Taming Master | Chapter 291 | Dragon’s Altar | Part 2

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Chapter 291 - Dragon’s Altar - Part 2

Ian was a bit flustered.
'What, the guardians have arrived?'
But fortunately, unlike his guess, they weren't the guardians.
Kaka, who regained from the panic, confirmed the creature.
"It is a dragon, Master!"
Kaka seemed like she knew more about the creature, but wasn't able to put them into words.
That was because she didn't have time to waste on Ian at the moment.
'Drako? Why does it look like a giant eel?'
Ian immediately checked the creatures' level and turned his foot.
'A hero rank along with level 420.'
If Ian decides to hunt down this guy, then he would end up using his remaining time.
Nope, there was no way he would have captured the creature in the given time, and this definitely wasn't an opponent that could be won with power.
Ian began to run quickly, Karceus and Kaka also started to follow him.
'Damn it, only if I could summon Halli, then the three would work well.'
Ian meant about the unique ability of Halli which allows him to strengthen his weak powers, but Ian couldn't help it.
Ian still had 10 more minutes to wait before he could summon his familiars.
Kwang- Kwakwang-!
Everytime Ian passed through one of the room—everytime he went through a floor, a single monster always popped out.
Ian had never seen a dungeon as crazy, and as difficult as this one.
'Whenever did one pass through a room and a named monster popped out?'
Levels ranged from 350~450, dozens of monster that came out one after the other and were threatening Ian and his party.
Fortunate thing was that those monsters were big and slow, which meant that Ian didn't have much trouble escaping.
"Karceus, found it yet?"
"The energy of the dark is far now, a little outline is visible, Master."
The subject they were looking into wasn't mentioned because of the urgent situation, but it was natural that the subject they were looking for was the Cintamani.
Karceus ran straight ahead, and Ian also ran using all his power.
The buff that Pin had activated a while back was still intact, so it was a huge help in the situation.
Ian confirmed the time that was left for clearing.
"Sh*t, 1 minute 10 seconds?"
During that time, Karceus who was running ahead pointed to the left and shouted.
"Here, Master!"
In the direction that Karceus pointed, was a strong translucent shield, and from inside it was a faint light shining.
Karceus began to destroy the shield without a moment to spare.
Ian also began to attack the shield with his Judgement of the Spirit King.
Fortunately, the durability of the shield wasn't high.
[Durability of the Protective Barrier reduced by 198024.]
[Durability of the Protective Barrier reduced by 229811.]
[You have succeeded in destroying the Protective Barrier!]
Ian broke through the protective barrier and ripped off the other shields.
And went inside without any hesitation.
There was a high probability that there was a trap installed in there, but they didn't have enough time to worry about all those.
[Remaining time – 00: 00: 37]
'Where are you, please…!'
In the inside where Ian had entered, there were dozens of golden boxes all over the place.
In a glance, one could see that the wall had a line of luxurious equipment, and on one corner of the room was a pile of gold.
But Ian's eyes couldn't see any of this.
What he needed was the Cintamani, and that only.
'Me dying is a fact, I'm nothing less than scrap if I die without finding the Cintamani.'
The time kept flowing.
Every time 1 sec, 1 sec started to get lost, Ian moved around the room very calmly.
At the entrance of the treasure-filled room, Karceus was the only one who was blocking the monsters.
And that wasn't enough.
But Karceus was still alive and that was what mattered the most.
At that time—however, Kaka who was rummaging through the treasure screamed at once.
"Master! There!"
Ian ran like a crazed person and went to the place Kaka pointed.
There was a tall man's pedestal with a red bead on it.
The bead had a bright light shining from it, and Ian remembered.
'The same effect like the Soldier of the Land had…!'
Ian grabbed the bead.
And he summoned Karceus who was on the verge of death.
Ian shouted with eagerness, and a system message appeared before his eyes.
[You have obtained the item 'Cintamani'.]
Ian wanted to cheer for a moment.
It was because this has been such a dramatic scenario.
But he couldn't do it.
The next moment, the whole altar began to shake with a roar.
Grrr- Grrurur-
And the system messages popped up.
[Time limit has completed.]
[Failed to clear the dungeon.]
[The furious Dragon God has descended.]
