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Chapter 292 - Ian’s Return - Part 1


The first thing that Ian did the moment he returned to the Central Continent was, of course, to evolve Bbookbbook.

'At last, I have a mythical cast pet…! Hold on, am I the first?'

Ian smiled and laughed, he summoned Bbookbbook near the empty place in front of the Lord's castle.

"Bbookbbook-ah, summoned!"


This was a Bbookbbook that was already evolved once before, and it was summoned once again.


"Your hyung has finally saved the Cintamani."

Ian was speaking with the most positive expression ever.

And Bbookbbook's eyes were wavering.

"Bbook! Really bbook!"

Ian nodded his head.

"That's what I am saying! Did you ever see your hyung lie to you?"

Bbookbbook replied without hesitation,

"Saw Bbook, saw a lot bbook."

Ian was flustered with the answer.

"Wh, when!?"

"When you give me meatballs whenever the hunting is over, not just once or twice bbook."

"You bastard… you remember all those stuff?"

"That is like my Master bbook."

Ian, a sad summoner who just lost his dignity as the Master!

Ian just shook his head and began to search his inventory.

'Bbookbbook has grown a lot. After evolving into the myth class, I don't know if this guy will even be in a mood to consider me as his Master.'

Ian who was in his thoughts, picked out the Cintamani from his inventory.

The Cintamani, just like the time Ian had picked up, had a very bright color.

And the eyes of Bbookbbook who saw it for the first time changed.

"That, that is the Cintamani bbook!"

There was a lot of excitement from Bbookbbook, Ian smiled and spoke to the crowd.

"So, should I give the real Cintamani or the fake Cintamani? This was something that I originally wanted to give you… but my thoughts changed. I got scared just now."

Ian put back the Cintamani into the inventory with a sarcastic expression.

And Bbookbbook not knowing what to do, looked at Ian and spoke,

"Master, I was wrong. I never saw you lie, not even once bbook!"

Ian laughed at Bbookbbook who lost his patience in a short span.

"Keu, Bbookbbook-ah, after you evolved, your guts seems to have risen too."

"No, No bbook. That never happened bbook."

"Be quiet. I'm the judge and I give the judgment."

Ian continued to speak and saw the sad face of Bbookbbook.

"Look, Bbookbbook-ah. I evolved you once, and see how arrogant you have become. So, if I use this Cintamani and evolve you into a Myth class, how arrogant will you get?"

Bbookbbook shook his head.

"Bbook! No way bbook! I'm a good turtle dragon who listens to his Master bbook!"

Ian turned his head and spoke,

"Wow, my cute Bbookbbook from when did you get so arrogant…"

"Bbook… I'm not arrogant bbook…! I will be a good one who listens well to my Master, much better than now!"

Ian touched his chin and looked.

"Hmm… how am I supposed to believe that?"

"Bbook… believe me, bbook…"

Ian thought that he should quit the joking and stared at Bbookbbook who looked like he was going to burst into tears, Ian laughed and called Kaka who was asleep far away.

"Yah, Kaka."

Kaka rubbed her eyes and answered.

"Why are you calling me, Master? I didn't get to sleep at dawn, my Master."

"This is so weird, the guy who hasn't slept for three thousand years is speaking like this."

"I haven't slept for 3 thousand years Master, I need to sleep a lot now."

Ian snapped his fingers without responding.

Kaka grunted and flew in front of Ian.

Ian opened his mouth,

"Bbookbbook is here, did you know that he promised me that he'll be a good pet and will listen well to me?"

Kaka nodded her head.

"I heard."

"Weren't you sleeping?"

"It is easy to hear than to fall asleep."

Ian looked back and forth between Kaka and Bbookbbook.

"Everything that Bbookbbook has said until now, you'll be the witness, in case he changes his words."

Kaka nodded her head.

"Will do, Master."

Ian looked around and asked,

"Bbookbbook-ah, you agree, right?"

Bbookbbook answered immediately,

"Surely Bbook! I will listen to my Master much better in the future!"

Ian's lip corners went up, Kaka who was seeing this from the side, shook her head.

"A dumb familiar and a wicked Master."

Ian who heard those words looked over to Kaka and spoke,

"Should I give a good beating, Kaka?"

Kaka flew away and said.

"Master of violence! Bad!"


Anyhow, Ian laughed at the innocence of Bbookbbook and pulled out the Cintamani from his inventory.

With a lot of cautiousness, he handed the Cintamani to him.

"Here, take this."

Ian leaned over and handed the Cintamani with a lot of care to Bbookbbook.


Bbookbbook who just received the Cintamani had an enchanted expression, and the next moment a system message appeared before Ian's eyes.


[Used the item 'Cintamani' on familiar 'Bbookbbook'.]

