Taming Master | Chapter 309 | The Awakening | Start of | Part 14th

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The Taming Master - Manhwa Novel

Chapter 309 - The Awakening - Start of - Part 14th


The Devil princes looked like they were bound with a promise, and ran towards it immediately.

The devil army which didn't have a chance against 'Baek Whe-su', now ran towards the newborn giant dragon.


Harsein broke loose and launched an enormous amount of magic, and the other devils did their things.

But Ian still didn't have any involvement in the situation.

The restriction was due to AI.

'Is this also a part of the quest progress?'

Six Devil Princes with outstanding strength.

Ian was frustrated that he couldn't help with anything.

Ironically, on the other hand, he didn't feel even a little ounce of discomfort.

This was because the AI controls everything, so the burden disappeared.

'Okay, let's just see on how this goes.'

Ian started to observe the battle, but with the mind of a spectator, and looked at the bloody fight of the Devil's and the Abyss Dragon Bbookbbook.


"The power of Abyss… is it really awake…?"

A man with a long hair till the waist exclaimed.

He was carrying a giant sword, the one which was hard to cling on, with two blades that were on his back and a moonlight armor wrapped around him finished with a gilt.

There was a long scar beneath the left eye of the man, and he had the appearance that said 'goodbye' the moment one would meet him.


The man slowly rose from his seat.

Then, with both his hands he pulled out two large swords that were crossed on his back.


A sharp sound in the darkness.

The man's swords were the first ones to touch the floor, and he began to move forward.

Chuk- Chuk-

He spoke with a low voice.

"I get to meet my kids after a long time."

A smile found it's way onto the mouth of the man.

And later.


With a loud sound along with the movement of his thin cape, he vanished into the air with his new form.

The man's name was, 'Mares'.


With a comfortable heart, Remir watched the battle between the Abyss Dragon and the Devil Princes.

As the AI had taken over the whole body, there wasn't much that she could do.

It wasn't just Ian who was out of his control because of the storyline.

Everyone on the battlefield without any exception was under the influence of the AI.

'He really was doing a quest to end the war… well, it surely wasn't a lie.'

Remir looked at Ian who standing at the forefront of the human army.

'If you look at it, Ian did carry the burden of the Dimension war all by himself.'

It was because Remir too took an important quest for this big story, so she understood Ian's greatness more than anyone.

'If I could complete the quest of the Power of the Sun God first, would I have been the hero for the day?'

Said to herself by the delusive Remir.

And at that time, system messages suddenly appeared.


[Due to the activation of certain events, the Power of the Sun God (II)quest has been destroyed.]

[Failed to do the quest Power of the Sun God (II).]

[The fame reduced by 100,000.]

[Affinity with 'Lanohel' dropped by one point.]

Remir laughed as she saw it.

'Huh, it was a quest that won't be going into the story anymore. This makes me a little upset but…'

But seeing Ian, Remir's mouth went up.

'But if we get to win the war, then it isn't much of a loss.'

But the very next moment, the system messages began to emerge once again.


[Conditions have been met, a new quest has been activated.]

[The quest of 'The Incarnation of Sun God' has been activated.]

[This quest cannot be rejected.]

'uh, ohh…?'

Remir was surprised.

But apart from her surprise, a new quest window emerged in front of her.

- - - - -

The Incarnation of the Sun God I (Hidden) (Connected) –

Sun God Helena.

In order for the power to be embodied, she needs a few items including the jewel of the Sun.

However, only if one condition is met, all of the procedure can be omitted.

It is the awakening of the mediator, Abyss Dragon.

And since the Abyss Dragon had awakened, the conditions have been met.

Helena, the God of Sun, wants to drive away from the horsemen in front of you.

Let's kill off the army of the Devils with her help!

Quest Difficulty: None.

Quest Condition: 'Abyss Dragon' awakening. The user with the highest rate of quests related to the 'Helena the Sun God.'

Time remaining: Unknown

Reward: a random legendary skill book x2

Eclipse of the Sun God.

A quest that cannot be refused.

