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Chapter 301 - The Last Blood - Part 1


The last day of the Dimensional War.

And the battlefield that Ian chose, was the field in the Central Continent.

The main battlefield, the largest battlefield was in the Central Continent and this was a natural course.

The moment the battle started, Ian began to run in the front like a mad person.

'I need to catch another ranked monster, to go higher….!'

When the named monsters appeared on the battlefield, Ian was in the exact spot.

Named monsters usually drop more than ten times the public points.

"Kaizer! Block the left side!"

"Okay, Master!"

Ian scattered all his powers, here and there.

Great ranged attackers Pin and Karceus have been helping the others from the rear, and they were placed in the areas where the tankers Bbookbbook and Bakbbak were lacking.

Both Bbookbbook and Bbakbbak were strong and solid tankers, and they were so coordinated that no one could go through if they were both together.

In addition, with these tankers, their ability was further assured by placing the healer Celia right with them.

And all the other familiars had been instructed to help the Lotus Guild, except for Kaizer.

At first, he used Yankun for his battles, but the maneuverability did not match the ability of Ian's.

Unlike Kaizer, who had both attack and speed, Yankun's ability was relatively slow to use.

Well, Yankun had a superior tanking ability when compared to Kaizer.

But since Ian was in combat style, for the time being, Yankun was deployed to help the guild.

'This a bit upsetting but, if I do this way then I can gather as many public points as possible.'

The current power with Ian now was Karceus, Halli and Ly.

Although Kaka was always with Ian, she was a hidden card.

Kaka's wide area skills were going to be needed when the situation gets really dangerous, and its other combat abilities were all zero.


Sometimes Kaka uses small fire bolt from its mouth.

[Slave 'Kaka' hurt Monster Heinrik.]

[Monster Heinrik's vitality is reduced by 12.]

They were of no help at all.

"Yah! Just stay still, Don't make unnecessary systems messages pop up!"

"Sh*t, okay, master."

Ian who fought for 30 minutes since the battle had begun, decided to fall back.

This was because Kaizer's vitality got reduced.

'If I had a good healer familiar it would be very useful for now…'

Ian moved to the place with Bbookbbook and Bbakbbak.

And that was to receive the wide area heal from Bbookbbook.

"Bbookbbook-ah, Heal a little!"

"Okay, Bbook!"

As soon as Ian entered the range of the Abyss Turtle Dragon Bbookbbook's ability: 'Blessing of Abyss' got activated.

A green-lighted energy spread through the wide area with a big resonating sound!

Users who were in the vicinity of the Heal came into the light covered area.

"Wow…! This is a great heal!"

"What skill is this? I want to learn it too!"

"Hmm, a priest can't learn this."

"Eh? If a priest can't do this, then who can learn this heal?"

"This is probably the skill of Ian's familiar."

"OMG… this is better than mine…"

"Keuh, Bbookbbook is an awesome class…"

Users who came into the range of the heal, their vitality rose.

If it was a usual situation, all could have gotten into it to be healed, but in the current situation, until the users who have recovered their vitality moved out, those who needed to heal couldn't enter.

And everyone knew that the day was the last battle of the Dimensional War.

So, regardless of the classes, all the users were actively engaged in the battle with fear on their sleeves.

The battlefield was continuously intense that no one could be seen without performing anything.

In the meantime, the east side of the field began to rise, it rose to the sky and was hanging in the middle.


"Keuh, The Oracle. Is it really there, Mahamu."

"Yes, Lucaros. With its help… the Asmodians can make the human world a land of the Asmodians."

The Devil kings were discussing in the Castle.

There was a large golden round table on the top floor of the massive castle, it was so big that Ian had never seen anything like that.

And there were seven Asmodians who were seated around the table.

Among them, there were two Asmodians who had delicate body figures and they seemed like women, but each of their magic presence was tremendous.

The most strongest Asmodians.

Lucaros who was the Ascendant of Chaos and 4th ranked opened his mouth,

"Isn't this a bit too unusual. For the Oracle to be found. That is too directly into the hands of us Devil kings?"

Lucaros said that and touched his chin; hearing this, the others also nodded and fell into deep thoughts.

The seven Asmodians who were currently sitting around the golden round table were all top ranked Devils.

Starting with Lucaros who was the 4th till the 10th Mahamu, the destroyer.

They were the present day ones who were resent, and the golden round table meeting to take decisions about the Devildom.

