Taming Master | Chapter 294 | Ian’s Return | Part 3

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Chapter 294 - Ian’s Return - Part 3


The human side, which had been unilaterally taken down for more than a week, was on the defensive side.

'The best defense is the best attack… this wasn't tremendously advantageous, and in such a wide battle area, there isn't much that you can do by defending.'

Ian knew that he couldn't do such a thing, and he knew how he was supposed to turn this around.

It was because the scam that had been introduced into the crowd from a few days back won't change from a few words from his mouth.

'I need to show that we can win.'

Ian was going to show them by doing it himself.

Hwong- Hwoong-!

Ian summoned Halli and told Remir,

"Remir, during the hunt last time, you seemed to have a great deal of supporting spells…"

"Supporting spell?"

"Yeah. I'll let you borrow Halli, be around me and use Haste and an attack buff. And use a wide area attack skill only when you see me coming back."

"Um… okay."

She didn't know what Ian was up to, but Remir got on the back of Halli immediately.

Even when she was hunting with the party a few days back, she didn't feel much awkward as she had been on Halli several times, and Ian leaped forward the moment Remir got on.

'Now, where is my prey?'

Just like the wave in the past, there was a curvilinear line with humans in the front.

Ian, who just popped out from the back went to the front and didn't have an alternative than to target all the Asmodian tribes.

"Who is that crazy guy? Let's start with him!"

"Kill him! Get that guy first, and then go onto the defensive line!"

The Asmodians who detected Ian leaped forward in his direction.

Seeing that, Ian smiled.

'The ones who are the first to rush are the certified fools.'

The level of users who were rushing towards Ian were all between 150 and 180.

But Ian didn't mind those things.

In the meantime there were a few users who made their level information into private, this was because they didn't want anything to change in the flow of this battle of fear.

They could play if they had healers who can cast recovery skills for a one-on-one; then the play would have been aggressive, but when there is no healer, even the slightest damage would cause a huge variable for a play.

Ian had the 'Recovery of life when Avoiding' was there due to the transcendent option, but he wanted to be careful until he really experienced it.

Also, he couldn't summon a healer in the middle of the enemy camp.

The speed of Bbookbbook wasn't that great to follow Ian continuously.

'Kay, come on now.'

And five Asmodian users came on at the same time—Ian chuckled seeing this.

"This jerk! I'll kill you."

"Did you come not knowing what you are getting into? From where did a summoner get the courage…?!"

The users kept running while shouting, Ian stopped his laugh and confirmed the attacking skills.

'These guys are very simple.'

Ian's spear swung very quickly.

Ian who just swung the sword from side to side in a precise manner avoided the distant monsters with minimal gestures.

And at that moment, the transcendence option attached to the Judgment of the Spirit King was triggered.

[Succeeded in avoiding the attack from the enemies.]

[The Judgement of the Spirit King 'Judgment' option has been activated.]

[197650 of lightning damage has returned.]


A lightning bolt descended on the head of the Asmodian archer.


A chance in the battle with a 15% chance to hit was luckily played from the start.

The lightning hit the Asmodian archer who was level 150, and his defense and resistance were very low.

He was almost in the state of dying with a single shot.

On top of that, he died just seconds later due to the damage caused by the 'Electric Shock' condition.

"What, how the hell did this happen?"

"What the hell did that summoner do!"

Ian's equipment was totally different from the moment it was shown by the broadcaster the other day.

The 'look' was a believable difference, but it just changed entirely.

As the look changed, the users weren't able to recognize him immediately.

'This is just the beginning.'

Ian immediately summoned Pin and Karceus.

"Pin, Karceus! Spread out!"

"Understood, Master."

Grr- Woosh-!

The two familiars who rose up into the air spewed breath in front of the Asmodians.

Bang- Baaaang-!

And the wizard class Asmodians who were in the back started to cast spells.


Ian was a bit surprised when he saw a wide-area spell which would reduce the damage caused.

'What is this? A wide-area damage reduction circle, an immediate spell without time for casting?'

However, even though it reduces the damage to the area, with the breath from Pin and Karceus they suffered a great amount of damage.

The dealers in the level range of 150 to 160 were all killed in spite of the damage reduction.

There were around 3 or 4 of them who belonged to the levels above 170.

But they alone had a tremendous effect.

Most of the users on the battlefield were focused on Ian.

And as soon as Karceus and Pin appeared, Ian's identity was revealed.

"Ian! That is Ian!"

"All the Asmodians come over here! Now is your chance! Let's get rid of this insane jerk when he is isolated!"

And the Asmodian users started to gather around Ian.

And the users started to mistakenly believe that Ian was isolated.

This was assumed because usually, Ian led the whole battle by staying in the rear of it.

And Ian is in the middle of nowhere and wasn't the style of battle play that the players were used to see.

So the preys began to gather.

Ian started to go crazy.

'Okay, exactly 10 minutes. Ten minutes from now I need to do as much damage as I can and get out.'

Ian who was ready with his plan initiated Kaka's unique ability.

"Kaka, The Dreaming Devil!"

"Kay, Master!"

[Slave 'Kaka' unique ability 'The Dreaming Devil' has been activated.]

[During the 'Shadow Control', all the party members attacks will increase by 5%, and the damage by shadow attribute attacks will decrease by 50%. All enemies within the radius will be visible on sight.]


With a very low resonance, the darkness started to spread around Ian.


The unexpected changes in the environment made the users confused and nervous.

And Ian didn't miss that opportunity.

