Taming Master | Chapter 298 | The Persistent Chaser | Part 1

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Chapter 298 - The Persistent Chaser - Part 1


Irahan was flustered.

Ian's attitude was much calmer than he thought.

Which made Irahan nervous while thinking.

'What is it with this idiot? Does he think that he really won over me? Didn't he run away to the… north?'

Ian's gentle expression didn't change.

Even if Ian was a great actor, he wouldn't opt to be surprised at the appearance of Irahan.

'It's clear that this idiot thinks he can beat me once again… well he is stupid after all, isn't he?'

But the Ian whom Irahan knew, wasn't even close to being stupid.

Rather, he had a great understanding and sense of battle.

Ian was an outstanding user.

Eeriness ran down the spine of Irahan, and sweat started to flow down his spine.

'This could be… a trap.'

It was Irahan's thoughts, that maybe Ian moved to the Northern, expecting him to follow Ian.

And Ian was sure that he would win against Irahan again.

This was a clear trap.

Without Irahan in the Central Continent, the Asmodians would be weak, and if Ian kills Irahan again in here, Ian will have an awesome comeback in a day's gap.

'But that won't happen. This jerk can't take me down.'

Irahan unsheathed his twin blades and slowly moved towards Ian.

His instincts were warning him, but he didn't let those thoughts get to his head, thinking there was no danger.

If he didn't look down on Ian too much, there was no such thing as a defeat for him.

Aligning his thoughts, all the anxiety in the mind of Irahan completely disappeared.

Irahan who gained confidence replied to Ian in a low but stern voice.

"All thanks to you, I got to rest well."

"I know."

Ian stretched out his spear, and turned towards Irahan and spoke again.

"So you came back because you wanted to have another day's rest?"

Irahan frowned.


Ian and Irahan were facing each other, and the space around them was clear.

But unlike the Central continent, the war didn't stop, and no one came close to the two people in the middle.

"I don't know what you think for being that relaxed but…"

Irahan cast a buff skill and looked at Ian.

"If this buff is used, you'll die right here."

Ian laughed out loud and Irahan added another word.

"And I'll make you want to leave the Kailan."

Ian responded with a doubtful look.

"How exactly?"

Irahan who was trying to attack Ian thought of something and put his right-hand sword back into the sheath.

And he took out a red colored vial from the bag and threw it to Ian.

"Take it."



Ian who caught the vial that Irahan threw, checked the item information for the vial.

- - - - - - - - - -

- ChrysanthemumFragrance -

Classification – Miscellaneous

Rank – Hero

A magical fragrance made by a great alchemist of the East and its fragrance lasts for 30 days.

In addition, the fragrance can be felt from the outside, and the name Chrysanthemum Fragrance (Incense of thousands) came.

However, not everyone can use or feel this scent, and only those who can feel the Chrysanthemum Fragrance can understand it.

The scent will last for 30 days. (Will stay on even after resurrecting, and after death.)

* Once the Chrysanthemum Fragrance continues, the charm ability will increase by 30 points.

* While the Chrysanthemum Fragrance is in effect, the leadership increases by 10 points, and all the production increases by 5 points.

* When the Chrysanthemum Fragrance is in effect, you can see the position and coordinates of the user who have used this.

- - - - - -

"Oh ho…?"

Ian who confirmed the information had a very interesting face.

It was the first time for Ian to see these things.

Irahan smiled and said to Ian,

"If you're confident, sprinkle that scent on you."

Saying that—Irahan took out another bottle into his arms and sprinkled it on his body.

And Ian immediately realized what he meant by it.

'So… you plan on killing me here; keep coming to me and kill me for the next 30 days?'

This Chrysanthemum Fragrance was an exclusive item that was used in the guild that Irahan used to be in, the Dark Luna Guild.

It was very convenient because the guild members could share their position of the guild members with one another by using this.

And giving this out to Ian was a very impulsive act on the part of Irahan.

Ian didn't speak for a moment, so Irahan provoked him.


Ian who heard the words laughed and used the fragrance.

And a system message popped up.


[You have used the item 'Chrysanthemum Fragrance'.]

[The fragrance effect will continue for the next 30 days.]

[Remaining time – ( 719: 59: 59)]

In front of Ian's eyes, the descriptions of the buffs and the effects due to the use of the Chrysanthemum were all listed.

The most surprising thing was a red dot on a minimap, in front of his eyes.

Seeing Ian who just used the fragrance, Irahan was surprised and soon spoke out with a ridiculing expression,

"You're brave enough to use it."

Hearing that Ian spoke,

"It means I can do it."

Irahan pulled out his sword and opened his mouth,

"I will kill you for about 25 times in the next 30 days."

Ian replied with a smirk,

"I'll do it 29 times."


Will it be 25 or 29?

If they both went hunting each other for 30 days, the other users will have a chance to rank up their levels.

And these peoples ranker titles could fall off too.

