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Chapter 303 - The Last Blood - Part 3


Ian was struggling in the Central Continent.

The other side of the dimensional war in the Northwest and the Northeast, they had suffered serious damage.

The other battlefields had weaker horseman when compared to the Central Continent, but they had a Devil King and strong Balrogs over there.

Their defenses in the North was much weaker than the Central Continent, so they couldn't hold them off, and the Northern defenders gave up two to three maps to the Devil's side.

Hoonie—who was struggling in the Northeast battlefield—sent a message to Ian.

[KanjiHoonie: Ian hyung, It's getting too hard here.]

[Ian: I guessed it. How bad is the situation there?]

[KanjiHoonie: now, the neutral filed is almost gone to the Devidom camps, and after the last canyon we will enter the Luspel Empire.]

[Ian: Really? It is much serious than I thought.]

[KanjiHoonie: once the North gets taken over by the Asmodian… it will be detrimental for the Lotus Guild too. What to do?]

[Ian: I can't help it. Even if we lose the Lotus guild, I need to stay here and block them.]

[KanjiHoonie: Are there any extra support that you could possibly send here?]

[Ian: Hmm… it's tough.]

[KanjiHoonie: Okay Hyung. We'll try our best.]

[Ian: Okay. Use as much time as you can.]

Ian's eyebrows flinched after communicating with Hoonie.

'There is nothing I can do. I would like to stop it everywhere if I could.'

On the last day of the Dimensional war, Ian was deep in thought—thinking whether he should go to the North or the Central.

Both the Northern and the Central continent were important for the Lotus Manor.

'Pyro Domain and Lotus Manor… Both of these shouldn't be done…'

The Pyro Domain was the reason why today's Lotus Guild was this grand, it was no exaggeration to say that it was a manor with the highest advanced growth.

It was a place that had survived and grown tremendously in the middle of the Central Continent as well as the Lotus Manor in the Northeast.

It was definitely not an overstatement to call it the fundraiser for the Lotus Guild.

Since it was the first manor for the Lotus Guild, it grew progressively yet in a safe area, it has grown in the economic and cultural aspect rather than in military power.

In particular, the large scale facility 'Training center' was managed by professor Lee Jin-wook, was a well-established facility that summoner class users must visit.

'No matter how much I value the manor, the Pyro Domain is the most important.'

And after Ian exchanged messages with Hoonie, Ian was lost in his thoughts for a moment, and the horsemen were rushing close to them with fierce speed.

Ian stared at the three Balrog who was in the front and was ready to give out orders.

'firstly, the vibrating wave—it's inherent ability—must be blocked.'

The Vibrating wave was a wide-area ability that puts the enemies in a terrible state of 'fear', it didn't have much destructive power of its own.

And for the human users who were trying to build up a defense now, nothing was more terrible than experiencing 'fear'.

It would be horrific if that were to happen, and the camp would be destroyed should that happen.

[Die! You sewer rats!!]


As the leader of the Balrog moved to the front, the other two followed him.

And Ian who confirmed the current situation quickly turned his head.

'It will take 3 seconds to activate, and it takes 1 second after it hits the ground to be triggered.'

Ian concentrated with all his might.

Their victory in this war all depended on Ian's hands.

"First.. Isei, use The Barrier of Light! And after that, Kim Chung prepare your skills!"

Ian ordered what was needed to do, and the nervous priest prepared the skill and invoked it.

"Barrier of Light!"


A thin film spread in the air, and a white light started to form in front of the users.

The Barrier of Light was the most basic wide-area defense skill of a priest.

The durability of the barrier was only about 250,000.

Ian calculated the situation thoroughly.


Kwang- Kwakwang-!

The first Balrog fell back, and the barrier cracked.

[Balrog's unique ability 'Vibrating wave' has been activated.]

[The durability of 'Barrier of Light' is reduced by 77525.]

[Barrier blocks the debuff effect.]

And two other Balrogs used their unique ability.


[Balrog's unique ability 'Vibrating wave' has been activated.]

[The Durability of 'Barrier of Light' is reduced by 78122.]

[The durability of 'Barrier of Light' is reduced by 78442.]

[Barrier blocks the debuff effect.]

The earth vibrated and tremendous roars could be heard, but the barrier of light was still holding up.

[Barrier of light / Durability – 15911/250000 (6.36%)]

Although its durability dropped tremendously, the Barrier of Light managed to block three Vibrating Waves from entering.

And users who saw this were having cold sweat.

'Euhh. Why are they so careless right from the beginning?!'

'Isn't Ian much more skilled than this!'

Other human users were nervous, but Ian didn't just use normal skills.

Ian already checked the amount of damage that the vibration did in the last field.

Balrog's vibrating wave was a pure magic based skill, so it comes with fixed damage that doesn't affect the armor.

In the previous field, Ian noticed that the damage was less than 80,000.

That was why Ian used the Barrier of Light, which had the best durability to prevent the attack from all the three.

'if there is an additional wave, then the barrier won't do us any good.'

Kung- kung-!

