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Chapter 307 - The End of Battle - Part 1


This was the final battle that would determine the outcome of all the wars.

Due to that, the attitude of the users in the battle was totally different from before.

Up until now, everyone thought that the survival of their own-selves was important for the public value points, but now everyone thought that victory was of the highest priority in this current war.

The reason for the user's change in attitude wasn't because of a feeling of 'altruism'.

It was because of the benefits they would get from winning the final battle in the war.

Firstly, the fame and the gold that would be distributed according to the content were 1.5 times more when compared to the defeated race, and the title of 'War hero' would be given to all the users of the victorious camp.

The moment the battle was won, the winners' 30-day reward would increase by 1.5 times, and one could get a unique title with lots of options. It was natural for any user to want these.

The users weren't worn out yet, but that still meant that the war was really bad.

Ian who had been commanding the war from the very beginning was now running around the battlefield and leading the human camp.

"If they push us back any further, there is no more place for us to go! Hold on for a little longer!"

"All the tankers who have depleted more than half of their vitality, move to the back! The wide area shields have been going on for an hour!"

"The heal will come back after it's cooldown time of two minutes! Please manage the time and your vitality too!"

It was a tough role, even for Ian who had the stamina of steel, but he pushed the tough part to the back of his brain and started to enjoy commanding the battle.

'Should I guide the strong NPC's, or should I let them make moves of their own?'

The fact that Commander Baek Whe-su handed over the command of the army meant that the entire army of the King of Rings would follow Ian.

But that didn't mean that Ian would have immediate power over the troops.

Ian felt that the new members of the army were like new employees of a company.

'Eventually, we'll need the commander of the army to win this war. Even if it means that users would die, these guys must survive.'

The battle took place for an hour. Hundreds out of the thousands of users had sacrificed themselves.

This was all because of Ian's efforts.

'Huhu, let's win. I think we can win.'

As the battle progressed, Ian felt that the army of the devil was strengthening, but he chose not to give up.

To save the commander of the Army of God's, Ian directly went against a Devil Dragon, and it didn't live to see what happened to the war.

But that wasn't the story of top-ranked players.

It was natural for rankers such as Remir and Shakran to fight, but ranked users like Fiolan who weren't used to such attacks took a step forward and were active throughout the battle.

And Levya who always displayed tremendous recovery skills and protection skills also performed some offensive skills.

It wasn't as good as Ian, but even so, it was remarkable enough to stand out among the rankers.

Ian was thinking only about winning the war even when he was battling.

'Now that I see that, the commander is having a hard time against two Balrog's. I don't know if it can be possible with support…'

As the battle progressed, Ian was able to grasp the combat abilities of the new beings that were on his side, and Ian was using this information to form a strategy.

'They can do the Devil Dragons by their own… they look like they can take care of the beast by themselves.'

Ian's face hardened at that very moment.

His gaze went towards the Devil King who was slaughtering the forces of the human side.

Ian narrowed his eyes.

'The devil princes and the commanders of the army are the most unpredictable ones. They don't display any kind of stats or data in the battle so far.'

Until now, the fragile individuals of each camp were dying, therefore, the Devil Princes or the commander of the army Baek Whe-su didn't get to fight with them.

So far, their opponents have only been the 'snails' that didn't even reach their standard.

They needed to face each other to know their abilities.

The Grand Commander of the Army of God Baek Whe-su.

When giant beasts were heading towards the commander, he dismissed them with a single strike, and the legendary monsters such as the Balrog and the Devil Dragons didn't survive for even a minute.

On the other hand, when the magic of the Devil princes was used, the level 150 NPC soldiers were erased.

'Well… leaving the Devildom for today won't be possible for sure.'

Until now, they couldn't cause too much damage to the faction of the Asmodians so attacking them wasn't an option.

They had to preserve themselves for tomorrow even though they were still fighting today.

However, the Dimensional War today was different, and there was probably going to be no tomorrow.

They should exhaust all of their energy to win.

It was a fight that neither side could choose to back down, and the forces of both sides that filled the canyon began to decrease noticeably.

Ian, who had been staring at the Devil's army, turned around and smirked.

'Okay. I believing in you…! I have suffered this much, it will be a waste if I get out of here, right?'

Ian had a strong sense of urgency; he began to move by wielding his Judgment of the Spirit King.

Until the war came to an end.

Ian had no intention of resting for now.


Sangmin, one of the survivors of the Kailan game.

He couldn't participate in the Dimensional War so he was at home today. He was sitting on the couch while watching the TV.

In fact, today was the day for anyone to sit in front of the TV unconditionally.

It was the very last day of the Dimensional War.

In his living room in front of the TV, he sat on the couch with his wife Yerim for almost 4 hours like a stone man.


"Ah, eat a little quietly. I can't hear anything because of that."

"Ah… oh, okay. Sorry."

Even cookies were prepared for eating while watching the TV, there were a few pieces left.

The last battle that was being aired was very interesting, and everyone had their eyes on it.

After a while, Yerim broke off the silence.



"What will happen now?"


Both peoples eyes were fixed on the screen even when they were talking, and on the screen was a person in a long golden armor facing the Devil King.

The surrounding area had almost been completely destroyed, and the number of people who were on the battlefield was more than five hundred.

Sangmin gulped and then opened his mouth slowly.

"Well… till now, the human users have been doing extremely well but… even then, don't you think it will be tough to win the war?"

"Why so?"

