Taming Master | Chapter 308 | The End of Battle | Part 2

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Chapter 308 - The End of Battle - Part 2


A blue wind stalked down the canyon and settled down in the center of the battlefield.

The blue wind sat between the confrontation that was happening between the Asmodians and the humans.

And in that place, the wind started to circle, slowly forming something.

"What is that…?"

In the stillness, the mumble of someone could be heard, and it was the curiosity that represented everyone.

Everyone was in the middle of the battle, but the users have all forgotten the situation and the blue wind gathered their undivided attention.

And then.

In the ears of everyone, a mysterious voice which they didn't recognize could be heard.

[The owner of Cintamani, Your valor is that of a tiger, like hundreds of tigers]

And the voice continued, the eyes of Ian, which wasn't similar to that of the other users started to go wide.

'What's this…? I feel like I have heard this somewhere…'

Ian began to recall his memory.

The voice that was heard now, was a voice that had a strong impression in Ian's mind.

The moment he had heard the word 'Cintamani' it felt like his whole body was being drained.

And without much difficulty, Ian was able to come up with the name of the owner for the voice.

'This voice is, the Dragon God… Seikaito…?'

Actually, if it would have just been a voice to recollect, Ian wouldn't have been able to recollect Seikaito so quickly.

However, as he had heard the word 'Cintamani' together with the intense voice, he was able to come up with the name.

Ian's eyes went wide out of anticipation.

And his gaze was fixed on the blue vortex.

And the voice continued.

[The skeleton's are like a mountain of preys, but it means one should stand upright.]


The wind blew a little, and the blue energy slowly moved in the direction of Ian and went in front of him.


Ian swallowed his spit.

'It's done…! It's all done!'

Ian's face swell.

It was because he was convinced that the Dragon God had recognized his ability.

The Cintamani's seal was unleashed.

It means the birth of the Abyss Dragon and the transformation to the Abyss Dragon.

'It is the end of the Dimensional war and the triumph of the humans.'

For some reason, even Ian wasn't able to understand the exact details.

It was only a conclusion that he drew it, considering the current situation.

But it was a problem to think over for the later time.

And now, the appearance of the Dragon God was the same as light descending in the darkness.


The blue vortex of energy which had stopped in front of Ian slowly began to lose its momentum.

And in front of Ian, a familiar silver-haired boy appeared.


Ian wanted to speak, but his voice didn't come out.

The moment Dragon God Seikaito appeared, once again the AI dominated the character.

And Ian began to observe the progress of the quest with a pounding heart.

[Ian, with all honesty, you're abilities didn't meet my expectations.]

Ian nodded and spoke to the Dragon God in a calm tone.

"I know, Seikaito. My lacking feats aren't worthy to be seen by someone so supreme…"

And Seikaito began to speak again.

[But what is necessary for the owner of the Cintamani isn't the power, but the firm heart and righteousness.]

Sekaito looked into Ian's eyes and then looked above.

[You have endless courage and strength that is unbelievable to exist in a human.]

Ian bowed his head.

"Thank you, Dragon God…"

Seikaito stretched out his right hand towards Ian.

[And so, I Seikaito… am willing to lend you my strength.]

And at the moment Ian was about to respond, the Devil King Harsein shouted out of confusion.

[Dragon God, you're the father of the greatest clan and the responsible guardian for one entire dimensional world. If you involve in this situation, then you will be breaking the basic law!]

At the cry from Harsein, Seikaito looked at him.

And spoke.

[Don't fret. The Seikaito has no intention of breaking the Clause of Cause. I have come here to return something that belongs to the human.]

And then the troubled look of Harsein relaxed.

Harsein misunderstood that the Dragon God would directly fight for the human worlds.

And that wasn't all he thought that Ian would be given power from the Dragon God, and if such a thing happened, then the Devil King thought that they wouldn't make it out alive.

But Harsein could move from his place.

The Dragon God declared that he wouldn't engage in any direct involvement, and it was a wise decision to not be a victim.

And Seikaito who cleared out the misunderstanding of Harsein reached out to Ian once again.

The blue stalks around him gathered making a small sphere, which went towards Ian's palm.

And system messages appeared in front of Ian's eyes.


[The Dragon Seikaito has accepted you.]

[The seal that was placed on the item 'Cintamani' will be released.]

[Sealed ability has been removed, charm and leadership increase by 15%.]

[Sealed ability has been canceled, and all magic damage will be invalidated by 17%.]