Ian gave out the second order when he saw the Balrogs were already using their huge claws to break the barrier.

"Kim Chung! Elu's Blessing! Halicus, use the Grand Summon!"

The moment the orders were given, something huge broke down the barrier with a huge roar.


It was a huge stone statue over 5M in height, which was summoned by the 'Grand Summon' skill, something that only a high-leveled knight class could use.

The summoning of the Grand Summon's 'Provocation' skill would continuously cast shield over a wide area until all of its vitality was depleted, it was capable enough to absorb all the damage except for wide area damage.

It was a great skill that could keep even the smallest buffs in range.

In addition, it has a vitality of 3 million, so it was practically unbreakable.

"What is it, the Grand Summon? That can't prevent wide area damage…! Isn't Ian wrong about the skill?"

"No, No way!"

The reason why the Grand Summon was a little vulnerable was that it wasn't great in dealing with wide area skills.

Even if an enemy tries to destroy the stone statue, the operation of the wide-range skills wouldn't be hindered.

But the users' worries just grew.


As soon as the first barrier of light was destroyed, a new shield was created upon it.

It was a skill called 'Elu's Blessing', one of the rare skills of a Wizard class. It was a skill that created a shield with wide-range protection and the ability to regain vitality.

The unusual aspect of the skill was that the recovery was fixed.

The amount of regeneration from Elu's Blessing was about 70,000 vitality per second, but that amount of healing didn't apply to every user in its range.

The 70,000 vitality that the Elu's Blessing could heal would be distributed to all the users in its range.

If ten users that were in need of healing were within its range, they would get 7,000 vitality per second.

This was a figure that couldn't be considered to be efficient when hundreds of people were fighting in a wide-area.

So, rather than depending on the Elu's Blessing's heal, it could be used instead as a good wide-area shield with a little heal.

In other words, this was a better skill than basic shields like the Barrier of Light.

However, something amazing happened once Elu's Blessing was used.

"What? Can you use the Grand Summon and Elu's Blessing like this?"

"Crazy, purely!"

A blue shield with light attribute was created in front of the gigantic stone statue, and the blue shield began to heal the statue's vitality.

Human users could now fully preserve their vitality.

They were able to completely block the attacks with the help of the shield.

If this continues, the only one who would need healing was the 'Grand Summon'.

Elu's Blessing's heal could definitely recover any damage to the Grand Summon completely


The Elu's Blessing spread a green light which began to restore vitality, and the Grand Summon's vitality didn't go much lower even when attacked by many horsemen of the Devil.

"Priests, Keep your heals ready! And after that Mr. Oou be ready!"

Without a single error, they managed to activate the skills with a single order from Ian.

Once the defense stabilized, Remir's attacks started, and the users who later began to acknowledge Ian's leadership skills started to attack the monsters and the devil's army.

Kwang- kwakwang-!

The ranked wizards, who were in the canyons began to cast wide area attacks.

Woong- wooong-!

The magic spells of the wizards were very powerful.

Casting a wide-range spell would take quite a long time.

If the user who was casting the spell got attacked while casting then the casting of the spell would be canceled.

However, they could cast the most powerful spells since they were in a great situation right now.

Grrng- Grrong-!

As a lot of casting was done from random places, the entire canyon began to vibrate.

The waves of mana gathered here and there which produced a dangerous vibration.

'A little, just a little more…!'

Ian identified the casting spells.

The enemies were much stronger than anticipated, so Ian had to use skills that were much stronger.

Many of the horsemen, including the Devil, were making a dreadful deal for them, even if they managed to perfect their protection it would still be tough.

The stone statue was almost at the stage of crumbling, and the shield will be down in 10 seconds.

Elu's Blessing was left behind, and if a shield wasn't put on, no one knew when it would crumble and get the users killed.

'If we can get a widespread diversion, we'll have room to act…!'

The high-level skills of wizards needed to cast for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Ian predicted that if they could manage to attack the Asmodians then their strength would be reduced by 30% if their skills were successfully activated.

The magical beasts and Asmodians didn't have much vitality to take the wide-range skills that were going to hit them.

Ian looked at the crumbling statue and bit his lip.

'Euh, I don't think I should use it now… but I don't see another way.'

Ian ordered Bbookbbook.

"Bbookbbook-ah! Blessing of Abyss!"

"Okay bbook!"


A blue light radiated from Bbookbbook's body, and the wide-area restoration which belonged to the skill Blessing of Abyss was invoked.

The Blessing of Abyss wouldn't be so efficient at restoring the durability of the statue, but there wasn't much of an alternative now.

'There are too few users with stone skills. You guys should stand as long as possible.'

In order for this to not end, and the other statue to stay standing, the first statue shouldn't collapse.

Ian thought that it was more important to make sure that the stone statue was kept standing, even if it meant sacrificing Abyss skills.

One minute left before the wizards could cast their magic spells, and it made them feel dreadful.

"Flame zone!"

"Frenzy weather!"

Here and there, magic spells were being cast by the wizards to take down the Asmodians who had been attacking the users.


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