After Karceus was summoned near him, the dragonkin began to run towards the direction of Ian.
And in front of Ian's eyes, rays of light began to descend upwards.
[Trespass… the humans dare touch the treasure of the Dragon's God…]
A heavy but low bass sounded voice could be heard, Ian who couldn't escape, felt his life was withering.
[Know that dying in my hands is a glory.]
At that time, Ian's vision started to get blurry.
'This dirty feeling… it has been a while.'
But contrary to his words, his mood wasn't so bad.
Because he had finally achieved the Cintamani.
'If the Cintamani isn't an account based item there is a chance that it will drop when I die… that won't happen right?'
Normally, more than 70% of the legendary items have an account based option.
It was obvious that the Cintamani was an item over the legendary grade, and it was definite that this wasn't a tradable item.
With an uneasy feeling, Ian opened the capsule.
"Phew, I can rest a day after a long time."
Ian saw the time after looking out the window.
It was midnight at 4 o'clock.
"I'll have a good night's sleep, and tomorrow after a long time I'll go on a date with Harin."
Ian quickly showered and threw himself onto his bed.
And a moment later, faint snoring could be heard from his room.
"Everyone has come early?"
Levya arrived at the appointed place and smiled as she saw the people who were gathered there.
Remir, who was seated down on the rock nodded her head while rubbing her eyes.
"Uhh, gathering at this ambitious dawn, isn't this a little too much?"
She spoke while yawning,
"Can't help it. Ian died while doing a quest…"
Hoonie also grumbled.
"This is the first time seeing this hyung get killed… I'm sure he died doing something important."
The point at which Ian originally planned on opening the dimensional door was at 3 pm, about 13 hours back.
But Ian died at the dawn of that day, so he couldn't access it for a time period of 24 hours, and so the time was pushed to 12 hours later.
It was dawn at 12 o'clock, but they all gathered at that time as they had to return to the human world as soon as possible.
The dimensional war begins when the sun sets, but there was a lot to prepare for a battle before that.
Ian, the main culprit of this catastrophe has finally arrived.
Phuk- Phuduk-!
Ian with the help from Pin moved at a quick pace.
Ian was able to move across the air as the NPC's was recognized by the Maurya Empire and didn't dare to touch Ian—the nobleman who had obtained the title of Kshatriya.
"Everyone gathered. There isn't anyone who hasn't arrived, right?"
At that question, Levya nodded her head.
"I think so, Ian."
Hoonie, Herz, and Remir were giving him a death glance, but Ian just laughed it off.
Ian was in a very good mood now.
'The Cintamani…! I got it at last! Haha!'
Ian once again opened the information window.
Cintamani –
Category – Miscellaneous
Rank – Myth
A mysterious ornate which doesn't say for whom it has been made.
The Cintamani is one of the seven treasures of the King of Rings, a mysterious bead which contains the power of the Dragon, an item that doesn't fall short of any treasure.
When a Dragon's kin gains this treasure, it can exert it's best potential and the rank is raised.
Also, when a monarch holds this treasure, they gain wisdom to govern the country in the right manner.
* The Cintamani is an ornament with a shining light.
* Charm and Leadership increases by 15% (seal)
* Disables all magical damage by 17% (seal)
* Increases intelligence by 30%
* When equipped, raises the affinity with dragons by 10 thousand.
* This item belongs to user 'Ian' (Item cannot be sold nor transferred, and won't drop even if the character dies.)
- - - - - -
'Ahh… myth class, stunning option, right?'
Especially, the first and the second option, which were sealed, they give tremendous luck to a man.
Ian pulled out the Dimensional Beads.
"Everyone's ready?"
"Let's go quickly, I'll sleep a little more once I move."
Ian confirmed the charge of the Dimensional Beads.
'Kay, full charge.'
And as Ian breathed mana into the beads, the beads began to shine in purple.
[The item 'Dimensional Beads' is being used.]
[Please select the coordinates to move.]
Ian chose the Pyro dome as the location, and system messages came up once again.
[You chose the location of Central Continent (1275, 1982).]
[The dimensional door opens.]
In front of Ian, there was a crack in the space, which after a while formed into a large dimensional portal.
"Let's go."
First, Ian entered through the door, and the rest followed him.
And so, after a long journey for over the past two months,
Ian finally came back to the central continent.


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