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Chapter 281 - Party Hunting and the Gateway - Part 3


A 'Noblesse' was different from a 'Half-Noblesse'.

A 'Noblesse' came from a pure lineage.

If one was able to learn the skills of an Asmodian and was able to use magic, and wear the items of the Asmodians, then being a Noblesse adds a few more points.

A Noblesse was more likely to advance into the higher levels of Noblesse compared to a half-Noblesse.

Just like Irahan did, it was possible to substitute a mission with a special quest and yet be able to upgrade to a higher level of Asmodian, and then the speed of collecting the magic points would get much faster.

Since there were many factors that were involved, the exact numerical value couldn't be mentioned, but it would be easy to think that the magic collection would be 1.3 to 1.5 times more.

On top of that, the Noblesse class was built with the existing battle stats of a player, so it made the class around 1.3 times stronger.

And in addition to that, there were so many items that specifically belonged to the Noblesse class; it would tremendously benefit the class.

And now, with the event period, anyone could become an Asmodian by taking up a quest for the conversion process; the process wasn't that difficult now.

But why was it that not much chose to convert into the Asmodian class even when it had such huge benefits?

The biggest reason for it was that the users didn't want to lose what they had after struggling so much for it.

Once their class was converted, the users would have to let go of all their current set of skills, and they wouldn't be able to use any of their human-related items.

If there were any guild that the user had joined, then they would be automatically dismissed, and if they had any titles they would all disappear.

This was why the users had difficulty in making a decision regarding this.

But in the official community, the public's opinion was leaning towards the Asmodians.

In any case, it was said that the Asmodians were much stronger than the human race.

And when the public's opinion started to favor the Asmodians, many users who started to take up a quest and turn into Asmodians started increasing at an exponential rate.

But, there was one person who constantly monitored the public's opinion leaning in favor of the Asmodians.


It was Ian who had logged out of the community for a long time; he just shook his head.

For him, the balance between both races was important. The balance would collapse, and he was whining about it.

"No, What is so great about a Noblesse? Why are they all so thoughtless?"

From Ian's point of view, the whole conversion into a Noblesse thing was like… well, just for the powerful skill set and nothing more.

So for Ian, there was no benefit in turning into an Asmodian.

Ian just went on scrolling down the comments as he kept on analyzing all the aspects of an Asmodian; he then suddenly clicked his tongue.

"I don't get it, why breakdown the balance by increasing the battle strength with 30%? From what I know, there is a natural balance. If not, then it would become a tribe with just species and no skill."

There was no definite reason for Ian to think so.

It was because of the existence of a stunt called the 'Anti-Magic power'.

Once a user converted his race to an Asmodian, all the general attacks and skill attacks were affected by the Anti-magic power.

On the other hand 'half- noblesse' magic attacks could get completely blocked by the anti-magic power.

"By converting into a Noblesse, it might take time for a new skill proficiency… but a much stronger anti-magic power could be of help."

The maximum anti-magic power needed was 30%.

In other words, when the anti-magic power reaches its maximum of 30%, it means that the total magic damage from an Asmodian could be canceled off.

And with 30% of the innate anti-magic power, the player could be considered having 130% power. With 30% anti-magic power, the Asmodian's attack would get nullified to an extent. However, without anti-magic power of 30%, 39% of the total power would be reduced by 91%.

"Till now, I have brought out only 27% of my characters unique anti-magic power… if I use a couple of more items and magical devices as a secondary option, it can go up to 40 to 50%."

Ian roughly thought of the anti-magic that he would need if he decided to fight against magic skills. He could probably raise it up to 60% with the right equipment.

In addition, Ian had 5% more anti-magic power than anyone else as he had received that 5% from the GM.

Of course, it wasn't easy to get an item that would harness such power, but it wouldn't be difficult for a user like Ian who had money.

Ian just giggled and turned off the community page.

"Fools… go to the auction house tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, and buy all the legendary equipment that has more than 3% of anti-magic power."

Users still hadn't yet known the importance of the abilities of the anti-magic yet.

It was because the anti-magic equipment was always rare, and it was difficult for a character to raise its basic anti-magic.

Since 1 to 5% of anti-magic didn't have much role in the current battle, most users didn't care much about their anti-magic, so this wasn't an option till now.

Ian recalled the anti-magic items he had.

And when he began to calculate, it seemed like Ian could get up to 70% anti-magic power with the items he had that could be used against the Asmodians.

Well, he surely had to fill up the anti-magic power of his character first till he reached the maximum of 35%.


Ian who was holding the capsule button in front of him laughed at the content he had seen in the community page and felt a little excited.

