Taming Master | Chapter 295 | The Upside Down Judgment | Part 1

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Chapter 295 - The Upside Down Judgment - Part 1


The overwhelming strength of Ian changed the atmosphere of the battle all by himself.

The users of the human side, who were in the defense formation in the past, now began to move out much more confidently.

But that did not mean that all the people suddenly got stronger, but the Asmodians definitely began to get pessimistic.

Ian could not jump into battle like he did the first time, so now he retreated to the back.

It was dangerous to stir the enemy especially in the middle of the battlefield, that too after knowing the power of the enemy.

Ian, who moved to the back, naturally began to command the whole battlefield as he used to in the past.

And the rankers such as Remir, Fiolan, Herz, Hoonie and the others controlled the area after receiving the message from Ian.

Ian was looking at the overall situation and balancing it with the strength that he wanted to use.

'This looks fine, but we are slowly heading close to them.'

The present Dimensional War was larger than a large scale battle that happened in the past of the Central part.

So, even if Ian picked up one side of the battle all alone and if the other place started to break, there would be no one to save.

And Ian knew that.

'I need to look at my back too, the rankers of the Asmodians and need to finish them off.'

Ian's gaze didn't stop, his eyes swept through the entire battlefield.

The presence of 'Pin' who could fly made it possible.

Kwang- Kwkang-!

From here and there magic blast could be heard.

And most of this explosion was a 'Magic explosion' used by the mage class Asmodian.

The magic explosion was the most basic skill that the mages possess, and it had very low attack power and an attack skill with fixed damage, which was proportional to the amount of magic the user possesses.

The basic damage was not as high as the 7,000 to 10,000 but it did mean high efficiency.

In addition, for human users with zero anti-magic, the figure of 7,000 and 10,000 would cut all of their vitality, and it was harmful as it was a direct hit.

Ian frowned seeing the magic explosion skill being used on the battlefield.

'That's too much pressure on the human side. No other way?'

Ian's anti-magic could deflect only 2~3,000 damage, it wouldn't be too scary at all. But this was very threatening to the other users as the damage received was fixed.

'I need to remove all the mage class Asmodians who have great control.'

Ian piloted Pin and moved through the battlefield.

Then, using this feature, he moved to a place where he couldn't be seen and took out a legendary bow from his inventory.

The combat users who were deep in the battlefield won't be able to see the attack unless it was a short range.

He wanted to shoot anywhere in the battlefield if he could, but he couldn't as he didn't get the right angle.

'My archery hasn't been rusted for the meantime, right?'

Ian, holding the string in his left hand, took out the quiver filled with mithril arrows and placed them on his back.

Ian chuckled as he held the arrow.

"Should I start with a low level?"

The mithril arrow held a tremendous price of 1500 gold for one arrow.

Too expensive for general users.

Even ranked archers thought that they were expensive so they never recommended it, but Ian didn't care.

He bought about a hundred of those and it had cost him about 150,000 gold, but Ian thought that they would be useful.

Even for Ian, it would be a burden to take down thousands of them, but that wasn't Ian's style.

'Attack + 15% armor, magic armor options are definite… it could be a bit slipped, but it will cause more damage to the undead and the Asmodians.'

Ian was about 20 minutes behind, so there was a lot of Agro.

Ian put the saddle on Pin's back with his feet pressed firmly, he pulled the bowstring slowly towards the first target.

'One at a time…'

Ian only aimed at the Asmodian users who had less than half of the vitality.

If they didn't die from the arrow, they'll notice that target got attacked from an arrow by Ian.

Then it would be Agro again—he wouldn't be able to attack sneakily in peace.


Focusing his whole mind and concentration on the target, Ian pulled the arrow without hesitation.


The mithril arrow which left Ian's bow flew to the user who was casting a magic explosion by tearing the wind apart.


The mithril arrow pierced through the left chest was sucked in!

[The user 'Milinae' has faced tremendous damage.]

[The mithril arrows damage boost, it caused an additional damage of 15%.]

[The Asmodian class user has faced an additional 9% damage.]

Ian grabbed and made a fist after holding the arrow exactly at the red spot that marked as it's weakness.

'Okay! I still have it in me. The mithril arrow has better performance than what I knew?'

The mage casters died in the battle without knowing what was hitting them, and Ian's shots continued.

The battlefield was a mental fight, so no user would care about the identity of the arrow which was flying in the air.

The same case even if he was attacked.

Phing- Puahk-!


Ian didn't stop.

Ian wasn't able to hit the opponents who were constantly moving, but most of them were successful, they were killed with a single blow.

Was it about 30 minutes or so?

