Taming Master | Chapter 304 | Performance, And Crisis | Part 1

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Chapter 304 - Performance, And Crisis - Part 1


There were dozens of millions of Korean serves in the Kailan game.

And even though this was an important battle, the number of people participating in the Dimensional War is less than 5% of the total number.

In order to participate in the Dimensional War, one must be at the level of 150 or more, which meant that the low-level players couldn't participate in it.

In fact, the level of 150 was the minimum level to enter. It was well known that to perform well in such content, one needs to be more than the level of 180.

So while the Dimensional war had been going on for a while, what were the users who weren't participating in the war doing?

The beginners who weren't even at the 100th level, the dimensional war was an event that they wouldn't have the chance to grace for a long time.

They get to catch rabbits at the hunting grounds in the peaceful Eastern continent, find a hidden dungeon in the Northern and be content with that.

They were just playing their own game.

But on the present day, the attention of most users had been on the Dimensional war.

It was because most of the game broadcaster televised the large-scale war, and the result of the war would have a great influence on the decision that novice users would take.

- Guys, you know today's the last day?

- What do you think the result will be like?

- What to say? It's a mess now. In the beginning, the Asmodians were winning overwhelmingly, but after Ian and the rankers joined, the balance is restored.

- Oh…! Awesome! Is it going to be completely mind-blowing then?

- Yeah, right. I'll stop the quest for today and watch the YTBC.

- Keu, in less than an hour, the broadcast will start, right?

- Yes. I think so. As soon as the dimensional war starts, the broadcast will start I guess… but do you really intend to see the broadcast that will go on for 10 hours?

- I am a fan of Ian. I was waiting for this time, the YTBC will broadcast a whole screen on Ian's actions. Not 10 hours, I don't mind watching for 20 hours, till the moment Ian dies.

- Oh…! Really? I didn't know the schedule. Then I'll also stay in front of the TV for today. Haha.

After the massive war on the Central Continent, the rating went really high. Especially as the Balrog and the Devil King made their appearance, the ratings reached the highest peak in the history of the game broadcast.

When the news of the appearance of Balrog and the Devil King was heard, the users of the Kailan game ended their connection just to watch the broadcast.

And with so many users showing attention, Ian was showcasing a play that seemed godlike.


"From here on now, the warrior class, knight class users come out of the shield along with me."

"Will that be okay? The vibration will have an effect on us the moment we step out."

"That is why we need to move out now. I don't think that the cooldown time of the wave has come to an end, we need to go out before that happens."

"Any other way without going out?"

"If we don't go out and make some time, the shield will be cut off soon. And we've consumed around 70% of this groups' shield."

Ian summoned all of his familiars and was prepared to move out of the shield.

The shield that currently encircled the users was Levya's highest level defense spell the 'Blessing of Heaven'.

'The Blessing of Heaven will break in the next two minutes.'

Before that, all the close combat class users need to prepare themselves to attack the Asmodians.

Ian thought that he had enough manpower.

"Let's go!"

Because of the overwhelming presence of the Balrog and the magical beasts, the users hesitated to move, seeing that Ian started to move forward.

'I need to go out first.'

Thut –

Ian jumped on top of Halli and ordered his other familiars.

"Karceus, Pin! Let's push ahead with full force."

"Okay, Master."

Grrk- Grrrrk-!

From the mouth of Karceus—a reddish black energy started to burst out, and at the same time Pin went up in the air and used its wings to send strong gusts of wind.


[It is a powerful wide area attack, move back!]

And with the command from their Devil king, the horsemen and beasts moved 20 to 30 meters to the back, with that Ian moved beyond the range of the shields.

And the nervous users, who suddenly saw Ian's action, started to move along with him.

"We need to follow fast! We'll be done if Ian dies in the field!"

"Dammit, I don't know what is going to happen, but let's head out first!"

All the knight class and the warrior class users jumped out of the shield at the same time, and seeing this all the Asmodians were perplexed.

[The are moving out without any fear. Let's show them what we are made of!]


Balrog and the other magical beasts rushed towards the users, and the sudden outbreak of war began.

Chang- Chan Chang-!

Ian who climbed over Halli began to swoop his Judgment of the Spirit King and slaughtered the magical beasts and the Asmodians.

'If we can manage to block them off for the next 20 minutes, one cycle of protection will come back…!'

