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Chapter 287 - Dragon’s Land - Part 1


Ian was surprised in so many ways.

'What is this? How does the King of Rings, the great warrior know Iriel? That too Iriel of all?'

Ian had a lot of questions that he wanted to ask to the King of Rings.

But all that he could do now was to watch.

But Ian's AI opened his mouth and spoke to the king.

"It is an honor to meet the Great Ruler who rules and governs by following the law."

And Ian genuflect when he was speaking, looking at the seated King rose and slowly approached Ian.

The King opened his mouth.

"Stand up. You are also a hero who is respected… who is responsible for the happiness of this world. My Seishoka respects you for the courage shown and justice you provide."

At the end of the words from the King regarding his Seishoka, Ian rose slowly from his kneeled position.

And Seishoka who was beside the King, who kept on staring at him, took the gold box that was on the table and handed it to Ian.

"What is this?"

Seishoka replied to Ian's question.

"Open it. Who knows, maybe it has something that is needed by you."

Ian, to be precise, the AI of Ian opened the box and picked up the contents from inside it.

And the content just filled the palm of Ian.

What was unusual was, there was a small hole in the stalagmites, and there were streaks of light flowing in it.

[Soldier of the Earth]

Ian picked it and spoke with a strange voice.

"This is…"

And the Seishoka opened his mouth.

"Exactly. This is the it. The reason that you came here."

Ian politely thanked him.

"Thank you, my lord. All thanks to this, we will be able to prevent the invasion in our dimensional world."

Both the King and Seishoka smiled and replied,

"It is alright, I hope your efforts won't go in vain."

"I borrowed the power from the God, the King's honor helped me achieve it."


And the two people talked for a long time.

It was a very long story and Ian who was contemplating thought that this was boring and was about to yawn.

'Ughh, it has been 10 minutes already and they are still talking, is this a chatting stage?'

And while Ian was struggling to endure his drowsiness, Ian got control of his character at last.

Ian who felt the release of the AI was surprised.

'What the hell. What is with the sudden release?'

However, Ian was able to calm himself down immediately as he was unconsciously listening to the stories.

And as time went by, the information that Ian needed the most started to come out of Seishoka's mouth.

"It will be the most effective when you think that your army is on the verge of getting victorious, or when you think that your army is in danger."

Ian quickly asked his doubt.

"Can I ask you what outcome will I get from using this 'Soldiers of the Earth'?"

Sheishoka chuckled to himself and answered,

"Of course. When you use this, the great King will send armies of God who will come across the boundaries. And the blessings of the mightiest warriors will be given to your army… you'll be able to vanquish the army of the monsters and win too."

Ian started to get confused.

'Isn't the king the great King? What is all this supposed to me?'

Ian was flustered, Seishoka laughed and explained,

"You don't seem like you have understood me."

Ian replied to this,

"Yes. The King referred to another King, and I was puzzled for a second."

Seishoka continued to speak after that.

"I am the King of the Maurya Empire that the Great King of Rings had established. Firstly, it is a title that all the kings who have ruled the Maurya Empire are given. The true King of Rings means 4 new kings in the present world."


Ian still didn't understand what he meant, but he continued to listen to his words.

"In the new world, the King of Gold, the King of Silver, the King of iron, and the King of Copper. these four people share the titles of the King of Rings. And if use the item that I have given you, one of them might give you their blessing."

Ian felt like he had to something with the item.

'Ahaha, the word 'King of Rings' was just a title. Then what were the four pillars of the King…?'

Ian was curious so he quickly asked Seishoka.

"If so then, the cloisonné pillars aren't the treasure of the King of Rings, but the of the present King?"

Seishoka nodded his head at the question of Ian.

"That is true. The Seven treasures aren't human things. Among the four Kings of the New World, it was made by the King of Gold. This cant be said for certain…"


Seishoka nodded.

"And the seven treasure, they are scattered all over the Southern Island of Buju. And I have one of it with me."

And Ian who roughly managed to get something into his head had a headache.

'So they are hidden somewhere in the outskirts o the South Island Buju; the Seishoka and the king also don't seem to know the full details.'

Now that he had received the Soldiers of the Earth, he needed to quickly evolve Bbookbbook into a True Abyss Dragon.

'The time left for the dimensional beads to charge is about one and a half day, and I need to get the Cintamani before that.'

And Ian spoke to Seishoka,

"Thank you for the info."

"It was nothing."

And after conversing with the Seishoka, Ian was guided back to the magic circle by Machamutra.

And when Ian got to the magic circle, Machamutra spoke for the first time while going back.

"Where are you heading to?"

At his words, Ian opened his eyes wide.

"Can I go anywhere?"

The lieutenant lion nodded his head and said,

"You can go anywhere inside the South Island."

