Taming Master | Chapter 300 | The Persistent Chaser | Part 3

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Chapter 300 - The Persistent Chaser - Part 3


As the Dimensional war was finally coming to an end, the battle became more and more intense.

All the users who haven't been so interested in the Dimensional war began to gather in the battlefields, and the number of Asmodians began to increase, the scale of the battle began to get bigger.

In the meantime, in LB company, in the public site ranking of the ranking achievements of the war were posted.

The names of the users who were listed from the 1st to the 100th places were given.

In addition, all the users who were ranked within the 1000 slots, were notified that they would be given a special title after the Dimensional War, this made the users enthusiastic.

- Wow, have you seen the title and rewards for the 1st rank?

- Hmm? What is it? I haven't checked the notice yet.

- For the Human faction, rank 1 is given the title 'Defender of the Dimension', there is an awesome option attached to it.

- What else is included in it?

- All the buff effects are received + 50% of the earned by the quest and fame + 75 %, and charm +100% and so on…

- Oh… They are so good. But there isn't a combat title? That is a little upsetting.

- One can always change the titles. And when the titled ranker is in a battle, you can take the rewards and use them when needed.

- What is the title class?

- Hey, It's legendary.

- Have you seen the title of the 1st ranked Asmodian?

- No, not yet…

Jinsung, who has been looking at the community after a long time, shook his head by reading the comments and the posts.

'Idiots… what kind of battle titles are those… they are just worthless titles.'

There was a specific title 'Defender of the Dimension'.

- - - - - - -

Defender of the Dimension –

Classification: Title

Rank: Legendary

Options: All buff effects + 50%

All healing effects + 50%

Increases the duration of the buffs by 5 seconds.

All fame acquired by the quest + 75%

All the gold earned by quest + 55%

Production Capacity + 50%

Charm + 100%

Leadership + 10%

- - - - - - - - - - -

Most of the users looked at the 4th option to the 7th option.

They appreciated the title because of the 4 options.

Specifically, the 4th and 5th which increases the rewards that were earned by the quests were clearly eye-catching.

But Ian's thoughts differed.

"Why this, no one seems to know the importance of the 1st to 3rd options, right?"

According to Ian's understanding, the best options that were associated with the title were the 1st and the 3rd options which immediately increased the buff effects.

'If they know about the buff cycle, they are being given the opportunity to raise the combat ability for 1.5 times…'

After a long gap, Ian's will to gain the title in the Dimensional war rose.

'Now my public rank is near 1220… and I have twice the difference to get to the 1st.'

Even if I was Ian, since the time of vacancy in the battle was too long, the rankings were bound to fall.

Since he managed to hunt down the Asmodians in the past few days, he was able to regain his rank to this level.

"Let's go, and get the 1st rank."

Ian turned off the computer and skilfully put on his capsule.

From now on, he was going to raise his public rankings more aggressively.


Ian kept on moving independently.

As party play was inefficient to raise the public rankings.

Moreover, if Ian had a better balance than the users of the other class, there was no reason for him to stick in a party.

And Ian didn't call anyone except Kaizer and Yankun for the battles.

In the public rankings of Dimensional war, points could b accumulated by the NPC's in the game.

In other words, unlike a familiar, the public value of a trail doesn't come to Ian but goes to the trail.

Nevertheless, the reason for bringing out Kaizer and Yankun was like an insurance.

Just before the battle opened, Ian called out Kaizer and Yankun.

"Yankun, Kaizer."

"Called us, Master?"

"What is it, my Lord?"

And Ian explained his strategy,

"We will be at the forefront in today's battles."

Once Ian was done, Yankun nodded his head without a word, and Kaizer had an expression which showed he was interested.

"Oho, this sounds like fun. It has been so long since I have done such battle."

But Ian soon broke the excitement of Kaizer.

"But in today's and tomorrows battles, let's get the most of it. Don't leave me around, but try to have my back."

Kaizer was disappointed, and he started to complain.

"You're not going to die even if I'm not around you, Lord."

Ian shook his head and spoke in a serious voice.

"No, Kaizer. You and Yankun will both defend me so that I can fight effectively."


Seeing Kaizer with a dissatisfied expression, Ian thought to himself.

'Oho, This guy's loyalty is about 70 for now, should I give something for him to obey me?'

Ian took out a legendary class helmet from his inventory which he took away from Irahan.

"Kaizer, what do you think of this item?"

With a golden eagle engraved on it—in a single glance, anyone could know that this would call for great money.

Kaizer lost his mind the moment he saw the helmet.

"This… where did you get this item, my Lord?"

Ian shrugged his shoulders and spoke.

"You don't need to know it. What do you think, does it please you?"

"Keuh, Keuuuh…!"

Seeing Kaizer in an excited manner, Ian couldn't help but laugh.

