get stiff.

'Just wait, I'll show all the other people why Irahan is the number 1 ranker.'

When the quest was all finished, Irahan was immediately going to join the Dimensional War.

And it was obvious that his camp would be the Asmodian camp.

'500 people? No, I don't mind a 1000 people. I'll just PK everyone.'

Instead of winning the Noblesse qualifications by competing with other Noblesse Asmodians, Irahan's choice was to PK more than 500 human users.

And a quest message that he had been waiting for had finally popped up.


[You have met all the requirements to proceed with the quest.]

['Blood Pledge IV' quest has begun.]


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