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Chapter 293 - Ian’s Return - Part 2


Seikaito just put a very long story into short brief words.

Ian was relieved and was ready to take up a new quest as a form of paying him.

This was the point where Ian was supposed to battle against the Asmodians, and there was no time for doing other quests.

So Ian had a small chat with Seikaito.

"Qualification? Chance? What is it that you are implying?"

"It means to see if you are qualified to become the owner of the Cintamani."

"How am I supposed to prove it?"

"If you can endure the weight of the fate placed on your shoulders, that will be enough to prove it."

"The weight of fate…?"

Ian was intimidated with it.

'What does he mean by weight of fate? The quests I'm doing now and the dimensional war… does he mean those?'

Seikaito finally disappeared after saying the following words.

"Once my judgment on you is done, I will come back."

Ian took a sigh of relief.

This was because he had no clue as to what needed to be done.

'Phew, it was really thrilling to get the Cintamani. But there's nothing that I can do other than worry about it…'

Bbookbbook failed to evolve, but he still possessed the Cintamani. Also, he had the Soldier of Earth which could play a huge role in winning the Dimensional War.

This was about half the success he wanted.

Ian had to change his mind to the positive side, he came into his room in the castle.

"Do I need to check the equipment before entering the battle?"

Ian opened his inventory and took out all the useful equipment that he had collected.

During the successful huntings he did in the numerous hunting grounds, he came across many high-level boss monsters.

And he purchased a legendary item in the auction store, so now the inventory of Ian was literally overflowing.

'Okay, let's prepare to discipline those idiots who decided to change their race to the Asmodians without any fear.'

The first thing Ian did was to check his information window.

'From the most important one is anti-magic…'

Currently, Ian's anti-magic was about 31%.

The most recent hunting that happened in the Southern Island, Ian didn't wear any equipment that had anti-magic power, that was because in the location Ian went, anti-magic was useless.

The 31% of the anti-magic included Ian's basic equipment along with some ornaments.

Ian touched his Judgment of the Spirit King.

'There is no anti-magic option in this Judgment of the Spirit King… but this guy is a non-substitutable resource.'

Ian changed all the items except for the Judgment of the Spirit King and the Dragon tamer head.

'Well, this is a bit ambiguous. The anti-magic is about 7% and there are other options… maybe another system would be better.'

Ian took a lot of time to select the items he wanted to use, and it took 30 minutes for him to set all the items.

Once all the setting was done, Ian's anti-magic was at 62%.

It was possible to get it to 70% by changing the systems of all the items, but Ian chose not to do that.

That was because there were a lot of other things that needed to be considered.

'Okay, now let's try strengthening?'

Ian took out all of his magic stones until the lowest.

This time, the equipment for the setting-earmuffs hadn't been entirely strengthened.

He used up all the mid-range and advanced magic stones, so he hadn't been able to build a high-end system more than 10, but going till the 10 was a definite thing.

Ian used all the magic stones by staying seated in his place.

After 30 minutes, Ian was successful in making all of his equipment from 8 to 10.

Ian had a satisfied expression.

"Wohoo, if I have this much, it is enough to overpower the Asmodians?"

Ian smiled thinking about the Asmodians who would be flustered seeing Ian's power.

When he reinforced the items, the numerical value of options gradually increased and the anti-magic was adjusted to 69%.

That could have been an abominable anti-magic from the stance of an Asmodian.

"Kay, should we go for a hunt now?"

Ian looked more confident than ever.

Now that he was able to put up the anti-magic, he could play a bit more aggressively, more aggressive than he used to, because he was stronger now.

'I have been fighting enemies which are stronger than me for a while and if I need to, I will use the transcendental option that I haven't used properly.'

The transcendental option that Ian talked about, was an option that was obtained when the Judgment of Spirit King was reinforced with the first transcendental equipment.

[Transcendental option: when avoiding an enemy attack, you have a 15% chance to avoid 30% of the damage and 30% chance to regain 10% of your health.]

An option that provides a 15% chance of avoiding.

This option seemed like a fraudulent option at first glance, but this was a tricky option when put to practice.

If one avoids 100 times, then you won't be able to attack with the 15, and one could get into a dangerous situation if failed.

The time Ian used this was when he was on the back of Halli, which quickly triggered a buff. And it wasn't easy as Halli had to avoid more than half of the attacks.

"But in the midst of such a massive battle, if I rage like a crazed person, I could continue to play."

Ian believed in his anti-magic power and was willing to play the battle like a knight or a warrior.

It was because he had a better chance to kill an Asmodian, than the class of Knights.

Avoiding the obstructions that were poured into the battlefields, it would be around 3~5 avoidance per seconds, and the option to use the transcend could be done sequentially.

"There is not much left to do. Let's just go into the battlefield."