"I'll give you this if you listen to me till the end of the Dimensional war. How does that sound?"

And after having second thoughts, Kaizer gave in to the legendary helmet.

"Ah, I get it, my Lord. Trust me. I'll protect you until the end."

Ian who succeeded in taming Kaizer walked towards the battlefield with a proud expression.

'Hehehe, Irahan thanks, dude.'

The items dropped by Irahan were being very handy to Ian.


"Wow, this is really head-on, right? What are your thoughts on this Mr. Hains?"

In the YTBC station's staff cafeteria.

At the lunch cafeteria, there were only two people still eating.

The two were Hains and Lucia, they weren't able to eat in the lunchtime, as their game broadcast schedule for the day had ended late.

And while eating, they were watching the channels of the other TV networks.

"I know, right. The real combat aspect of this war is nerve-racking. After Ian's appearance, I thought that maybe the battle will be in favor of the human users."

"Is Ian so great?"

Hains nodded and replied,

"A great user in a number of ways, this Ian. Do you see another user who has such an overwhelming presence from the summoner class?"

Lucia lifted her head.

"You are right about that. Ian certainly came to the rescue again, and turned the tables."

And Hains added another word.

"Besides, since the human side is gaining confidence, the battle is getting much interesting."

"Hmm… Then why did this happen again?"

"The Asmodians invaded the most of the divisions during the Dimensional War. From their point of view; they occupied some large areas of the human world and their biggest cities. But till now, they haven't been able to take over a base camp."


"At the end, when they keep fighting like this tomorrow… the dimensional door will close, and the Asmodians, as well as the monsters, will have to go back to their realms."

Lucia spoke then,

"Won't the defense of the human side be successful?"

"Yes, They will be victorious."

Hains, who just answered took a piece on the pork cutlet from his plate, looked at the TV and ate.

'In the end, the appearance of Ian… will it change the situation once again?'

Till a week ago, the human camp seemed so hopeless.

Each time the Magic explosion happened, the tanker had to take a step back, and when the top Asmodians users appeared, dozens of users were killed.

But with Ian entering, the users became aware of the anti-magic power and its importance, and eventually, the battlefield turns into a literal one.

On the screen was a scene with Ian, and Hains looked at the eye-catching fight.

Watched it intently.

'But no matter what I think… the war doesn't seem like it will end so easily…?'

Tomorrow, was the final day of the Dimensional war.

And when it is the last day, it means that the wave was going to be much powerful than ever before.

Hains muttered by digging into his pork.

"What… what all will be expected to be summoned?"

Hains has always watched Kailan more intently than anyone ever had.

And his intuition said that the war wasn't going to end so smoothly.


"We have finally come into the last day?"

Ian who just entered the battlefield turned his head and stared at the rising sun.

It always started when the sun went up, and the war ends when the sun goes down.

Ian always believed that the Dimensional War was harder than any other content.

And one would have to struggle for a long time, over a period of 12 hours, and surviving from a day to day was hard.

On average, a normal user would receive a death penalty once a day, even the top-ranked rankers would experience death at least 5 to 6 times when they participated in a full-time war.

And because of this scenario, Ian could fill the gap and raise his rank.

If a user dies, he can't make an appearance till the next day, from the last 5 days a lot of rankers were killed, making the gap that Ian had to fill much lesser than before.

Now Ian's current ranking was 9th.

'If I move today and do any mistake, then going to the 1st wouldn't be so impossible to claim.'

The mistake meant… was not to die.

And if he dies, the dream of being the 1st was down in the dump.

Ian glanced at the countdown that was above the field.

The remaining time was about 5 minutes.

Ian spoke to Kaizer who was right in front of him.

"It's the last day Kaizer, Let's work hard today."

Kaizer laughed at it and said,

"I always do well, my Lord. Because I want you to be well."

Ian wanted to hit Kaizer on his back.

'Fine, if I hit, then there is a chance for the loyalty to drop and that can make me lose.'

And in that time, Kaka flew beside Ian's shoulder and spoke in a low voice,


"Why? What now?"

"I can feel a very strong energy from across the street."


Ian turned his head and looked at Kaka, who was blankly staring at the camp of the Asmodians.

Kaka's mouth opened and words came out.

"This is… an intense magic that I have never felt before…!"

Ian was surprised to see Kaka who was sweating.

'What, what is it? Why is she being this way?'

But after a moment, Ian regained his composure.

'Since this is the last day, surely a strong magic presence can be felt, right? Will we see the Balrog and the Devil Dragon we saw in the Devildom?'

If such a monster is over there, Kaka's tension is unreasonable.

'And I still have a hidden card…'

And when he thought of the Soldiers of the Earth that was with him, Ian's confidence rose again.

'I did well by saving it until now. For the upcoming dangerous moments… that would help me once.'

And so, the last battle of the Dimensional War began.


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