Taming Master | Chapter 282 | Two Treasures | Part 1

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Chapter 282 - Two Treasures - Part 1


This time when the mysterious monster wave opened, it was a full moon.

It was a definite thing, most of the users were interested in dimensional warfare, game channels, and articles during this period, as these all had stories related to the dimensional war.

And the battlefields that appeared in the largest number of stations in this dimensional war were all situated in the Central Continent.

The monster wave in the Central Continent was definitely larger than the wave in the Northern Continent. There were two waves in the Central Continent, and they weren't that far from each other, so it looked like one massive battlefield. Also, the two waves in the Northern Continent were on opposite sides.

The largest gaming broadcast station YTBC was no exception.

Recently, YTBC's flagship broadcast contents were all related to the dimensional war, and the regular MC's of YTBC Lucia and Hains were sent to the battlefield of the Central Continent.

[Ah, the situation here looks very dangerous.]

[That is true. If it wasn't for Shakaran's orders, half of the Titan guild would have been blown to bits!]

[Oh my! Is the wide area technology so powerful?]

[Yes, it is. I just saw a wide area ice attack which was called the 'Frozen Hell' by Keila an Ice Mage, an awesome skill with very high damage. A level 180 knight with no proper defense would be vulnerable to death.]

['Frozen Hell' is it a skill similar to the skill of the Ice Age class wizards?]

[That could be the case. Though the skill name is the same, the skills performance is not really similar.]

Hains was quite aware of the Kailan game.

When he was broadcasting a game, he always stated what he wanted to do. He was one of the most preferred anchors for the viewers when watching a broadcast.

[Two more hours left until the end of the war for today! Well, will the users be able to protect the Kalonis desert from being taken over by the monsters…!]

Hains raised his voice and kept on explaining the situation of the battlefield.

At that time, a few system messages appeared for the users who were on the battlefield.

Since the anchors were all connected to the game, they could also see the messages without being excluded.


[The first user of the 'Asmodian' race has entered the Dimensional War.]

[User with the 'Asmodian' race will join the 'Magye' camp and fight against the user with 'Human' race.]

[If you manage to win against the opponent user and earn a kill point, you will earn five times the kill points than any normal Asmodian.]

[If you succeed in killing the opponent user, you will get fame points that are proportionate to the target's level (Target's level x 10).]

All the users who have confirmed the messages began to bounce up and down in happiness.

"Well, will we finally have successfully transformed Asmodians enter the dimensional war?"

"It sure looks like that…hope it isn't a joke? 5 points per kill and the fame points are multiplied by 10 times. If they manage to kill a level 150 user then the fame points they would get from that would be 1500, isn't it?"


"But I wonder won't the Asmodian kids be strong?"

"No no, maybe they are weak at this moment? No matter how great their battle stats are, their skill level wouldn't be that great."

"Is that so? So if one spots them, just run straight ahead and kill them for the fame and kill points?"


The users in the battlefield began to wield their weapons much more swiftly than before, and the anchors of the broadcasting station were running out of breath in explaining the situation to the viewers.

And just like that, a new chapter began in the Dimensional War.


"Levya, go back to the meeting point now and rest for a bit. I have a few more quests that I'm supposed to do."

After using up all her Citizen points in the Inn, Levya followed Ian to the Kapila Castle.

It could be that she wanted to see the contents of the newly opened dimension, but Ian was very uncertain.

'Why is this scary woman following me around?'

Even for the game obsessed Ian, Levya seemed like a person with strong stamina.

Even in the most disturbing environment of the game, she didn't lose her balance. She didn't make a single uncoordinated movement till now.

If it wasn't for the Kailan systems content customization for not being able to make big changes from the real world's persona, Ian would have doubted her gender.

That was how great this woman's skills were.

Levya was staring at Ian with an expressionless face and blinked her big beautiful eyes. She then said.

"I have nothing to do for the next two days…you don't think I can help you with your quest?"


The help that Levya offered, was something that Ian felt very grateful about. However, the place that Ian was now going to was the gateway, and it wouldn't allow a party to enter.

Just to be sure, Ian opened the quest window and had no choice but to refuse her offer of help.

"The quest that I'm now going into, it isn't a place I can enter with a party."

Levya just nodded and responded.

"Then there is nothing I can do. Then I'll go and hunt on my own."

Ian couldn't believe what he just heard.



"You are going to hunt again?"

"Yes, is it wrong?"

There were two reasons why Ian felt that her decision was ridiculous.

First of all, all the members of the party were logged out, and Levya still wanted to do a solo hunt. Though the priest class was a class that could manage to do a solo hunt, this class had the least chance to be successful among all the other classes.

Second, she was going to hunt again after just completing 20 hours worth of hunting.