And Irahan thinking that Ian couldn't beat him again, ran towards Ian immediately.

"Even if you beg me not to kill you, I won't bother listening to you."

"I'll make you kneel and think about what you just said."

Ian was trying to instigate Irahan.

And Irahan with a reddened face ran towards Ian with his swords.

Chang- chang- chang!

And Ian without much effort was able to dodge Irahan's attacks.

Irahan was extremely mindful, and the sophistication of the attack could be felt.

Around 10 seconds passed between them...

Chachang- chang-!

And the Judgment of the Spirit King succeeded in stabbing Irahan.


It wasn't stabbed at the point of weakness; wasn't attached properly, and had much less damage than the stab of yesterday, but this couldn't be neglected.

Irahan who suffered some damage stepped back and calmed his breath.


Taking a deep breath, Irahan started to go around Ian.

He changed his strategy.

And seeing this, Ian's lip corners went up.

'He would be coming from here.'

Irahan was much quicker than Ian and was constantly interrupting Ian's thoughts.

Irahan thought that if he moved quickly and hit Ian, then Ian wouldn't be able to cause any damage to Irahan.

But there was a blind spot in his strategy.

"Halli, come here!"


Ian called out Halli, who was fighting Asmodians nearby.

And used Halli's unique ability, 'The Guardian of the Wind'.

Not for Halli, but for himself.

[The summoner used the unique ability of the familiar 'The Guardian of the Wind'.]

[For the next 2 minutes, all of the attacks, defense and intelligence will add up to the agility.]

Until now, Halli had been the only one to use his Guardian of the Wind ability.

Halli's power was much higher than Ian's, and therefore the efficiency of it was better.

And all Ian had to do was to get on top of Halli as fast as possible.

However, when fighting with a user like Irahan, it would be much better to use the buff of Halli on his own character.

And with this buff, Ian could have a much faster pace than Irahan, even with the basic stats.

It didn't mean that Irahan didn't have an instant power buff, but in the whole of Kailan, there couldn't be any other skill that would give as much power as Halli's Guardian of the Wind.


A single gust of wind touched Ian's body.

Irahan who jumped back seeing the familiar ran towards Ian.

Ian held the spear in position.

'I'll kill you before the buff goes out.'

The duration of the buff of the 'Guardians of the Wind' was 2 minutes.

And in that duration, he had to kill Irahan once more.

Ian got into his stance and jumped towards Irahan.

Kwang- kang-!

A powerful explosion with huge sound came every time the weapons of the two users touched each other.

And Irahan's eyes showed surprise.

"What, what is this?"

Ian's movements were now twice faster than Irahan's.

Chang- chchang-!

And Ian's spear started to pierce into Irahan's body without any hesitation.

Irahan was still attacking but, felt like he was being sucked.

The position of the two people has changed from a while before.

"Damn it."

To dodge himself from being attacked, Irahan started to move quickly.

But before Irahan could move away, Ian blocked his movement and dragged his spear to the side.


[You have suffered immense damage from the human user 'Ian'.]

Around 20 – 30% of vitality went down with just a single blow!

Irahan panicked, but calmly swung his sword and was countering the other attacks.

The spear was long and powerful, but the movement was so huge that it created a gap when doing the attack.

Ian quickly minimized the gaps and brushed off attacks from Irahan.

But he couldn't entirely block off Irahan's attacks.

[The Asmodian user 'Irahan' attacked you.]

[Vitality of 1598 has been reduced.]

If thought about Ian's vitality, this amount of damage was close to a teardrop.

Ian broke away from the attack, and the damage was less because of the 70% anti-magic that he possessed.

Irahan who checked his system message mumbled to himself.

'What? What's this monsterous defense?!'

But, when the next attack was done, Irahan realized that it wasn't because of the armor.

In addition to the attack, 'Magic activation' was used, the damage done wouldn't be less than 20,000.

Irahan's magic points, to become a noblesse—Irahan needed 50,000 more magic points but that passed away in the past.

Unlike the regular attacks, Magic attacks had a fixed damage that ignored the armor, the only way to reduce the damage was using the anti-magic.

And because Irahan wasn't a fool, he knew why even after getting hit, it wasn't causing much damage.

'This crazy guy! How much of anti-magic did he equip?'

As soon as the magic exploded, Irahan moved to his former position.

'Sh*t, this was why he didn't die with the Magic explosion!'

Irahan panicked at that.

And realizing that, he couldn't move near Ian.

Phak- phaak- phak-!

The Judgment of the Spirit King mercilessly went through the chest of Irahan.


And with the 'Lightning Judgment' of the Judgment of the Spirit King—the vitality of Irahan went to dumps in an instant.

"I guess I'll rest for another day."

Irahan chuckled to himself, and for the last blow, Ian pierced his spear through the abdomen of Irahan's.


That was it.

Irahan collapsed to the floor, and once again his vision went black.


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