"Why? Hmm. If you look at it now, there are more troop in the Amsodians. Moreover, there are 6 Devil princes, and all are alive."

"If you think so, isn't the commander of God's Army still alive? There are a lot of troops from God's Army who is still left."

"Well. I do know, those devil princes all seem to be as powerful as the entire Army of God, and there are a lot of Devil princes when compared to God's army, isn't it?"

"That could be said…"

Sangmin smiled and spoke again.

"Are you rooting for the human side?"

Yerim nodded and replied.



"Well… that's the original thing I did… isn't it right to cheer?"

Sangmin had always supported the Asmodians, but today he was cheering for the human side.

Sangmin's gaze went towards Ian who was behind the Commander and was breathing heavily.

'The broadcast will be over after today. I will join the fan club.'



The commander of God's Army Baek Whe-su, roared with a trident in his hand.

The earth then began to split around the point where the trident was stuck.

Chuk- chuuk-!

Ian spat out as he watched the scene.

'Has the battle between the commander and the Devil princes finally happening?'

Ian felt eager to see it.

Right now, he was using more of his mental energy than his physical energy.

'I did everything that I can. Rather than the first, the Army of God has many troops that were alive, and the troops of the Devil are a bit less.'

But even with those thoughts, Ian had no feelings of uneasiness in his heart.

Even if they lost the war now, he didn't have anything to regret.

While Ian was thinking about these things, Baek Whe-su and the Devil King Harseins spoke to each other.

Baek Whe-su opened his mouth.

"Why is it that you people of the Devildom, always invade the other dimensions without taking a break?"

Harsein laughed and replied.

"Destruction and conquest. It is the nature of the Asmodians. It is the same as eating and sleeping for us, and if you ask such a thing… I don't know how to put it."

The commander, Baek Whe-su frowned.

"That's you rationalizing yourselves. A creature created with such a nature… shouldn't exist in the world!"

Harsein spoke with an uncomfortable expression, which even Baek Whe-su had.

"Whatever the reason, does it really matter? We have already met as enemies, and we need to conclude it here?"

Harsein lifted his right hand, and it lit on fire.

Intense magic started to spew around his hand.

The sharp eyes of Harsein touched Baek Whe-su.

"If you are the leader of the Army of God… then I think I have the power to take you on."

Harsein continued to speak.

"It could've been different if you were an Asmodian, but you're a human."

At those words, Baek Whe-su laughed and said.

"If this was the celestial dimension, I would've swept all of you, every one of you would've been gone."

Harsein replied.

"Huhu… yeah, you could have."

Baek Whe-su pulled out the trident that was stuck in the ground and pointed it towards Harsein.

"If you know that you can't beat me, it would be nice that you retreat right now, Devil King."

Harsein laughed and collected mana into his left hand.

"That was supposed to be my words, Commander of God's Army."

The other Devil Princes who was behind Harsein stood strong, and Baek Whe-su's eyes narrowed.

"No matter how strong you are, you won't have the strength to deal with all of us."


The mana in Harsein's hand spread all over his body until Harsein's body was filled with red mana.

"How about I send you back to the place that you came from, heaven was it?"


"I think it is about time that you humans call 'Power', I can give you any position that you want."

The tension was flowing between both sides.

But Baek Whe-su, bend his head and slowly walked.

"I can't do that, Devil King."

"Why not? Aren't the humans just trivial beings for you too."

Baek Whe-su continued walking towards Harsein.

"If I withdraw from this war, I will be bringing down the reputation of our King."

The distance between them was shortened.

"In the end, you'd rather take a bullet."

Now Harsein too moved towards Baek Whe-su, and as the distance narrowed, they began to rush towards the other.

"May the blessings of the Heaven reside with me!"

And with that, a fierce battle began.

Kwang- Kwakwang-!

The mana from the Devil Princes and Harsein's spell all reached their opponent which caused a roar.

Ian and the other human users started their own battle with opponents, but their battle wasn't like the one the Devil King was doing.


Was there someone like a Great Commander (earth-shattering)?

The roar of heavens thundered all over, and it made it harder for the users to move freely.

Ian thought differently.

'Will there be a day when monsters such as those will hunt us?'

Users all had to stop the battle and watch the battle between the Devil Harsein and the commander.

But the battle didn't take long like many had anticipated.


Was it around 20 minutes or so?

After a fierce battle which made the whole land echo, six Devil Princes eventually succeeded in knocking down the Army of God and even suppress Baek Whe-su.


One of the Devil princes cut off Baek Whe-su's breastplate.


Baek Whe-su who didn't seem like he could fall, fell down to the cold earth.


And the users who watched this, all sighed.

'Is this the end…?'

Ian's mouth displayed a bitter laugh.

Ian's gaze moved to the top of the field.

The time remaining for the end of the Dimensional war was over an hour.

Now there was no one left in the human camp who can stop the six princes.

But the bitter smile on Ian's mouth turned into a heartfelt smile.

'It's still alright. It was fun, right?'

Now after this phase, new content would be waiting for them.

Before he went out.

Baek Whe-su turned his eyes towards Ian.

"I'm sorry, hero. I couldn't reward your valor…"

Ian was flustered and replied.

The army all collapsed, including Baek Whe-su who gradually faded, leaving back the human users in front of the Devil King's army.


Someone sighed again, and this expressed everyone's feelings.

And right when they all gave up.


Out of nowhere, a refreshing breeze began to blow over the canyon.


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