Ian quickly looked into the position where the Cintamani was marked. Then he spoke to the lieutenant,

" 'Seichi', I need to go there. Is it possible?"

At these words, the lieutenant expression changed for the first time.

"Seichi… you say?"

"Is it not possible?"

"No. That place is inside the Southern island cluster… and you can go there through this magic circle."

"Then why…"

Before Ian could complete his sentence, the lieutenant spoke again,

"Why are you going there?"

Ian didn't feel like mentioning the Cintamani and said.

"I have a personal situation to take care of."

The lieutenant still wasn't convinced with Ian's answer, but he nodded his head and spoke,

"I don't know what the situation is, but be careful."


And this exclamation from Ian, the lieutenant spoke in a low but clear tone.

"Because it is the land of dragons."



All the users who were successfully converted into Asmodians came into the battlefield.

The balance of the Dimensional War which had been maintained on a tight leash broke down in a matter of seconds.

The human side started to get pushed back.

In the meantime; the users were coming up with battle tactics, but the moment the Asmodians began to enter the battle, all the tactics began to go downhill.

Clever users began to hunt down the users with the help from the monsters and other Asmodians.

This was beginning to turn into a deadly situation for the human world.


In the Central Continents in the chambers of the Toboldae,

Shakaran hit the table and scraped it.

"The member guilds of the Luspel Empire have turned into Asmodians."

Once Shakran was done speaking, Fiolan who sat on the other side of the table responded with a slight frown.

"Our Lotus Guild is also part of the Luspel Empire… the Luna Guild members from the Kaimon Empire, didn't they also break away?"

At those words, Shakaran's angry expression turned to sorrow.

"I'm sorry, Fiolan. I was speaking about the Splendor and Auckland members."

Fiolan sighed and replied,

"Huh, I admit the second part. That is a scary situation but… two of the three guilds of the Luspel Empire have broken away from the camp…"

It was natural for the two person's expression to be dark. If this same flow continued for at least a week, then the Dimension War will end with the defeat of the humanity.

Shakaran wasn't feeling the worst of them all.

In the face-to-face confrontation with Irahan, he was defeated for the first time.

He didn't lose his life, he didn't see another option but to run away from the 1 on 1 match.

'To beat him, the anti-magic power is essential, but in the current state there is no way for us to stop those maggots from running wild.'

The summit which lasted for 30 minutes had no progress.

It was because the members were all giving up now.

The users were realizing that they were on the defeated side of this Dimensional War, they lost all the motivation.

Only Fiolan had a serious look.

'Ian should come back soon…'

Fiolan was thinking about Remir, Levya, and Herz Hoonie who had all accompanied Ian for the completion of their quest; also was especially thinking about Herz and Hoonie who wanted to raise their rank were doing.

And she knew that the quest that Ian was doing was related to dealing with the Asmodians.

Fiolan was thinking to herself.

'Let's just try surviving for a little while.'



Passing through the magic circle, the darkness went away making the following surroundings bright.

And at the same time, system messages came in front of Ian.


[You have arrived at the 'Seichi plateau – Dragon's land'.]

[You have discovered the 'Seichi plateau – Dragon's land'.]

[For the next two days, all the experience points you got from 'Seichi plateau' will be doubled.]

[For the 2 days from now, the item drop rate of all the monsters in 'Seichi plateau' will increase by 1.5 times.]

By reading the system messages Ian's interest went up, and he mumbled to himself.

'Sh*t… unfortunately, there is no time to hunt now.'

Kaka who heard Ian mumbling spoke to Ian.

"Refrain from recklessness Master. Now isn't the time to hunt. We need to go back to the human dimension and stop the Asmodians."

Ian just grunted.

"I know, idiot. Even I know that."

"It is just that you are a hunting addict."

"Don't spew nonsense. Look at the map and tell me where I should go, okay?"

Ian unfolded the map and handed it to Kaka.

Then a translucent map emerged into the air.

Kaka pointed to the map and said,

"This is where we are, master."

Ian who confirmed it nodded his head.

"I think so."

"And do see that text?"

At the words of Kaka, Ian looked at the map again.

The point that Kaka was down just below the position where Yeoji was indicated, there was something written there in characters that couldn't be read.

"What is this?"

"An ancient language. It says 'Dragon's Altar'. And maybe the Cintamani could be here."

"The Dragon's Altar? Someplace like a dungeon?"

Kaka answered,

"Even I don't know that. Even though I can read the ancient language, this is my first time to hear the word Dragon's Altar."

By the way, at that time Karceus who had been listening to their conversation spoke from the behind.

"Dragon's Altar… I have heard it after a long time."

Ian and Kaka at the same time turned their gaze towards Karceus.


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