Taming Master | Chapter 310 | The Awakening | Part 2

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Chapter 310 - The Awakening - Part 2


A big and bloody sword that was touching the floor even when put diagonally.


Ian couldn't take his eyes of Kaizer who kept on moving.

It was because there were storms of magic around Kaizer.

Kaizer approached Mares.


He opened his mouth, with a heavy voice.

"It has been a long time Lord Mares."

Mares chuckled.

[It has been a while, Kaizer.]

Shrr- chuk-!

Kaizer pulled out the big sword that was on his back, put it down on the floor and bend one of his knee to the ground.

And now the words from Kaizer could be heard by all, he was complaining to Mares.

[I am here to fulfill my last mission, that was why I had come here.]

Mares mouth went up.

[Yeah, if you can complete the mission that you couldn't do 3,000 years ago, I will myself take away your shackles.]

[Thank you.]

[You seem to have met a good master.]

[I found the last piece of my soul, Lord Mares. Now I'm sure about the path that I would take.]

[Yes. As a messenger of God, enjoying a human life after completing all the missions isn't such a bad thing.]

The conversation between Kaizer and Mares wasn't long, but the content it held was amazing.

'Kaizer is God's Lion…?'

System messages began to emerge again after a moment.


[You have met all the conditions for awakening the trial 'Kaizer'.]

Ian's eyes grew bigger.

'This… what…?'

[The trail 'Kaizer' awakens from 'legendary' to 'Myth' rank.]


A storm of winds surrounded Kaizer and got sucked into his body.

Ian wasn't emotionally stable now, he was literary out of his mind.

'Bbookbbook, Karceus, and now Kaizer have awakened too?'

Ian's power had gone up to around 1.5 to 2 times in a blink of an eye.

The fact that one trail and two familiars evolved had something to do with it.

But this wasn't just exaggeration.

The myth class—when compared to other tiers—was on a completely different level.


Several users and NPC's have been in front of different gods.

And with no one in the battle, the Gods summoned a few new players.

Some of them included Remir, Levya and some unknown users and special NPC's who weren't seen before.

They were all users who had been associated with the quests that allow them to harness the power of God.

Ian mumbled to himself in response to what he was seeing in front of him.

'I wasn't the only one doing the quest related to the Dimensional war. Other users have been given quests from the other Gods.'

But it was clear that Ian was the fastest and the most successful of all.

Ian looked over at the six Devil Princes who stood silently to the other side.

'It is the end, right?'

Anyone could see the overwhelming difference in power.

But then Helena the Sun God slowly opened her mouth.

[Kay then, now is the time to send these monsters to where they belong.]

Harsein heard and responded to what Helena had just said.

[Then let's get this over with quickly. What are you so scared of, that you are waiting?]

Helena didn't respond to Harsein's harsh words.

She then spoke again.

[Devil Prince, do you think that I don't know the source of this enormous evil that you show? Behind those walls of your dimension?]


Giant flames burst out of her hand which went past Harsein and hit the space behind him.


And Ian who witnessed that had his eyes went wide.

'What? It sure looked like there was nothing, but why does it sound like something is there?'

However, Ian knew the reason why after he heard what Harsein said.

[Huhu… well, I guess I can't hide anything from you. Should I release the dragon which even I find hard to control?]

Having finished speaking, Harsein lifted his right hand.

And as the lull space behind them began to change.

'What is that…?'

To be precise, it wasn't the landscape that changed.

There was something huge emerging behind Harsein.

Right behind Harsein, there was something that was hidden in an illusion.

And Ian was able to guess what it was without much difficulty after only seeing its size.

'The Marion Kalifa. That must be the crazy dragon that he heard about in the Oakley long ago.'

The dragon got on its two feet.

Kung- Kung-!

It was overwhelmingly big even when compared to the five dragons on the side of the Gods and the Abyss Dragon.

The Dimensional War's beginning started with the words 'Kalifa', and now it was revealed.

Harsein laughed to himself and spoke.

[It has happened, you have to be prepared. Khalifa is a monster that even we Devils find hard to handle.]

Mares answered briefly in response to what Harsein said.

[Do you really think that such a hybrid Dragon could actually face the power of a God?]

And with that, both side began to take their position for the final battle.

Chik- Chuk-!

The five gods used their power and gave their powers to their messengers by calling them.

[I, in the name of Mares, the God of War…]

[I, in the name of Sandy, the God of Earth…]

[I, in the name of Helena, the God of Sun command you…]

Users who were given the power of the Gods gained huge battle buffs, and the NPC's have become more powerful.

When all these ceremonies were done, the five gods went into the air, with that their appearance faded gradually.

Ian who saw this was puzzled.