[The used item 'Cintamani' will disappear, and there is no way to recover it again. Do you still want to use the item 'Cintamani'? (Y / N)]

Ian paused for a moment.

It was because of the fraudulent option attached to the Cintamani.

But that wasn't going to blow up the chance to get a mythical class familiar.


The system message rang again.

[The familiar 'Bbookbbook' has met all of the evolving conditions.]


At the same time, a blue light started to glow from the eyes of Bbookbbook.

The Cintamani which was in Bbookbbook's hands floated into the air, and started to emit five colors from it and the whole sky around it was bright—it was a brilliant sight to see.

Ian was watching the scene unfold with a throbbing heart.

'Did it, did it…! Bbookbbook is going to evolve…!'

Ian was desperate to cheer, but he couldn't take his eyes of Bbookbbook whose appearance began to change.

The five colors emitted from the Cintamani broke out from it and wrapped the whole body of Bbookbbook, and the body of Bbookbbook turned white.

And his stature began to grow larger and larger.

'What? What is this? How big will he get?'

At present, the biggest familiar of Ian was Karceus, when he was in his original form.

Bbokbbok was enough to match it but was small, compared to Karceus.

But now, despite the body of Bbookbbook who already reaching that of Karceus', he kept increasing.

'This is the Abyss Dragon…?'

Ian kept watching the evolving process with a blank expression.

From the original rounded body and the blue scales that were similar to a dragonfly began to sprout; the short throat was now completely enlarged, and the small wings turned into ten times larger were now covering a lot of space.

'Yeah, surely a mythical class dragon, this should be equipped with special skills.'

But then a message popped up, something that Ian didn't think of.


[The power of Cintamani is partially sealed.]

[The familiar has not been able to evolve.]

['Cintamani' has been extracted.]


Ian, who was so flustered that he couldn't speak, confirmed the message again with a tensed expression.

'What? Is it related to the inherent ability of the Cintamani that was sealed?'

However, the next moment, Ian was more flustered by the next line of the message that came up.

[The Dragon God will come down.]


The message was as shocking as the failure to evolve.

Ian was speechless.

That was because he was going to see those, whom he thought that he would never meet, at least in his current location.

Ian needed a moment to worry.

'They, they're not here to kill me, right?'

And in front of the troubled Ian, a white light descended.

And dust rose up together with a roar.

The body was surrounded by light, and the light slowly began to diminish; the dust started to settle down.

The shape was that of a boy with long hair; the unusual thing was that the body was floating in the air and the body was translucent.

Ian seemed a little out of thoughts, but he could realize that he was the 'Dragon God'.

[My most treasured item is here.]

Emotionless words came out.

Ian gulped down his saliva and asked.

"You're… Dragon God…?"

At this question from Ian, the boy answered with a funny expression.

[Yes, I am the Dragon God, Seikaito.]

After answering, he slowly approached Ian.

Ian was scared and held out his Judgement of the Spirit King.

"Don't come close…!"

Ian closed his mouth firmly, but Ian had a lot of thoughts on his mind.

'Should I log out? This isn't a hunting ground, so, it isn't going to turn into a battle, so I can log out… No, this isn't a problem that requires me to log out like a coward.'

The Dragon God Seikaito noticed the confusion of Ian and opened his mouth to speak,

"Don't worry, human. I cannot harm you."

Ian's expression changed.

"What? You don't seem like the Dragon God who killed me with a single shot in the Dragon's Altar…?"

Seikaito continued his words.

"That is the place where my power comes from. I can use my power in the altar, but this isn't my dimension, so this is a different case. If I harm you, the gods of this place will not stay still."

Ian who understood the meaning of the words, asked,

"Then why are you here?"

Even while asking, the nervousness of Ian continued to grow.

It was because he was assuming that he was here to retrieve the Cintamani again.

And Seikaito's mouth opened,

"I was just wondering, who was the fearless man who came to my place and took away the Cintamani."

While speaking, the Seikaito suddenly reached out to the air.

And the Cintamani who was slowly floating back to Ian rushed over to his possession.


Seikaito's words followed.

"And I'm not here to take back my stuff."

Ian stretched out his hand to retrieve it.

But he was so stiff, that he couldn't open his fingers.

'This…! Is this his thing?'

Ian bit down his lower lip.

If the Cintamani is taken back now, all the suffering that Ian got and the blast he received from the Dragon God would all turn worthless.

Seikaito looked at Ian and Bbookbbook, then smiled a little.

"But before I change my mind."

Seikaito ran his finger on his palm and the Cintamani started to move.

Ian seeing the Cintamani, hurriedly grabbed it and placed it back to his inventory, seeing this Seikaito laughed.

"Human, I'm willing to give you a chance to prove your qualifications."


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