Taming Master | Chapter 283 | Two Treasure | Part 2

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Chapter 283 - Two Treasure - Part 2


"No, you are that…! You are that low-life! How dare you come back here again…!"

Asked the guard at the Kapila castle at the gateway of the test.

The NPC guarding it went out of control the moment he saw Ian standing outside the gate once again.

This was because he remembered seeing Ian in front of the gate a few days back.

'What? Why am I a low-life?'

However, Ian just pulled out a brand new identity card, and the situation turned around.

"What a rude thing to say. Now I belong to the Kshatriya class."

The guard who had identified the identification card of Ian's just went dumb.

The status of the Kshatriya was a much higher rank than that of the guards who were only a Vaisya.

The head of the guard who had shouted at Ian bowed his head and apologized for his actions.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't know... we made a mistake. Please forgive me with your kind heart."

As soon as he heard that, Ian thought of something unusual.

'Forgive huh… What if I won't forgive you?'

However, Ian didn't have much time to fulfill his curious questions.

Before the two days that would be needed for the Dimensional beads to charge, he has to take an item that belongs to the King of Rings, or it would take another week for him to return to the human world.

'That can't happen. I need to go back and take first place in the contribution board once again.'

Ian asked the head guard.

"Anyway, can I challenge the gateway of test now?"

The head guard quickly nodded and answered the question of Ian's.

"Yes, surely you can. Mr. Ian, would you like to enter immediately?"

Ian just nodded.

"Yes, I will. There aren't any other rules that I need to be aware of, right?"

"Yes, there aren't. Since I have never entered, I'm not entirely sure… I only know what I hear from those who enter the gate."

Ian just nodded and started to think.

'Well, the system is simple, I like it.'

Ian spoke again.

"Okay, where am I supposed to enter?"

The head guard jerked the guard who was standing next to him, the guard came forward and bowed to Ian.

"Follow me, sir. I will guide you there."

"Thank you."

Ian began to walk alongside the guard, the place that was behind the gate of test that he guided to was a secret tunnel in a huge rocky mountain.



In front of the cave was a magic circle, the guard put a red bead on the magic circle.

And light started to glow from that red bead and so was the circle. The rocks that were blocking the cave started to move with a roar.

Grr- Grrgrr-

The circular rock that was perfectly blocking the entrance of the tunnel started to roll sideways, and Ian entered inside once the door was opened.

"Well, please do your best."

Ian nodded and lifted his head in response to what the guard said.

"Well, I hope so too."

Inside of the tunnel was a very gruesome atmosphere.

Ian immediately summoned all his familiars then checked out their stats.

'It would be nice if the others could come too… these are the kind of quests that they needed the most.'

Ian just grunted and continued to talk.

There was only one road he could take, there wasn't much of a choice.

"Kaka, do you know anything about this?"

Kaka who was slowly dozing off came onto Ian's shoulder and nodded.

Ian had gathered so much information from Kaka in the past, at this point it was natural for Ian to right away ask Kaka anything that he didn't know about.

Kaka who was always ready to speak out her thoughts and knowledge turned her gaze towards Ian and shrugged.

"I also don't know. There is no way I would know everything."


Ian cursed and looked over at Kaka.

It was a little disappointing, but this was an unavoidable situation.

'It is not right for me to depend too much on Kaka.'

Ian started to move again, and the end of the tunnel could be seen now.

But Ian suddenly realized that something was wrong.

"So, Kaka. How do you sleep?"

Kaka was a bit surprised with Ian's question and bounced off from his shoulders and started to fly in front of Ian.

"What... what do you mean master?"

Ian just spoke like a speedboat.

"That's what I mean! You can't possibly sleep, right? And you have never seen this in the past 3 thousand years? So you won't be able to use the Greedy Night Hag. But just now I saw you dozing off, you did—right?"

Kaka looked into Ian's eyes and shook her head.

Kaka was flustered and stutteringly said.


Ian's eyes started to glow fiery red.

"What! Did you lie to me all this while? Now that I see it, it was not written in your information window that you don't sleep…!"

Kaka was taken aback when Ian scolded her for getting caught trying to take a nap.

"That, that isn't it master!"

"Then what!"

"The Karga Phantom clan is a clan that can't sleep."

"Go on."

Ian folded his hands and listened to Kaka's excuses, and Kaka just kept talking.

"Do you remember the old book that we bought at the antique store, master?"

Ian thought about it for a second and remembered the expensive item he had bought in the very beginning, but forgot to check.

'Ah, right. The old book that Kaka brought to me.'

Ian looked at Kaka and responded.

"So what, you saw it… what about it? Thought that I forgot about it?"

Kaka just continued to talk.

"That book is a legendary item that unlocks a special ability that has been sealed."


Ian's eyes twitched because of what he heard.

He knew where Kaka was heading to with this topic.

"The Book of Seiterian…? Was it that?"

Kaka looked at Ian and nodded.