Ian had no intention to attack the enemies who were in front of him or to the overall situation.

The good news was that during this fight, he didn't have to worry about the cooldown times of the shield.


Ian stretched out his spear, and the head of a magical beast flew into the air.

[Successfully defeated a middle-class monster 'Hakilion'.]

'How good it will be if all of them were this weak?'

Ian quickly killed the low ranking monsters who blocked the first row and jumped towards the Balrog who was in the back.

'Let's manage some time… just one, let's catch just one of it!'

That was what he thought, but Ian knew it better than anyone that this wasn't going to be so easy.

He was able to deal with the Devil Dragon in the past because he had the top ranker Remir by his side, but now wasn't the situation where he could ask for the help of a ranker.

There were a few warrior users around the level of 200, but they weren't going to be of enough help.


Balrog used his fist, and the artifact user moved back around 10 meters due to the effect.


And using this gap, Ian moved to the side of Balrog and pierced it.

Kwak- Kwakwak-!

From it, came out mellow lava.

Seeing the spear of Ian's that hit it, the Balrog felt disgusted.

[Keuahh! You fearless human bastard!]

Ian immediately checked the amount of damage the Balrog took with his system message.

[Fatal damage of the legendary beast 'Balrog'.]

[Balrog's vitality reduced by 287059.]

Ian's eyes grew bigger at the message.

'What's this? Was the Balrog's defense always so small? I feel like this going to be a better deal than I thought?'

It was natural for Ian to be surprised.

That was because the damage that Balrog received wasn't much different from when he dealt with a superior class monster.

But the next moment, Ian went into a panic.


It was because there was an additional message that came up, one Ian didn't think of.

[The legendary beast 'Balrog' passive skill 'Mana regeneration' has been activated.]

Kuk- kkuk-

From Ian's attack—a red lava leaked from the side, but the hole soon got covered.

[Beast 'Balrog's' vitality restored to 212512.]

"Oh my…"

It restored around 70 to 80% of the damage in a second.

It had a natural healing ability and the remaining damage was recovering gradually.

'So, what? How am I supposed to catch this?'

As Ian was still, Balrog who noticed Ian rushed to him with anger.

[Die, you human!]


Red energy flowed from the Balrog's hands and moved in the direction of Ian.

But Ian who was on top of Halli was able to avoid without much effort.

'Damn it, if I get hit with one or two of those, I'll probably be dead right?'

Ian, who had discovered the amount of damage that attack did to the other users made him more nervous and focused.

'How am I supposed to take down a Balrog? Should I attack the same place before it can recover?'

But it was an impossible task for Ian alone.

It would be only possible with a well-controlled player like Remir or Levya by Ian's side.

Ian sucked at this.

'Should I just use the time and get back in?'

But then.

Ian heard a familiar voice.

"Hey, Kid. It seems tough, do you need a hand?"

And Ian looked at the owner of the voice, Ian's mood went high the moment he saw him.

'Why is Shakran here…!'

The user of the warrior class who was holding two blades smiled at Ian.

He was Shakran, the number one user of the warrior class, who had been in the Northwest till the morning.

Ian smiled at Shakran.

"If you have time to talk, then come here and help me, fast! It's so tough that I feel like I'm dying."


Shakran had met his enemy several times before.

And among the users, Ian was the only one who he acknowledged as an enemy.

'Sure, if it's Shakran, then it is possible…!'

Ian began to see Shakran as a strong ally.

"Uncle, you have that punishment thing, use that now please."

At the words from Ian, Shakran gulped.

"Uncle?! This bugger!"

"Well, I call an uncle when I see one, what do you want me to call you?!"

When they met in the past, Ian didn't accept Shakran as a companion.

The first meeting was at the Pascal—even during that time, he thought of Shakran as an NPC.

Surely, even if considered him as a fellow sure, Ian wouldn't have accepted him.

Ian basically didn't respect his enemies.

But now the time needed them to fight for the same side was here, and it would be hard for Ian to get chummy with Shakran as he was more than 10 years older than Ian.

An, the power of Shakran in the current situation was like rain in a dessert.

So Ian chose the title Uncle.

Ian was very satisfied with his sense.

'What's wrong with uncle? It's fine and good.'

And now, the merge of the former opponents began.

"One point attack."

Shakran's long sword began to glow in red.


From the sword of Shakran came out dozens of stalks, they moved to the direction of the Balrog.


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