Taming Master | Chapter 311 | The Awakening | Part 3

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Chapter 311 - The Awakening - Part 3


The last battle of the Dimensional war that was unprecedented was once again reversed.

It was such a dramatic turn of events that the users who had been watching the broadcast through the TV, as well as the users who were participating in the war, all felt their heart pound.

The users who were in the dimensional war were much concerned as the in-game rewards changed depending upon the victory of the camp, and it was such a battle that anyone would be dismayed after going through hell.

And the user who had the most attention now was Ian.

He was in the center of all the battles and had been the catalyst for all the changes since the very beginning.

Moreover, the control he had was of splendid glamour, so it was natural that everyone was amazed by him.

In particular, the scenes where the life of Khalifa was ended with the remaining time of less than a minute was considered the highlight and was being shared widely.

And Ian's haters screamed that they could catch that too, but their comments were almost invisible when compared to his supporters.

* Wow, Ian you mother-f*cker, that was all just a show.

* What?? What's with you? Are you in the right state of mind?

* Just avoid those kinds of things.

* If you would have been in the same condition with those specs, instead of stopping the Khalifa you would've gone towards a Balrog… Hehe.

* Hehe yeah. From what side does he look like that. That is all control ability.

* If not for Ian, we wouldn't have seen Khalifa's lifeless body at the end of the war. So what kind of nonsense are you spewing?

Of course, it was natural for Ian to be talked about.

Representatives such as Shakran, Remir and Levya's fight videos were also being shared around, and the highest view was the fight between Remir and Shakran.

Remir's magic which she got due to the buff from the Gods, was used properly and the vitality of the beasts and the Asmodians around her all went down to less than half, the same could be said for the Shadow that Shakran had cast!

And there was a specific video, which showed Shakran's ability to control himself and activate skills at the same time.

At any rate, the Dimensional war had come to an end with the human side's victory.

The Asmodians were all summoned back to the Devildom, and the link between the Asmodians and the humans has severed once again.

As a result, the complaints of the Asmodian users started to come out.

It was because there weren't much hunting spots for users below level 100.

The developers opened the field from 120 to 200 division, but that space wasn't enough to accommodate all the Asmodians.

On the other hand, the human users who maintained their human race enjoyed the benefits of the victory.

First, the rewards that were gained during the Dimensional War were now twice, and the acquired public value could be exchanged for skill or advanced items in the Empire.

And of course, Ian was the 1st ranker that received an overwhelming amount of public value.


"Wah, organizing these things requires a lot of work. "

In the office of the Lotus Manor.

Ian who went into his room after a long time hadn't put his foot into the room.

The reason for doing this now was, of course, to identify and arrange the rewards obtained from the Dimensional war.

Ian hadn't looked at the stones and items that were dropped by the magical beasts and the Asmodians.

He didn't check and just picked them up.

Ian's inventory was now overflowing with hundreds of items.

Looking at his inventory that was shining in gold and purple, Ian laughed to himself.

'Keu, the Khalifa drops would be really huge.'

The compensation that Ian got for taking down Khalifa was huge.

Once the equipment items were seen, great words of a hero rank, a legendary armor, and jewels. In addition, one myth ranked item was also dropped.

There was also a rare class item that could be changed to hidden class, a Roland's Dagger.

Actually, Roland's dagger was an item that Ian didn't need.

But Roland's dagger was an item that could be changed into the hidden class, so it seemed like a worthy class.

And finally, there was an item that couldn't be valued for its worth.

Ian carefully pulled out the transparent red crystal that was the size of his hand.

- - - - -

- Determination of Marion Khalifa's Soul –

Classification -Miscellaneous

Rank – Myth

It is the crystal of Marion Khalifa's soul before his death.

It is the most wanted item of the wizards who have the dream to master it.

If you are a wise enough man, you can revive the Khalifa through this Soul Determination, or you could choose to create an entirely different dragon.

If you succeed in using your skills to use this crystal, you will be able to hold the upper hand of battle.

* This is an item that can be used only when the Devil Energy Durability is of level 10.

* If it is given as a sacrifice in the Altar, you can get this exchanged for a boxy of myth grade equipment.

* The item belongs to the user 'Ian'.

* This item can't be sold or transferred to other users, and won't drop even if the character dies.

- - - - - - -

'Huhu…! This item reminds me of something that I've been working on for a while now.'

At present, Ian's mana ductility skill was at the 6th level.

In the meantime, he had raised his proficiency level, but he was busy with the battle and the quest, so he couldn't raise much.

Well, the 6th level wasn't a low figure, but Ian still needed to increase its level.

'Offered at the Altar? Doesn't sound so great. Making a dragon with this is worth more than a ten myth class equipment.'

Ian smiled and put the Soul Determination back into his inventory.

"Ha, is the arrangement finished now?"

At last, Ian arranged dozens of legendary equipment that he had yet to evaluate, along with the myth ranked item dropped by Khalifa onto the table.

'Not sure, but should I see them all?'

Ian, who had been thinking to himself, began to evaluate the legendary items one after the other.

A short sigh would come out every time he looked into a piece of equipment.

'Hmm, not bad, but it's 2% short.'

In fact, the legendary equipment Ian had acquired were mostly excellent items.

But they weren't good enough for Ian to replace the equipments that he was currently wearing now.