"Ly! I'll open the way for you, and you take down those with half vitality."

"Grr-! I know, master!"

Ly, who saw the darkness began to run while laughing.

And at the moment, Ian's eye came up with additional system messages.

[Party member 'Remir' has used 'Haste' skill.]

[All the party members can move faster by 23.5% for 15 minutes, and increase the attack speed by 10%.]

[Increased resistance for all the party members by 50% for 15 minutes.]

[Party member 'Remir' skill 'Wrath of Flames' has been activated.]

[Increases all the party members damage by 5% for 7 minutes.]

[During the 7 minutes for all the party members general attacks, along with user 'Remir' intelligence and the fire damage is added by 12%.]

Remir placed the buff skills at the exact time that Ian needed.


Ian smiled at this act from Remir and began to slaughter the Asmodians that blocked him.

"Euahk…! Crazy, summoner who thinks he can attack!"

"Be careful! Dilli this isn't a joke! Dealers fall back and the tankers come forward!"

In the beginning, the dealers were in the close vicinity of Ian, and that caused a major disaster for them.

It was because Ian used the 4th transcendental weapon on the dealers within the level of 170, and they couldn't handle it.

Basically, the attack power of Ian was very strong, and with the additional buff from Remir, the dealers won't stand a single stab.

They could block the attack with their armors or their shields, but the attack from Ian was like a ghost.


[User 'Baek Ji-yeon' was damaged terribly.]

['Lightning of Judgment', the unique ability of the 'Judgement of the Spirit King' has been activated.]

Bang- Babang-!

The battle style of Ian now reminded most people of the hidden class fighters who used 'Photoelectricity'.

Conditional activation—a battle mode in which the passive skill sets were in the item setting, and using the attack power and resistance to the extreme would make the enemy gather together.

It was, in theory, a great battle style.

However, since it was a battle style that couldn't be used with a certain control ability, and most of the top ranked users wouldn't be able to do what Ian was presenting now.

On the internet, there were a few images of the ranker using legendary magic spells.

Now, Ian however, was making a scene that was more intense than the move of Mad Max.

This was all possible because of the present control ability of Ian's, but that wasn't all.

Remir was a superb ranker to have for support and the anti-magic/ resistance was now up to 70%. And Ian's power couldn't be grasped due to the mistake that the Asmodians were doing, but the crazed movie like scene was created.

The number of Asmodians who were massacred in just five minutes of Ian entering the battle had reached tens of thousands, and the atmosphere in the battlefield started to change.

"Ian! It is Ian! Ian has come back!"

"I told you right! Didn't Ian hard carry the war in the Northern continent? Ian will hard carry today too!"

"So Insane! How does one fight like that? Did he steal the data from the Kailan system or a bug, or what?"

The users of the human side started to get lively with the activities that Ian was doing, and the users of the magic class began to struggle with the situation that arose which they didn't think of.

Especially the users who just tried to attack Ian with their powers.

"No Shiburel, how does a magic arrow have three digits? Is something wrong?"

"Yah, I was lucky enough to get up after the start of the game, Dilli had been hit with over 400 power. Is that bastard doing a buggy play?"

The aggressive anti-magic power of Ian was approaching 70%, and due to the high reinforcement and transcendence, there was a tremendous defense.

No one was able to hit Ian's vitality with either magic or power.

Especially, the wizards with dark attributes were at a loss of words.

Ian's magic defense reduced the amount of damage by half, and in the area that Karceus was present—the damage was reduced further to 70%.

Those who didn't know Ian's current setting were assuming that this was all because of a bug.

"Sh*t! How do we kill the monster!"

"This isn't a boss raid! What the hell is this?!"

"That scamming little user?!"

Ian, on the other hand, was confident and was moving very boldly.

He was convinced that a reasonable attack would be the right thing to do.

If fought with weak looking attacks, then one could go further into the battlefield.

'Alright, a few more tens of thousands of damage will be covered by the transcendence option!'

Ian who was wielding the Judgment of the Spirit King aggressively confirmed the vitality of his familiars.

And he went to a high point and got a good look at the whole situation.

Even when completely immersed in a battle, constantly looking into the situation is the basic skill in any large-scale battle.

At the same time, Ian confirmed the duration of Kaka's unique ability 'Dreaming Devil'.

'2 minutes left. Now I need to be ready to get out.'

The wide-area effect of Dreaming Devil helped to improve the combat abilities, but the most important reason was this:

During the darkness, Ian didn't have to worry about the assassins.

In the darkness laid by Kaka, all the enemies could be seen, even in their stealth mode.

And it was all thanks to this ability that Ian was able to push to the center of the battlefield.

'Five in the front. Kill just the five and leave.'

Ian, who roughly drew the exit in his head, glanced over to Remir, who was right behind Ian, casting magic.

Remir was doing much better than what Ian expected.

'Remir you are hella impressive.'

Remir's attack was unseen due to Ian's aggressive style.

But, by using Agro, even Remir was slaughtering many Asmodians.

She indeed was one of the top users in Kailan.



The scaling heat poured into the vicinity of Remir, and the illusion that the space was being distorted, caused five users to instantly turn into dark ash.

Ian put up a thumbs up and said,

"Good! I picked up a good supporter!"

Remir complained at Ian's compliment.

"No, Ian. This is a supporter's deal. You're really too much."

These two people deserved to joke around for the work they did.

However, even seeing them joke around, the Asmodians didn't take a chance to attack them.

No, it would be accurate to say that they couldn't afford to attack them.


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