- - - - - -

'What the hell is this…? What does no difficulty mean?'

Remir was flustered.

This was an unexpected development.

And before she gets a hold of herself, a familiar voice began to ring in her ear.

It was a voice that no one could hear apart from her.

[My lion, my messenger. Help me drive out these invaders of destruction from my land…!]

And then a red flame started to swirl around the head of Remir, and it soon was swallowed by her.


And the control of the AI was lost and she could move her body on her own will.



The Abyss Dragon and the Devil Princes.

And in front with a huge sound and resonance, five shadows began to appear one after the other.

Woong- Woong- Woong-!

With the whirlpool of mana in different colors, it reveals that the great gods had shown themselves.

Each of them was emanating a colossal presence, what was unusual was that they were translucent.

The moment they made their appearance, the fierce fight stopped halfway.

[In the end… It has come to this.]

The Devil King Harsein laughed grimly and spoke out.

And between them was a man with black hair, the god of war Mares, who laughed and opened his mouth.

[The moment when the mediator of the Dimension made its appearance, you should have went back to the palace without a second thought.]

Harsein nodded at it and replied.

[The moment the moderator of the Dimension had appeared, the result was still the same.]

Mares laughed at it.

[Yes, the Asmodians aren't stupid.]

[Can't help it. It is our greatest honor to stay on the battlefield, even if it means disappearing.]

[I guess your spirits are still high.]

When Mares was done speaking, the other gods opened their mouths one after the other.

And when the brief conversation was over, the Wind God 'Miro' brought up the horn that was in his hand.


The sound of the horn was strange, and it resonated throughout the canyon.

And with that sound, a huge shadow started to cover the sky of the canyon.

Flap- flap-

With a gigantic winging sound that could be heard till the ground, four dragons of overpowering size flew towards the canyon near the Gods.

Kun- Kung-!

The four dragons of the four Gods moved around the Abyss Dragon, and it was a picturesque sight.

Ian looked at this and mumbled under his breath.

'Five gods and four dragons… then what about the left out one…?'

And at that moment, Karceus who was in the humanoid form right behind Ian began to glow with pure white light.

Ian was now out of the AI control, looked over at Karceus.

'Yes, Karceus was the great Dragon of the War.'


Along with the heavy sound, Karceus whose body had just transformed to its original form fled to the vacant spot and sat down.

Mares, the God of war looked at Karceus and said.

[Karceus, You haven't regained all of your memories yet.]

Karceus responded while glancing at him.

[Yes, my God.]

Mares smiled and spoke again.

[You still don't remember?]

[No Lord Mares. I guess I will know.]

[If so then spread out your wings widely Karceus, cause this isn't the form of mine.]


It sounded like a lightning strike, which reminded everyone of a thunder.

And the big body of Karceus began to shine again with pure white light.

And his body began to grow larger and larger.

The body of Karceus which was smaller than the other dragons of the Gods was now in an even size with them.

Ian who was looking at this with no emotion, saw a new system message come up.

[All the evolving condition for the familiar 'Karceus' has been met.]


Ian was astounded, and Karceus body was constantly changing.

Dhuk- dhuk-

The greyish white spines on the back of it started to grow longer, and the silver horns on the back of its head grew even larger.

The biggest change, above all, was the body of it was covered in silver light.

[The familiar 'Karceus' succeeded in evolving into 'myth' class.]

Ian was amazed, he was utterly stunned.

'What's this now? Is it the reward for the hardships I went through? Even if it is, so… evolving Karceus into a myth…!'

Ian didn't know the reason, but Karceus evolved.

As Ian was found worthy by the Dragon God, one condition was met, followed by the God of War, Mares, the final condition was met.

Ian's eyes were turning watery because of the rush of emotion.

'Keu, now is the time to get rid of the demons and this war for once. I'm not going to get surprised at anything more.'

But that wasn't the end.

Buak- Buak-!

Heavy footsteps were heard, a man walked past Ian.

And Ian, who thought wouldn't get surprised anymore was shocked.


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