Ian's AI looked at Seikaito with emotional expression.

"The ability that you have given me. I will use it wisely so that I won't damage the name of Seikaito, nor will I go against your righteousness."

A smile spread over the face of Seikaito.

[Yeah, I will look forward to it.]

Seikaito who was done speaking now began to fade away.

And the moment he completely disappeared, Harsein moved towards Ian with a smirk on his face.

[Are you done goofing around, human?]

At those words, Ian tried to speak.

But Ian was still under the AI, and to be precise the AI put up a smile on Ian's face and responded to Harsein's words.

"Haha, Goofing huh… won't it be a sad thing if I annihilate you afterwards with the so-called 'goofing' that I just did."

[What did you just say…?!]

And the moment Harsein was about o react.

Ian brought out the Cintamani into his hands.

And the Cintamani in his hands began to glow with intense and radiant light.

And Ian's words continued.

"Now all the terms of the agreement are done."

And Ian's gaze turned towards Bbookbbook.

"The power of Abyss… wake up…!"

An intense cry was heard in the entire canyon.

An unbelievable and soulful voice rang from the body of a small human, and the whole body of the human began to shine with the Cintamani.

This was yet another scene like the last time when Ian and not the AI handed the Cintamani over to Bbookbbook.

And Harsein along with his comrades who watched this were turning pale.

[No, this… how can… this…?]

[No way! The abyss hasn't been sealed for even for 100 years now!]

[This is something that shouldn't happen!]

The Devils were shocked.

Regardless of their reactions, the body of Bbookbbook began to shine with a brilliant glow and was growing rapidly.

Thuk- Thuk-!

All the joints and bones of the whole body were getting bigger at the same time.

Ian checked the status window with a hopeful heart.


Ian's heart started to beat faster as soon as he had checked the single word.

The small wings that were on the back of Bbookbbook now grew to a size that was casting a huge shadow; the short neck and round face began to change into a sleek and brave dragon.

And the users who were around were all looking at the scenario with a blank expression.

They didn't say anything, they weren't in a position to speak.

That day, in a half-day they experienced way too much.

There was nothing that could surprise them anymore.

[Ahh… is the power of the Abyss really awake…?]

[I've been waiting for 3000 years for this day…]

Ian's ears heard the remarks from the Devil princes.

It was a small voice that couldn't be heard in his original condition, but now Ian was listening to it from the third space.

And so, Ian was able to hear the murmurings without much difficulty.

'Huhu, can it be any more dramatic? There couldn't be another perfect timing. I love you Dragon God.'

The wings of Bbookbbook began to move as it was evolving.

Flap- flap-!

A whole new type of body emerged in the air, and at the same time, scales of a dragon with a magical blue light began to grow on its whole body.

The Bbookbbook of the final form was now ten times larger than its original form.

The only unusual thing was that there were spikes and scales on the sides of its face.

'So cool…!'

Ian just stared at him with astonishment, and after a while, the evolution ended with a roar.


Then, in front of Ian's eyes, system message that he had long awaited for came.


[The familiar Bbookbbook (Abyss Turtle Dragon) has successfully evolved into 'Abyss Dragon'.]

[From the first class of 'Legendary' the familiar has now turned to a 'Myth' class.]

[You have earned the title of 'Legendary Tamer'.]

[You have earned 50,000 fame points.]

Bbookbbook who just evolved, sat down on the ground with its wings spread out widely.


And the mouth of Bbookbbook opened.

[I guess you have forgotten what had happened 3,000 years back, Devil King? You once again have set foot between the humans… you really are a fool…!]

The voice of the Abyss Dragon was filled with anger.

Harsein who had met his eyes with Bbookbbook replied with a nervous voice.

[War and conquest are the basic instincts of us Asmodians. We have been waiting for this day.]

And the Abyss Dragon spoke once again,

[But now the power of Abyss has awakened once again, and like what happened 3,000 years back, you will despair.]

Harsein laughed and began to move forward.

And as his feet moved forward, the other monsters to took a step forward.

[Well. No matter how powerful your strength is, you are just a mediator in this dimension. This war will end with victory on our side, and we will destroy your soul before you even get power from the gods.]

[Of course. Without the moderator, God cannot manifest power in the dimension.]

[You know your subjects very well.]

The Abyss Dragon.

Bbookbbook with a sly expression spoke to the Devil Princes.

[But, what if that was possible?]


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