Taming Master | Chapter 306 | Performance, and Crisis | Part 3

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Chapter 306 - Performance, and Crisis - Part 3


The Dimensional war of Humans and Devils.

The first scenarios developed by the LB were simple.

First, the dimensional portal of the Devildom would be opened, and the interaction between the humans and the Asmodians would occur.

Second, the beginning of the Dimensional war starts after the human users understand the content of the Asmodians to an extent and the monster wave.

Third, a new race called the 'Asmodian' would be opened during the Dimensional war, attracting many users with the appealing powers of the race.

Fourth, the human users would get defeated in the dimensional war, and using the Soldier of the Earth acquired during the quest of the Maurya Empire, only a part of the human world would be left after blocking the Devildom.

Fifth, when the user who attains the Cintamani after facing the Dragon God at the Alter appears, the powers of the five gods would be given allowing the user to completely remove the army of the monsters from the human world.

Before the user appears, the developer was supposed to create a new dimension and contents.

They were supposed to open a new dimension where humans and the Devildom creatures coexist.

'But Ian—an unprecedented user—kept on being involved many times.'

Monitoring the progress of the Dimensional war, Na Ji-chans lips went up.

The first mistake was that Ian had cleared the Maurya Empire's quest way too quickly.

According to the original plan, the Soldiers of the earth item had to go into the hands of the user after the defeat of the human world.

It was because the users that converted into Asmodian would have enough time to settle as they would be given time.

But Ian returned into the Dimensional war with a whole new masterpiece.

And he did that too without relying on any bugs.

The second mistake was letting Ian have Bbookbbook and the Cintamani with him.

Of course, it wasn't a full-fledged Cintamani yet, and no one knew when the Dragon God would unseal it for the act. The update for the next content was moved for 3 to 6 months as well.

Na Ji-chan sighed out of relief.

But that sigh wasn't for the night shifts that would be coming in the future to experience.

In fact, he wasn't even willing to interfere with the game or the Oracle.

But if he didn't do that, he didn't know what the higher-ups would think, so he had to suggest that.

It was because the more someone intervened, the less freedom users would have in the game.

Even if the Oracle wasn't there, the 10th rank Mahamu would have sent his horsemen and the demons that were under his influence. The power of the last wave turned much stronger because of the intervention of the developers.

'Isn't it little? Looks like we have got 1.5 times more troops…'

And now on the screen, in front of Na Ji-chan's eyes were the descendants of the god of fire.

Na Ji-chan smiled.

"I'm curious about how this will turn out."

According to the data, even if the Army of God joined, it would be hard for the users to win against the current army of the monsters.

When compared to the main computer, the population of the humans were 20% less.

"Now… what more will happen?"

Na Ji-chan's gaze moved towards the corner of the screen where Ian was.

Wholeheartedly, he was cheering for the humans and Ian.


Wheeing- whein- wheing-!

All throughout the human world, white streaks of light began to come down from the sky.

The scenery of the white light falling down from the clouds was a sight one should see.

"What is this?"

"What is going on?"

The flustered users looked around everywhere, and the Devils who were preparing to attack were also looking at the scene.

After a while.

Ian who was inside the human users' shield, had a whole new vibe around him.

"It's Ian."

"He surely did have a hidden card!"

"Yeah, this isn't the way we are supposed to die."

All the users started to voice their hopes, and in front of Ian who was now in the air, a golden limestone began to grow.


The golden limestone soon turned into the shape of a golden armor, and a kinship of a dignified (God's Will) majesty revealed its appearance.

Woong- woong-

The canyon below the sky began to vibrate.

[I'm the commander of the Army of God, Beak Whe-su, sent by the king.]

It was so quiet that even the sound of a dropped needle could be heard, and his words continued.

[It is a treasure that is filled with the power of the King… and it is a noble power that shouldn't be used as a pretext…]

And soon his eyes met with that of Ian's.

[Where do you plan on using this power?]

The AI system took control of Ian and spoke.

"I'll use it to protect my territory, my people and my family from the invasion that is happening in our world."

Ian continued.

"The King of Rings, the ruler of all things by law. If the current King is of the same principles then you would understand my feeling and lend your strength."

Baek Whe-su, who listened to Ian nodded and spoke.