In addition, since the items were all account-binded equipments, it was something that couldn't be sold.

'Keu… somehow the trails all seem to be doing fine…'

Most of the legendary equipment that Ian saw belonged to the trails.

Specially Kaizer, who was like a hyena when searching the items that Ian had.

'Okay then, Kaizer's loyalty will get more.'

Ian thought that he should give the last mythical item that he picked up to Kaizer.

"Hmm, only if you had an option, the other would be totally meaningless."

It was a mythical rank weapon that was similar to what Ian was using.

If only the 'feeling' seemed okay, then he could use it alternatively for the Judgment of the Spirit King.

Ian just checked the feel with a pounding heart.



[You have successfully 'felt' the item.]

[You have acquired the item of myth class 'God's Rage']

Along with the short notification message, the item's information window came up before his eyes.

- - - - - -

Classification –

Rank - Myth

Restricted wear – Fame of 15,000,000 / an Asmodian of the Noblesse (Can be worn by a Noblesse or higher.)

ATK – 3124 – 3544

Durability – 1525/ 1525

Option –

All combat skills + 8%

Anti-magic penetration + 4.3%

Mana hit rate + 5.5%

Mana +30%

Magic Resistance +3.7%

* Shadow-less Soul

It is the ability to create arrows instead of using arrows.

The users who use God's Rage will be able to attack with a bow even in the absence of arrows, and the more mana it holds the more powerful the attack gets.

(50 mana, fixed damage increased by 1.)

* Soul Absorption

It is the ability to fire an enemy three times with just one arrow.

When the soul absorption ability is activated, it absorbs 50% of the damage done by the third arrow and increases the user's damage by 15% for 5 seconds.

It also takes away all of the buff effects that the enemy soul has and reduces its defense by 15% for 10 seconds.

* Spatial Hit

It is the ability to concentrate and exercise the mind to target someone or something specifically.

When Spatial Hit is activated, your field view is increased by 500% for 10 seconds, your range increases by 100%, and your damage to others increases by 50%.

Also, no matter what the obstacles are present, the position of the object activated by the Spatial Hit's time can be confirmed, and while the effect of the Spatial Hit is maintained, the mana attack rate is adjusted to 100%.

However, during the duration of the Spatial Hit, the user cannot move, and the attack speed is reduced by half.

* Exploding Arrow

When an arrow hits the target, a 10% chance of 'mana explosion' is triggered.

The item belongs to 'Ian'.

It cannot be transferred or sold to other users. The item won't drop even if the user who owns it dies.

The beginning of the world.

It is a mythical masterpiece known to have created the power of mana weapon when the creator had created all the creatures of the dark.

Known for launching mana instead of an arrow, this bow was once the most sought after weapon by the Princes.

- - - - - - - -

Ian who read the item information was amazed.


Ian, who once again read through the unique abilities of the item, began to feel high.

'The Shadowless Soul doesn't seem to be a bad option… isn't the ability to absorb a soul completely fraudulent?'

The reason why Ian thought this ability was a fraud wasn't because of the absorption of the soul or the buff effect.

It was because the item could take away the buff effect of others.

'I know that shields are a kind of buff… with this bow, can those things be taken away?'

Furthermore, it would continue hitting the one getting attacked and not a single buff could be used.

And its Spatial ability was also unique and interesting.

'I think that this is a unique ability similar to the Archery class's Sniping skill…'

It was an ability that couldn't be used during combat because of the non-movable buff that lasted for 10 seconds after activation, but it was an ability that could be useful when assassinating the enemy with low vitality and strong attack power.

Lastly, the ability of Exploding Arrow, though the kind of damage was a little different, it seemed like a power similar to that of the lightening of the Judgment of the Spirit King.

"Nice, Very nice…!"

Ian looked up with a very satisfied face.

In fact, when one would look at the stats one by one, the inherent ability wasn't that better compared to the Judgment of the Spirit King.

Despite the inherent ability, the basic options and the weapon's damage were enormously satisfying, so Ian felt glad.

"Let's see if the weapons avg damage is 3300…"

3300 was clearly the drop of the 4th transcendental weapon of Ian's Judgment of Spirit King.

However, when compared with the 'God's Rage' whose stats were still opened...

'I think the Judgement of the Spirit King has around 2000 damage… if such a thing is possible for a 4th transcendental weapon, then this is a crazy weapon.'

This weapon couldn't be worn by Ian because he had not met the conditions of being a Noblesse yet.

If it wasn't Ian and some other user would acquire this item instead, then the user would've been frustrated.

Because all the way to the mana has been cut, and it was impossible for a human user to achieve the conditions of a different user.

But Ian was different.

Ian had an artifact called Dimensional Beads.

"Haha, all the work is done. The battle is done, why does it feel like I still need to do something?"

Ian picked up the item and put it back into his inventory while humming a song.

He left the room after staying inside of it for a half a day.

"Okay, should I start with the Devil Energy Durability."

Since the Dimensional war was finished, Kailan had been peaceful for a while.

'I don't have to come to the Kaimon Empire right now. The DarkRuna guild had also moved over to the Devildom dimension.'

Ian thought about it and took out the Dimensional Beads from his inventory.

Ian's destination was the 107th district of Devildom.

To find a teacher for the Devil Energy Durability in the Laboratory of Cervian.


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