'What, you're leaving? Since you have come, you should fight. Why come in the end, give out buffs and then vanish?'

Ian didn't understand. Even with an Abyss Dragon and a moderator, it was still impossible for the Gods to exercise their own power in the world.

Indeed, the manifestation of their powers through their messengers was already an unreasonable involvement and breaking of the Clause.

Before the Gods entirely disappeared.

The God of the Wind, Miro, spoke with a loud voice, using the horn he was carrying.

[If you can destroy that dragon today, you won't have to worry about any other invasions in the future. Heroes! Defeat them with all your strength!!]


The horn began to ring in the battlefield, and at that moment the canyon was filled with shouts.


"Let's end this war!!"

The fully awaken Dragon Khalifa roared.

[Kyaah! I will destroy everyone who gets in my way.]

Kwang- Kwng-!

The wizards and archers were the first ones to start bombarding Dragon Khalifa, and Ian waved his spear and jumped towards the front to guide everyone towards the Asmodians.

The Dragon Khalifa and the six Devil Princes began to go wild, but the five dragons of God and the Abyss dragon stood in front of them.

[I'll pay you back for what happened 3,000 years ago, Khalifa.]

Khalifa responded with a sneer at Karceus' words.

[Funny joke. I will annihilate your soul today, Karceus.]

Khalifa swung his giant tail and attacked Karceus.

But then, a tide of water blocked him.


That was the unique ability of Bbookbbook, the Curtain of Water!

Bbookbbook spoke to Khalifa.

[3,000 years ago. If Karceus would have been in my position, it would have been you Khalifa who would've lost the soul.]


In the past Karceus was killed by Khalifa on the Northern Continent before the Dimensional war.

There were only four dragons and an Abyss Dragon that went against Khalifa and the devils 3,000 years ago.

This was what Khalifa and Bbookbbook were talking about.

A magnificent battle that fit the end of the Dimensional war.

The powerful users who had received the favor of the Gods couldn't even be touched by the magical beasts or the Balrog.

The five Dragon and the Abyss Dragon were having a hard time fighting Khalifa and the Devil Princes on the other side.

And the ones who broke the balance of power were Ian and Kaizer.

Kaizer was now an awakened mythical being, it had tremendous combat power that was unmatched by any of the God's Dragon. Ian—who was under the hands of the God of War Mares—just massacred the Balrogs.

The Gods' power was a tremendous buff that made his original combat power twice stronger.

'Does an athlete feel like this after doping?'

Ian was thinking about going around the battlefield.

After the balance of power collapsed for a bit, the camp of the Asmodians was destroyed soon after.

As the damage began to accumulate, the camps collapsed as if the heat started to rise in the winter.

Eventually, the Asmodian camps were in a point where their powers were destroyed.

There were only 20 minutes left remaining before the battle was over. There were two Devil princes, the Khalifa, and 10 Balrogs.

Asmodian users were all long dead.

The time left for the end of the dimensional war was only 1 minute and 30 seconds.

The moment Ian checked the time, his mind was flooded with thoughts.

'Wait, the end of the dimensional war? Won't the entire troop be recalled?'

This wasn't a thing as it was the last day of the war.

At the end of each day of the Dimensional war, the Asmodians would all be summoned back to the Devildom.

And that would apply for the current day too.

Ian suddenly rushed towards Khalifa who was battling with God's dragons.

'That can't happen. You wish to keep sending a myth boss monster again and again? How many experience points will I get?'

Ian fired at the Khalifa with all his might.

Khalifa's vitality was almost depleted, and if the planet destroying spear was used in the right manner, then it seemed possible to take Khalifa down in one strike.

'Please, let's show them what we are made of!'

In fact, even though Ian was given the buff of the Gods, hitting it wasn't much different from throwing a rock.

If he made a single mistake when dealing with Kalifa, It could get very dangerous for Ian.

Ian began to concentrate.

'But, if I open that rock-like skin of Khalifa's? then I could strike it better.'

Khalifa was busy blocking the attacks of the prying Dragons.

Khalifa became distracted thanks to that, and Ian was able to close in on Khalifa.

And at the moment, Ian knew that his reckless attempt had half a chance of succeeding.


Ian without any hesitation jumped over to hound Khalifa.

Khalifa then noticed Ian.

[Keuahh! What are you, you wormy human!]

But then, Ian was already over Khalifa's head.

"Thank you, for giving me experience."

Ian jumped high and rushed to the top of Khalifa while holding the Judgment of Spirit King.


The sound was so clean and the move was tidy!

[Tremendous damage is done to the Marion Dragon 'Khalifa'.]

[Vitality of Khalifa decreased by 265980.]

Another system message which Ian was waiting for, came up.

[You have successfully defeated the Marion Dragon 'Khalifa'!]


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