Taming Master | Chapter 297 | The Upside Down Judgment | Part 3

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Chapter 297 - The Upside Down Judgment - Part 3


The community went crazy.

Ian was now a hotter issue than he had ever been, and the battle video of Ian with Irahan was gaining enormous views.

It was because the battle had such an overwhelming effect that it spread from the Korean servers to all the servers.

Korean users knew about the strength of Irahan, so they were much interested in Ian who took him down with a single blow.

And the overseas users were interested in the video because the content of the magazine had just been updated.

In any case, the two were once the male rankers of the human camp in the Korean servers, and this could be an indicator for the foreign server users who were having trouble deciding the race selection.

The most controversial thing was neither the strength of Ian nor the defeat of Irahan.

The attention of the users was about how Ian managed to take down Irahan with a single blow, and how he managed to stand even after being hit by Explosion magic.

In particular, the users who had converted into the Asmodians were the most confused.

The boards of the Asmodian continued to have real-time posts, and hundreds of chat rooms were opened.

- No, How strong was Irahan's explosion magic? No matter what, how did Ian manage to stay alive?

- Irahan's explosion is 3 times much stronger than yours.

- Ho, Is that so? Then how did Ian manage to live through it?

- That's what! We have been talking about it since morning, and there is a two-fold conclusion.

- Two? What are they?

- First one, the anti-magic.

- The anti-magic? How much of it will help deal with such a power?

- It is a single digit anti-magic. It doesn't make sense, but what if Ian's anti-magic is set to 30-50%?

- Hmm…

- Actually, when we calculate, it does not make much sense. Holding 50% of anti-magic for a summoner is not normal.

- Then what the hell was that?

- If Ian was holding 80-90% of the anti-magic… won't this be a possible outcome?

- …

- But that doesn't make sense, even to me. And the second conclusion.

- Conclusion?

- It's because he is Ian. No other answer than that. Maybe a destined operator of Kailan.

The reason why the users calculated that it could be possible to have 80-90% of the anti-magic wasn't so different.

It was because they completely misunderstood Ian's other abilities apart from the anti-magic.

Ian was a higher level and had amazing stats than any other summoner, and for most of the time, he wields powerful items.

Ian's current level was over 220, and the normal users assumed that Ian's level was around the 190s.

That was a misinterpretation, and they concluded by saying that he sustained with 90% anti-magic.

In the end, no one in the community was able to give a proper analysis of the battle, and meaningless nonsense kept coming out.

In the meantime, users who were hoping to catch the match between Ian and Irahan to come back for a rematch.

Probably because Irahan was famous for having a high ego.


The Northern Continent, the spiritual center of the Lotus castle.

And in it was Ian, the owner of the room, doing maintenance to get out of the battle.

On the first day of his return—Ian made a tremendous contribution to the central continent, now he moved to the northern.

The human class users in the central continent were on a rampage, and they will be able to hold on without much problem.

During the day of yesterday, the human class users were able to reclaim two large fields in the central continent.

Ian attacked and Irahan was strong, and Ian didn't have any other strong user to deal with.

And there never was anyone, Ian knew that better.

'That guy will come to the North to catch me thinking it was unfair. And if there is no Irahan in the central, they can manage it without me.'

Ian was thinking of encouraging both the Northern and the Central battle.

There was another battlefield in the Northwest, but it was impossible to get there.

If the two battlefields combined, the one in the Central continent and the Northeast were led to the victory, the war would eventually end in the triumph of humans.

Ian touched his Judgment of the Spirit King and thought about the aspects of the war that he will have to proceed.

'For the coming 5 days… we'll have to hold it until then?'

Ian's gaze turned to the table next to him.

And there was an item which was giving out bright blue light.

And the item was none other than the 'Soldiers of the Earth', for which Ian had worked hard.

'It would be best to use it on the last day.'

As the matter of increasing the Asmodians, and the end of Dimensional War getting closer, it was sure that a powerful monster and NPC's would emerge.

Therefore, the use of the 'Soldiers of Earth' would be the best on those last days.

Ian didn't know how strong the 'Army of Gods' would be, but it was definitely a hidden card.

Ian's thoughtful gaze moved to the item beside the 'Soldiers of Earth'.

The abandoned 'Cintamani' which had a pale green light around it was lying there.

Ian pondered while looking at the Cintamani.

'I don't know what that Dragon God was talking about. But whatever it is, it needs to conclude before the war ends.'

The world view that Kailan showed till now and the scenarios of the development team, the Dragon God would show up once again on the final day of the Dimensional war.

And Ian wanted that moment to come as quickly as possible.

