Taming Master | Chapter 284 | Two Treasures | Part 3

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Chapter 284 - Two Treasures - Part 3


"Challengers! It has been a long time since the last challenge."

A vacant lot was where the test was supposed to be held.

Ian looked up to get a good view at the ten feet tall giant that stood in front of him.

It would be a bit upsetting to call him a giant, but he was still tall and huge when compared to an average human being.

The giant had a very long beard that extended up to his waist and wore a shining gold armor. He seemed like a leader who had a great lot of ability on his own.

Ian approached him and spoke.

No—he tried to speak.

'What? Did an automatic quest process gets triggered in here?'

Disregarding Ian's will, the quest began.

Ian just started to contemplate with a calmed mind and the quest proceeded.

"I'm called Ian. It is an absolute honor to meet you."

The old man spoke with a satisfied expression in response to what Ian said.

"There hasn't been a remarkable figure in the Maurya Empire for a long time. Our King will surely be blessed to have you."

Ian was wondering, how long was a 'long time'.

'What? Why is he suddenly calling me a 'remarkable person'?'

Ian couldn't understand what was happening, but the elderly man mentioned 'remarkable person' was none other than the fame that Ian had.

Ian's fame, which has never been mentioned or used had gotten over 20 million, and it was now at a whopping figure of 30 million fame.

And the gateway of Maurya Empire had a very close relation to a user's fame.

"It is a joy. With morality, I do things I can for justice."

Ian's hands and legs felt numb seeing the old man.

'What is this, uh… he's giving me goosebumps...'

However, contrary to Ian, Ograd was indeed pleased to meet the user in front of him.

"Well, it is really respectable to live in the world while following the law."

The veteran who observed Ian's words looked at him and spoke.

"Well Ian, it is nice to meet you. I am one of the closest to the Seven great Kings, I'm the suitor of the King of Iron Rings."

He introduced himself as the suitor, and after shaking hands with Ian, he started to move slowly.

"Come along. If you are a person who has built up the merit, then you don't have to go through the tests. I can make you meet the King right away, how does that sound… shall we do that?"

Ian who was listening to the suitor felt something was wrong.

'What? Why the sudden free-pass?'

Ian didn't know why the suitor was giving Ian such a huge favor.

But the next second, Ian said something that shattered his own happiness.

"No. Why would I want such a privilege? I want to prove that my abilities are sufficient to meet the King."

Ian didn't know how to react.

'What! what is this…! That wasn't me! This is invalid!!'

However, Ian's movements were now under the control of AI, Ian could only feel the movements of his eyes and nose.

And the suitor who didn't know the real intention of Ian smiled and replied.

"Haha, I really like you, my friend. Nice. As you wish, you can surely pass my test."

Ian bent his head and answered.

"Give me a chance to prove my worth."

The suitor nodded and replied.

"Good. Then let's start the test right away."

"Thank you."

Ian immediately went into depression but decided to accept this sour reality.

'Yeah, well I guess the AI won't solve the quest. I will end this by passing the test.'

Ian, who was now under the AI of the Kailan was grunting and shuddering.

And after a while, Ian got freed from the AI's control, and the suitor vanished into the air.

"Don't be a fool, Ian."

Ian nodded with an awkward expression and replied.

"Thank you."

And as the suitor began to disappear, Ian noticed five rays of light started to fall down from the sky.

And the rays of light started to take the shape... the shape of monsters.

Ian immediately summoned all his familiars, and they started to look at one another with a nervous face.

'325, 339, 340… overall there are five name monsters between 300~350 level.'

Ian knew that this wasn't going to be easy.

The overall level was much lower than the monsters in the dungeon outside the Southern Island Buju, but all these monsters were named.

And Ian didn't have back up.

Without help from Yankun or Kaizer, these sorts of opponents weren't going to be easy to deal with.

'I guess I'll have to use Kaka's new ability once and for all.'

There was no way to be sure if these monsters were the ones who would use the darkness or attack with dark abilities, but even then Kaka's wide range attack would be of good use.

It would give an increase of 5% in attack power, and Ian had a feeling that Ly would be the best player in this situation.

And before the battle began, the suitor's voice could be heard from somewhere.

[These are the illusion demons that resided in the underground of the Dong-seung Island. They can reflect about 6 to 7 percent of your ability's damage, but they aren't easy opponents to deal with. Be careful and prove your abilities.]

Ian knew from the words of the suitor that he was teasing Ian.

"Uh…uh… how nice it would be if this won't fail."

Ian just grumbled and grabbed his spear.

Ian always liked to fight, but he felt that taking the free pass would have been nicer.

"Okay, I wouldn't have been here if I wasn't capable enough."

Ian ran towards the monsters.

Now if the quest seemed like it was going to end, then this quest was getting harder.


"Nice, awesome."

The red flames were all over the place, and all because of the magic that was happening here and there.

In this place that was filled with mystery, a man was on his knees while facing the Devil King.

"I have given these tasks to many human beings until now, but you are the first person to have completed my task so perfectly. Oh, was there another one?"

The man bowed his head in response to the Devil King's praise, but his expression remained unchanged.

"Thank you."