When Ian's 100 mithril arrows were nearly done, an unexpected situation arose.

"Reorganize Heat Formation!"

"It is Irahan! Be careful!"

Irahan, the one who hadn't appeared in the battle for over an hour, finally decided to show up in the battle.

And Ian who was waiting for him pulled the bow without hesitation.

Ian's lip corners went up.

'Shall I start the discipline class now?'

Ian had around 12 arrows left with him.

So he planned on shooting all the 12 arrows at a fast pace.

It was because Ian thought that killing him would be tough with a single arrow.

Phing- Pipiping-!

Ian started the fight with tremendous speed.

The first arrow was close to hitting the third arrow before reaching the target, it was a nerve-wreaking scenario.


Irahan was in a state of hunger.

'I wasn't able to hunt yesterday until the dawn.'

After the dimensional war, he constantly hunted down the mage class user from evening till dawn.

That was to have one more magic point.

Yesterday, however, the hunt went on too late, so he overslept, that was why he was an hour late to the Dimensional War.

"So today, full-time, it will meet all the conditions to be changed to a true Noblesse."

The human user hunting quest that he received from the previous time was finished, but the additional contribution quest was still in execution.

However, when he manages to fulfill this quest, the Devil himself gave the assurance that he would upgrade Irahan to a Noblesse, so Irahan was in a hurry.

As soon as he jumped into the battle, he started to move to the front and wielded his sword insanely.

But soon, he felt something strange.

'What? From when did these cowards get into such a systemized manner?'

Normally, whenever he entered the formation it was always collapsed, but now they were moving in a very systematic manner… against Irahan.

Some of the users were killed with the attacks from Irahan, but it was completely different from the past.

At that moment, he felt a deadly blow.


The arrow, which flew in his direction, penetrated his shoulder.

[The attack from user 'Ian' was fatal.]

[Vitality reduced by 77940.]

Irahan's eyes fluttered.

'What? Seventy?'

He confirmed his damage, he was overwhelmed with the numbers the message had shown. He turned his head and confirmed the source of the arrow.

And at that moment, two more arrows flew in succession towards Irahan.

Swoosh- Puahk!

Irahan was able to avoid an arrow but got hit by the following one in his leg.

And he checked the ID of the user from the system message which said 'Ian'.

'Ian? Now, this freak is cos-playing as an archer?'

Irahan was more than glad to see the name 'Ian'.

In the battle of the Central Continent, Ian was the only user in the whole of Luspel Empire who could go against Irahan.

And the pleasure of meeting him was not that of real pleasure, but that of meeting the soon to be dead user.

It was nice to be born from the confidence that he could take down the other users with his power.

Irahan quickly hit the flying arrows which were coming towards him with his sword.

Kang- Kakang-!

However, Ian's speed was about 1.3 to 1.5 times faster than the normal speed, and Irahan just took the additional arrows.

His irritation was getting worse and shouted loudly using his death skill.

"Ian, you rat! Hiding and shooting arrows!"

And after that shout, all the attention on the battlefield shifted to Ian and Irahan.

"What Ian and Irahan are going against one another?"

"Really? Damn, this isn't the time for those fights, but I want to watch'em do it."

"You're a fool, you can watch it on the re-broadcast on the TV at night. Focus on what is in front of you for now."

Many users looked at Irahan in anticipation, they were expecting Ian to respond to the provocation from Irahan.

And Ian fulfilled their expectations.


There was noise from a huge gust of wind and a large griffin showed up.

The Griffin quickly flew to the place where Irahan was and did a tumble in the air.

On top of it, a man could be seen.

He was none other than Ian.

Irahan wielded his twin swords and turned towards Ian.

"Wasn't your appearance too flashy, Ian?"

Ian smiled and replied.

"Don't bother, you can't instigate me. I'll make you regret being an Asmodian."

And soon he changed his weapon to a spear, pointing it at Irahan as he laughed—seeing this, Irahan ran towards Ian.

"Don't expect this to be like the last time, bastard!"

"If you are speaking about the fight back in the central continent… I don't see another case, do you?"

Ian continued to move without a speck of nervousness towards Irahan.

And the two top-ranked users from both camps started to clash in the middle of the battlefield.

And it wasn't the intention of Ian or Irahan but the moment they began to fight, the war stopped.

There wasn't a single user who wasn't interested in the fight, and everyone seemed to have stopped their battles as if they pre-decided.

The surprise was, it wasn't just the users, but the NPC's from both classes joined in.

Both the camps retreated to 20m, it was a miracle as if Moses divided the space of the battle camps.

Bang- Kabang-!

The sound of the arms of Ian and Irahan was the only thing that could be heard.


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