[Surely… you have the qualities of a hero.]

Baek Whe-su's gaze moved and saw the army of the Asmodians.

[They are certainly the race of destruction and slaughter. I will help you defeat the savaging invaders.]

Ian responded.

"Thank you, great commander…"

Then again the words from Baek Whe-su continued.

[The enemies are powerful, they will surely try to deal with the Army of God]

The moment his words were done, his figure became clearer.

With a huge sound, he landed onto the ground.

Kung –

[From now on, we the Army of God, will fight to help the hero, I the commander Baek Whe-su will hand over all the command to Ian now.]

The last words of Baek Whe-su resounded on the battlefield, and the sound made the whole place vibrate.

Kung- Kung- Kung-!

The white lights settled down, each member who came down had a lustrous silver armor.

[I accept your name.]

[There is only victory in front of the Army of God.]

Hundreds and thousands of descendants literally came down from heaven and joined the armies of the human world, and the moment this was seen, the morale of the human world skyrocketed.

"Wow…! What is this? Who is the King of Rings?"

"Don't speak nonsense and stay quiet you idiot, you speak rubbish and one of them will decide to put their long swords through you."

"Does it matter who the King of Rings is! What's important is that we also have an army that can be compared to theirs. Especially the commander in the front. If he moves one hand two creature will go down."

No one could help but notice that they were all well named and known heroes. It wasn't just their appearance.

[The Army of Heavens (God) – Lv 425]

The average level of the warriors in the Army of God was at a staggering level of over 400.

This was higher than the level of Balrog and the Devil Dragon, not just the important members, but the whole troop as well, so everyone naturally thought that this was worth the fight.

Especially the level of the NPC Baek Whe-su who was the commander had never been witnessed before.

[Commander of the Army of God (Guardian) Baek Whe-suLv 500]

The level of the enemy demons wasn't specified, so it wasn't sure if they could be at a whopping level of 500.

Gigantic users before entering the war looked into the skills and the equipment that they would use, a new phase of the Dimensional war was now going to begin.

Ian's lips moved again.

"I will make sure to drive out those crowds from our land!"

Not Ian, but Ian's AI was the ambassador of the character, and all the users knew it.

All the users knew it because they all experienced such situations.

They all had experienced such things when they took over a quest.

But even then, the emotions of everybody were moved.

"That's what we have been working on…?"

"Ian has brought us here, there is no way we are giving up now, right?"

Human emotions were complicated things, but sometimes they were very simple. When such emotions were combined with such a scenario, emotions were instantly on fire.

Hot air started to emerge from the battlefield, and Ian was in the center of it.

One final word came out of Ian's mouth.

"Power!! Attack…!!"

And the users whose blood was boiling for the war shouted on top of their lungs.


"Let's destroy those freaks!"

Thud- thud- thud-

The NPC's of the Dimensional War began to move to make it sound like the drums were being played vigorously, and the clash between the Asmodians and the descendants of God started to cross their swords.

And Ian, who was now out of the control of the AI started to move.

"Kay, This much of power should be enough…!"

Hope started to rise in Ian's mind.

'The bigger the war, the more likely for us to win, but I shouldn't fight blindly.'

And Ian who was smart knew that he wouldn't let this get to his head.


"Hoho, the Army of God… they're tougher than I thought…"

The Devil King Harsein smiled.

And turned his head towards the other Devil King who was right next to him.

"Look at this, Ken Dylan. What did I say? Didn't I say that the Oracle had a reason to appear."

Ken Dylan—who was a close associate of Harsein—was only one rank lower to Harsein.

When he was first dispatched to the human dimension, he was grumbling as to why he was being sent to catch chickens with his sword, for that Harsein spoke to him.

Ken Dylan smiled and responded.

"Yes, indeed. If they are this strong, I understand why we had to send out all of our troops."


Looking at the army of the human users who were going to get assassinated, the Devil princes took out their weapons.

The Devil princes held up weapons from long scrolls along to a powerful long sword, a bow, and till a dagger.

The Devil princes who took out different weapons started to look at the Army ofGod.

Harsein who was at the center spoke

"War! We need to show the taste of our power to these rats of the celestial world…!!! Charge!"


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