The Devil kings in the ranks of 1-3 weren't well known, and they were divine beings who didn't interfere with the realities on the realm of Devildom. In fact, it wasn't an exaggeration to say that Lucaros the 4th was the absolute figure of the Devildom

And seeing the silent figure of Lucaros the 4th, Leah the queen of Desires, who was seated beside him opened her mouth,

She was the lieutenant whom even Lucaros couldn't overpower.

"Whatsoever, the Oracle has descended, there is no way it will be left alone."

At these words from Leah, Lucaros nodded his head.

"Sure. We won't interfere directly… but we'll send a subordinate who has the power of a devil."

Lucaros had a dissatisfied expression.

He still couldn't understand why the Oracle had come down.

'There was still time for the Asmodians to grow. This dispatch of a sudden power will create friction with Asmodians of the human world…'

But for the Asmodians, the oracle was absolute.

This wasn't something that could be ignored.

Lucaros's gaze moved towards Mahamu.

"Mahamu, listen well."

"Go on, Lord Lucaros."

Mahamu and Lucaros were both Devils and belonged to the same class.

But the difference of power between them was enormous.

The power of a Devil increased exponentially as they go higher ranks, so there was a huge difference between the 10th rank Mahamu and the 4th rank Lucaros.

Mahamu waited for the next words from Lucaros with a polite expression, and Lucaros after a moment of silence opened his mouth,

"I will give you the authority to take five members from 50 ranks we got. Along with them, take their most trusted soldiers and let them carry out the Oracle task from now on."

As Lucaros was done, Mahamu bends his head and spoke,

"I'll do my best."

And at the same moment, a few lines of system messages came in the sight of the Asmodians who were joining the Dimensional war.

[Sudden quest, 'Army of the Devil King' quest has been activated.]

[Quest cannot be rejected.]

[From this moment until the end of the Dimensional war, you must absolutely obey the command of the Devil.]


The tight balance of the Dimensional War began to break as the sun moved over slightly to the west.

Ian who had been using all his abilities to the extremes was fighting for quite a while, which made him stop his movements.

"Master, you need to step back."


Ian who just struck an Asmodian climbed over the back of Halli and asked Kaka,

"What do you mean, should I be out?"

Kaka pointed towards a canyon which was at a farther distance of the Asmodian camp and said in a low voice,

"I can feel something so strong that even my abilities aren't able to comprehend."


Ian decided to listen to Kaka.

Kaka was the kind who didn't back-down when dealing with a Balrog or the Devil Dragon.

And if such, as Kaka was saying this, then there obviously is a reason.

Ian gave orders to Halli and Kaka.

"Halli, Let's head to the back of the field. Kaizer, you also, follow Halli."

And Ly who was hunting along with Ian, hoped onto Kaizer as he was seriously wounded, so he could move quickly.

Ian using Halli's speed moved to the other side of terrain as fast as he could.

It was because it would enable to grasp what kind of an enemy was going to come as they appeared through the canyons.

'Let's see. What kind of guys are going to come from there.'

Ian fixed his gaze towards the canyon and watched it.

The enemies didn't make an immediate appearance, but Ian didn't move.

He took a rest because his body was weary and looked around the situation.

And after a while.

A cloud of dust began to rise from the Canyon.

Ian focused his attention on the identity of the enemies, and he knew who they were.

Ian's face went tense for the first time.

'It's a Balrog. Not one or two, there are more than five…!'

It wasn't possible to identify the exact number as the dust hadn't settled, but 5-7 Balrogs were running out of the Asmodians' camp.

The Balrog had a majestic power to destroy the entire battlefield with just one single strike.

Ian gulped.

'I need to take down one after the other. Then, we'll be in the odds.'

Ian pulled out the 'Soldiers of the Earth' and held it in his hands for a while.

The time to use this thing had come.

'Let's stay calm. I hunted a similar Devil Dragon in the past.'

Well, even with the same legendary rank, it was so clear that clearing a Balrog would be much difficult to deal than the Devil Dragon.

According to the explanation he heard from the Devil King Ricardo in the past, Balrog had the ability to manipulate the other magical beasts and borrow their magic.

This situation would surely make the strength of Balrog much higher.

But, Ian wasn't going to think about such things, he would probably try to understand how well he could deal with the situation.


Ian took a deep breath and checked the condition of the battle so that he could enter once again.

No matter how one saw this, the problem didn't seem to be just the 6 or so Balrogs.

It was how well the powers are comparable to the rankers that need to tackle them.

But this wasn't the end of the battle.

'There are over 5 hours to finish the battle today. This isn't the last surprise we get.'

Ian held onto the 'Soldiers of the Earth' tightly.

This was the card that needed to be kept alive until the last hour of the war.


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