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Chapter 296 - The Upside Down Judgement - Part 2


Quite evidently, Ian was one of the most recognized users in the game of Kailan.

Any user with five fingers would be aware of him, even though he didn't show up for a month or two.

Ian, the current hot issue and Irahan—the best runner.

It was natural for everyone to focus on this topline showdown.

"I'll make you regret coming at me, you idiot."

Ian was growling, but Ian didn't give him a speck of attention.

"That is what I actually planned on doing to you."


Ian, who easily attacked the opponent, stepped back.

In fact, Ian didn't even see Irahan as an equal opponent.

For Ian, rather than the Asmodians, the human user rankers such as Remir and Shakaran were far more intimidating opponents.

As long as there was a definite shield the anti-magic power, Irahan's so-called powerful magic was of mere use.

"The joke is right here."

Ian nodded at these words from Irahan.

So far, Ian had only done the exploratory quests which could measure to the combat abilities of Irahan.

"Yeah, like you say. The joke is here."

And with the short sparring with Irahan, Ian was able to grasp his approximate ability.

'A level similar to that of mine, a stats correction like the one of the Asmodian, so my cognitive combat skill is enormous.'

Irahan's attack was very destructive.

And was incredibly fast.

Ian couldn't completely follow Irahan's movements despite the simple stats that he had.

Because there was a difference in filling the power stats instantly in battle.

But that was—to an expected level.

Ian's mouth slightly went up and looked like a more confident one.

'Can I still keep the look after 5 minutes?'

Ian did even summon his familiars.

Now Ian was wanting to step into the fight with the ability of his character.

A brief moment of robust strength due to the content pre-emption.

He couldn't tolerate Ian showing such arrogance.

What he didn't like the least was that Ian's strength wasn't even exhausting.

Ian picked up his spear and pointed it at Irahan.

Ian, who had his gaze fixed at Irahan, used a statement to instigate him.

"Come on. I'll make you yield."

And that statement had a great effect on Irahan.

"You jerk. I'll make you regret those words."

Irahan ran towards Ian while cursing.

Ian laughed and took a defensive stance.

'There is no way for me to pursue a move without riding on Halli. To win without a familiar, I need to be able to counter.'

If Ian ran first to make an attack, Irahan wouldn't take such an aggressive stance like he just did.

Even with one swing from his spear, he could feel the strangeness of the attack.

Now the reason Irahan was so aggressive was because of the damage he received from the arrow that Ian shot.

As a matter of fact, Ian's bow was a weapon that was just a few steps below when compared to the Judgement of the Spirit King.

The weapon damage in the information window shows only 30% of what Judgment of the Spirit king can do.

That was how much Irahan misunderstood Ian's offensive power and was willing to run towards Ian.

'I'll look for an opportunity, and split open the head at once.'

Ian calmly blocked the double swords from Irahan.

Kang- kang- Kakang-!

The double sword was a kind of weapon whose attack speed was much faster when compared to the others.

On top of that Irahan's brilliant ability was added, his movements were hard to catch for naked eyes.

Ian used his spear and blocked them all with minimal movements.

'I'm going to spend a moment to use my skills.'

Even if it was Ian, it would be hard to keep up with all the attacks.

Rather, Ian believed in the anti-magic stats and thought they would help with the fight a little.

However, Ian's defense was well played and drawing it out would be ill-advised.

Ian defended all the attacks, making sure Irahan didn't change his play.

'Maybe I'm a bit nervous about his magic power.'

And Ian's intentions were exactly on point.

Irahan who was constantly attacking Ian now started to tone up his attacks.

'Damn it, I'll need to change it if this continues.'

As a result of the one-sided difference, the situation in which he couldn't reach the body of Ian continued, and then Irahan picked up the pace.

And Ian was constantly on the defensive, just because he saw that preventing the attacks was much important.


Irahan stopped attacking and stepped back.

And at that moment, a sword of Irahan began to shine.

'That thing… explosive magic…!'

Ian knew the name of what Irahan was performing.

That was because Ian checked through the community page in advance.

Explosive magic was a superior single-strike skill of the 'Battle Asmodians' class, a warrior class of the Asmodians, it was a special technique that Irahan enjoyed using.

Unlike Ian, who hadn't performed for the past one or two months—Irahan was constantly in the game and was doing a great job.

Because of this, the community had information about him and his technique.

'It said that it takes 2 seconds for it to activate?'

The explosion magic was a skill with tremendous attack power.

On top of that, the skill is cast within 2 seconds in a defensive posture, so the defense is not penetrated while performing.

So, when he notices the explosion magic is being performed, there is only one way to get rid of it, Ian remembered it from the community.

'The damage of the single strike from the magic explosion is about 300%, and Irahan's skill is much similar to that of the other Asmodians… so it would be near 400%.'

Seeing the reddish light from Irahan's sword, Ian's brain started to work non-stop.

'If he has a single skill with 400% power, it will take around 60 to 70 million even after considering my defense and attack power.'