The Devil king clapped. He turned around and extended his hands.

One of the red crystal that was floating in the air flew towards the hand of the Devil.

The crystal was large, and it had a deep red color. Its colors were similar to a human's blood, and it was flowing inside the man.

"You have shown great capabilities, but you'll have to pay for it."

The Devil King lifted his hand.

And the red crystal that was still floating fell into his hand with a single motion from the Devil King.

"This will be enough reward."

The Devil King reached towards the man, and the crystal that was in the Devil's hand got sucked into the man's chest.

Woong- Woowong!

Then a line of system messages popped in front of the man's eyes.


['Asmodian Blood' has been absorbed.]

The Devil King spoke while looking down at the man whose expression still didn't change.

"You've already accomplished quite a bit, you know."

The man still hadn't said anything, so the Devil King continued to speak.

"Maybe the magic that you have is good enough. Maybe you could have been born into the purest of Noblesse…"

After he was done speaking, he walked back.

Now his role was done.

He disappeared into the darkness after saying one last word.

"I won't say it, but you know what you are supposed to do next. Once you are done, come find me again."

The man answered.

"Yes, I understand."

The Devil King smiled and disappeared immediately. The man after absorbing all the Asmodian blood into his body rose from his position.

His expression changed.

And that was because the AI's control on his character was now lifted, and the user had now full control over his character.

"Okay, this wasn't easy, but the results are good."

The man smirked after checking the system messages that were in front of his eyes.

[You have successfully accomplished the test of the Devil King. ]

[Final grade: SS]

[User 'Limlong' master rank has been converted to 'Greater Asmodian'.]

[You have been given additional 7000 'magic power' which can be used in combat, the ability of the mage.]

[You have been given an additional 4% ofmagic strike rate, which is a new ability in the magic dimension.]

[You have succeeded in becoming a 'Noblesse'.]

[Your race will be changed to 'Asmodian'.]

[You have earned 200,000 fame points.]

[Permanent increase of magic attack rate by 3%.]

[Your damage is permanently increased by 5%.]

The man—Limlong—had a more pleasant expression.

'Is it because I was a half-noblesse that the conversion is so much better than other users?'

The speculation of Limlong was on point.

Before Limlong became a Noblesse, he had accumulated a lot of magic points and was turned to a half-noblesse.

When he became a half-noblesse after putting a lot of effort in passing the Devil's test, he started to become an 'Asmodian'.

Limlong's base was a half-asmodian, but now he would be able to start as a Greater Asmodian after passing the quest of ascension.

The Greater Asmodian was a high rated level which had an additional 70,000 magic points that could be used.

Therefore, Limlong's magic points were now 150,000.

'Was there a need for 200,000 magic points to become a Noblesse…?'

It wouldn't be easy to collect 50,000 magic points, but it would be easier since he had gotten used to it.

'Skill proficiency has fallen to the bottom, but that's not all..'

Limlong opened the information window of his character and checked his abilities. One after the other.

"Okay, It is better than I thought."

Limlong, wasn't in the group that rushed to the conversion quest that had opened up.

He was in the category of those who were concerned about the quests which offered users to convert into an Asmodian.

He was already walking down the road when he noticed that there wasn't a single member of the Oakland Guild along with the guild master Samuel Jean who hadn't turned into an Asmodian.

There was a reason why he was concerned.

The first thing was, like the other users, it was about the skills they worked hard to accomplish.

And the other reason—which was his biggest concern—was the anti-magic stats.

Of course, it was clear that there weren't many users who had even managed to cross the 10% threshold on anti-magic yet. However, as time goes by, this would be a huge disadvantage for the Asmodians as the anti-magic increase.

He stumbled upon an opportunity that made him choose to be an Asmodian.

'I didn't know that I would come across the anti-magic power in an auction house.'

While searching in an auction house, Limlong had unexpectedly discovered an item the 'Cancellation of anti-magic'.

Its figures weren't that high, it was just 2.5%. However, he thought that this would be enough to cope with the anti-magic power in case he had to come across such a situation.

'Once I get 10%, I'll be able to cancel all of the anti-magic.'

And this was how Limlong secured two more of the 'Cancellation of Anti-magic' in the auction house.

He did try to find more of the item, but he could only manage to find two more items in the whole auction house.

The other two items held much fewer stats than the first one that Limlong was using.

Since both of them were legendary equipment, he could manage to get a total of 7% of cancellation.

Limlong thought that he would be able to slash through the users with the amount of cancellation power that he had.

And that was what he wanted to do all along.

With all that he had, he could deflect around 9% of the anti-magic power.

The anti-magic that Limlong could handle because of his character was 7%, and the characters own would give about 9.5%, and 2.5% with the items he had bought.

It was natural for anyone to imagine that it would be impossible for anyone to collect a 30% anti-magic power like Ian did.

'Huhu… After meeting all the conditions I need to turn into a pure Noblesse and then join the dimensional war. I can't keep doing these stuff all alone like a monk.'

Limlong also knew than Irahan was the first to have the information.

After checking his stats, he started to rush and jump out of jealousy.

He felt like he was being served the sweetest of honey right in front of his mouth.


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