Ian had always done this, hunt then hunt again and some more, so when he met another user with the same personality as his, it felt strange

Ian responded with a bit of awkward expression.

"Ah, no. Then go ahead and do it. There are a few fields around the Kapila castle that can be possibly hunted."

"Sure, Thanks. Then I'll meet you again tomorrow at the appointed place."

Ian nodded.


After answering her question, Ian started to move in the direction of the gateway of the Kapila castle.

However, Levya suddenly called Ian.

"Ah, Ian."


"I'm sorry… but can you just listen to my request?"

Ian began to sweat because of Levya's question, yet he nodded.

"Sure, you have helped me a lot this time so I'll listen to your request."

Levya's face brightened because of what Ian said.

Levya smiled brightly and thanked him.

"Wow! Thank you, Ian."

Ian just mumbled to himself and swept the sweat from his forehead.

'Well, I can't be definitely sure yet.'

Ian turned his gaze towards Levya so he could hear out what she had to say.

"If your quest is done Ian, please help me with my quest."

This was a bit of an unexpected request, but this wasn't so bad to be called strange either so Ian just nodded.

"Yes, I will. But what kind of request is this?"

Levya's face went expressionless when she answered.

"Well, just a quest."


Ian could feel a little discomfort, but he just nodded.

'Well…when did I ever miss a request for a quest…'

Both of them made a promise to help each other, Ian turned away and started walking fast.

And Ian's destination was the Gateway of Test.


Kwang- Kwakwang-!

['Witch sword' skill has been activated.]

[For the time being, all normal attacks will inflict damage on all enemies within the radius of 10m.]

The first 'Asmodian' user has joined the Dimensional War.

And that one was—Irahan. He started to run wild but with an objective the moment he joined the war.

Irahan had a unique ability to control the skills and utilize them effectively, and so he began to massacre the users with the destructive attack skills that he had.

[You have succeeded in killing the user 'Kathryn' from the 'Human' campsite.]

[Kill points +5.]

[Earned 1750 (175x10) fame points.]

Irahan's sword, it was a sword in which part of the Devil Kalifa of Marion was sealed into.

It was a weapon that had the strength similar to that of Ian's Judgement of the Spirit King. It had a lot of magic power which was similar to the Noblesse, and if a user was faced with it, they would be in a helpless situation.

Irahan was currently the most powerful compared to the strongest wizards.

In other words, he was more powerful than any other monster that would appear in the monster wave.

Users were stunned with the strength that Irahan was showing.

"Sh*t, what the hell is that? How can he do that?"

"Did you see that? Users would die instantly whenever that level 175 knight wielded his sword. Does that make any sense?"

Irahan was in a rush.

Since he was once a human user, and he was used to the basics of the party play of the human users, it was definite that he would be able to play in a smarter way than the other monsters and Asmodians who move with an AI.

And since there was no player that could take on Irahan currently, Irahan cleverly used the other Asmodians as much as he could and killed the users by confusing them.

The level was over 200, and the innate stats were 30% from the Asmodians, there was no user who could deal with his agility in this field.

'Keu, this is the taste of PK. Hehe… I don't feel pity for you. I'm sorry my friends.'

Irahan felt glad every time his sword cut through a human player.

Since there was no one who could go against an Asmodian in their correct stage, it was his idea to enjoy this as much as he could.


[Caused damage to the user 'Maudyi'.]

[The damage caused is reduced by 3.56% because of the armor the user 'Maduyi' has.]

[User 'Madyui's' vitality has been reduced by 228900.]

[You have succeeded in killing the user 'Maduyi' of the 'Human' race.]

[Kill point +5.]

[Earned 1880 (188x10) fame points.]

Irahan looked at the system message and laughed.

'These people in the Dimensional war don't even have a set that has 5% anti-magic. Are these guys just plain idiots?'

Irahan wasn't a fool.

On the contrary, he was a very smart and sly user.

And that was why he knew the importance of having anti-magic.

'If they were even a bit wary of the game… 10 to 20% of players in the top rankings will be able to have enough anti-magic, but why haven't I come across even a single player with 5% anti-magic?'

Irahan just smiled at this situation.

That was because users with low anti-magic were like a served meal.

Irahan had a very high attack rate, and the magic damage was a fixed rate.

With the 200,000 magic power that Irahan has, it was natural for users with low anti-magic to just succumb with a single attack.

'Nice, I have already brought down 20 people. At this rate, I can take down around 500 people.'

Irahan smiled and began to move towards the next target.

To Irahan, this battlefield was like a honeycomb with no bees to protect it.

On another side, while Irahan was busy being on the run, the other Asmodians who had just converted began to join the war even though they were already late to do so.

And for the users on the other side, a huge disaster was coming in their direction.


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