It was around 30 minutes before the beginning of the Dimensional war.

Ian for the last time checked his condition and started moving towards the battlefield.

Originally, it was a battlefield not too far from the Pyro Domain, but since they were being pushed back, now the battle was down to the nose of the Castle.


"Oh? Why isn't there anyone apart from our guild?"

At that question from Ian who just entered the battle, Herz just sighed.

"Since I wasn't here, I don't know either, but what now? It is said that almost 20 users were hit by Irahan. Since you weren't here, even the top ranker according to Fiolan was also hit."


"Said that she went to the Toballdo. It wasn't so fun it seems."


Ian's face widened.

'This sudden ego?'

Lotus guild had grown quite a lot in the meantime.

Ian thought the Lotus Guild was a guild that stayed on the outside of the top 10 ranks, but now they had enough to be in the fifth place.

But he was still feeling sad when he heard that one ranker of the 20 elite guild members were hit.

'From what I remember, I don't think that the control was so imbalanced.'

Among the users that Ian had met Shakaran was the most controlled user.

Ian was good too, but his control wasn't to the limit of Shakaran.

Ian who had high self-esteem vowed to find Irahan.

Ian greeted the guild members, such as Fiolan after a long time and waited to the battle to begin.

"Now, One minute… what could we have in store?"

[The 22nd Dimensional War begins in 10 seconds from now.]

[Start counting.]

[10… 9… 8…]

The eyes of the human users were blank.

This was all because of the Asmodian that cleared most of them in just one week.

But now, the rankers including Remir who were out of the game were back, and they didn't have a pessimistic look.

Ian fixed his spear and approached Remir.

As Remir was a wizard class, she was at a little disadvantage.



"When the battle starts, follow me."


Remir was anxious at what Ian was planning to do but before she could say anything, the battle started.

[Dimensional War begins. I bless you all good luck, specifically the human users.]

Ian sprang forward in a flash for a certain something, and Remir who noticed it hurriedly moved along with Ian.

'What the hell is this crazy guy doing again?'

But with Ian, she was always able to experience new things, so Remir moved along with anticipation.

Remir who was following Ian, one side of her lip corners went up making a smirk.


Now that the virtual reality games have become popular.

The gaming industry was booming more than ever, and there were many people for whom the virtual reality games were part of their daily life.

In particular, Kailan, who occupies most of the virtual reality market, was able to create many new jobs.

It would be easy to say that there were a lot of people who made the Kailan play possible.

And Kim Sang-min was one of them.

Right after graduating from college—he did not aim to get a good job, so he lived unemployed, but then he found his aptitude in Kailan, and he became happier than before.

Not long ago, he met a female user in the Kailan game, married her and now lives a happy life.

And there were more such cases like Kim Sang-min.

Confirming his role in the Kailan, Sang-min mumbled to himself.

"This hero system and the legendary system looks good… if I manage to sell it, I can get a month's worth of living expenses…"

Sang-min who was checking his items while eating lunch, turned away his head thinking about something.

After checking his watch, he was startled and rushed to find the remote control.

"Well, I guess it is time to start the broadcasting?"

Turning on the TV, he immediately changed the channel to the one where the game was going on.

And the pro's started talking about it in the gaming broadcast.

[Hello, this is Castor Hains.]

[Nice to meet you, this is reporter Lucia.]

Sang-min who found his favorite reporter Hains chuckled to himself.

"Today too, will the humans run away?"

Sang-min was a user of the human class.

His level was in the mid 140s so he couldn't participate, but his biggest concern in the last few days was the Dimensional War.

[Today, the Asmodians seem very aggressive in the battle. You will feel the same by looking at this, irrespective of the class they are racing to the front. Almost like they are going to melt them all.]

[I know, right. There is a lot of talks these days about the collapse of the balance. What are your thoughts on that Hains?]

[Well, I'm not sure. It hasn't been that long since the Asmodians were introduced, and the controversy of the balance in the Kailan started, some time and these pieces will all fall into the respective spaces. In the end, the balance will turn out alright.]

[Is that so. Then if the time goes, will the human class user be able to take down the Asmodians?]

[They sure will. The balance in Kailan has always been perfect.]

From the explanation from Caster Hains, Sang-min muttered to himself.

"I'll decide after watching for a few more days."

He had been in a lot of thoughts these days.

He was in a constant concern whether or not to convert into the Asmodian class.

The race conversion quest would close soon, and once the quests were closed, there would be no way to create a new character play with the Asmodian class.

He never really decided to convert to the new class, but the recent aspects of the Dimensional war swayed his thoughts.

'Phew, it is nice that I'm still a human race user…'

Sang-min's gaze was fixed to the screen.

And at that moment, an excited voice came on.

[Ah, the moment I said! Bring on the 7th division! Open the 7th division screen please!]


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