After the Maurya Empires quests were over, it seemed like users who have converted into the Asmodians could delete other characters.

"Well, the development team isn't an idiot, I'm sure they will make an anti-magic item or something similar to that… but I haven't come across any such items…"

Ian sat inside the capsule and closed his eyes.

It was time to raise his citizen points in the Maurya Empire for 6,000 points.


"Ha… I'm not the only one feeling this, right?"

Hoonie—who was beside Herz—had sweat dripping from his forehead. He nodded and replied.

"Phew, why not? It is dead for sure. Have you really hunted with Ian for a long time already? Why is it so difficult for you to keep up?"

Ian's companions were all on the floor exhausted, except for Ian.

The ones in their best conditions were Remir and Livya.

Remir had been the fastest to adapt as she had recently played in a party alongside Ian, and Liviya didn't really say anything about feeling tired or not.

But the one thing that all the members of the party had was that their faces were all bright.

And of course, the reason for it was that the hellish hunt was over.

Ian got up from the corner and spoke to his party members.

"The remaining citizen points we need is about 170. I think I can do that on my own."

Once Ian was done, Remir smiled and spoke to Ian.

"Phew, you have all worked really hard."

Remir's gaze turned toward Ian.

"This time, I'm glad that I could finish the party hunt without leaving in the middle, Ian."

Ian responded with a slight smile by what Remir said.

"Ha! Haha… looks like Remir, your stamina has gone up."

Herz, whose legs could barely support him, shook his head and spoke to Ian.

"Phew, if you humans keep on hunting like this, then there won't be any more living things in here."

Ian just briefly answered.

"I don't care."


This time Hoonie shook his head and told Ian.

"Hyung, this is so upsetting that we completed the hunt two days earlier. I was hoping to hunt more with you."

Ian once again replied briefly to what Hoonie said.

"Want to do more?"


Once the group was done making jokes and laughing, they all came together then Ian spoke to them.

"You all have gone through a lot of trouble. Thanks to you I was able to do this quest."

Livya who hadn't spoken a single word until now spoke for the first time.

"It is alright. It had been fun."

Hoonie who had seen this went towards Herz.

"Hyung, that woman, she is a little scary, right?"

"I feel the same too…"

Ian—who was laughing a little—spoke.

"I will continue on this road. If you guys want to follow me then you can come or you can shop in the public location, log out and then go back. I would send you back to the Northern continent if I could… but I can't open the portal just yet. The portal will open in two days, so use your free time then let's meet up again here… it doesn't matter even if you want to hunt more."

The party members who had listened to this immediately scattered.

The ones who wanted to enjoy their 5 days of hard work went to the town, and the others who couldn't endure their tiredness immediately logged out.

There was a user in front of Ian.

And that was Levya.

"Levya, you plan on coming with me?"

Levya nodded the moment Ian had asked.

Ian spoke again.

"Wasn't it tough?."

"It was, but I'm fine."

Ian smiled and turned away.

"Well, let's go then, we are short on time."

As Ian started walking, Levya moved along with him, and they both started to move pretty quickly.

It wasn't a bad thing for Levya to accompany Ian.

He could move much safely, quickly and hunt more as well if she was there.


As soon as Ian arrived, he began to use his citizen points to promote his class.


[You consumed 1000 citizen points and was successfully promoted.]

[User 'Ian' from the Mauryan Empire moved from 'Sudra' to 'Vaisya'.]

[Being in 'Vaisya' class, you can now perform business in the Mauryan Empire and purchase buildings.]

[Being in 'Vaisya' class allows you to hire a mercenary from the Mauryan Empire.]

"Okay, next…!"

Ian just dismissed the series of upcoming messages with a single word and promoted his class to the next one.


[You have successfully used 5,000 citizen points to advance.]

[User 'Ian' from the Mauryan Empire moved from 'Vaisya' to 'Kshatriya'.]

['Kshatriya' class, the aristocrats of the Mauryan Empire.]

[Being in the 'Kshatriya' class, you can buy slaves from the Mauryan Empire.]

[Being in the 'Kshatriya' class, you will be given access to Hwangseong.]

[Being in the 'Kshatriya' class, you can now occupy the base of the Mauryan Empire.]

Again, the messages were all being generated one after another, but Ian's gaze was stuck to a single message.

[Being in the 'Kshatriya' class, you are now entitled to challenge the 'Gate of Examination' in the Kapila castle.]

'This is it…!'

It was finally the time to go through the test and meet the King of Rings. He could now get a relic from him and complete all the journeys.

And with the Dimensional Beads, he could always come back to the Mauryan Empire, but this quest had more importance.

'The Cintamani.'

Ian smiled.


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