If it was between 60 to 70 million, it still was an enormous deal.

With the maximum level, if even a single strike was hit, it could create a critical hit.

But Ian had a tremendous anti-magic which was close to 70%.

'Even if it does 70 million, it would decrease up to 50 million… even when hit, I won't die.'

Once Ian was done calculating,

Irahan began to stretch out his hand.

And Irahan's face started to show signs of pride and victory.

He thought that Ian didn't know about the 'Explosion magic' skill, so his attack would be victorious.

But Ian was moving towards the blade of Irahan.

Ian's gaze was on the left chest of Irahan.

In the heart of Irahan, red dots were shinning, because of his passive ability 'Weakness capture'.

Ian pushed his spear downwards and avoided the sword of Irahan.

Ian put his foot back and adjusted his body, lifted up his spear with all his strength to the top.

"Get lost!"

Words came out from Irahan's mouth.

But Ian's spear was the first to pierce through the heart.


Then with a difference of almost 1/100 sec, Irahan's attack struck Ian in the abdomen.


A gigantic explosion burst intensely because of the effect of Explosion magic!

Everyone who was watching the battle of the two was waiting for the results with clenched fists.

Since more than 30% of the users knew the effect of the Explosion magic, they were sure of Ian's death.

Although both the side succeeded attacking at the same time, Irahan made a single strike with massive attack power and Ian's was merely a simple stab.

But in a second, unbelievable results came into the line of sight for everyone.


It was because the body of Irahan fell down with a gust of the wind, he just collapsed to the ground.


And the body of Irahan who fell down to the floor began to shine.

It meant he was dead.


On the other side, Ian was still standing.

And because of the explosion he bounced back 1 meter due to the force, he seemed alright except for a part of his abdomen and chest.

All the users who watched the scene were confused and couldn't hide their expressions, but Ian still had a clam face.

'Ae what's this? You caused so little damage than what I expected?'

Ian confirmed the remaining vitality and thought to himself.

The damage Ian thought he would get was 200,000 but what he faced was only 130,000.

This was because Ian calculated Irahan's damage as high as possible.

Chok- Chok-

Ian approached the body of the collapsed Irahan, he laughed and reached out his hand.

Once the dead body disappeared, Ian's eyes saw the system messages.


[You have obtained loot from the Asmodian user 'Irahan'.]

[You have earned the 'legendary' item 'Phantom's Cloak'.]

[You have earned the 'Hero' class item 'The Great Sword of Kalimpus'.]

A dozen of Irahan's items poured over.

Among them, two were legendary class.

This was a tremendous achievement, especially when the legendary items have account attribute options.

'How did this jerk… he managed to get legendary items?!'

But there was something bothering Ian.

Irahan had killed a lot of users so far and surely kept all the spoils in the process.

The items that were dropped, both the quality and quantity were good.

'Is it salty, Irahan…?'

Ian smiled, he lifted up his Judgment of the Spirit King which was in his right hand towards the sky.


And shouted on top of his lungs

"I won…!"

It was silent for a moment.

But in a second, the human user's camp shouted and roared uncontrollably.


"We won! We won!"

"Ian caught up with Irahan!"

"That was so crazy! How did he withstand the explosion?"

"Did he avoid it? What skills did he use to avoid that?"

"Wow, Insane!! But awesome! I need to see that again during the rerun in the evening."

More than 90% of those who watched Ian and Irahan's battle predicted the Asmodians victory, so Ian coming out victorious was completely unexpected.

And this was enough to change the flow of the war.

"Now that Irahan's gone! We can fight much boldly!"

"Yeah! Let's kill them all! We have Ian on our side!"

"I'm going this way!"

The war resumed, and the human users were head over heels over the turn of the situation.

Except for Irahan, there weren't other Asmodians who could be compared to his level of strength, and Ian being able to win over Irahan wasn't anything less than a scam.

And Ian didn't want to miss the opportunity.

"We can win, folks! Let's push back at least two-fold by the end of today!"

Ian encouraged the users and began directing the battles.

And once they got hold of the momentum, the humans were storming the Asmodians.

Ian remembered himself of Irahan and began to laugh.

'Maybe he died without knowing he was dead? Stupid sh*thead.'

Perhaps after the death penalty was over, Irahan would be surely back.

But the sure thing was that Irahan wouldn't be able to accept his defeat.

'He would be thinking that I won because of luck, or that it was a draw.'

Ian's spear was faster than Irahan's blades.

In other words, Irahan died without seeing how much damage his sword caused Ian.

At the moment of death, all system messages disappear and the visibility turns black.

And of course, there were no system messages once the system window disappears.

And since he couldn't confirm his messages, he would be in the thought that Ian was dead.

Even a top-ranked class Tanker would suffer tremendous damage if hit that close.

But no one could imagine that a 'Summoner' like Ian would survive it.

'No one saw my anti-magic yet.'

Till now, the crazy Ian was smiling and yet focused on the combat.

There was a feeling that something very interesting would happen in the future.


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