'Stop this hopeful thinking torture… Recall the Cintamani if you want to, and if you plan on giving it out, then release the seal.'

Ian was grinding his teeth, he later picked up his equipment and stepped out the door.

Now, in order to take back the northern, which is in a much serious condition than the Central Continent, it would need a much more diligent and decent plan.



The 100th division of Devildom.

A city that was in the middle of wrath.

In the middle of the city's plaza a red light shone, and from it emerged a man.

He was none other than Irahan, the user who died in the hands of Ian, he appeared after 24 hours—after the completion of the death penalty.


He took a deep breath to calm down his anger.

"That bastard… he didn't die."

Since he wasn't able to connect because of the death penalty, Irahan checked the results of the battle from the community.

And he couldn't help but be in shock.

Since he thought that the result of their confrontation was a draw, seeing that Ian had an overwhelming victory was indeed a shock.

He couldn't believe those at first, but after 10 minutes, he could do nothing but believe.

And he found the video of the battle posted around in the community.

The battle video of him and Ian have spread around so widely that they even reached him, and every time he saw it, it made Irahan much more furious.

Thinking that it was a draw didn't hurt Irahan's ego, but seeing Ian's victory just didn't seem right.

On top of that, the common members of the community aggravated him further by saying that the power of Irahan was no more.

Among the comments that he read, there was a comment that wouldn't leave his mind.

[Irahan that is just, how could you not catch up till now? The summoner didn't even bother using his familiars… Haha. Even a summoner who doesn't use a familiar can win over you.]

Irahan felt truly disgusted reading that.

After reading the comment, he realized that Ian was a summoner, and he didn't even bother using the main source of his character.

"I was completely alert. It was definite that the guy was hiding something."

Irahan admitted that he was a bit too over his head when dealing with Ian.

But he didn't bother thinking that Ian was better than him.

"There must be a skill that can cope with the damage that my Explosion Magic does. And that weapon, I need to steer clear from it."

Irahan was hot-headed, but he wasn't a fool.

If he was, he wouldn't have been able to take the first place in the official rankings, not for a second.

Since he couldn't access because of the penalty, Irahan looked into Ian and his 4th transcendental weapon.

And knew the reason why he died from a single blow from it, and the amount of damage it takes.

'No matter how strong the attack power is… this doesn't feel right.'

With any amount of variables, Ian couldn't have higher agility than Irahan.

And Irahan was intending to take advantage of this slowness.

'No more concerns now. I won't get taken down with a single strike, and play slowly.'

Drawing both his blades, which were crossed into the sheath on his back, Irahan moved quickly towards the Dimensional portal.

It had been 2 hours since the beginning of the Dimensional War, he had only one wish, to meet Ian soon.

Irahan knew that Ian joined the war in the Northern region.

'You ran away to the Northern continent.'

Irahan walked forward.

'Then, I'll follow you.'

Just as Ian had predicted.

Irahan was under the impression that Ian tricked him into defeat, and went to the Northern, to avoid confrontation for the second time.


"Ian, I waited."

In the middle of the battlefield, Soo-hee's face greeted Ian and replied with a smile on his face.

"You've been through a lot of trouble. It would have been hard here as there weren't many rankers."

The battlefields in the Northern felt a bit different from that of the Central Continent.

In the Central continent, a large portion of the troops of about 30% changed.

The composition of the war was almost PVP to PVP atmosphere.

However, the northern continent camps were mostly consisted of NPC- focused troops.

Until now, the number of the Asmodians who were relatively inferior in number now started gaining numbers by joining the forces for the Central.

But this wasn't making the Northern war any easier.

Because, there weren't many mage class users, nor were the human users there.

A few players and the NPC's of the Luspel Empire.

They were able to guard the Northern Continent.


Soo-hee who was shielding herself from the flying arrows spoke to Ian.

"Ian you went… and you took away Hoonie too, which why it is like this."

Ian continued to face the enemy, but he still had a calm expression.

It was inevitable that he disappeared, but he was feeling sorry for taking off for a week and dragging out Hoonie who was the only strength of the Northern Continent.

"Haha… well, didn't I come back as well?"

Soo-hee smiled and said,

"Didn't you run here to avoid Irahan?"


Ian laughed out loud.


But then,

It wasn't Soo-hee who answered, but the answer came from another source.

"Well, if not running, then what is it, Ian?"

Both Ian and Soo-hee turned their gaze at the same time.


Soo-hee had a pale expression, and the human users in the surrounding area were all shocked.

There was no one other than Ian who held the same expression.

Ian looked at Irahan and said.

"Yo, how was your long day's rest?"


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