"Yes… yes, master."

"Did you extract that expensive item?"


"And you opened the seal of your last unique ability?"

"Ye… yes, master."

Kaka moved his gaze and put her head down.

Ian just laughed at Kaka's face and thought.

'Even though I didn't get the item in the antique store, he managed to extract that book from the dreams with his ability… it worked out well.'

The Seiterian's Record was a rare item.

Though it was a legendary item, it was still an item that could be dropped. It was very expensive because the demand for this item was much higher than the supply.

The average price of Seiterian Records was about 15 million gold.

Though it was a very expensive item, Ian would have been willing to pay if it meant any good to Kaka, but it was a good thing that Kaka got what she wanted.

'I can't help but feel like I have done something scandalous?'

Ian wanted to make sure if Kaka was willing to hand over the item to him.

"You... owe it to me."

Kaka smiled at what Ian said and replied.

"Hehe, Master. When does a slave owe anything to a master? You're everything to me master."


Ian looked at Kaka and just shook his head.

"So, what is the last skill to be unsealed? Is it anything related to you being able to sleep?"

Kaka nodded.

"Yes, master. I feel like sleep is a very nice thing to do. It tastes like honey."

"Yes. Sleep is good."

Ian impatiently looked into the information window of Kaka's after a long time of not checking it.

- - - - - -

Descendant of the Darkness (Race inherited) (Race specialized) (Strengthening ability)

* Karga phantom, the descendant of darkness, immune to all attacks except for light based attacks. However, if dealt with a light attack, takes 50 times more damage.

Greedy Night Hag (Rare ability)

* Hag is a devil with the ability to make things happen in one's dreams.

Kaka—a greedy hag—will appear with a rare item whenever she's dreaming or enters someone's dream.

Dreaming Devil (Race) (Race specialization) (Evolving ability) (Strengthening Ability)

* Karga phantom, the descendant of darkness, has a life of the eternal time. They are a mysterious and wise race that dominates the darkness, but they were cursed for a lifetime.

So, the clan of the Karga phantom, after studying the Incar for years learned the ability to control their darkness by falling into a state of sadness(sleep). This ability is rare and only a few of the Karga Phantom can use the 'Dreaming Devil' ability; this helps them control the darkness more perfectly.

( Cooldown time – 30 minutes.)

* While 'Dreaming Devil' inherent abilities are activated, Kaka won't be able to do any other task.

* When 'Dreaming Devil' ability is activated, Kaka falls into a singer state, and when Kaka dreams, darkness will fall within a radius of 1Km.(Duration—10 minutes, darkness will spread, and the surroundings will become night.)

* While 'Dreaming Devil' is activated, all the party members attacks will increase by 5%, and all the damage caused by darkness will be reduced by 50%. All hidden enemies within the specified radius will be revealed. (Sneaky loser slows down the movement speed by 30% for 10 seconds.)

* Once the Karga Phantom awakens it gains much more wisdom, and its ability gets stronger.

- - - - - - -

Ian was completely shocked.


Of all the abilities that Ian had seen till now, no other ability had such a long explanation than 'Dreaming Devil'.

Kaka's new unique ability with a long description was overwhelming.

But as soon as Ian read all the lengthy information and options after a long time, he couldn't help but make fists.

'This is all... this is all…! This is all I get for spending 15 million gold!'

This was a hidden card for the assassin class, and Ian could do nothing but worry at what he just saw!

In the beginning, Ian was an assassin ranker who had a PVP.

And he was confident as he didn't have to deal with any more things related to that, but even now Ian was the most considered when it came to dealing with an assassin class.

Summoners were not that good against a poisonous assassin. Assassins were a class that specializes in PVP.

There was always a possibility for an assassin to be in the vicinity of an arena, but it was also possible to deal with such situations, but if in the Dimensional war an Asmodian with a previous assassin class had been met, then he would be able to see through the darkness.

But it would be an entirely different story as one could neutralize the 'stalker' and frighten the assassin.

At least Ian could be sure that there would be no problems for an assassin who lacks specs, and the control would be dropped.

'There could be no such assassin.'

But Ian had accepted that Limlong was a very good assassin with awesome control skills.

However, he was convinced that as long as they maintained their close-relations, such a situation wouldn't arise.

Besides, when Kaka's unique ability was activated, it was clear that Ly who already had power at night would go full-on crazy.

Ian wasn't doing much effort to control his expressions.

'If I show how much I love this skill… Kaka will get way over her head.'

No matter how good he felt, he had no intentions of showing it.

Ian calmed himself and asked Kaka.

"This is certainly good. If it is used well, it would be of great help in a big battle."

Kaka looked at Ian with uncertain eyes in response to his dull statement.

"What is wrong master? What's with the robot-like response?"

But Ian didn't respond and just kept moving.

Kaka grumbled to herself and began to move behind Ian towards the end of the tunnel.

And from there, a situation would unfold that Ian wasn't expecting.


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